ChoiceHD 32 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo Pack - 240/Case

Item #: 128HD32COMBO

Keep soups, stews, deli salads, and desserts contained during storage, transport, and display, with this ChoiceHD 32 oz. microwavable translucent plastic deli container and lid combo pack! This combo pack includes a container and a lid, allowing you to package and store food with ease. Each container is made of heavy weight polypropylene with a translucent appearance for product visibility and quick identification of contents. At the same time, the durable design ensures that this pack is great for delis, restaurants, and grocery stores.

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ChoiceHD 32 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo Pack - 240/Case

4.4 stars from 65 reviews


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    This "house" brand is far inferior to the Pactiv Newspring Delitainer containers. We have had customers complain of broken containers ever since we were sent this house brand instead of Pactiv Newspring. We could tell instantly the difference in thickness and sturdiness when the box arrived, but the company told us it's "as good or the same as" Pactiv. Not so!
    We appreciate your review, Divya! If you are looking for more information on the product that you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
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    I use quart containers the most, and you can never have enough lids. For the price this is a big cost saver. The containers are good plastic too; not too thin. You can put hot liquids in them no problem.
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    i purchased these for my business and was a bit on the fence about the shipping cost since i have to use a freight forwarder in addition to the shipping from webstuarant. I'm so glad that i purchased the items now, they have a great seal the plastic is heavy duty and best of all no freezer burn on my ice cream. I tempered some chocolate using the item in the microwave and i didn't see any burn marks, Gonna repurchase
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Great product. Very heavy duty. Lids fit securely with no leakage. Useful for freezing soups and sauces. Love being able to go from freezer to microwave.
    These are great for to go orders and for prep items. Our customers have even told us that they enjoy reusing them after our product is gone from them.
    These work well for both refrigerated and frozen product, great for soups and sauces. Plastic is relatively strong for the price, lid fits securely on container.
    I bought these to pack food for my children to take back to college. They were great!!!! Lids closed tightly so no worries for spilling any soups. Loved them!
    These containers are a must have in any commercial kitchen. My only complaint is that we have had a few of them crack with minimal usage.
    I have been ordering this container regularly, but there have been consistent defects of about 10-20%. Container cups typically stick together, which cannot be separated and/or broken lips.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your ChoiceHD 32 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo Pack - 240/Case was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative has sent you a replacement.
    These containers have met our needs time and time again. They are reliable, shipping is quick, and you can fit an adequate amount of food in each container!
    Delitainers are indespensible. We use these almost daily. We freeze product in them. They hold up well over time, we get several uses out of them by washing in the dishwasher. Lids fit snug.
    I use this for portion control packing. I buy veggies , kale in big bag. I split it every week and put in these containers with some lemon juice and I am good to go for every day. I can calmly do my workout in the morning without thinking about packing for lunch. Veggies stay fresh . This way I never miss my lunch and avoid snacking completely
    Delivery was fast. However, things were damaged and shipped.  Of course, it may have been damaged during shipment, but the mood is not so good
    These deli containers are just what we needed. The lids seal on so well that there is absolutely NO LEAKS! You can turn them over and liquids are still kept tightly inside.
    quality product. Very useful for our bone broths, granola and other products. Works well in freezer. Attractive and high quality. Great price and fast shipping. Displays product well and is very durable.
    We put one lb. of shrimp tails and fill with water then freeze. Our customers store them sometimes as long as a year. The shrimp are always "fresh off the boat". The only negative is there is almost always at least one time in every sleeve of tubes that two or three containers are stuck together. When this happens you are lucky if you can salvage even one.
    This container fits not four, not eight but thirty two ounces of liquid. It's size is not unlike two pints. What the most important thing about this is the lid, it not only hugs well but also reseals easily for kitchen use.
    Wow! Definitely heavy duty! We are do pleased with this product that we have reorder it and will continue to reorder. The lids fit perfectly and all liquids are secure for transport. Highly recommend it!
