Choice PET Plastic Lid for 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

Item #: 127PL400

Keep messes at a minimum with this Choice PET plastic lid for 3.25 oz, 4 oz, and 5.5 oz. souffle and portion cups. Featuring a tight seal, this lid helps to limit unsightly spills, when used with a compatible portion cup. The crystal clear color provides optimum visibility, yet the durable PET plastic construction ensures reliability whenever this lid is in use.

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Choice PET Plastic Lid for 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

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lids cups great fit portion lid cup price quality plastic
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    This is just the 2nd Portion Cup Lid that I have purchased in the Choice brand. It has the clicking sound feature that confirms the seal, and I have found that they hold up quite well to freezing and subsequent thawing without leaking. As a matter of fact, I usually bulk pack them in a Ziptop bag. One other feature that I like is that I usually do not thaw them completely and I find that I can dispense the entire contents by popping it out from the bottom with my thumb. Overall these provide consistency in terms of standardizing each formulation, because the last thing that I want a customer to be able to say is that it was better the last time. If this review was helpful please check the helpful symbol, Thank You
    Great lid, I love it that it is clear so I can see the contents and that it fits multiple sizes of cups! This lid seals tightly, and does not spill even very thin/watery contents.
    These kids are great! They stay on well and don’t pop off in our to go bags! It’s great that they are clear and you can see inside the cup!
    Its not very often you find a soufle lid that rangers from 3.25 to 5.5, my vendor sells one that is not universal and double the price. Thank you webrestaurant.
    I would suggest always ordering more of these portion cup lids because somehow we always end up with more cups than lids! A good product and the lids fit tightly. Able to use on multiple sizes of our portion cups which we appreciate.
    These lids are great! We use them with the 4 oz containers and never have any issues and no complaints. They seal tight and seem to work well!!!
    These covers fit perfectly. I love that they fit multi sizes are a perfectly clear. We use primarily for cold items. Will definitely purchase again.
    Great quality product at a great price. Very rarely is there a mis shapen lid, which is to be expected with any brand, but the amount of savings that we have realized after switching to this brand is outstanding.
    This is a great product used along with the cups. I use for selling individual icing shots in my bakery. Great product. Will buy again.
    The Choice Pet Plastic Lid for 3.5 to 5.5 oz. Soufflé cups have come in very handy. They seal well and keep the product inside fresh!
    These are the perfect accompaniment to the matching cups. They fit tightly and are durable. They are high quality and packaged nicely. I will order them again.
    These lids are just as good as other expensive ones. They do the job. Hold a tight seal. Snaps on without any problem. We will buy again
    Clear view plastic lid that fits a variety of CHOICE products. We use them for sauces and dips and coleslaw and they work great for take-out
    These lids work great. Just as they should. Seal great don’t leak. Easy to close. One can never go wrong with the choice brand. Quality product for great price.
    These lids work well for sending out sauce or seasonings on delivery. The lid closes tightly and is durable. It is easy to click into place.
    These are fantastic! We use the lids at home for the little cups, we take the to work and school in our lunch boxes. Will buy again when we run out!
    Great product for the very low price! They snap shut and stay closed. They are also stackable (with the soufflé's cups) and easy to transport.
    We have become a Choice restaurant, almost every station has something by Choice, these lids are not only inexpensive.
    Great tops for the portion cups. A bit flimsy and some were warped out of shape but you get so many that you don’t notice the bad ones.
    These lids are perfect and the seal is nice and secure. They are simple and inexpensive and exactly as described. Would definitely buy again without hesitation.
    These lids are great for the sauce cups they accompany. They're great for food samples, fruit salad, pasta salad or even desserts. They're the perfect size for an ample portion, whatever you're serving and securely lock on to the cups.
    these plastic lids cover everythimg I need them to. they keep food fresh and are a great size to increase storage in the fridge or freezer.
    This lid fits the 4 oz. portion cups perfectly. I was a bit hesitant to purchase because of the wide range of sizes it fits but Im so glad we bought these! We used the cups for portioning syrup for a chicken and waffle sale. Im so glad we did this. it was a snug fit with no spilling, no waste, no mess, no fuss! Perfect choice for portion control!
    i use this for sampling to my customers my fillings and butter cream,nice size to hold a few spoons yet not too big for sauces and toppings
    These lids fit snugly on the portion cup. They don’t break or split. They’re easy to take off and put back on as well. These are durable and great quality!
