Hot Sauce 3 Gram Portion Packet - 200/Case

Item #: 125PCHOT200

Hot and spicy, this delectable hot sauce will deliver just the right amount of fiery flavor to your customers' food. These 3 gram portion packets are ideal for any restaurant, diner, convenience store, cafeteria, or take-out station and offer a quick and easy way to enhance profitable menu items. This spicy sauce is perfect for any grilled meat, and is also great for enhancing popular fried foods such as wings, chicken tenders or nuggets, French fries, and more with a peppery kick of flavor.

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Hot Sauce 3 Gram Portion Packet - 200/Case

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hot sauce Great taste packets portion price customers flavor food
    These are horrible...was looking for a less expensive option to the more expensive Texas Pete packets but these are terrible. My customers hate them...they're vinegar-y salty packets and I wouldn't even call them hot sauce.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    A must use kitchen. Hot sauce packets portion, delicious and very tasty. We tried different brands, and chose to returns to this. Really worthy. Price is good too. Don't regrets.
    This a great hot sauce packet! We give it to our customers for their plain chicken and chili dogs and they love it! Plus the price can't be beat.
    I am glad I bought these. I wish they were a bit bigger but beggars cant be choosers lol will be buying again thank you very much
    These packets are a great thing to have on hand. We enjoyed these, they are no too hot either. I don't like much heat and these were perfect
    Very inexpensive hot sauce with a great taste. I love spice and this serve us very well when we do take out orders. We use them for wings and wraps.
    These is a great deal for hot sauce packets! The sauce it really good and has a nice kick to it. I would say it is about medium heat.
    These packets are perfect with the fried foods that I cater to my customers. They love that the hot sauce is individually packed and professional.
    Good flavor and excellent value. We use tons of hot sauce in our cafeteria and this works well. Excellent price and value for packaged hot sauce.
    Perhaps it's my love for hotsauce and all things spicy, but I really felt at the flavor could be a little bit more savory. It had more of a pepper taste as oppose to cayenne pepper which is spicy with flavor.
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    This is a great tasting hot sauce at a great price. It does have a slight vinegary taste and could be a little hotter but for the price, you can't go wrong. I would purchase this again.
    I was disappointed in this product, it has a strong vinegar taste mor than spicy. Very mild and there’s less than a tsp in every pack. I would suggest another brand.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    This hot sauce tastes good. The amount in the packet is a good portion considering it is hot sauce and you really don't need a whole lot. We keep these packets on a table with the rest of our condiments and plastic ware. Hope this helps
    three gram portion packets are great for to go containers.with 200 in case they last a long time for a small business.not too spicy,medium heat
    A nice small packet style hot sauce that is bold and really will set your mouth ablaze. Great to kick up our bowl of turnips.
    I was concerned about the taste of the hot sauce since it was so cheap. The customers really like it. I have not received any complaints. Will be buying again
    A great tasting hot sauce that is really smokin'. The portion packet is great for a condiment bar or on the go use. A great sauce to use on hot wings.
    This hot sauce pouch has a nice spicy taste on it combined with vinegar. It has a nice combination and taste great with tacos. The portion pouch is great for food service!!!
    Even though I'm use to Franks Hot Sauce this is just as good. It has that kick that I always look for in pepper sauces.
    Basic generic hot sauce. It's not a name brand so it depends on your application. But if your clientele doesn't care it is a nice product.
    The hot sauce in the portion packets are great for our oyster bakes during the fall. The sauce has a great flavor and the perfect amount of spice.
    I love adding hot sauce to my soup and stews. I love the portion packets because there is the perfect amount in each packet. I love the taste and price.
    If you are looking for a milder hot sauce, this is a great choice. It tastes like Tabasco sauce with a slight taste of vinegar. The price is great and I have had no complaints.
    Very similar to Tabasco sauce, but not quite the same. It's sort of a weird mix of Tabasco and Louisiana sauce, but with none of the great qualities of either.
    I ordered it just to try it out. It taste almost like Tabasco with the vinegar taste. Everyone liked it. Easy for customers to grab
    This is just okay. It is not very hot. But for someone who likes it mild I would suggest it because it has good flavor.