    Arrived just as described. Would order product again. has great prices, and awesome merchandise. Most of the time, even with them charging you shipping, it's still cheaper than Sam's or Walmart, and a few other competitors.
    I really recommend this product for hot and cold food, is strong plastic container that can not be spill anywhere to transport your food, Is a great Product.
    Staff likes these a bit too much, and goes through them way more than they should. The cost could be better, but they are solid quality and work great.
    These could've been perfect! Some of them came damaged. The ones that weren't were excellent! They were exactly what we were looking for! A quality product that just works. The damaged ones were compensated from WEbstaurant's awesome customer service team! Thanks! They always take care of me.
    We use these to store almost all of our portioned products in the kitchen, so they get used and reused a lot. These are very durable and hold up excellently to multiple uses and washings without cracking!
    Shipping was immediate and delivery was quick. I loved the service I received from this company! I will absolutely recommend this company as well as order again in the future.
    I was looking for a container that I could transport my coleslaws in for catering events when I came across this option. I was initially intrigued by the combination of the container and the lid in one package. Something just didn't sit well with me having to purchase containers and lids separately. After using several of these to hold a number of food items I must say that I'm very pleased with the overall quality and durability of the containers.
    Your classic deli container! Affordable, great size, use them to store ingredients/leftovers or even use as a cup. Can’t live without these in the kitchen.
    We use these containers to portion pizza toppings and sandwich goodies. We wash and reuse them numerous times before we find they need pitched. Good
    We purchased these for you surround the restaurant much more than take out Products. For your use around the restaurant they tend to lend to cracking. For use in your kitchen for storage they're not the best quality containers. That's why I wouldn't have given it more stars.
    Ideal container whether you're sending guests home with food from an event or simply storing leftovers from dinner. Microwaveable, lightweight, but sturdy and secure as well.
    We have been using these for our takeout foods for about a year now. They are very nice quality and hold up through multiple hand and machine washes. We stick labels with our logo on the front and they look very nice. The lids are thick and have a great seal.
    These containers are better than any others I have purchased elsewhere. I love the fact that I can write on the lids and it washes off easily, they are better priced than more expensive containers and last allot longer. Great for freezing and heating up food in the microwave. Best ever.
    A great container to use when you're looking to sell a lot of food. We use these containers when preparing drop off catering orders. Great for holding hot or cold foods.
    I have more that are stuck together than are not. Almost a half of a case ruined, not usable at all!! I need to order more quart containers but I don't wnt to have to same problem again...
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    Very useful because these thing hold a lot more than I thought. With microwaveable it make it way easier to use. Plus really easy to clean
    We use the combo pack for selling frozen yogurt to go, great product as it doesn't allow freezer burn but allows the customer to visualize the product inside.
    Survives long term storage in the freezer, stack-able if filled and frozen individually. Do not over fill. I have reused these on daily/weekly basis for months. A great buy.
    this is a very handy product - inexpensive way to store products neatly. they stack easily and tuck into narrow spaces in the reach-in. They do tend to be brittle especially when frozen, beware of chips and cracks at the rim.
    We use these containers in the café for family sides. They are just the right size for a family of 4 and the best thing is you can put hot or cold food in them
    We needed these for our student kitchen so our students would have something to bring leftovers home in. Total sanity-saver, and haven't had the quality problems reported elsewhere.
    These are the only deli containers that we will use. They are strong heavy duty containers. We have tried other brands from online companies and always return to Webstaurant because these are simply the best. We frequently use for soups and sauces as the covers fit tight and there are never any leaks. You will not be disappointed with this brand.
    Ordered a case of these per recommendation. I initially thought they were strong but upon further inspection that about 20 were cracked and splintered. Webstaurant customer service always helpful and issued replacements to our business.
    These containers are good to store food on the go. The lid holds tight and you never have to worry about spills. Overall good standard containers.
