Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier, Black Nylon, 23" x 13" x 15"

Item #: 124FCARRBK

Control food temperature during your restaurant's delivery service or transportation to catered events with this Choice black nylon insulated food delivery bag / pan carrier! This carrier's 1/2" thick layer of insulation keeps warmed foods piping hot and cold foods chilled. The zipper top enables easy opening and secure closing. Plus, the container's top load design creates a broad area for quick loading and unloading of containers. Each carrier can hold up to five full-sized 2 1/2" deep food pans, as well as a combination of different fractional-sized take out containers. There's even room for hot or cold packs too!

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Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier, Black Nylon, 23" x 13" x 15"

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    This carrier is great for keeping our meals hot/cold. But there is one major downfall. We have only used these carriers for packing our holiday meals, which breaks down to approximately 6 times. Out of the 20 that I ordered 6 zippers have failed, which makes the bag unusable. And we have at least 6 more zippers ready to fail also. We did receive one that had a different zipper that seems to be sturdier. I emailed customer service and was told that they have no warranty. So I guess this non-profit is out of luck.

    from Estuary Council of Seniors Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Carol! A Customer Solutions Representative is assisting you in getting a credit for the defective bags.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These bags have been excellent for us! They keep products hot / cold for transport. High quality construction on ours, good sturdy zipper, no problem with ripping or anything. Easy to clean, just wipe / rinse as needed. Love these bags and will purchase them again as we continue to grow.

    from Pearl's Kitchen Posted on

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    These bags are absolutely awesome. I do food deliveries and they are ideal for keeping my meals warm during transport. The quality is good for the price

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    These bags worked well for about the first coupe deliveries. Both bags zippers broke at the stopping point in the same location. Very disappointing because the bags are a good size and theoretically durable for food transportation.

    from The Golden Roast Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Don. We wish these would have worked out for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This is the second bag we purchased, the build quality is very cheap. first bag came apart at the seams and shows a 1/4 in foam. The most recent bag, the zipper broke off the track on 3rd use. Not happy with these at all.

    from Doc's Smokehouse Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Howard. We sorry to hear that the zippers on your carrier broke so quickly. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These bags aren't constructed well. They are made with a thin foam liner and don't do a great job keeping food warm. The inner liner is not durable and easily tears when putting in aluminum full trays in them. I wish webstaurant offered a higher quality bag that can easily cleaned in and out for a higher price.

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    Thank you for your review, Domenico! We are sorry you are not fully satisfied with this cooler bag. For a more water resistant option, we recommend trying these San Jamar FC2212-RD 22" x 12" x 12" Red Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bags instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Amazing lightweight product! Keeps our food at the correct temperature for 30 minute drives to deliver and they are easy to carry. Fit our steam table pans perfectly.

    from Limitless Events and Catering Posted on

    These bags work wonders for cold and hot items. Beyond my expectations. I would recommend this items. I actually need to purchase a few more.

    from DJAISCATERING Posted on

    These bags are super for hot or cold transport of foods. Very roomy and definitely can withstand a lot of use. Love them and will order more!

    from Seasoned with love by Nicole Posted on

    I use this bag for my delivers and must I say it is GREATTT!!!!!! The quality , the price, and the size. It really holds in the heat

    from Tasty T's Posted on

    The insulated food delivery bag is made of really good quality, it keeps our food warm for a decent amount of time. Its very easy to put away and store when not being used.

    from Alpaca Posted on

    We love this product, and you won't can't find a better price anywhere. We use this all the time! They will fall apart after some time, and we do put a lot of abuse on our catering equipment.

    from FTS Posted on

    The insulated food delivery bag is perfect for our delivery service. Our company often does pop-up shops and this bag is perfect choice to keep our food warm for hours.

    from Phresh Gourmet Posted on

    perfect for my birthday party away from home! i had no access to a kitchen and i has to supply food the was still hot. i will definitely recommend them!

    Posted on

    So far the zipper has held up well. Bag is good otherwise, does a wonderful job. Not noticed any wear and tear, unlike the blue and brown ones.

    from Daily Bowl Posted on

    This delivery bag is absolutely the best quality for this price, keep the food hot, is pretty big size but easy to carry with the bike

    from Ryan's BBQ Posted on

    I love these! This is the second one I've ordered from Webstaurant. They keep hot food hot and cold dishes cold. Great for transporting! Sturdy but lightweight.

    from Chef Dany Foster Posted on

    Well these bags do a great job for what they are designed for, when I bought these 2 months ago, I hardly thought I would be needing to replace 3 bags in this short amount of time. Very upset for this amount of money they ruin this quickly. I have a bag I paid more for and bought a month earlier, that shows no signs of use, while these bags are ready to go out. I am very disappointed and probably will be using a different source for my delivery bag needs.

