Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier, Red Nylon, 23" x 13" x 15"

Item #: 124FCARRRD

Control food temperature during your restaurant's delivery service or transportation to catered events with this Choice red nylon insulated food delivery bag / pan carrier! This carrier's 1/2" thick layer of insulation keeps warmed foods piping hot and cold foods chilled. The zipper top enables easy opening and secure closing. Plus, the container's top load design creates a broad area for quick loading and unloading of containers. Each carrier can hold up to five full-sized 2 1/2" deep food pans, as well as a combination of different fractional-sized take out containers. There's even room for hot or cold packs too!

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Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier, Red Nylon, 23" x 13" x 15"

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bag food bags delivery Great hot easy insulated cold pans
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    Do not purchase. Vertical seams come apart very easily. 1 was busted on delivery. Customer service said there is no warranty on this product. Won't replace bags in the future, won't replace BRAND NEW items.
    We appreciate your review, Brad Topham. We wish this Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier, Red Nylon, 23 inch x 13 inch x 15 inch would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team will remain in contact with you about this.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I had bought a different model of this bag previously and they held up ok (slight tearing of interior lining of most of the 14 bags). Thought I was upgrading spending more for these but that isn't the case. I purchased 12 of these about 3 months ago. They get used lightly 3 days a week. Nothing too heavy duty. Half of them have split up the seam rendering them completely useless and 2 of them have zippers that have broken. Great in theory but not for daily use....
    Thank you for your feedback, Wes! We are sorry these bags did not meet your expectations; a Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Nightmare. This bags were a nightmare for me. These are not for caterers. This is for pizzas and light duty food. They started ripping at the seams after first use. If any thing spills in them there is no recovering for the bag. These have been such a disappointment for me. I get upset thinking about it. I had to throw away 6 out of 8I bought within 2 weeks of purchasing. These are not for caterers. This is for light duty pizza joints or even bakeries. I really rarely leave bad feedback. I believe in mercy but these are a big fail. I cater once a week and lost a lot of money with these. They are the quality of dollar store bags.
    We appreciate your review, Joy! If you are looking for a different recommended item, We suggest trying this ServIt 22" x 13" x 16" Red Soft-Sided Heavy-Duty Nylon Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier instead.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I was so excited when I ordered this item I really needed this for a catering job for 100 people when I got I didn't look at it until the day of, I packed the food in the bag getting ready to load up when my husband notice something was leaking yes it was my bag at this point I couldn't do anything but put some towels under it and keep going once the party was over I tried to clean it but it wasn't a success I had to throw it away. I found it was a hole a size of a half of a dollar it was poor stitching I need another on but I'm afraid to purchase another one from here, now the bag was a nice size. I will need to search some where else for another bag.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry this product arrived with stitching coming apart. A Customer Solutions Specialist will contact you shortly to resolve this.
    We bought a red bag to signify hot items, you of course can choose colors how you like. The bag works wonderfully! Plenty of room for product and keeps the food warm.
    These bags work great and they hold up well! We use them on all sorts of deliveries and the food is always warm when it arrives.
    This is the second carrier bag I've purchased. As my business continues to grow, I needed more carrier bags to keep my food hot up in arrival for set up. The colors helps me differentiate what's inside which bags and allows me to not cross contaminate foods.
    These bags are ok but do not stand up to heavy full aluminum pans. They would be great for light items but will never hold up on heavy items
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    Love these bags. Great price, plenty of space and love all the color choices. You can fit many items in this bag seems to be well insulated light weight sturdy an easy to clean. Will be ordering more of these
    We've had these insulated food bags for a couple years now and have been used for hundreds of deliveries. They are still going string and would highly recommend!
    A decent value for a food delivery bag to be used for small catering events. I am sure they may get little beat up with time, but for the price, not too bad.
    Great product lite and very portable. This product is a caterer's must have for remaining on the go while serving all of their clients needs
    I ordered two of these for my catering. Although I ordered the wrong size I still keep them in my car for deliveries. Lots of space inside
    These bags look very nice. However, I had a spill and it went right through the bag and onto the car seat where I had place it. I recommend that you place something underneath the bag just for such accidents. Other than the spill, the chafer pans fit perfectly. They are also very easy to clean
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I love this bag! I had an opportunity to test out this insulated food delivery bag over the holidays. I loaded the bag with multiple covered bun sheet pans filled with unbaked homemade yeast rolls. I had three covered sheet pans and they easily fit into this bag, making it extremely easy to transport the rolls to their final destination for baking. I later used the delivery bag to transport multiple dishes to a holiday dinner.
