Choice 23" x 13" x 15" Blue Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier

Item #: 124FCARRBL

Control food temperature during your restaurant's delivery service or transportation to catered events with this Choice blue nylon insulated food delivery bag / pan carrier! This carrier's 1/2" thick layer of insulation keeps warmed foods piping hot and cold foods chilled. The zipper top enables easy opening and secure closing. Plus, the container's top load design creates a broad area for quick loading and unloading of containers. Each carrier can hold up to five full-sized 2 1/2" deep food pans, as well as a combination of different fractional-sized take out containers. There's even room for hot or cold packs too!

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Choice 23" x 13" x 15" Blue Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier

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    I absolutely love these bag transport coolers/warmers... They are made of a strong stitching and material and keeps food cold or warm forever...I can transport layers of my pans and lids with also my other b black transporter... every caterer or baker should have these in their kitchen... would recommend to anyone...

    from Chace's Cakes & Catering Posted on

    This bag is awesome. I bought it to carry my cupcake containers in. During the summer the buttercream melts. I used this this weekend with ice packs. Awesome job. Cakes intact at arrival MY only regret was not buying more.

    Posted on

    Great sized cooler bag. Huge and perfectly square so it fits lots of things very neatly. Holds a lot, fabric so it folds up and is durable

    Posted on

    For the price, these are a great deal. I use them for catering with cold blocks in the bottom, for safely transporting cold foods. The best part? They fold up; I can put 6 of them in the space one takes up (I fold 5 and put them into the 6th) and the space-saving aspect is HUGE for those of us who do catering. The cons? They're not as well-insulated as other bags I've owned, and they arrived with a rather peculiar chemical smell, which is gradually wearing off.

    from Burhans Enterprises LLC Posted on

    I use this to deliver cold items to my customers such as salads. They are very durable and keep items cold for at least 1-2hrs depending upon the temperature in your vehicle.

    from Candie's Kitchen & Bakery Posted on

    Looks good and works well. Do not overload to prevent tears. We have layered cardboard in bag to help stabilize if not using full sized pans.

    from Greek Street Cafe Posted on

    Does an excellent job at keeping the food warm as advertised! I wish that there was an outlet to hold cold drinks with the hot foof

    from ptr consulting LLC Posted on

    I bought 2 of these delivery bags when I started selling food, perfect size and they do work, eventually I bought 2 more as I needed to deliver a little more!

    Posted on

    This bag works perfect for our delivery needs. The nylon straps are very durable allowing us to carry heavy orders. The inside is easy to wipe clean. The blue bag seems a bit taller than the red and black ones that we also have.

    Posted on

    This bag is large enough to fit our 9x9 to go boxes with room. We can fit multiple orders in the bag at one time. The bag will not fit a pizza box. We got 3 different colors so that we can keep track of who has what more easily.

    from Neptunes' Brewery Posted on

    I love the quality and of course the price! There is a lot of space and perfect for my catering services. I highly recommended this one for starting up business.

    from Sugary and Savory Posted on

    These are too handy to transport covered dishes to work and church functions to keep the food warm. One bag. Handles for easy of carry. I like to add a lightweight board to the bottom for stability.

    Posted on

    You can use it as a warmer when you deliver pizza or if you need to go out to the supermarket to buy any Frozen stuff for your restaurant you can use as a cooler

    Posted on

    Looks very nice

    Great bags to use! We always buy delivery bags in other store but the ones from webrestaurant store has helped us our so much! They keep our food nice and warn and the bags are strong meaning the holding part hasn't broken off where others have in the past and zippers are working as needed!

    from Rosa's Roast Beef Posted on

    For the price and a busy catering restaurant, this item can't be beat. I've had it for over a year and have used it numerous times(100's). Whether cold items, or Hot items it's done the job! The only complaint would be the Velcro that holds the carry straps together, the stitching came loose after about 8 months. It's not a major defect and doesn't affect how it is used in the least. I still give 5 stars.

    from KFC Posted on

    This product performs as expected keeping contents cool for our delivery needs. The stitching sometimes need some reinforcement which is a minor inconvenience but may bother some.

