American Metalcraft PKR20 20" Double Nylon Handle Pizza Rocker Knife

Item #: 124PKR20

Use this American Metalcraft PKR20 20" pizza knife to slice up your pizza pie, or to cut and dice vegetables and fruit. The rocking feature allows you to maintain a steady, rhythmic momentum. The palm handles offer safety and security by keeping your fingers out of the way while working with the knife. With a precision sharp, straight-edge blade, this tool will be perfect for whatever task for which you may need it.

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American Metalcraft PKR20 20" Double Nylon Handle Pizza Rocker Knife

4.9 stars from 45 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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pizza Knife sharp cuts great easy cutting pizzas cut cutter

Throw out all your other pizza cutting tools this one is perfect. Cuts a pizza perfectly in seconds with ease. I highly recommend this "knife".

from Tahoe Tavern & Grill on

Bought this Pizza Rocker Knife to replace the older one's. The handles had completely broken away from the older ones and we had sharpened them to the point they where needing to be replaced. I'm very impressed with the size, our older ones where 18", I recommend getting the 20" if you sell larger pizza's. The handles are nylon and pretty sturdy, I don't see them breaking anytime soon. The blade sharpens easily once a month with a steel sharpener. Works well together with the cutting board guide we bought too.

from Moonraker Enterprises LLC on

Very functional pizza cutter, the shape of the tool allows easier and more precise cutting of pizza, with a double nylon grip of excellent quality.


This weapon saves a great deal of time in a commercial kitchen. No matter how fast you are with the rolling pizza cutter, you'll be faster with this thing -- after some practice. But be careful!


This is an invaluable tool if you make lots of pizzas. The blade is sharp and the size is great for anywhere from a small personal pizza up to an 18 inch pizza.

from Babycakes Gourmet LLC on

Works great for our pizza restaurant and our food truck. As expected after a year of abuse I noticed some chipping on the blade. I just sharpened it and its back to work. I would recommend.


We cut up a lot of cheese for our cheese breads. This knife is awesome and gets the job done so much faster than other knives

from Great Harvest Bread Co on

This is a very well made pizza rocker knife. This can be used for other foods like cheese and vegetables. The blade is sharp and it cuts quickly and easily. I wouldn't recommend you to place in a dishwasher.


Well made- we have been using this for all of our pizza cutting for all events. Well made, strong and cuts the pizza well. It is a nice size too

from Forno Rosso on

Very useful knife for brownie cutting or other large cutting projects. The knife is easy to use safely and stays sharp over its lifetime. Great product.

from The Hop Ice Cream Cafe on

easiest knife to use if you cut alot of pizza no pains in upper body after using for long periods of time always use these

from Pizza King of Flora LLC on

Feels like a great tool in your hands and well made. I like that it is very easy to use. I will give another review after I have used it more.

from The Badger’s Hideaway on

This pizza cutter is sharp and perfect for cutting any size pizza. It is just what I expectedand more. After continuous uses true cutter is just as sharp as day one.

from Pashay's Banquet Hall on

Sharp, sturdy, fast. This thing is great. It takes a bit to get used to the switch from a traditional pizza wheel cutter, but works brilliantly once you do.


great for fast cutting of pizza. American Metalcraft products are always of good quality and reasonably priced. this is the brand I prefer to order and use on a regular basis.


this is perfectly balanced and with great handles that dont break easily. this has been dropped a few times with no obvious damage. seems to hold up well


This stainless steel rocking pizza knife is awesome. It works like a charm but keep it mind that it is extremely sharp. I did not realize how sharp this real is. But perfect for fast production.


Good solid pizza knife, bought at the advise of a friend and we are not disappointed at all. Arrived nice and sharp, just wish it came with a sheath.

from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé on

You really can't beat cutting a pizza with a real pizza knife. It works best for in house pizzas as takeouts are a little tough to do in the box. This rocker completely separates the slices without damaging the outer crust.

from mm clubhouse on

This is a great rocker. It completely cuts through pizzas, unlike wheels which don't go all the way through. It also cuts slippery veggies like mushrooms, without dragging them across the pizza.