    from Food of Your Mood LLC. Posted on

    We are sorry these delivery bags did not meet your expectations, a Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I am very pleased with this bag. I can now make deliveries to local business during lunch hours and use this for my cater company. It is large enough for aluminum pan to fit inside.

    from Ineffable Catering (Happiness In Every Bite) Posted on

    This is a great insulated bag. It keeps hot food hot and cold foods cold! I use it for shopping for cold goods and also hot food.

    from Camp McCumber Posted on

    I love this bag the only thing that would make it better is something to support the base of the bag. It makes all my catering jobs easier.

    from Arion's catering Posted on

    This Insulated food delivery bag is what we ordered, it keeps every thing we need to transport from one location to another location, big for plenty of food items

    from CLADDAGH RESTAURANT & PUB Posted on

    Great price. Received this order today and I love the black colour. Watch my video where I also measure the true dimensions on the bag as well as the detailed thickness of the insulation. The Choice Insulated bag looks like the picture. True rectangular shape also means its easy to lift food pans/inserts in and out.

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    Choice 23" x 13" x 15" Black Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag / Pan Carrier is by far the best bargain and has turned out to be a phenomenal option in the catering world. Easy to transport and keeps the Hot Food hot and cold food cold. I am retiring my coolers for good!!

    from Rule the Roost, LLC Posted on

    The Bag in Action. Prepared individual meals for Children at a local school and these bags are light and easy to load and better yet when its time to unload every thing is still hot!!

    Perfect size to pack several foods and helps to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. I typically place a piece of cardboard at the bottom for extra sturdiness.

    from Candie's Kitchen & Bakery Posted on

    I love these bags for keeping food hot and cold during transport. They are perfect for personal chef and for personal use, especially during the holidays and for potlucks. I was looking for something durable, and inexpensive, found it!

    Posted on

    Great product. Does exactly what it is designed to do. Holds product hot and in tact. Looks very professional. Would recommend. We will buy more.

    from The Draft Posted on

    This bag was great! It not only satisfied our needs, it exceeded them. We were able to carry our products perfectly. Everything fit nice and snug while keeping everything nice and hot. We will be buying more.

    from New England Seafood Company Fish Market Posted on

    These bags are absolutely wonderful for transporting food. I love the simple look of these bags. The price is great, so it's easy to purchase multiples. I am a mobile caterer and these bags have saved me. They hold full sized steam pans easily and they maintain the temperature of the food easily.

    from Food For Thought Posted on

    Works phenomenally, never had any issues with food not being hot when it was sent out for delivery using this bag. I do wish the pocket on the top was big enough to hold a check presenter though.

    from BBB Posted on

    Love these guys. They keep the food warm for hours and collapse to not take up much space. I have about 7 of these and only 1 has lost a zipper due to intense usage. Others are still going strong. Handles are the right thickness to not hurt your hands when carrying. You can fit 4-5 full size deep aluminum trays depending on how full they are.

    Posted on

    Good bag, we use it for our deliveries of cakes and tarts. Seems to keep everything well insulated and doesn't move around which is good. Nice size, I can fit about 6 cakes boxes inside.

    from the maven baker Posted on

    This is one of the best things I have bought from WebStaurantStore. I carry all my trays of warm food for deliveries in this bags. They are at a great price too. I will definitely be ordering more.

    from Vegana Casera Posted on

    This black bag is amazing! I leave it in the trunk of my car and use it to carry my groceries inside! It is perfect!

    Posted on

    I use these to storage pizza boxes for different church events to keep the pizza warm in transport for Vacation Bible School or fruit basket deliveries.

    Posted on

    This is the third time I have ordered this insulated Nylon food delivery bag. It is so convenient for small caterings where you don't want to use a cambro. It hold up well too. I have 4 now. Love it.

    Posted on

    I love love love these insulated bags. Less expensive than the cambros, but totally portable and handy! I can have 4 full hotels, or a combo of half pans. Just use a board in between! Ordering another today!

    from Debbie Matthews Posted on

    This food bag carrier holds five 2 1/2" deep pans at steady hot or cold temperatures. I recommend this to all caterers in the food industry.

    Posted on

    Love this bag! Have used it daily for catering and has held up really good! Just ordered 2 more! Food remains hot for hours! Wipes easy also.

    from NE Food Services Posted on

    Great product! Fits all of my catering needs to run my business. Can easily fit a hotel pan. Keeps food warm and secure when transporting. Highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Foldable, stackable and lightweight. holds a large amount of product, We use ours to deliver grocery bags full of prepared foods and will be ordering a few more of these when business grows,

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    We use these to deliver hot catering from our sandwich shop. They don't last forever (if they last a year I'm pleased), but they serve their purpose. I have purchased more expensive delivery bags before, but then when an employee "loses" one it is much more frustrating.

    from Lennys Subs Posted on

    Very large bag that is great for large orders or catering orders. This is a must for all businesses that deliver or delivery service businesses in general.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Great catering bag. We use this bag to deliver food to clients. Full size food pans fit with no problem. Zippers seem to be high quality and hold up nice to heavy loads.

    from Sharon Weems Posted on

    The bottom of the bag came damaged--there was a slit right down the middle of the fabric like it had been slashed with a box cutter. For the record, I did not use any cutting tools to open the box, so the damage was not caused by the process of opening the box it came in. But otherwise, the bag is a wonderful replacement for the bulky cooler I had in my car and I love that it is insulated. The price is very reasonable.

