Choice 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

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Help control portion sizes and costs with the Choice 2 oz. clear plastic souffle cup / portion cup. This versatile cup is great for salad dressings, condiments, sauces, and samples. The sturdy, crack-resistant polypropylene construction offers durability to provide you peace of mind when serving your customers. Unlike comparable paper cups, this plastic cup is able to withstand commercial use without worry of punctures or leaks.

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Choice 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle Cup / Portion Cup - 2500/Case

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great cups PERFECT size LIDS price sauces portion lid sauce
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    I like these "ramekins" or souffle cup and lids. They don't smash when you cap them, and the caps will go on with one hand making for convenient use.
    We order these souffle cups to pack toppings for our On-Demand deliveries on sundae items. They're usually made for condiments albeit but it works for what we need them for. Great price for a ton of them as well.
    I use these containers every day for my salad dressing! It is the perfect size for condiments or dressings! The cup is sturdy and not faulty at all!
    We love using Choice brand products! We have been buying these for years and they are very durable. Very good quality for the price, would recommend!
    Perfect size dressing cups to go with dressing for fingers or salads - awesome price - we also use them for sides of toppings for ice creams
    Great for dressings, nice small portion. Helps control the over use of condiments. With the lid it is great for to go orders as well.
    Having a startup cafe, we needed all equipment for our cafe and this one is just right. This worked as expected and it's just the perfect size.
    These are used to offer our various sauces to our customers. We may 50 or more at a time so they hold the right amount.
    Great portion cups for nearly anything! We use these for ketchup, hot sauce, butter, maple syrup, and more! A perfect 2oz for great cost monitoring and easy seal with matching lids.
    I use these daily for condiments, dressings and jello shots, they are durable inexpensive. The lids fit nicely and are conveniently packaged for easy storage.
    These 2 oz portion cups are the perfect size. I use them to send hummus or dips in lunches. They are also a great size to send butter and jam with muffins and scones. I use them all the time!
    The Choice 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle' Cups came in really handy for our churches fiesta plate dinner! we were able to portion Salsa, and Sour Cream in the 2 oz size it it was great! No waste, no mess and people were happy that lots of hands weren't digging in the sour cream or salsa containers!
    used this for all my sample needs,held it mass well,did not fall apart,clear so customer can see color and texture.i will always use this brand
    Lots of choices when it comes to these souffle cups, several different sizes and also several pack sizes so you can order just what you need
    Great product. We use these for several functions but mainly they are used at our bbq sauce bar by our customers. Couldn't be happier with them.
    Bought the cups along with the matching Choice lids and they hold together well. No leaks or coming apart with all varieties of sauces and dressings that we use them for.
    I really like these small cups, they are a perfect size for putting sauces in. I like how they are a little thicker so when you pour hot sauce, it wont burn your fingers. Quality good and price is great for the amount.
    We use these in our bakery almost daily. They come in handy for sprinkles and other small items for cupcakes. The lids make them easy to transport!
    I love these portion cups!! Just the right size, price is right and they don't melt down with hot products in them. Will continue to buy these!
    We use these everyday for holding various salad dressings in my café. They work well for to go orders. I highly recommend using this product.
    Just like any other sauce cup out there. Not the highest quality of plastic as the sides become quite soft with warm liquid. Some others don’t have that issue. They serve their purpose though.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This 2 oz cup is very good for up sized container for sauce and dressing. the plastic is sturdy and the design is very appealing
    Cups are good !! Perfect for side sauces and condiments ! Definitely cuts the cost on buying condiments. The only thing I didn’t appreciate is that it didn’t come with the lids
    Great price on these 2 ounce cups. We use them for salad dressing, sour cream, tzatiki sauce, butter, and many other items. They’re great with the matching kids for carry out items as well.
    Great item to have for a variety of needs. I use these for butter, salad dressing and Horseradish. These are a must for your catering needs. Buy this item in quantity. Such great value for a lower affordable price
    We use these clear plastic portion cups for dressing and condiments. They're the perfect portion size for individual servings of dressing and they don't leak. We love them.
    I checked out the reviews before buying because we were worried that it would break easily. I had wanted to go with the more expensive brand but this is a good sturdy disposable sauce cup
    Great for our home made dressing and sauces. We use this alot. Perfect portion amount. Don't fill to top. My experience is that it leaks a little if you put to much in it.
    We ordered these for our holiday cookie kits to put mini chocolate chips and sprinkles in. They held everything perfectly for what we needed them for!
    These portion control cups are super inexpensive and are great for sides of salad dressings, mayo, ketchup etc. Matching lids fit snug and do not leak.
    These portion cups are perfect. We use to use a 3.5 oz portion cup and we wouldn’t fill it all the way as we didn’t need to use the much dressing per dish. We found these 2oz portions cups and they are he perfect amount per dish when filled all the way to the top.