    from Brooklyn Biscuit Tortoni Co. Posted on

    We purchased these to use as part of our catering supplies. They are so sturdy and keep the temperature of food items. Fast, excellent delivery.

    from The J Spot Catering Posted on

    We use these bags for recovering unused food from our college's dining center and delivering clamshells with repurposed meals to the needy in our community. These bags are perfect for recovering hotel pans, although a little off in size for clamshells. They maintain the temperature of our foods perfectly, keeping food well within a safe temperature zone for even up to an hour of delivery time!

    from Lindsey Wilson College Posted on

    Love this Bag! I am a caterer and these bags are terrific. The Nylon is very durable and it holds temperature for at least 2 hours. I have used other bags-only to have the zipper break-These are very well made-zipper very durable

    Posted on

    These bags work extremely well and keep items at temp for many hours (I'm not sure of the actual time, as we have not had to hot hold anything for longer than 4-5 hours). They are great quality as well. We cut some thin boards to fit in the bags for easy stacking of hotel pans. Straps are strong and the bags hold up well. We ordered our first bags a couple years ago, and use them weekly. We haven't had any of them fall apart or anything.

    from GBF Catering Posted on

    Oh my goodness, this bag is the I appreciate this bag so much. I have a meal delivery service and this bag really keeps the food hot for a long time. I have catered up to 400 wings and have delivered them in this bag and when the lids were taken off of the containers, steam rolled out. My customer was very satisfied. I will be getting many more and in different sizes.

    from Just Wingin' It, LLC Posted on

    I give them a -10 review poor quality all six of my back stitching came loose on the part where zip up the handles the sides I suggested not buy these bags

    from Martha's Cuisine INC Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We are truly sorry that these bags did not work out for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    A well built bag to keep foods hot or colds food cold. I've used it for both and works great in both settings. Handles are sturdy and well stitched.

    from A & J Catering, LLC Posted on

    Our catering company has been using the insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bags for all of our catering events. They have been great! we got several different colors and they have been helpful in separate hot/cold foods. We also use the different colors to determine which events the different food items belong to. Highly recommend! they can hold a lot of weight! they also fit a full size choice chafer which is very convenient when cleaning up jobs!

    from Cleveland Park Catering Company Posted on

    Nice choice insulated delivery carry bag . Large enough to fit our take out containers and keep food hot during city delivers. Appears to be holding up nicely

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    We absolutely love these bags. We packed them with 6 2.5 full hotel pans with chicken for an event to transport from one building to another to stay warm. After waiting on the speech from the host of the party the chicken was still blazing hot. These bags hold the heat as they should can hold a lot of weight. High recommend these bags.

    from Tasty Creations Catering Posted on

    This is a great bag for taking food to our marching band events. We can pack sandwiches and cold condiments in it and they keep very cold for several hours. It's very well made, well insulated and stands up to heavy loads.

    Posted on

    Good insulation, but build quality was not the best. I had too much in it and some of the seams started to split. Ok for light use, but would suggest a stronger one for heavy use.

    Posted on

    I am extremely unhappy with the quality of these bag. The odd thing is I have ordered at least a dozen of them in other colors and had little issues. For some reason the blue version (of which I ordered 4) all fell apart nearly immediately, bursting at the seams and the zippers all broke off. It's very frustrating. We use these bag for deliveries and I have red & black ones that I ordered several years ago that are in great condition still. I think they lowered the quality of the product.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Leah. We're sorry these delivery bags have been breaking for you! A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    i cant always take a hotbox everywhere i go so i thought I would give this bag a try. The food stayed hot and it was so easy to use. Easily wipes down and folds for storage.

    Posted on

    Was very disappointed. This was a replacement for bags I used for over a year and only replaced because they had become soiled. I ordered three of these bags and in one months time the zippers were broken on all three. The sewing on the zipper stops is very weak. Hope to find the old bags to order from somewhere.

    from julianos restaurant Posted on

    Thanks for the review, Jerome. We're very sorry that these zippers broke so soon. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you to address this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Good carrier. We use these for smaller catered lunch deliveries, carrying full-sized & half-sized disposable aluminum trays. Hint: we put a shallow full-sized SS steam table tray in the bottom to provide support, just the right size. These don't have a rigid bottom. Purchased red for hot food & blue for cold.

    from Sweet Caroline's BBQ Posted on

    Exactly what we needed! My daughter is having a dinner sale and needed an insulated delivery bag to keep her dinners warm. I suggested ordering from the webstaurant store because of the phenomenal products I've ordered in the past. When her bag arrived, it was exactly what she were looking for. The size and quality - perfect! Plus, the price ( in our opinion) was reasonable. I've yet to order from webstaurant and receive sub-par products. Your products, as always, exceed my expectations! You have a customer for life!