    Posted on

    I like these bags a lot but I like the vinyl ones best. They both hold temperature great but the vinyl ones wipe down better.

    from FAMILY CATERING Posted on

    This is a good quality thermal bag. It is perfect for transporting my long chafing dish pans to event sites! It will hold 3 long pans wrapped in a towel.

    from Gourmet Creations by Pam Posted on

    This really kept the food warm, and it was very easy to carry. I also like the color, very professional. It is also very big.

    Posted on

    Nice bag, thick enough to keep heat if it is full, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, so it holds a lot of stuff.

    Posted on

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This product works great! We use it to transport samples to demos and expos. It keeps food very cold throughout the entire day. Highly recommend.

    from Gluten-Free Heaven Posted on

    I recently ordered my warming bag. I absolutely love it while delivering my orders for food delivery. This bag has come in handy very sturdy. I'll soon be ordering 2 more. This warming bag gets a 5 star rating if your planning on ordering them in the future.

    from Coretta Catering Services Posted on

    We use this bag to transport hot sandwiches from the smokehouse to the coffee shop! It is roomy enough so that the sandwiches are not smashed together and keeps everything nice and hot!

    from 3 Bean Coffee Company Posted on

    These bags work extremely well and keep items at temp for many hours (I'm not sure of the actual time, as we have not had to hot hold anything for longer than 4-5 hours). They are great quality as well. We cut some thin boards to fit in the bags for easy stacking of hotel pans. Straps are strong and the bags hold up well. We ordered our first bags a couple years ago, and use them weekly. We haven't had any of them fall apart or anything.

    from GBF Catering Posted on

    The bag seems to be of good quality, however the Zipper broke on it after only a week's use, which made it less than useful to me.

    from Astoria Craft Posted on

    We ordered 12 of these 2 months ago with expedited shipping... I beside myself I payed a good amount of money for these bags. Out of the 12 we ordered we only have 4 functioning ones, one already came without the zipper, they are very very poor constructed. I'm afraid to order from webstaurant store again, a product so poor in quality like this should not be sold.

    from Events by BH Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Savio! We're sorry for the inconvenience. We really do wish these bags would have worked for you! A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you directly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This batch of 12 bags-NO GOOD. The zipper construction was bad at the end. Out of the 12: 8 bad zippers, 2 not good. 2 good. I guess a 50% credit is better than no no credit? Representative told me to order one of their better quality bags next time. Ive been using the bags for a number of years and never had a zipper problem like this.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Traci! If you need anymore help with these delivery bags, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Epic fail by Choice if I had a choice I would burn these bags... The worst by my company has made I wish I could give a -10 Star

    from Martha's Cuisine INC Posted on

    Thank you for the review! We really wish these would have worked out for you. Our Customer Solutions team was happy to credit you for the faulty bags.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Love how large this is and that it folds once we are done using it. It's thick and fits our large foil pans and large full pan Cambro clear pans.

    Posted on

    Product was sturdy, and could carry a great deal of plastic take out containers. A flat hard bottom would help, but overall a good buy. Would buy again.

    Posted on

    These have been a life saver for deliveries. Our second one, and we would happily get another! The handles are sturdy and it takes up to four full pans or 8 halves comfortably, although with heavier items like curries and casseroles, we only go for 2-3 pans.

    from Spice Ladle Posted on

    With my company, we need to transfer hot melted chocolate and sometimes need to keep it warm for a few hours. The choice 23" bag does the trick. I'm able to fit 2 containers in it. Best insulated bag I've ever bought.

    from Innovative Event Rentals Posted on

    The cooler itself is large and roomy. The material is easy to wipe down to keep it clean. The zipper seems cheap and has not held up well.

    from K&M Posted on

    Thanks for the review, Kelly! We do wish these would have worked out for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you concerning this issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The products from webstaurant are the best and prices are very reasonable. This product keep your food warm for long time. Very easy to clean.

    from Zizheng Lou Posted on

    This is a great bag to keep your food warm.I like the size of the bag.I think it should had a harder surface inside the bottom so things can set better but besides that it's a great product.

    from Extreme Appetite,LLC Posted on

    This is a perfect size bag for large food pans. As a catering company we can fit up to 4 pans (it depends on food weight), but I would recommend max 3 pans, it's easier to carry. The zipper is not well constructed. Overall, good product

    Posted on

    The insulated food delivery bag is everything that webstaurant said it would be... It kept my food warm, I could even feel the heat. I recommend this product to everyone!