    These little plastic souffle cups are the perfect size for counter condiments! We also use them for take-out sauces. Lids (sold separate) fit tightly with no worry of spills.
    Great size portion for dressing. I've have plenty of customers say it is the perfect portion size for dressing on salads. It stacks and can save space in the fridge. I highly recommend these cups with the matching lids!
    Non food items can add up quick, so we gave this product a try in hopes of replacing our previous disposable souffle cups. Same quality at less than half the cost.
    Sturdy little plastic cups that come at an excellent price! They do not crush under pressure when applying the lids (which are sold separately) like some other known brands do that you can purchase locally.
    Perfect small plastic cups. The portion size is great for items on the side and I love that they are clear and easy to see.
    These souffle cups work well. They work with other competitor lids that I still had in my restaurant. I am switching both the lids and souffle cups over to Choice because it will save a lot on price for all of our to go sauces in my barbecue restaurant.
    I absolutely love these little cups. They are perfect for my homemade sauces. I also love them for my vendor events so that I can allow people to sample my foods. Great quality and I will continue to purchase from
    These are great. They're not too thin, but the perfect thickness and the lid snaps on perfectly. Great size for ranch or syrup on the go!
    Works great! It is at a great price, so it makes me as a business owner feel better about just giving these away. Definitely recommend.
    These choice 2oz clear soufflé cups work great for ice cream toppings and also for condiments. The lids are also great and have a secure fit.
    Great cups. We use them to put sauce on the side for to go orders and dining in. They are clear so customers can see what sauce it is and sometimes put some toppings there too!
    This is an awesome size portion cup for aloe at our nutrition club. The cups and the lids fit perfectly together with a tight seal so there is no spillage or leaking. excellent quality.
    Very nice cups. Help portion things out when prepping food in the kitchen. Very useful for sauces and cooking. Good some specific amounts of what you need.
    Top notch product. Purchased these for packing dressings/dips in my kids lunches for school. Much cheaper than available at the local warehouse store and a better product.
    Perfect size and portion for our dressings and condiments. Sturdy enough for to go products but stylish enough for our dine in customers. Never cracked or broken
    The product works exactly as expected and the lids fit easily and securely. We use them to store individual portions of salad dressings and sauces.
    we use this container for salad dressings and condiments. perfect size, good plastic quality and attaches to the lid perfectly. it can also hold hot sauces.
    We use these every day at our coffee shop! They sturdy, easy to find lids for, and for what is a very simple product, it does the job well. We always repurchase this exact item.
    Good quality cups for holding the perfect amount of small garnishes like chives and salt. This is also great for use as a sauce container for takeout orders.
    I love purchasing cups that finally will fit and it will not spill! The lid works great with the cups. Easily stackable. The cups not cheaply made either. I would purchase this item time again! Great price and great product.
    These 2 ounce portion cups are worth the money. We use them for our homemade ranch and honey mustard and cranberry sauce on Sunday. Great product
    These clear cup are nice for putting sauces or small chop peppers inside. They come In handy for our assortment of sauces and our guest like that they are clear.
    good quality, great size for the house made dresing. Use it for a to go options, or simply put there dressing that made in a smaller amount.
    We use these to put juice "shots" in. They are clear PET so you are really able to see the vibrant colors of the juices. Samples work really well in this 2oz size as well.
    Excellent buy and perfect to solve my wedding cake carry out boxes cake tastings. I am able to put a scoop of the perfect amount of buttercream into each cup for sampling. Seals great.
    These are a good size and made well. We are using these for those customers who want dressing on the side. I think next time I will order the next size up. Matching lid is a must.
    Great Product. Holds up very well. I used this product for sauces and it works great. Would recommend this product for use on a food truck.
    These portion cups are excellent quality and a much better price than our local wholesale clubs. The transparent clear color is so much more appealing to the customer than the opaque. Allows you to easily see contents and "looks" expensive. The lids are very secure (sold separately). My only critique is that sometimes they are fused together so you do waste a couple per sleeve. But at this price, it's a no brainer.
    Excellent small cup to use for dressing or condiments with the corresponding lid. Zero leakage in my son’s lunchbox when I send him one filled with some ketchup. Very happy with this product and will definitely buy again!
    These 2 ounce portion cups are a must have for us. We use them constantly and were happy to find such a competitive price. They look great and are very sturdy.
    These souffle cups are the perfect size for portioning out cream cheese and butter for bagels. They also are perfect for dressing for smaller salads.
    Excellent choice for our condiments. We use a lot of ranch in our quick service restaurant and these with the lids never leak. Lid holds fast.
    bought these for bbq sauce, great size, and control of portions. I use them for side condiments such as sliced limes, onions, cilantro, and cheese. Fits perfectly in the to go boxes.