    We use this lid for two different size containers that we stock. Lid is a little flimsy but is priced right and stocks ok on our counter
    Great lids. Snap tight. Holds a seal. We use these size for our toppings to go. We will be buying these sizes again in the future
    These lids work perfectly with the 5.5 Oz portion cups. They stay closed, with no leaks and stack well on top of each other. Perfect lid for my cake jars!
    Non food items can add up quick, so we gave this product a try in hopes of replacing our previous disposable souffle cups. Same quality at less than half the cost.
    These fit perfectly on the 4 oz plastic souffle cups that we purchase. We use these to store cake balls and candies. They are the perfect size. These lids fit nice and snug, and I very rarely have any issues with the lids popping off.
    These are very well priced, especially since you get so many in one pack. They fit very well on their cup counterparts and are pretty spillproof.
    Same quality as a product we have purchased for years from our local distributor for twice the cost of purchasing this product through Webstaurant. Lids are consistent whereas with other products we would frequently find malformed lids.
    Use these plastic lids with the 4 oz. plastic souffle portion cup. We love both products and use them on a daily basis. Would recommend this product.
    Perfect and it fits all the time. Quality is great. clear plastic and heavy duty. lids hold good and stays on even when we have many items in the bag. Easy to use.
    These lids cover my dressings perfectly. They are durable and sturdy. Providing no spill in case of an accidental fall. I will be buying more.
    Nice flat top. Perfect for keeping sauces, condiments, nuts and dressings sealed. No spillage. We use these tops for catered events and luncheons. I will definitely order again.
    Bought these to go with the matching "Choice 3.25 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 100/Pack". They work perfectly for my customers who want sauce on the side.
    The Choice lids are great for quick easy use. A clear lids makes it easy to see what is inside when you have two basic options like I do. Snaps on tight and does not leak.
    Bought these for the 4oz souffle cups, great price and work wonderfully. Liquids do not leak from the containers and keep condiments and snacks fresh
    This lid fits the Choice 5.5 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 100/Pack. Love the it covers the container really well and no spill.
    These lids work great. They kept our product sercure and nothing spilled. they snap and secure easy, so you do not have to worry about crushed cups attempting to seal the lid.
    Solid weight to the lid and they stay on the cup very well. The only downside is sometimes the lids stick together and are tough to get apart when you need to grab one quickly.
    These lids are perfect fit for my portion cups and do not leak. They are also easy to write on and travel well. I use these so I can see through them and know what the contents are.
    The plastic lids are perfect for our plastic water cups. They really seal all of the liquids in and they are great for our little guest to prevent spills.
    These are a good quality lid for larger sized portion cups. They fit a few different size cups so you don't need as many different sizes. Haven't had a problem with leaks.
    The first time we ordered Choice 5.5 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup, we failed to also order the Choice PET Plastic Lid for 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup. Once we realized that we should get the lids as well it was a game changer, we started doing packed box lunches versus, buffet style per portioned items, since we were able to seal the cups and not leak on the other items in the boxed lunches. These items are absolutely wonderful and work with a number of food items.
    These lids fit perfect on multiple size souffle cups. I have never had one pop off causing a mess. Great for salad dressings or ketchup, etc.
    Lid fits cooresponding cup very snug. No sauce leakage whatsoever. Gives it that nice snap sound you look for in a good seal. Highly reccomend.
    These Choice PET Plastic Lid for 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Souffle Cup work great for different size shuffle cups. i personally bought them for the choice 4oz souffle cups. They have a tight strong fit that will not slip off until your ready to eat.
    These lids I am using on the 4 oz. Cups. These are solid and secure. I can pull on them and they do not pop off easily. Will be buying more of the lids and cups for sure
    These lids, and portion cups DO NOT stack. The lids do not fit the cup stacking on top of it and they are SO slippery that if they are stacked any movement will topple the cups.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I use purchase portion cups and deli containers for unconventional use - not particularly involving food. That being said, I am not pleased with this product. The lid is too flexible for my liking. Not as sturdy as the pictures and video reviews advertise. A video pointed out that this lid is stackable. To a degree, it is but it is not stable. Even just a three-stacked portion cup w/ this lid cannot stop falling with a gently shake of the table. Note: I use the 3.25 oz Choice portion cup.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We use these daily and truly love them. Then only issue I have with them is they aren't labeled with the size in a way you can see. So if you have them next to other sizes you may have to try them to check size because they are the same great looking lid only slightly bigger.
    This lid fits the container tightly do I don't have top worry about leakage or spills when I'm using dressings and sauces. My labels got the top of the lid perfectly.
