PET Plastic Lid for 0.5 to 1.25 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

Item #: 127PL100

The perfect companion to your souffle cup / portion cup, this durable, plastic 0.5 to 1.25 oz. souffle cup / portion cup lid helps to limit unsightly spills with a tight seal! Ideal for take-out applications, this lid keeps sauces or dressings contained throughout your customers' journey home, ensuring a fresh product.

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PET Plastic Lid for 0.5 to 1.25 oz. Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

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lids cups Great fit lid cup portion price perfect perfectly
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    I bought these to use for wax tart samplers. The lids snap on fairly easy. I have also used them for soaps and lotions and did not leak. I will repurchase when these run out.
    Love that these lids can be versatile for several cup sizes. Makes it easy for storage and organization. lids fit cup sizes nicely. Didn’t have any “stick” together which was nice! Good product!
    i own a pizza place and i send this lids with de 0.5 oz generally it makes the work, but when the heat is strong the lid shrink a little and doesnt work but the price is cheap
    Pretty much every lid in each sleeve fits perfectly snug on the Choice 1 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup. I would order again.
    your regular plastic lids. Can not beat the price for the quality you get. Plus apparently we do not use them a lot, so it does last long
    The lid is very sturdy and strong enough. The package arrived very fast with good condition. We will order more. Thank you for the good service.
    Choice PET lids are great and can work with other portion cups from different brands such as Solo or Dart. I used them for the 0.5 and 0.75 portion cups.
    These are a must have accompaniment to any of the corresponding size souffle cups. They fit snugly. I am not afraid of my samples leaking on each other when I use these. They are easy to right on for quick identification.
    Perfect sample size cups. I ordered these along with the cups to store samples of my baked goods that I sell at farmers market. These satisfy the sampling requirements that the samples be protected from bugs and other customers. They also make it easy to transport the samples, so I can prepare them in the kitchen instead of outside at the market. The lids are a little hard to get on, but that means that they are firmly in place with a good seal, so overall I am happy. Occasionally I will come across a lid that is warped and won't snap on, but it's not a huge problem.
    These clear lids fits perfectly, snaps on tight and don’t have to worry for any sauce spillage. Definitely keeps sauces or sides fresh. Very durable and definitely recommend !
    These lids are useful and durable! They allow us to completely seal products in and prevent leaks. They are not easy to crack and we use them to help store several products! TRY THEM!
    These lids are almost a required accessory for .5, 1, or 1.25 oz portion cups. It is great that the same lid fits so many different sizes, and that it fits so well-nothing leaks out! Having clear lids helps to identify contents.
    We use these lids along with the 1 ounce portion cups for jello and pudding shots. They are very affordable through WebstaurantStore and the perfect size
    We use this with our cups for samples. I was happy to see that it has a tight fit, some libs come off easy. These lids have a great fit and not easy to come off
    While we bought these and found them too small for anything but a little condiments, as a lid it works perfectly for the base it’s intended for.
    I got these plastic lid for the 1oz portion cup. It fits very tightly on the 1oz cup. You would want to be very careful when you try to put the lid on coz the 1oz portion is so small and you might make a mess if pressing too hard on the lid onto the container. But once the lid on, it stays on tight.
    The cups are really nice and comfortable to use. I can close the cap with one hand. It also looks nice when I put the food sample inside. Since it’s clear
    work great, fit perfect and we use them with our customer giveaways and condiment containers, the price is great and you get a large amount to save on having to reorder so often.
    What an excellent product. Fits great for our homemade dipping sauce of 1oz. choice clear cup. Sturdy and well made material. Highly recommend to everyone.
    These lids are exactly what I was hoping for! The lids fit very nice on the cup. I highly recommend this such a good product!
    These lids are great they are durable I did order the cups to go along with them these are really great quality and you get a lot of them for the price I’m going to be using these to make Jell-O shots and to cover them and so that I can stack them much easier
    these lids go with the 1oz cups we got that are perfect and priced well. they don't leak. good for hot sauce portions for togo orders
    Thank you so much for making these available. I use them for so many different things. It makes it easy to make samples of the items that I make and be able to give them away.
    These lids are an awesome pair for our plastic souffle dressing cups. They are great quality! They fit on the cup perfectly and dont bend or break when applying!