    I save tons of money on when I buy disposables and paper products through the website. I get the same quality product for a much lower price. Shipping is usually within the week!
    Works great for portioning out the dipping sauce to go with our gyoza! Great price and easy to pair with the lid, keeps the sauce secure and we don't have to worry about it dripping out!
    This is very good quality product. The price is good. It is very easy to use. My employees stop complaining about hard time to put the lid on.
    I like the 2 oz size for a portion cup: gives enough of a side/dressing to a customer without giving too much. It is a nice sturdy cup. The lid fits snuggly on it so I am not afraid of accidental spills.
    The choice 2 once clear cup are great for your to go sauces. We use them for all of our salsas and the fact that they are clear makes them look a lot fancier than your others out there. Great product. The cups are very sturdy and used with the correct lid completely get rid of spills for your clients.
    Awesome. Value priced. We use for our sampling of various pies we offer. In catering and events. Sturdy. Deep. Hold up very well. Not flimsy.
    Great portion cups. Close tight and have not had a leak. Easy to open. Wide enough to pour into without making a mess. Clear choice makes it easier to see what is inside cups for easy picking.
    Great for sauces of any kind both for here and to-go! Fits a nice portion and can do runny or chunky sauces wonderfully. Love it!
    These are a nice quality and well-made soufflé cup. Will use them for ketchup and coleslaw and more! Will reorder and plan to pick up covers as well.
    Great value for the product. Very sturdy cups and can be used for non-food too. We use for cheese, marinara, mustard, bbq sauce, etc. We have an arcade in our facility and we use these for tokens cups - reusable for that area of our business.
    Best price I’ve found anywhere. I order this product at least twice a month sometimes more. The quality and price can’t be beat. Highly recommend this item
    The 2oz Portion Cup is a fantastic tool! I use these cups everyday in my business, many people want to try our product and flavors so i give them just enough in this cup for them to decide what they want to choose. These cups are small and easily accessible as well! I highly recommend this product for other food industry businesses.
    I love these 2 oz clear souffle cups. They are perfect for small portions of icing that we give out for our cupcake decorating classes!
    A nice sturdy little cup that doesn’t collapse if you put a lid on it. We use them for cupcake samples. They are perfect for a mini cupcake.
    How does the hubby take that amazing sauce you made to work with him for his leftover lunch? In one of these! Perfect portions for sauces even sour cream. With the lids these are well fitted for maximum security even banging around in a lunch bag. Very durable and extremely difficult to crush.
    Love these little cups. Perfect for handing out samples or using for ketchup cups. The plastic is sturdy and overall very pleased. Defiantly recommend if you're in the market.
    This is a great size for salad dressing and other individual sauces. My family doesn’t like “double dippers”, this product definitely fixed that small problem.
    These cups do their job just fine, but they are a little bit flimsy. This isn't always an issue, but it can make it a little bit difficult to snap lids on without the cup bending.
    Very good product at good price compare to other brand. We use this for sauce cups and its just perfect! But it take too long for shipping :(
    These cups are durable and convienient! We use them for everything from salad dressing to filling them with the kids finger paint! Great product. Will definitely buy again.
    Nice souffle cups, great for portioning dressings or sauces on the side. Lids fit on nicely and they are used in so many ways. Highly recommended!
    These are great sample cups. We run a popcorn shop and use these cups to give out free samples. They are the perfect fit for the job.
    The cups came right on time and no damages. Love them! Very happy with my purchase and will be sure to order more from them
    Great portioning cup! I use it mainly for my dumpling soy sauce based dipping sauce! I bought this along with the lid to prevent it from spilling during transport!
    these are great containers and hold up very well. I have not noticed any quality difference between these and solo cups. if you like to save money get these
    This were really good, great price quality and amount also. Good for putting dressing , hot sauce , ketchup or pico de Gallo. And I just ordered other size also .
    We love the quality of these and the face the they are clear so you can see the product more precise is a bonus. Will order again.
    Perfect size cups for add ons such as walnuts! We use it for when people want extra nuts for their oatmeal. It's a good way to portion control.
    These cups have an excellent quality. They are perfect for condiments and sauces. We use them for mojito and chimichurri for to-go orders. We even use them to hand out samples of our seafood bisque. They are a little bigger than they look in the photo. If you want a more cost-effective option in terms of the condiments then go with the 1.5 oz option.
    Choice cups appear to be a little smaller than the competition. Only one of my customers shared a concern. Price is quite a bit lower than big box stores and quality has not been an issue.
    These little portion cups work great for serving our cream cheese and butter to customers! The are perfect size and very sturdy; we will be ordering them again!