    Posted on

    It's really good, easy to handle and keeps food warm plus has a beautiful design and plenty of space to carry multiple containers I will probably buy more

    from Delicious delights Posted on

    Great item. Lightweight and easily transport two full size steam pans. Found similar bags for double the price. Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommend product.

    Posted on

    Keep it hot. Keep it cold. Great insulated nylon bag. It fits our foam order trays nicely and is at an affordable price. nicely made.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    These delivery bags are great for delivery personnel who has smaller vehicles. My driver love the convenience and I love how you can put up to 4 full pans into the bag.

    from Catering Hub Posted on

    A secure a professional way to deliver our products to clients. Under unusual circumstances, we were unable to setup for the client. We left the bag and were grateful to have something that looked so clean and professional. This is a great bag - better for lighter loads.

    from Aromas Boutique Bakery Posted on

    We have ordered several of these larger coolers and all of the zippers have fallen off. They are great if you just need them to tote things around. Good luck trying to keep things cold.

    from Eat Sprout Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Emily. We really are sorry that the zippers on on these have broken so quickly for you! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you to make sure you receive credit.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    these bags are made of poor quality material, I purchase one of these bags less then 2 weeks ago and the inside of the zipper is already coming apart with a big teared. The few times that I have used them, the food was kept warm, however, the build quality makes it a 1 start item.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Luis. We're sorry these bags have ripped for you! A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to make sure you receive a replacement.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    A really good price but the quality could be a little better as the zip broke after two months . If hey improve the zipper would be really good

    from Gyro king Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Anura! We do apologize for the inconvenience that the zippers on this bag have caused you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you about this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Steady and lite weight. Fits large catering trays easily. Having a name card place holder makes for easy organization and efficacy. Great product to add to your catering business.

    from Gianna Akiko & Co Posted on

    Simply Amazing we will be ordering more of these. Sturday and well built, the price is great as well. We definitely needed to order these for our business and we are glad that we did. This came in right on time and the delivery was fast and with out any issues what so ever. We will be ordring more.

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    This insulated Food Delivery Bag is pretty nice and I purchased two. It kept the food relatively warm and the container was large enough to hold two large chafing pans (w/o lids) or at least four smaller ones. The first time that I attempted to transport, I must confess that there was sauce in the bottom of the bag although the aluminum pan container had a lid. This was a little messy to clean up and thankfully no sauce leaked through the bag. On one of the bags, the zipper was a little stuck and gets stuck from time to time but I wasn't able to send it back when I first purchased it because I really needed to use it right away. I have used these bags to transport non food items as well because they are sturdy enough, large enough and stack nicely on top or beside each other during transport. I am only giving it 3 stars because of the stuck zipper and the sauce issue previously described.

    from Jes Catering Posted on

    I am amazed! Plenty of room to accommodate my 10lb. food trays hot or cold and it easy to carry. Thank you for being there, WebstaurantStore!

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    My delivery guys love these bags. They can put multiple orders inside, when applicable and the bags are easy on the hand while carrying delivery orders.

    My first time buying a delivery bag and I'm happy with my choice! These bags are sturdy. They even hold full size pans and have space on the sides to insert freezer packs. It holds the temperature for a very long time. I'll be buying more!

    from Moldova Restaurant Posted on

    Purchased over 1 year ago to transport daily delivery orders. Bags are used every day of the week and have been great. We have used to carry both hot and cold items. GREAT PRODUCT

    from Home Plate Grill Posted on

    One of the best purchases I have ever made! These bags are sturdy. The hold full size pans and have space on the sides to insert freezer packs. I have used them to transport both cold and warm food and I have noticed that they kept the temperature for many hours, even after being opened and closed several times. I forgot to purchase warm packs, so I put the hot food immediately in the bags and food stayed at a safe temperature even after more than 2 hours. I'll be buying more!

    from Rossana Cacal - Bread & Sweets Posted on

    I love the bags that I brought for my Catering Business they keeps the food hot and the bags hold four fill size pans like they said the only problem I had was that one of the bags leak so bad I call customer service and they sent me a new one thanks Webstaurantstore.

    from hope youll love it catering service Posted on

    Awsome product anything that you put in this bag wether it is a cold product or hot this bag will help it keep its temp for a good amount of time..