This Pizza Knife is perfect for our kitchen/concession area. The handles area easy to grip and the blades cut right through our 12 inch pizzas, even with multiple toppings. .

from Legends Ballpark on

This pizza knife is strong, sharp, and heavy weight. It is PERFECT for cutting a 1/2 sheet tray of baklava with no mess, making easy work of prepping dozens of trays for sale for our annual Greek Fest.

from St Anne Orthodox Church on

I love this cutter. it is so easy to use. simply press down and rock back and forth to cut through the entire pizza. a couple of cuts is all it takes


This is the coolest pizza knife ever. I always feel so awesome cutting pizza in front of customers. A fair warning to anyone buying this, that blade is really sharp!! It cut me twice already while cleaning it. Bad cuts too. So be extra careful.

from Zack's Shack on

This is the perfect pizza cutter. I have used others in the past but nothing compares to this style. the plastic on both sides is a plus

from pashays on

A traditional pizza cutter takes several cuts, and tends to be inaccurate, but this Rocking Pizza Knife allows my cooks to slice their creation with ease and accuracy.


Great Pizza Knife... thick blade keeps a sharp edge even after accidental drops. easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I have bought this knife for all our restaurants.

from Anduzzi's Sports Club on

It cuts through everything wonderfully. We have had it for years and it's very durable, it doesn't break. It really speeds the whole process up.


If you are looking for a great pizza cutter at a reasonable rate, this is the one you should get. It has kept its edge like a wonder and cuts the pizzas like a champ. We have dropped this thing I don't know how many times and just has a little piece of handle broken off, but doesn't effect its use.

from J & S Bakeria on

These work great for the customers! Can't wait to use them in the summer on our small tables! Great product, wouid buy definately again soon

from Lodge of Antioch on

Previously we were using the round pizza cutters. This is a big step up. It is heavy duty and almost too big for us but we still love using it. We cut 12" pizzas. It cuts quickly and the toppings stay where they are suppose to. It is definitely worth a little more money for the handles as it makes it easy to use. It is so well constructed that it should last forever.

from Station's Inn on

This rocking knife is a must have for any pizzeria. Stays nice and sharp even have thousands of cuts. Handles are nice and durable we well while staying cool to to touch when laying near the oven.


We absolutely love our American Metalcraft Pizza Knives, they cut through a hot pie like butter and save time when you have a lot of pizzas to cut. I'll take this over a pizza wheel any day.


We recommend this product. We have purchased less quality knives in the past and we are glad we purchased this knife. it is very durable and cleans up nice.

from J & B Baking LLC on

Very nice heavy stainless steel pizza knife. The handles are nice and secure and it cuts through on the first pass through each and every time.


Easy to use and slices through on the first time every time. I like this cutter much better than the traditional wheel cutter because it's much easier for me to make even slices.


This pizza rocker is way better than a rolling pizza cutter. it cuts easy and fast. We like that is easy to keep clean, and sharp.

from Caruso's Sandwich Co on

this tool is greatly utilized in many restaurants. it is a lot sharper than you might think and it slices through pizzas like nothing. it is extremely helpful in quick pizza cutting.


This American Metalcraft pizza knife is perfect for cutting up any pizza! You can even use it to cut up toppings. The handles are great for protecting your fingers and the blade is sharp and quick.


This pizza knife is WELL worth the money! The blade is nice and sharp and it's pretty heavy duty and sturdy. It's a pretty big, so you can cut a decent sized pizza with it. I would recommend this pizza knife.

from Iron Star Pizza Company on

I wasn't sure about this knife without holding it in my hands before the purchase. Thanks to WebstaurantStore's thorough descriptions it is everything I needed. Sturdy, easy to clean, a great feel, total control during use.

from Calvert Drive-In Theatre on

This is the best rocking knife we have tried. It is long enough to cut 20 inch pizza with ease. Very sharp edge! Use caution. Has not dulled with heavy use.


We recently switched from the regular roller cutters to this rocker knife and we will never go back to cutting pizzas the old way. Very sharp and makes great cuts.

from Michael Angelo's Pizza, Inc. on

Sharp blade which makes for fast cutting. Easy to clean and easy to handle. Works great at our bakery. A must have for any pizza shop. Thanks!

from Tracy Bakery on

This works great. I am glad I paid a little more to get the longer knife. It cuts the whole pizza in no time. It works great on my homemade pizzas and frozen pizzas too. Just had to plan a place to store it as it is large.


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