    I use a lot of these in a senior building. I put tartar sauce, sour cream, salsa, & sweet & sour sauce this is just a few item that I put in these. They are a good size and price for this product.
    Great containers, hold ups nice. Very clear, great for colorful sauces and lids snap on tight. They also fit perfectly inside two compartment trays. The containers stack really nicely on top of each other for easy transport.
    These are perfect for condiments. The 2 oz size perfectly proportioned for salad dressings, ketchup, butter or whatever you choose. It’s a great product to have
    These 2oz souffle/portion cups are a great value. They are versatile. We use them for hot sauce or other condiments, or you could use them for samples as well.
    These 2.oz cups are wonderful and also it perfectly proportions the amount of product and cuts back on waste when meal prepping. We use for our dips, salad dressing and shredded cheese.
    Choice brand 2 oz soufflé cups are perfect for our restaurant, we use them to portion pickles, bbq sauce, ranch dressing, etc. they seal well and are durable.
    Very nicely priced 2 oz soufflé cup from Choice! 100 comes in a pack! Also, Matching Choice lids can be purchased seperately from the Webstaurant store! These are a must have for serving sauces, dressings, spices and etc! Especially for takeout orders etc! We recommend it! 4 stars!
    Great plastic portion cups for packing lunches or simply pre-measuring condiments. They are not flimsy and with a lid they won’t spill out; I’m satisfied with these cups.
    I really like these 2 oz cups! I fill them with hummus or dips in my kids’ lunches. They are inexpensive, convenient and recyclable. I use them all the time!
    I appreciate that they have so many sizes available, it was easy to find the perfect ones. I settled on these smaller ones because they're right in the middle: not too big, not too small.
    Fits with either the lead or translucent lids. Haven’t had a problem yet with them being too loose and caps not fitting right. Will buy these again.
    Well it is really strong even though it is transparent I will it is very rigid for its size and it is ideal for less consumption of space.
    Good, basic little sauce cups. You can put anything in these. Ketchup, sour cream, salsa, cheese sauce. 100 for less than a couple of bucks is a great deal.
    If you’re looking for a nice clear plastic soufflé cup this is a good one to get really good price for the really strong sturdy and they fit different brand lips If you’re looking for a nice clear plastic soufflé cup this is a good one to get really good price for the really strong sturdy and they fit different brand lids
    This is a great product for our business.They used to be more sturdy, but they still work. I would recommend this product and the Choice line to anyone.
    Perfect 2 ounce soufflé and portion cups made by choice. Great for samples, condiments, or hot sauce. Clear and sturdy design and tight fit to lids.
    We love using clear plastic containers because you can easily identify the contents inside. We typically use these for to-go items so we buy the corresponding lids to seal them securely. These are made of BPA-free and recyclable plastic.
    Perfect size for portioning condiment sizes. Can also be used for Jell-O shots! This is an awesome value and the quality is great for a disposable product.
    The Choice 2 oz cups are a great price, and as long as you use the Solo lids they stack perfectly. They are a solid plastic material and so far haven't had any issues.
    I have used many of these portion cups in the last few years. I have used more expensive name brands, and these Choice cups are just as good! paired with the matching lids and these are great for so many things! I use them all but daily for condiments and dressings in lunches, but have also used for holding small screws & things in the garage, paint for my daughter, among many other things! great price for a great product! Will continue to purchase this brand!
    These portion cups are great for any kind of condiment. Two ounces is a perfect size for dipping sauces to go with fries or any other side.
    The 2oz clear plastic portion cup is a great size for packing to-go dressings or sauces. It also work great for side items like sliced pickles, onions or olives.
    This is my second time order .first I received is fast and good quality so I can back order again very good for uses sauces
    great for sauces, or any condiments they are great for any parties, events, restaurants or other occasions. great price, great quality, great material definitely recommend it!
    I do a lot of meal delivery and take out. Use these for individual salad dressings, and appetizer condiment sauces. Not cheap, thin plastic so I know they will hold up.
    Love these cups! We are never able to find these locally and they work great as taste testing cups for our sauces and smaller items.
    Perfect for sides of sauce or salad dressings. This pack of soufflé cups works best then topped with the matching lid, making them perfect for dine in as well as take out orders.
    The Choice 2 oz. Clear Plastic Souffle/Portion Cups are very nice for a snack or condiments. The quality is great and the lids that were recommended are a perfect fit. I definitely recommend these cups and would purchase again if needed.
    We use these portioned meal cups in our cafe and they work great! Do not spill easily and the lids fit on just right, great purchase
    These portion cups are just absolutely perfect easy to put the lid on you can even put the lid on with one hand and remove the lid with one hand I've worked in a restaurant and these are usually a pain to work with but these seem to fit really well with each other

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