    Posted on

    We love these bags to transport full size pans of hot food to our catering clients. It even keeps the food warm till they need a new pan of food so its great for events that don't have kitchens on site.

    from Monterrey Mexican Bar & Grill Posted on

    These makes carrying hot foods very easy. We use largte hard carriers for large orders but for quick drop offs this comes in very handy and reduces labor.

    from Q Barbeque Posted on

    Fantastic bag for delivering food for catering. Much simpler than carrying individual trays and they hold food for quite a while, usually a couple of hours. I like that they come in different colors so we can differentiate multiple deliveries.

    Posted on

    OMG! I am amazed with the Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag/Pan Carrier. It is exactly how it's described online. I am especially happy on how quickly I received my purchase.

    Posted on

    Really good purchase for the price. You can spend more money on slightly more durable bags if you would like, but those bags will also wear down and the zippers will break down with use. All in all this a good product, we bought three of these bags so far.

    Posted on

    This is a great bag if you are on a tight budget and need something to help carry larger orders while still keeping the food warm. I wish the bottom had a thicker and firmer support, but the bag definitely serves its purpose.

    from Melon Seed Deli & Frozen Yogurt Posted on

    I have a catering business in my home I purchased this bag to transport my food and I LOVE IT! The food is kept piping hot.

    from Wes & Nita Posted on

    Lets the hot stay hot and the cool stay cool! Easy to wipe down for occasional spills. I use it with chafing dishes, plastic chafing style dishes with lids, or just a bunch of to-go boxes with food inside. My bags are almost 3 years old and doing fine!

    from Valley Fellowship Church Posted on

    This bag is a joy to have! It is well insulated and easy to wash and clean. This bag is very durable and I feel confident about transporting hot food and it remaining very hot! I have ordered this bag previously and lasted over 6 months with very heavy wear and tear. The bag can still go another 6 months but I like to replace them around that time period. Excellent quality, easy to use zippers, durable handle and a great price point is why I would highly recommend this bag to someone!

    from Limon Rotisserie Posted on

    The zipper on this bag was poorly designed. It is too thin and it sticks every time. The corners are even more difficult to open and close than the straight part. You have to hold the fabric with one hand and struggle to keep the fabric straight while you are trying to unzip with the other hand. The tab on this zipper is so small that you have to pry it away from the fabric and it is a struggle to hold on to. I have a lunch delivery service and efficiency is everything. I spent more time trying to get in the bag than to distribute my lunches. Don't waste your money on this one. The size is much taller than model number 124COLL,however the zipper on that model (124COLL) is amazing. It is really wide and opens and closes with one hand. The teeth on the zipper are wider and open and close very easily. I am not sure if these two bags are manufactured by the same company or not but if they are I can not imagine why they would have compromised such an important feature as the quality of the zipper.

    from Business use Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Kim. We are very sorry to hear that these bags have not suited you. We are working so that all of these bags will have the same durable, larger zipper you liked from the other carrier you purchased. Until then, try this San Jamar FC2212-RD 22" x 12" x 12" Red Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag for a more durable delivery option.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    great light weight option for catering. we use them for parties of 10-15 people, they keep food hot long enough for deliveries. thank you, webstraunt

    from Gance's Complete Catering Posted on

    I have a catering business in my home I purchased this bag to transport my food and I LOVE IT! The food is kept piping hot.

    from Ebonee's Catering Posted on

    Fantastic insulated bag. Very large inside. Can accommodate 3 sheet pans and more. I use these daily for our catering deliveries. Food stays hot or cold for hours. Additionally, cleaning them is very easy, just wipe down and they are like new.

    from PEACOCKS PANTRY, LLC Posted on

    This food insulation bag has tons of space for me to load up with my food. It can also fold up to fit storage space. It's overall, a great product for a great price.

    from Bevan's Convenient Catering Posted on

    great food carrier for a great cost! keeps food hot for a few hours. perfect for catering and food delivery. would recommend to anyone !

    from major events Posted on

    Great for catering, We have a few of these bags and they seem to work well and look professional in appearance. Come in asserted colors.

    from blackberry river baking co Posted on

    Excellent quality! This bag stores easily and holds hot and cold foods well. I use this bag often. I have 2 of them and will be buying more. You will love this product!

    Posted on

    This is the perfect delivery bag when we have to make a delivery. The food stays warm in the bag and the insulation makes the plastic bag we put our food in sweats from the heat. Overall a very good bag.

    Posted on

    I purchased both the vinyl and nylon bags. I love the nylon bags they are sturdy and a little difficult to clean when liquids spill. I had the misfortune to learn that when I attempted to place a bag I previously ordered in the laundry machine. But this bag is sturdy and keeps foods hot for at least 2 hours. That is the longest amount of time I kept food in the carriers for a catering gig.

    from purple diamond catering Posted on

    We love the lightweight Black Insulated Nylon Food Delivery Bag. We use the bags to carry our food pans to job sites. They keep cold food cold and hot foods hot. I have also found that warming the pans before packing them adds to the length of time they retain the heat.

    from 1st Course Catering Co. Posted on

    This delivery bag is well made with strong straps/handles. I wish "wanted" to stand up on it's own a little more, ie. stronger sides. After the food is in it, it tries to collapse just slightly.

    from Jeni Betts Posted on

    I purchased this originally to use for catering my own wedding. We had to heat the food at a separate location and then transfer it to the chafing dishes at our nearby reception location. It transported heated chafing dishes easily with use of the thermal hot/cold packs. Since then I have used this at holidays for cold food storage, with cold packs.