    Great little lids! I bought these with the corresponding 1oz cups mainly to use as taster cups. Every once in awhile you get a lid that just will not cooperate but for the price they're still totally worth it. Will buy again!
    We use this lid for two different cups that we stock. I love it when we can use the same lid for mulple containers. Saves space.
    This item fits perfectly in the 1 oz cup we use for our salsa to go! We found it to be a great snappy fit and secure! No spills!
    I have opened quite a few packs of these lids and they had the same flaw. One side of the lid edge is smaller than the rest and if you do not locate the small side and press it down first, you cannot put the lid on. I brought this up to the website CHAT and a complaint (and refund) was issued.
    Thank you for your feedback, George! Our Customer Solutions team was happy to assist you with your lids.
    Good, quality lids. We use them with the 1 oz portion cups. The lids go on easily without a lot of effort! They also stay in place and don't come off easily, which is good if you prepackage your portion cups and have to travel with them. We recommend!
    This cover is very sturdy and fits very well to the 1 oz cup we purchase from the website. Will definite purchase this again to replenish
    These are sturdy, and quite reliable. To me tge most spectacular aspect of this lid is that it makes a unique snapping sound when the seal is compkete. These cups will save u in terms of portion control and adherence to th stated formulation.
    These lids go perfect with the 1oz portion cups. The lids fit very snugly on the cup and truly draw potential customers right into your hands.
    These lids have a tight seal to the specified products and allow you to see what is in the portion cups. I use these for portioning out spice mixes and they're perfect. hold right at 1 tablespoon.
    The plastic lid for the 1 oz cup fits just right when the lid is not damaged. In a pack that it comes in a lot of the lids are bent, so therefore can't use them with the cips.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry these lids were damaged. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    A little flimsy and do not fit very well to the container itself, but it gets the job done. Very cheap as far as pricing.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Great durability and consistent true color. Perfect for to-go use or quick service items. Great price! Switched from Gordon’s products because of the competitive price and it ended up being a better product!!
    These lids work great and fit the indicated cups easily and securely. We use them with the containers for individual condiment and sauces. We will continue to use.
    The lids for these sample cups could be sturdier. You have to be very careful when placing the lid on the cups as they tend to warp.
    I use these lids over the dart ones because they don't pop open when you toss them around. The price point is the best around.
    About 1/10 lids are defective had to be thrown away. You do really get what you pay for in this case. Not sure if I would buy this brand of lids again.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this is defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon.
    These lids are a perfect fit for our .75 cups. They have a perfect seal and we dont have to worry about the sesame seeds falling off the cups. We highly recommend it.
    Nice lids for the smaller portion cups. They are easy to put on and take off and don't leak. Clear so you can see what you're serving, and great price.
    a must when packing up togo order. they are nice and the clear top really help you see what is inside. there's really nothing that can go wrong, just make sure and double check you have the right size lid for your
    Hi, I have orders these 2.0 oz lids, the quality and material is so good. Nice product, I highly recommend it to others. The shipment arrived on time. Thanks, RH
    Very useful lids plastic cups 1oz,, This what I need,,and its not spilling at all tho! Event its coming and have a little bend on side of couples of the lids,,otherwise all greats ??
    These lids are great since I have ordered others that arrive a little defective and bent on the sides. I’ve had no problems with these.
    These lids are perfect for our pre portioned bbq sauces. Using these lids allow us to portion our sauces and store them prior to each shift, instead of having to portion during the rush of each order.
    If you're in need of a lid that works with #127P100C, then look no further! These lids are the bomb. They fit well on the portion cup (#127P100C) and prevent liquids from spilling out. Amazing!
    These lids are great. You can actually hear them click when they are on correctly. They lock nice and tight to avoid and spills! Haven’t had any issues!
    Lids worked perfect on are little cups I did not struggle to put on and let me tell you Walmart and dollar general are a disappointment . Lids are broken and they pop of after I put on my hot sauce for work it makes a mess I had gave up. This way I get more and they stay on
    These lids suit perfectly in the Choice 0.75 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup I bought together. They are resistant and I use them for a liquid sauce
    Great product for the price. The lids fit tightly. No leaks reported. Big box store prices are a few dollars higher for similar quality. Highly recommend.