    The best way to describe these nylon bags.. perfect! They do exactly what they are supposed to do, keep the food piping hot. Would highly recommend these .
    An excellent insulated food delivery/transport bag, and at a great price!! this transport bag is really well insulated and works very nicely with the reusable foam cold packs (which i also bought here at Webstaurantstore). i will say that the carry handles are long enough that a person of average height might find the insulated bag scraping the ground as it's being carried, but i don't find that a big problem as i don't generally need to carry it very far or for long. a tip would be to buy a bag of a color that will be very easy to spot. i bought a red colored bag, which helps prevent me from leaving it behind.
    Keeps items piping hot! the shop loves this item and will definitely be ordering more in other colors for use in the shop. We love it and what a great price
    We use this bag everyday to transport cool foods from our cafeteria to one of our classrooms. These bag is easy to carry, holds a lot of product, and keeps items at food safe temperatures.
    These bags work great! We use these with simple plastic bagging and styrofoam containers! Food arrives hot and helps keep the orders organized! The bags are easy to wash as well!
    This is a very tough durable bag. It is very convenient to use. It does a good job of keeping food warm for deliveries. My only complaint is it does get stained by sauce.
    Great for keeping foods hot or cold and also a good size to put all your leftovers in! Great size and easy to transport too!
    This delivery bag is nice and durable. Very big an spacious. Works great for keeping your food nice and warm for catering or delivery food.
    Very handy for our delivery service. Keeps food close to temp and is even more spacious than I thought it would be. Zippers and material are well made.
    Great Food Delivery Bag! This bag is a great option for carry out items and is very easy to clean. It keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold.You will not go wrong with this item!
    Catering Food Delivery Services everything came in perfect timing for what we needed for use our customers asked us where we would purchase our products from and we would tell them and stress to them that they need to check out webstaurant if they want the best products without being stuck with set delivery days.
    I really love my bags. They are everything to my catering business. I dont have to worry about any spills, or food being cold these bags are worth every penny spent
    I've been using this bag for food deliveries for almost 4 months and I love it! It's super convenient and holds lots of containers and pans. I just ordered another one today.
    I use this to keep hot foods at the perfect temperature. When I deliver to my customer's I can be confident their food will still be fresh and hot.
    I am so please with my purchase. I purchased this item to help cater for an event and it kept the food warm. Most of all it was very easy to carry the food to the venue with this bag. I will be purchasing again and definitely recommend to friend.
    These bags are great. We ordered 4 and three fit perfectly inside one for convenient storage. Each bag holds 8 half pans. We cut out pieces of cardboard to lay on the bottom for added stability and rigidity for transport.
    I purchased these in both the red and black. I really like the uniformity of the look and I can color code hot and cold items. I plan on purchasing a few more colors in order to carry supplies in them. They're sturdy, very professional looking and they maintain the temperature of the items really well.
    This bag works perfect for our delivery needs. The nylon straps are very durable allowing us to carry heavy orders. A little pocket on the conveniently holds receipts and delivery information.
    A nice economical bag for non pizza deliveries. Can hold about 3 rows of 9 by 9 Styros stacked 3 high. Insulation is good and keeps the deliveries nice and hot as long as you aren't putting just 1 or 2 things in it.
    Best catering purchase made. Holds multiple wire chafing racks, sterno, pans, utensils for serving and eating and the list goes on. It is very durable and well made.
    The addition of a board in the bottom of the bag gives it additional support for heavy food items in a 9x13 glass dish to be easily transported! yay!!!!
    This is a very nice strong Delivery bag. It has a convenient ticket holder on top for your delivery. Also holds five full size pans.
    Great bags! It's been almost a year and unlike others they have lasted greatly! And even keeps the food at the right temperature so it doesn't get cold!
    Excellent choice for delivery bag. Shipping was fast and my drivers love using them. If you are looking for a good delivery bag this is it.
    These are a great choice. I considered these before buying the large Cambro Insulate Boxes, a HUGE price difference, and these most notably hold food temperatures at almost the same rate. Terrific alternative to the boxes. Not to mention these are light-weight, collapsable for easy storage, and sturdy.