    Posted on

    This bag is great, it is the perfect size for transporting both hot and cold foods. I was able to carry two racks of ribs, sauce, 6 lbs of chicken, 10lbs of steak, a half sheet pan, a cooling rack, and a small cake and still had room for more stuff before I closed the bag.

    Posted on

    This carrier works great. We deliver box lunches and It allows us to deliver about 10 boxes per bag. Much easier than using big boxes or disposable bags.

    Posted on

    Awesome bag, perfect size to carry 3 large aluminum bags and keeps the food warm while dropping off to several stops. Love these bags, great quality and good price, definitely ordering another one today as business is picking up.

    from Some Good Food Posted on

    I ordered three of these delivery bags. We love them, they keep our food warm for quite some time. They also wash up real nice. The only thing I was disappointed in was one of them had a cut in the material when it was shipped. I recommend for use in a small catering business. sure made things easier for us.

    from Billy Bob's BBQ Posted on

    Thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that you liked the delivery bags! We would like to credit you for the damages on the bags. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve this.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Have been using 4 of these for over 6 months, expected to have handles give out under weight and zipper issues with at least one but they have all held up under heavy use. Very pleased

    from J.Gumbo's Posted on

    I bought three of these insulated carriers for our catering business. It was my first time purchasing from this website, In fact I had just happen upon the website. I placed my order Sunday evening, the entire shipment arrived Wednesday mid-day. I was super impressed. And I'm also shopping today for a big party we are doing in a couple of months. I purchased the color black; it is exactly as described. HUGE!! SECURE!! & PROFESSIONAL!! Also love the clear pocket for easy labeling.

    Posted on

    Not sure if I should give it one star or not since it did keep the food warm for the most part. But only after 2 months of owning the bag has it already has hole in the nylon a many spots have worn out and both zipper have broken off the track. First zipper slider broke not even within 30 days of owning it. The zipper track itself has always been an issue. Not sure how so many people have positive experiences and I don't but I'd advise against anyone getting this bag if I was asked.

    from Postmates Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry the delivery bag you purchased did not work out. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly to resolve the issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I LOVE this insulated bag. Just ordered one and I'm about to order another. Very durable and thick insulated walls. Great size, it is not too big. Definitely would reccomend.

    from pure catering Posted on

    The shipping was sooner than expected. We love the product it keeps the foods at proper temps. This is a great items. Wonderful product. Great!

    from Mr.Roland's Catering, LLC Posted on

    We purchased two bags to start and were amazed at the quality for the price. It is amazing how many different items the bags will hold when shopping for an event. We recently purchased two more bags and used them to store cold items for an outdoor wedding. They worked GREAT and the food stayed cold for approximately 3-4 hours. We will be purchasing more bags as we need them. Also, several of our non-catering friends have been interested in getting the bags for their personal use.

    from Southern Charm Catering Posted on

    Sturdy, light, and the large label window on the top is very helpful. Holds eight 10"x10"x2.5" bakery boxes with extra room for frozen gel packs.

    Posted on

    Best purchase for catering business, keeps things super hot or with cold packs super cold for long periods of time. This is a must buy!

    from Ms. SweeTea's Posted on

    When food is stored with either a hot pack or cold pack, these bags keep the correct temperature for several hours. My only wish is that the bottom of the bag was a little more sturdy so that the food packed in wouldn't sink to the middle. Otherwise, a great bag for a good price!

    from Chef Stephanie Posted on

    This insulated carrier bag was everything it described it to be. It served it purpose for the event we used them for and kept all our food cold. Great purchase well worth the money!

    Posted on

    This cooler bag is great! I do catering and wholesale food deliveries to coffee carts and hospital pharmacies. It keeps products cool for hours and is very sturdy. I love that it has a pocket on top for my invoices also! All around a great bag! I'd like to purchase in a variety of sizes should they become available!

    Posted on

    Over the past five years we have tried many suppliers of bags our drivers use to transport food. Although these bags are not the greatest quality, they truly are when you compare them price wise with others. We\'ve had a few with broken zippers, or tears in the fabric, but at this price point they are truly hard to pass up! The price, along with the ease of ordering through westaurantstore makes these our go to bags for our company!

    from FOODNOW LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review! Please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative if you are ever concerned about a purchase; we would be happy to help!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The Thermal tote bags are by far one of our favorite products! They not only are great for transport but are capable of maintaining food temperature for extended amounts of time!

    from YOUR BUDGET CATERING Posted on

    The Choice Insulated Food Delivery Bag (Black) is exactly as advertised. Padding is about 1 inch thick all around. Serving trays snugly fit. Everything stayed in place from the kitchen to the car to the serving table. Some minor spills inside the bag wiped up easily. My only complaint is the zipper is difficult to work around the corners.