    These lids are exactly what you'd expect. The lids stay on the making souffle cups well and don't fall off easily. They also stack on top of each other.
    I needed clear container with a lid so it doesn't leak. I use this container for the sauce and it fits on 3.25 oz plastic souffle cup perfectly.
    These lids fit nicely to the 5.5oz portion cups - they are easy to fit on the cups and snap on nicely. We will continue to buy this product as needed!
    Great lids for ketchup and mustard would defiantly buy a lot more of these cups in the future they work out great out here man
    Very happy with the quality and price of these lids. Big box stores sell a similar product but the cost is about 8.00 more per case. No leaks reported.
    These plastic cups work really well for storing coffees for our pour over drinks. The lids fit great, no problems at all. We like how easy they are to use and seem sturdy.
    Half the price from your food vendor.We use them for dressings and marinara cups.We would purchase them again when needed.We recommend these lids with the cups.
    These little lids are a great value. I bought them to fit the 4 oz. soufflé cups and they fit perfectly. I will be back for more!
    These lids were a perfect fit on our kids size cups. Even when the kids knock them over the tops ( mostly) stay on! I Will buy them again.
    This product is great! They go perfect with the 3.25 to 5.5 oz. souffle cup/ portion cup. They are a sturdy, thick, and quality product. Just be sure to check the pack size when ordering the cup and lids. I accidentally ordered a case of cups and only a pack of lids.
    Purchased these covers to go with the choice 4oz soufflé cups and they work wonderfully. They have a very tight and secure seal and are great for sending sauces in lunches.
    The lids fit really well with the 5.5oz clear plastic souffle cups! Sometimes lids don't properly and end up leaking, but these did not. Definitely plan on getting more soon.
    Excellent product lids snap on containers for a leak proof fit. Best thing they don’t crack or bend when putting them on like cheaper brands
    Bought these to go with the 5.5 souffle cups. These snap on and stay on great. perfect fit on every cup i snapped them on. cant beat the price also. Thank you.
    this product price is the best around i checked out the big box stores and webstraunt has it beat by far. product was delivered quickly
    I love that these lids can go with all the cup sizes available. I use the 1oz, 4oz and 5.5oz a lot so it's great that the same lid fits all of the different sizes.
    They fit the container ok; it could be a sturdier fit. But if that is ok with you then they will work great. Do not stand up well to heat; had several melt on top of our pizza ovens.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These lids work perfectly with the Choice 4 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 100/Pack 999P400C - PK. My daughter uses them to hold her slime creations. One souffle cup holds a batch of slime and not only are they affordable but they are durable enough to be opened and reopened over and over again.
    It fits perfectly and it has a really good build quality. it easily seals off on containers it strong not at all feeble. I would recommend it.
    These lids fit the souffle cups perfectly. I use these for individual pudding servings and they are great. The do take a little work to get on but they stay on nice and tight.
    Great cover for your portion cup servings. Clicks on for security and no worries about spillage. Price on these is super and quality is great.
    Purchasing the lids that will fit on the 4oz and 5.5 oz. portion control is a must. It makes so easy for people to just grab and go whatever dessert is being covered.
    The Choice lids fit my containers perfectly. They have a good seal, the quality is excellent. They are much cheaper than our local restaurant supply store. I would definitely recommend these lids.
    These lids are great as they match many different size portion cups. They do not crack like other brands I have experienced, They snap on so easily.
    Having lids available for your shuffle cups allows you to stack and send these cups to go. This lids are perfect for to go dips, sauces, and condiments. Great for food trucks and to-go restaurants.
    product is exactly as described and functions exactly as it should. Great product and great price. I love that they are universal for different sizes. However, do no use these if you are putting hot product in because they lid will not stay on. I would still recommend.
    These attach to the cup well without any spills, however the design on the lid doesn't allow cups to stack on top of each other as well as the Solo lids.
    We appreciate your review, Michael! We are sorry these cups did not meet your expectations. If you ever have any questions about the product that you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These lids work great on our 3.25 oz cups that we use for multiple products - such as wing sauces and salad dressings. The lids are easy to apply and have a good fit.
    these fit firmly and nicely on my 5.5oz and 4oz souffle cups. i have not had a problem with them as of yet. I will be order the bigger sizes also.
    These lids fit the 3.25 oz cups perfectly, we use them for take out orders for our sauces and cheese sauce. They hold up well and we would order again.