    I used these plastic lids in conjunction with the 1 oz. clear plastic soufflé portion cups to top popcorn samples for a craft fair. The fit was great for the soufflé cup I purchased. Overall both the cup and lids were sturdy and snug fits.
    Work perfectly with the cups and are very durable and essay to install I will buy it again and definitely recommend it to any one
    We use these souffle lids for the souffle cups that we put our butter pats into. They fit perfectly on the cups and would recommend them.
    I like how we could choose different type of lid but i need say that this is very light which gives me an advantage of using this lid on numerous other small cup but the disadvantage is because of the weight is not that strong but strong enough.
    These lids fit the soufflé cups that are sold separately. I use the cups for condiments and sauces and these lids seal tightly to the cups allowing you to take the cups to go
    Same as the Cup... These are very small so be careful when you purchase this. I highly suggest going with the 2 oz due to the fact that you can almost not fit anything with this.
    We purchased these lids to go with the Choice 1 oz. Black Plastic Souffle Cup. We use them for syrup when our guests order waffles to go. The lids stay on tight, so we never have to worry about any mess!
    I paired these with the Dart Conex Complements 050PC 0.5 oz. Translucent Plastic Souffle / Portion Cup. Used for paint for my daughters kindergarten halloween party treats. This cup/lid combo is fantastic. my daughter accidentally dropped one filled with black (eeeek) paint on my hard wood floors and the lid stayed put. the lids fit like a glove on the Dart cups and there is absolutely no leaking whatsoever. I used almost all of them and none were cracked or stuck together. id give this combo 10 stars!
    These Choice plastic lids are to be used with corresponding .5 oz. and 1.25 oz. portion cups sold by the same company. These come in a pack of 100 and are BPA-free and recyclable.
    The correct lid to match the 1 ounce portion cups. They seal well and won’t come loose all over the customer. We say buy them and the matching 1 once cups too. Jeff
    A smaller lid,for smaller needs. Fits right on a variety of soufflé cup and offers protection from spills. With 100 per pack, you're sure to get many uses out of these.
    I ordered these lids to accompany the Choice 1 ounce translucent cups. About 5-10% of the lids from each sleeve do not fit the cups. They bend on one side, making it impossible to fit onto the cups. This leads to lost times from having to reapply the lids and clean up spills caused by ill-fitting lids. If you don't mind throwing some lids out from each batch, then it's worth the price. However, if money isn't a factor, do yourself a favor and order the Dart Solo lids. They are more firm and sturdy and work much better.
    A very nice quality plastic lid for the soufflé cups. it provides as great tight fitting lid that prevents anything from leaking out during transport.
    These portion cups are a great deal! We use a lot of these sauce cups, so I'm so happy to find such a great price! Highly recommended! The lids fit the solo/dart brand cups as well!
    I use this items for my dumpling sauce. I mark on the lid with marker without any issues. It works very well for my use. It's a bit hard to close the lid sometimes, but the price is much cheaper than others.
    These little lids fit perfectly on the 1oz portion cups we purchased. They snap on easily and are durable... a great combination! We will definitely be ordering more!
    Great quality lids for the price. These are by far cheaper than your local food service store or warehouse. I wish there was a local Webstaurant store near me!
    Works perfect with "Choice 1 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case". Just the right size and the lids stay on very well, no spills yet.
    Perfect for meal prepping! These kids fit perfectly on the 1 oz. portion cups! These are just the perfect size to help out with the controlling portions amounts of condiments and or other toppings!
    Great because I can use with a variety of sizes of containers - from .05 to 1.25oz cups. I use with the 1oz Choice cups.
    Great cup works great with a nice seal. Fits the 1 oz soufflé cup perfectly with no problems. No leaks when packed in a lunch bag.
    The Choice PET Plastic Lids exceeded my expectations. The price is very reasonable and the quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this product. I am giving this item a 5 star rating. I purchased the lids for home use. They fit the cups perfectly!
    I purchased the cups (item #999P100B ) to go with these lids. I use them to hold salad dressings, condiments, and dipping sauces when I pack picnic lunches for my family. I love that the lids are clear so that you can tell what it is without having to open it. It was much more economical for me to buy containers to store them myself rather than buy individual condiment packets…and Tupperware always leaks, which is so frustrating. These transport food well and are disposable and environmentally friendly.
    Perfect lids for the 1 oz cups we got for our cookie kits. the lids make it so convenient to pack in advance. The edible pearls in the cup are safe and secure! Great price too!

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