    This box is awesome! We use it to transport hot products to festivals and shows for sampling and have never been disappointed. It holds two commercial size baking pans with ease. Even our magic chocolate sauce was perfect for sampling.
    This product is compact and easier to store, keeps the food products at a decent temperature during transport. Make sure you clean the bags immediately after any spillage. The bags can warp if you put in the washer. And the odors will last in the bag if you let soiled bags sit too long.
    These hot bags didn't hold up so well for us. We use them to transport hot dogs, and they ripped very quickly after our first use. We would not buy these again, but I'm sure if you used them for very light use it would be fine.
    Our catering company has been using the insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bags for all of our catering events. Highly recommend! they can hold a lot of weight! they also fit a full size choice chafer which is very convenient when cleaning up jobs! They have very strong handles too! I have not had any tears! They also wash up very well! We have had a lot of spills in the bags and just toss them in the washing machine and they work great!
    This product is wonderful. I was able to fit 4 aluminium food trays in each bag. The food was kept hot for an hour on the ride back from the caterer to my home. With aluminium trays, be sure to support the bag from below.
    For the price, these are great! The material at the end of one zipper came apart, but a few stitches put it back together. Only one out of four, has had this happen. These bags are lightly insulated, intended for short holding times I would assume. Great for the quick deliveries I do.
    I love this delivery bag... I can easily fit four twelve compartment cupcake containers in this bag. I deliver cupcakes using this bag on a regular basis and it holds them secure in place and I don't have to worry about them sliding around the cargo area of my SUV. For added security I have added a piece of heavy cardboard in the bottom just to make sure nothing shifts.
    Nice large insulated food delivery bag. Perfect for my sub shop .Fits all our subs and delivery items. You wont be disappointed with this item.
    This is a nice quality insulated bag at a great price. Our delivery driver uses it to keep orders warm. Probably bigger thank what we need, but it works
    We got these to transport our hot foods for catering events. They worked great and held food hot for hours. Easily holds 4 sheets pans.
    Good carrier. We use these for smaller catered lunch deliveries, carrying full-sized & half-sized disposable aluminum trays. Hint: we put a shallow full-sized SS steam table tray in the bottom to provide support, just the right size. These don't have a rigid bottom. Purchased red for hot food & blue for cold.
    We love these carriers for catering. Easy to add stability to the soft bottom with cardboard box pieces. Good buy at price. We use them all the time
    These bags are great, they are sturdy and light weight. The insulated Nylon helped keep my chocolate cookies, and white chocolate popcorn from melting in the Texas heat. These bags are great for business and residential use. Transporting food for picnics, BBQ's, and vendor days have never been easier
    this is perfect for any pizza shop to have!! it works great for cold or hot food, pop, etc... Helps with large orders as well.
    These bags are fantastic! The zipper can get a little sticky, so that's why I give it four stars instead of five, but overall they are a great value. I can fit three cake boxes (half sheets) in each one which makes transporting them to events very secure and easy.
    Wow- This bag is terrific! Very sturdy and the zipper is very strong too! I have purchased other bags and the zipper kept coming off :( VERY pleased!
    We cannot live without these delivery bags for catering. I only wish they were cheaper so I could buy a bunch more. They actually hold food for a surprising amount of time, several hours if the food is hot when placed in the bag. We line them with heated sheet trays to add additional time and food safety.
    Large and colorful carrier. Will not be mistaken for others. Can use for many different things. Using for my daughters wedding to transport reception food.
    I love LOVE LOVE these bags, they keep food HOT for up to 3 hrs, washing not sure of yet! If you are catering or needing transport food hot or cold this bag is great. I will say, I would order black as any other color gets dirty really easy and I am not sure if they can be put in the w/d yet, but I will continue to buy this product as long as the quality does not change (i.e. using lesser quality fabric, changing the zipper to something cheaper) I am sure this company would not do that! smile!!!...Great product!
    This is awesome to keeping our catering trays warm. They have been kept hot every time & is perfect for delivering our caterings. We highly recommend
    Before purchasing my Choice Insulated delivery bag, we were using 3 different insulated bags, which were taking up so much space. The Choice delivery bag has made our lives so much easier and not to mention that it helps keep our food very hot up to more than 4 hours. I'm able to fit about 28 inch round foil pans. This purchase was a great investment for our company.