    Was very happy to pair these with the clear plastic 4 oz souffle cups for our homemade ices. The lids themselves feel pretty flimsy, but once you get the hang of putting them on (a two-handed job), they go on easily with a satisfying click, and are definitely strong enough for the job. We stacked many cups, and dropped a few, but the lids stayed firm.
    We use this with the matching 4oz cup for sides of yogurt. We have not had any issues with leaking or with lids coming off. I'd recommend!
    These clear plastic lids fit just perfectly with the 3.25 oz clear plastic portion cups! They provide a secure cover for these portion cups and are easy to apply and remove.
    These lids work as intended. Never have issues with fitment, and snap right onto cups. Can't beat the price for the quality. Get them now.
    Great lid! Secure fit, sturdy design, clear so you can see what's inside and avoid mixups, and we haven't had leaks. BPA free and recyclable and very affordable.
    These lids fit great on the 4 oz portion cups I bought; they can be capped with one hand without smashing the cup in the process, making them very convenient.
    These are fine. They fit securely- but not great for our delivery orders. We've had issues with them slipping off in transit, but otherwise they've been good enough for what we need.
    This lid has a good quality I bought it much the 5.5oz cup and it fit perfectly . I highly recommend to anyone looking for 5.5oz lids.
    We love these containers and lids!! Do not spill or come off easily and they work perfectly on our salad bar for pre-poured dressings and preventing messes
    Great lids for the Souffle cups they fit nice and tight and are easy to put on and take off. They are also great because you can stack the cups.
    These tops go well with the souffle cups. They don't pop open and keeps whatever you put in fresh. Perfect little item to accompany the cup
    2500 is a lot of lids..this will last us a long time. its nice that they fit couple different size portion cups. super cheep price.
    I LOVE these containers and lids. I use them for anything from pickled peppers to sauces and dips to salad dressings. Good fit and good value.
    These Lids are a perfect complement to the 4 oz Souffe / Portion Cups that I use for serving Sour Cream & Salsa on the side with my Quesadillas.
    We use these for pasta salad and cole slaw in our food truck with the 5.5 ounce cups. Just the right size portion and the lids fit on nicely. We can prep up a bunch ahead of time and grab one when we need it.
    The lids I purchased was for the small 4 oz cups. The lid is a nice sturdy quality. If you are looking for small portion cups and lids...this is a winner
    These lids work great on the portion cups they fit on. They seal tightly and stack nicely for storage. Plus they are sold at an affordable price.
    Most lids on dressing containers fail to create a tight seal and leaks. The Choice plastic lids provide a tight seal and prevent leaking. The clear lid allows you to view the product.
    I love these. I bought them in combination with the 5.5oz black containers and they are a dream come true! I use these for sides like macarroni, baked beans and coselaw to control portions. I also use for salsa, sour cream, dressings and even snacks on the go for my kids. The perfect size.
    Great quality lids! These work perfect with the cups except the cups are not so sturdy when trying to put these lids on and they end up collapsing.
    So glad to have these lids for our souffle cups. It makes it easy for my cooking class students to transport home fresh made dressings and dips. I keep some at home for travel lunches.
    This 100 pack of portion cup lids is ideal for a small restaurant or café that doesn't need a full case. Lids are made of sturdy plastic and will fit cups from 3.25-5.5 oz.
    These Choice portion cup lids are a great value over the Dart brand. Nice crystal clear plastic and study design make these a high quality lid.
    The Choice PET Plastic Lid for 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup fits perfect. The quality is very good as well as the price. Works great for sending snacks to school or work. Definitely recommend!
    These lids work fine and snap on well to the portion cups. Easy to remove and good quality. Only docking 1 star because I think the Solo Lids are a little better.
    These lids perfectly fit the 4 oz. Choice cups. I have not experienced any leakage from the cups when using the lids at all. Since the lids are clear, is easy to see what is inside the cups.
    I am really impressed with all the portion cup lids I have purchased from Webstaurant Store! Not only are they all a great value, there is an awesome selection as well!
    Cant go wrong buying separate lid and cup cause you get many more pieces, and since they are usually freebie items that go with a sandwich, its important to watch costs
    These covers are great. They fit snugly on the compatible cups and there is no spill of the solid or liquid is in the container. Good quality! Excellent price!
    Love these lids are and are great alternative to the other more expensive brand. They work just as well and serve the same purpose as the others.
    These fit perfectly on the plastic soufflé cups we purchased. They are the perfect size to throw a snack in for the kids or myself. And with the kids it makes it much easier to carry on the go

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