    Posted on

    These are excellent bags. We use them to transport goods between our stores. They hold up to our standards and fold down flat when not in use. I would highly recommend.

    from Trexcon Inc Posted on

    At first instance I was a little concern about the quality and size of this Food bag, once I received I got impressed. Excellent quality , the color is very bright and the size surprised me. I can fit two full size food pan 4"deep perfect . Is very confortable to transport and has a little sign at top that allow me to know exactly what it's inside. I ordered a total of eight units and I saved a lot of money. I used then all for transport, meat, vegetables and prepared dishes. The delivery were super fast and well packaged. Also I bought them on special price then I got an excellent deal. probably I will order more. Perfect for caterers, events, picnics, etc.

    from Martin & Sons Enterprise, LLC Posted on

    This is a huge bag and we love it! We shop at Costco every week and don't need to worry about buying refrigerated or frozwn foods since we have this wonderful bag to store it in. Great purchase!

    Posted on

    Blue Bag - Make sure to line the bag. Ham juice wasted and it wiped up just fine, with soap and water. Let air dry.

    from Dee's Food & Snack Shack, llc Posted on

    The size of this nylon food delivery bag is perfect. I am a personal chef and I use the blue to carry seafood. It is well made, bright blue color and has an area to insert a memo or contents.

    from Epicurean Element, LLC Posted on

    These bags are great! I was able to fill the bag with my half-size steam table pans and my food was still warm when I took it out several hours later. I will be ordering several more of these in the future.

    from Luv in the Oven Posted on

    This delivery bag is just what we were looking for. It is sturdy and can hold several half or full pans. It keeps the food hot or cold during transport and keeps things from spilling over. It also hold easy for storing. I recommend.

    from Flying Pig Cafe Posted on

    Totally love this bag! I love it so much I bought two more! It keeps food warm for hours and having the pans in an enclosed bag make it easier to transport to the event and looks very professional and neat.

    Posted on

    THESE BAGS are quit nice and handy to have when your delivering something hot it will keep things hot for about 30 minuts. these are gray bags.

    from catapilers to butterflys Posted on

    My lunch catering business has recently taken off and this allows us to transport our product to clients and keep the product within safe temps. It works great, highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Purchased three of these but ended up using them in house a as a holding place for delivery food waiting to be delivered. It's a bit large to carry comfortably but it works well in keeping hot food hot.

    from Brooklyn Seoul Posted on

    Sadly we have to drive 100 miles to the store. The Choice insulated bags are great for shopping and carrying all items I get. From cold to hot or just plain goods. these bags are made super strong and can handle anything I have used them for.

    Posted on

    Choice Blue Insulated Food Delivery Bag. I keep one in the trunk for warehouse grocery purchases. It folds up nice, and insulates my cold foods to keep them cold until I get home. Cleanup is a breeze if anything leaks.

    Posted on

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    Posted on

    These worked really well for a dinner I catered. Works with my budget and professional looking. they kept my items warm for delivery. I recommend them

    Posted on

    This insulated carrier performs exactly as described. As shown in the video, I added the Cold Paks on top of my boxes. For this particular trip, I knew I would be out in 80+ degree weather for several hours. Three hours later, the contents were still cold. The insulated carrier performed so well, the Cold Paks were still frozen solid! Truly an excellent product!

    Posted on

    These insulated bags saved the day! I heated everything at home then took to the event, I took them out 2 hours later & they were still warm. I'm sure they can stay warm longer. I was able to fit 4 full size pans & 8 half size pans without it getting too heavy. I bought 2

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Do you want to do delivery? Do you want to do Catering? This bag is a good start. For the price the quality is good and will meet the needs of light or occasional useage.

    from Aston Gardens Posted on

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