    I love this insulated delivery bag, this one I use to pack meat when I go grocery shopping. I insert a few cold packs and it holds the cold. I have the red, green and blue.
    I must say how happy we are about these food bags. The website says that they hold 4 inserts - we actually got 5 inserts in. It also retained the heat very nicely. I might, next time, add a heat pad to help keep the temp even higher (even though the food) kept pretty warm without it. I highly recommend this product.
    I bought this during graduation season when veggie and fruit trays are in demand. It is light weight and kept things nice and cold. I have only used it for cold items.
    These keep my salads cold and my soup hot. I fill them up to the top with food containers. I put a sheet pan in the bottom for extra support. Had a little difficulty with the zipper on the corners, but that's improving with regular use. I really enjoy using these for my food deliveries to my clients.
    This product works great for my catering business, I can transport pans in them when my Cambro is full and it works perfectly well in tight spaces
    These are great bags for catering. Very durable. We have had four for over a year now that have survived rain, snow and getting tossed around and stepped on. would recommend this item to anyone needing a reliable bag for hot or cold food.
    These are well constructed bags with great materials at terrific price point. My only complaint would be the zippers that close the top. Due to the method used to install them, they are often cumbersome to close. It will take two hands to close these bags.
    This has been an excellent purchase. I use this for hot and cold deliveries. It holds a whole catering pan and keeps things hot for quite awhile. As business picks up, I will definitely get more of these.
    Awesome price for this bag. I sent almost three times as much for a very similar bag at a local restaurant supply house. Holds hot and old. Great for transport
    The bag illustrated is not the bags I received. I have several of the "Choice" brand bags and they would be 5 star. The last bags I got were most inferior. The zipper is smaller with less travel, the stitching is poor, there is NO velcro for the thinner carry handle and the menu car holder is smaller requiring different size cards. I did complain through customer solutions and they say they may vary. I will buy Choice bags from another source. They have no way of sending me the bags I thought I was getting. Too bad.
    Thank you for your review! Your account has been credited for the defective bags. As always, please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you are ever unhappy with your purchase.
    I've used it three times since receiving products 2 weeks ago and so far it has done the job. They hold heat well. Top load is very convenient.
    Love Love Love these insulated padded delivery bags. So well made..double stitching, with a non rip cover. I can fit three full size aluminum pans in one bag. The inside is all black and easily wipes clean of any spill. Keeps hot food at holding temp at least two+ hours..I use it mainly for hot items. The only thing I would like to see changed is to create stronger, more rigid bottom. I cut a piece of heavy-duty cardboard and fit it inside the bottom when I carry really heavy food pans and problem solved...otherwise, it's not really a horrible issue. I would definitely buy these again.
    I ordered both the red cooler and insulated bag. They are the same size and color. The big difference is the insulation in this bag, it is thick and keeps food warm for several hours.
    I\\\'m very happy with my purchase. The bag is very easy to carry, holds the heat and cold properly, looks good. The food stays hot and fresh, perfect for picnics and camping!
    Hi, Has anyone used this product for cupcakes or cakes or cold transportation/ storage? I am looking to participate in farmers market with cupcakes with this product and want to know if it can maintain a temperature of 41 and below for about 8 hours with cold packs as needed. Thanks!
    We cannot guarantee that the carrier will keep food below 41 degrees for 8 hours because there are too many unknown variables, like the temperature in the environment. It is designed to keep food cold for extended periods of time as long as enough ice packs are used and the outside temperature is not too hot.
    This thermal bag did not last two many uses before it began to rip. I used regular size food pans and tried to be careful when loading the bag, however it tore and the foam padding began to come out.
    I love the ability to prepare and deliver my products at the required temp..My Customers appreciate not having to reheat their prepared food... Thanks Chef Wilson
    I love these bags!! They fit 4 full size boxes in them and are great fro my Cupcake business. They make it so easy to transport cupcakes
    I purchased 2 of these bags 1 red and 1 blue. I use the red for hot/warm items and the blue for cold items. I can fit 8 half size pans or 4 full size. They do keep everything warm for several hours.
    Purchased this for family reunion and use for church. Great for large pans for church events. Easy storage and carry. Would definitely order another to have on hand.
    Great product to have if your business caters. When we have to transport hot food, this carrier keeps the food very warm because of the insulation being thick.
    The product is great for transporting hot food.The different coloring is great to help you know what items are in the bags. The red is great to use to determine meats.

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