    Posted on

    I bought these for my new catering business. I know nothing about feeding people or moving food around. Was very skeptical this bag fit food pans or how long food stayed hot. I got the bags (and some other stuff I bought), got straight to work on events I had already booked. I have to say the bags are great, the fit 4 food pans and lids just snug enough to keep them from moving around. They keep food warm. I serve directly from the bag sometimes. They work OK with cold food too. Although I need to figure out a good cold source. People have reviewed that they are cheaply made. Well, they are not too fancy but for the price I think the value you are getting is definitely worth it, since they have held up with me.

    from La Trattoria Posted on

    Love these bags!they are durable, easy to clean, and fold up for storage. They are very roomy and seem to be bigger than described. Love them!

    from Moes Southwest Grill Posted on

    Purchased 2 of these delivery bags to supplement our Cambro Food Transporters and are very pleased with their heat holding capabilities. As other reviewers have mentioned, one of the pulls has a tendency to be difficult to turn the corner of the zipper for not enough of a problem to discount the value of these wonderful carriers. Have used for hot and cold deliveries and they have worked fabulous for both applications and we especially like that they are not as heavy as the food transporters.

    from Curly Carrot Posted on

    My lunch catering business has recently taken off and this allows us to transport our product to clients and keep the product within safe temps. It works great, highly recommend.

    Posted on

    One of the handiest items I've ever purchased. I've delivered food, I've used shopping. I have delivered both hot and cold with these. They pack well when shopping. Since I ordered three, I can use either hot or cold

    from Becky's Bread n Butta Posted on

    The choice black insulated food delivery bag is perfect for our deliveries. It keeps our meals hot and carrying is easy and the food stays even.

    from nettas awesome fish Posted on

    great to use them for delivery many boxes, they fit a lot of boxes and keep the food warm all the time. great item for the price

    from ERA Posted on

    After reading the reviews I purchased three of these bags to test them out. I must say that I am very pleased with my decision. The bags very well constructed with a durable canvas material. I would recommend these to anyone who needs to transport food while maintaining safe temperatures. I also found it convenient that they were machine washable (although it takes some effort to realign the foam insulation).

    from Couture Cuisine LLC Posted on

    [I order these bags to carry hotel pans to catering events and I was a little disappointed with them. The seams started to tear as you weighted the bag more and if something spilled in the interior, it was very hard to clean.

    from Catering2You Posted on

    I purchased two of these bags recently. A client begged me to let them purchase one for me when I loaned it to them for tailgating. Because I cater, I have cambros but these bags are lightweight and work well for smaller jobs or for drop off caterings.

    from EVENTS BY FRANCES Posted on

    The bag looks professional, and I've received compliments on it. Because it is cushioned, it prevents any bruises if you're carrying a lot of food. Finally, each carrier is able to hold quite a lot of food. I do have one complaint, however. I've had spilled liquids in the bag before, and it will seep through the cracks in the bag. Perhaps this is by design, to make it easier to wash, but just note that any liquid will not be contained within the bag.

    Posted on

    I brought this bag to carry a cake and cupcakes for my little sisters birthday party at water park in the middle of July . I have to say I was impress with this delivery bag, It did an amazing job!

    Posted on

    Not a bad product. I wish it were easier to zip and unzip but overall gets the job done. I have seen better and worse but a good value for the price.

    from Big Dad's Grilling Dust and More Posted on

    I'm starting a new business, so I purchased 3 of these items and it came fast and I was so pleased with it, it really did its job.

    from Jazzi "O" Posted on

    I just received these three of these bags. I placed a small order because I wanted to check out the quality and delivery time in receiving them. On both counts I must say that I am totally satisfied. I feel the quality of these bags are invaluable to new catering or food delivery businesses. Thank you, I will be back for more!

    from WillStar Catering Posted on

    These bags are fantastic, especially for the price! While other reviews say they work for 4 hours, I've only tested them up to 2 hours, but they're very effective for both hot and cold foods! They work even better with hot and cold packs. The only reason for loss of a star is that the zipper frequently gets stuck around the corners. I might try greasing the zipper or something, but haven't tried that yet. But I highly recommend them for someone looking for a reasonably priced carrier that works very well!