    A few were damaged upon arrival and I didn't waste time inspecting the entire load. In handling the damaged items I knew instantly these were brittle and would not hold up. I originally came to order the Newspring item, but took the recommendation on the site that this was a comparable product. It is not. I could tell by the feel of the container it would not hold up to much pressure. I have a Newspring in my hand right now and can squeeze it without it cracking into shards of unusable plastic. Webstaurantstore afforded me a full refund so i can replace with the Newspring version. I hope I get what i expect from those.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are glad your issue was able to be resolved. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!
    These containers are simply awesome. I have tried to order other containers just to test their quality and these win every time. They are good quality and exactly what I need.
    I love these! They are sturdy enough to use multiple times, wash up nicely and are microwaveable. We use them to freeze stock, cooked beans, and soups. They are also great for dry storage of smaller amounts of bulk storage items like loose leaf tea, kosher salt, etc.
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    ChoiceHD 32 oz. Microwavable Translucent Plastic Deli Container and Lid Combo Pack - 240/Case gives you a great container for storage- pastas, dressing, small salads, condiments etc. just be careful no to drop them because then they completely crack!
    Our chef loves these containers. They are great for storing sauces, dips, and many other food items. They are very sturdy and come with their lid, which is nice. We have ordered these many times, and will probably continue to order them regularly.
    What a very nice heavy duty 32 ounce microwavable deli container that says that comes in a combo pack they're really great well worth the money
    I really love that when you have liquid in these and you turn them up side down they don't spill. This plastic is made out of good material
    These are pretty good reusable deli containers. My only issue is that they tend to crack after 2-3 washes. It's not that big of a deal and we're happy to continue buying them
    0 out of 1 found this review helpful
    The ChoiceHD 32 ounce deli container with lid is a pretty decent takeout container for quarts of soup and pasta salad. The lid fits pretty good, but we do get a little bit of leakage occasionally.
    These are great containers, my only complaint is that some of them stick together and crack when taking them apart. Really nice product though not flimsy it all .
    This deli cups are great quality. The price is reasonable. I will keep buying this deli containers through webstaurantstore for sure! Everyone in the kitchen is more than satisfied.
    Not as strong as i hoped for the lids do not seal tight. Even customers coment on the difference. I wish they still carried the delli combo cups they carried last year. Hopefully they will work to improve the choice HD cups.
    We are sorry your deli containers were defective, a Customer Solutions Representative has reached out to you!
    Great product. They are perfect for packaging both cold and hot items that we sell. Lids fit securely and there is never any spillage. Occasionally several will be damaged or stuck together. Can't beat the price even with a few that are unusable.
    Great containers if you can get a good batch. Most of them are stuck in pairs of two and you cannot separate them without one breaking. Containers are good and sturdy but not very durable.
    We appreciate your review, Mishel! We apologize for the defective containers that you have received. A Customer Solutions Representative has issued a credit to your account, for the damaged product.
    These quart size containers are exactly what I ordered. They are translucent and microwavable just as advertised. The lids also seem to fit other brand containers.
    These are great deli containers. If you ever watch food network enough you'll see many chefs store their homemade broth in these and they work great.
    These Choice HD 32 ounce containers are sturdy and durable. The lids always fit well. The containers hold a variety of food items and are easy to use. The price is great but sometimes a few of them are cracked upon shipment.
    They hold up nicely. Sometimes we get about 20 that are damaged but they always issue us a credit. I am very satisfied with this product.
    This is perfect for reheating food. Durable and re-useable this is perfect for a small soup in the winter or ice drink in summer or just carrying trail mix in a hike.
    I was so excited when I came across these 32oz microwaveable containers on the Webstaurant Store website. I am a personal chef for two families and these are the perfect size for tranporting soup salad and homemade sauces to my clients. Great value and excellent product.
    Not as thick as DELItainer brand but are better priced, and hold up just as well in all temperature conditions (it seems so far). They stay closed and hold up with hot items, though the plastic does get "softer" with hot items than the more expensive brands.
    amazing product again from webstaurant. very durable and the lid fits very well as well unlike many other brands. I'll recommend this product for sure

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