    A great value hot sauce that is very good for its price. It is hot but I feel it likes a little depth in the flavor department. Still great for those who like to spice up their food.
    this hot sauce was not my first choice but i'm glad it was one that i made the customers love the taste and it is not to hot
    I live in Southwest Georgia so hot sauce is a staple in all southern homes. It is like milk in some homes. It is well worth the money
    This has been a great addition to our carry out orders. The taste is like any other regular hot sauce and the portion amount is good.
    Great price, good flavor and fast shipping allows us to keep up with inventory for our food truck and cafe with take out sauces in inventory. Only wish is there some hotter options for hot sauce.
    good hot sauce priced u pay for it ,also most of time customers don't used them they throw it away so used this one save some food cost
    This hot sauce has just the right amount of heat. This price and value is good as well. Taste just as good as the other brands of hot sauce. Will purchase again.
    I use to get TEXAS PETE all the time. But for what, this product is just as good and a much better price. Will continue to use.
    Not to hot. Just right if your not in to really spicy. It does have a vinegar bite to it but other than that I still keep buying it .
    I personally love these 3 gram packets. Comes in 200 per box. Tastes real good and the price is right! Give them a try! 4 stars!
    I am very pleased with the quality of these hot sauce packets. I have some customers who enjoy their items hot and these work perfect.
    We hardly use hot sauce packets, but for the price that I paid I just had to get me a box. Now I'm gonna have to add a new menu item that needs hot sauce so I can use it up
    Meat and hot sauce a perfect combination. Especially with the right type of hot sauce. Thankfully this particular brand is just that. It gives just the right amount of heat and spice for your food.
    These hot sauce packets are great to give to customers that have orders to go. They come in the small standard size packets and have a decent taste to them.
    We have dine in customers who will request these packets instead of name brand bottles of hot sauce. It has a great taste and is an easy way to provide hot sauce on carry out orders.
    Average sauce, this is a Economical version. It price is an issue go with this. It's more of just offering it than taste. I switched to a premium brand and don't look back
    The Hot Sauce - (200) 3 Gram Portion Packets / Case packets taste really great with Doritos chips. So easy to spread over the chips and enjoy the flavors. Glad with the purchase
    Good to keep some in my desk, not too spicy -- made chicken with this and some of the buffalo seasoning, they complement each other well.
    Has a great taste to it but wish the quantity was a little more as its a shame my customers want more of it, wish it had bigger packets
    this 3 gram portion packet at 200 per case is a super value. it has a great flavor and for our takeout customers its a lifesaver.
    The hot sauce 3 gram portion packet provided just enough hot sauce for our fish loving customers. Along with other items purchased from our business has grown with confidence and professionalism.
    I glad they sell this hot sauce in individual pack, all my familly like them. They can take them in there lunch bags to work... They have good taste not to hot, they add great flavor to any food....
    Great tasting hot sauce, and way cheaper then the name brand. I took a chance on buying this brand but after taste testing, I have since purchased another case.
    Great flavor and a good way to save money, no need to give away big portions of sauces, portion control packs help you to give the right portion to your clients.
    These packets are great and the cost you can't beat we were buying the gallon bottle then the small cups with lids after you add up the cost buy these packets are a lot more cost effective
    Cheap hot sauce that gets the job done. We give out pretty much unlimited condiments (even when not asked.) Sets us apart from the comp and since it is cheap, doesn't hurt that bad.
    Since I don't really advertise having hot sauce and don't make anything hot in my place, this is for people who ask for it. They really like it too.
    this small hot sauce packets are great for portion control. they are also really good for packing food to go. these would also be good for a food truck or portable food cart.
    Can not beat the price! Lowest one ive found! These packets are great! Looks different but tastes just as good as the name brands! Excellent value and sure to please your customers!
    cant beat it we checked every where for value and taste. the packets are small and you get so many for a great value. you cannot beat it at sams club we checked
    I love these portion packs hot sauce, it just has the right amount of hot sauce in there for those who do not eat a whole lot. It's nice pack and the price is cheap. I would love to recommend all my friends.

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