    Posted on

    These bags are perfect for delivering catered food. They are well constructed and a great alternative when hard plastic carriers are not an option. They clean up really well also. Used them with frozen ice mats and he food was cold for hours.

    from simpledish LLC Posted on

    these bags are great if you are starting out a catering business as I am. they are very ample in size and very sturdy. I wish the handles were longer but other than that they are great.

    from NIlsaCooks Posted on

    This insulated bag keeps my refrigerated and frozen goods good and cold during transport. The zipper is a bit sticky at the corners and I wish it had a shoulder strap.

    from Dinner On The Spot Posted on

    Overall this is an excellent product well worth the price. The product maintains temperatures well! Great product great price.

    Posted on

    I brought 3 bags, used first time this weekend. They are large and kept food warm for a few hours the only issues I have is when you zipper it at the corner it is hard to zip and im afraid it will break.

    Posted on

    These are great--keeps foods piping hot!! I use these for my catering jobs and my foods arrive at the site as hot as if they had just been pulled out of the oven. Highly recommend!

    from Sweet T's Posted on

    Ohhh wuao.. this its too big. its awesome. I love the material and its good for to go bussiness. this product has A+ for me

    from Aquali Posted on

    The bag is very could for the delivery of take out boxed lunches. May require some padding to avoid shifting of containers during delivery but that is dependent on the size of the containers. The insulation in the bag works as expected. Unfortunately though advertised that it was designed to carry food pans we found it too tight to fit the pan resulting in tears after less than 6 months use.

    from Sola Fide Food Services Posted on

    A must hav!!!! Bag works great....Keeps food hot or cold!!!!! Will be getting more!!!! Can fit a least 12 lunch containers in it!!! Great price...

    from The Original Back Porch Eatery & Catering Posted on

    These bags have worked great for us. We needed a reasonably priced warming bag to start out with in our catering business. We love these and will repurchase as they need to be replaced. Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price.

    from PJ's Catering LLC Posted on

    These are the best. They hold full size steam pans with just enough wiggle room so you don't have to fight to get them back out. You can't beat the price. I brought deviled eggs to a cookout, 4 hours later (as some late comers arrived) and they were still ice cold. You must have these for any kind of delivery service.

    from Elite Catering Posted on

    I use this item to transport hot lunches to a local Dealership. The food is always the same temperature when packed when I arrive. I should have ordered more!

    from The Kings Plate Posted on

    We used this bag for the first time this past week and it fits so much in it! It fit 3-16" Pizzas with 4 additional to-go boxes. Perfect for our needs.

    from Shamrocks Pub n Grill Posted on

    Great product. i was looking for a cooler. Originally i had planned to go with a hard rolling cooler but was reconsidering. Trying to do large quantities of pastries with no transport is very hard until i found these. These are great. I make cheesecakes and the boxes are 10x10x4 and i can fit 6 boxes comfortable inside without worrying that they will get crushed :) Its incredible.

    from Rebecca's Cheesecakes & Treats Posted on

    Purchased these for carting food to a social event in a rented venue with no kitchen facility. Along with micro core heat pads they kept batches of lasagna, made by various volunteers, hot until they could be transferred to heated chafing dishes.

    from Associated Posted on

    WOW. I am so glad I found these bags. This is the second set of three I purchased. I regularly cater in a church whose kitchen is on the first floor and the banquet room is on the third floor. With only one very slow elevator getting hot food from the kitchen to the buffet line was a real task. With the bags I just pack everything up from the kitchen and take it upstairs before we start serving and everything stays nice and hot without having to go up and down on the elevator.

    from Toni's Exquisite Events Posted on

    This works great for hot and cold foods! It is large enough to even hold 4 full hotel pans! Thats a lot of food you can transport. great for catering!

    Posted on

    It is a wonderful bag. We put a piece of wood in the bottom of it to give it stability and we can carry about 12 meals or more in Styrofoam containers.

    from Sweet Swirls Cupcakery Posted on

    This is super bag. I love it so much that I ordered more. I always have it ready in my car not only for delivering food but also to hold my dairy or meat groceries. Thank you.

    from ace study buddies Posted on

    I have used this bag to transport my food to catering locations, and it keeps the food hot for at least 3 hours. Highly recommend!

    from Where the Heart Is LLC Posted on

    Very sturdy carrier I use it all the time for deliveries, it keeps food warm and from all the spills as well I would recommend this.

    Posted on

    These bags are very spacious and great for food transport. I have placed a maximum of 3 full size pans and they all kept temp during transport.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    We could absolutely not function without these! The full or half pans fit great and we can stack as many as four high. Keeps the temp of the food almost as hot as when it comes out of the oven for about 3-4 hours. They can be a little heavy fully loaded, but we solve that problem by transporting them on a small flatbed cart. They even stack on top of each other.

    from Events by Vana Posted on

    love this bag, it's bigger than expected, but works great. Keeps our delivery foods hot and fresh all the way to the door. Love it!

    Posted on

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