Choice 12" x 1000' Food Service Standard Aluminum Foil Roll

Item #: 12212X1ST

Serving as an excellent all-purpose solution in your kitchen, this Choice 12" x 1000' food service standard aluminum foil roll is the perfect economical choice! Useful for various food service applications, this standard weight aluminum foil roll can be used for anything from wrapping individual food items to covering foods pans. Commonly used for baked potatoes, burgers, and sandwiches, aluminum foil wrap helps keep heat and flavor locked in making it great for take-out items at your deli, cafe, concession stand, or snack shack! You can even use it to cover any leftovers for an economical to-go application. But its uses don't stop there. You can use this wrap to line sheet pans to catch drippings, allowing for quick and easy cleanup, or to cover pie crusts to prevent burning. Great for grilling as well, wrap food in foil before throwing it on the grill to prevent sticking and burning.

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Choice 12" x 1000' Food Service Standard Aluminum Foil Roll

4.7 stars from 57 reviews


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foil great aluminum price box easy heavy rolls much roll
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    Love having this large roll of aluminum foil at home for everyday baking. The foil tears off easily and is strong enough for everyday uses.

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    Very heavy duty foil. I use this product to keep my "Meals On The Go" warm for my customers. I was pleased with my purchase.

    from Ineffable Delights Posted on

    I ordered over 10 of these and while I like this foil the cutting blade on most of my rolls arrived detached from the box leaving me with no way to cut the foil. The ones that had the cutting blade intact fell off after limited use. This was a major hassle and left me very disappointed in this item. I'm going to look at the other reviews and see if anyone else had the same problem. Maybe I just got a defective batch or the weight of them during shipping made the cutting blade come off???

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    We appreciate your review, John! A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Works good. Used to replace the high costing foil from food vendor. Rolls off just fine. May be a tiny bit thinner than foil I was using prior but nothing to lose sleep over.

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    12" standard foil

    We use this standard foil to cover pans and trays with baked goods. These rolls are thin and rip easily. metal cutter in the box is not sturdy, it bent. They're still ok for the price

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    I purchased this foil for a catering event, and I must say that I am very pleased with it. The foil is plentiful, and the price is great.

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    In my opinion, this standard foil operates much more like the heavy duty foil and for half the price it is a must in every professional kitchen.

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    This aluminum foil choice was easy to make! The value and cost is much more effective than getting it at Sam's or CostCo in my opinion. And when you are running a restaurant, it really pays to cut costs wherever you can. Definitely recommend, but go for the heavy duty if you really need a strong foil in your operations.

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Such a good price for this product. I use this to line my stainless steel baking pan (also bought from here) to bake cakes , that I then crumble into cake pops.

    from Honeybee Confections Posted on

    I highly recommend this aluminum foil roil as you get a lot for your money. It's just as mentioned standard foil not heavy weight. If you want heavyweight pay a little more. Webstaurant has them all for a great price.

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    Great foil and it last a really long time since it's a bigger roll. The length is the same length as normal store bought foil.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    A massive amount of foil that will last us a long time! We did not expect 1000' to be that big, but its nice to have. We can easily store it in our pantry with limited room and it easily rolls right over the perforated edge for ease of tearing.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    This product is one of the best things that I have bought at the web store. The price is unbelievable and that was my reason for buying 10 rolls

    from pashays Posted on

    This is amazing! It is very long lasting as well! I use it all the time and the onky down side is that it's a heavy box

    Posted on

    Great product. We used to have multiple boxes of different lengths and width of foils in the church kitchen which clutter cabinets and drawers. We also used to run out of foils because people just look at the many boxes and assume there was enough. Now with one giant long-lasting box to keep track of. We will order again.

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    I'm giving this aluminum foil roll 5 stars on the price alone. It does whatever you need it to do. This foil is no different than the name brand foil.

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    I bought this. Foil paper to see how long. It. Last besides. The one in other. Stores I love the. Foil paper its thick and. I. Haven't run out for a while. It's. Worth every. Penny. Recommended. You save. Money. In the long. Run

    from Party world Posted on

    This product is a life saver! Aluminum foil usually costs us a fortune and we use so much of it! This is SOOOO much cheaper than the competitors!

    from Johnny's Pizza Posted on

    I wasn't very impressed with this foil. It's a good price, but i prefer the heavy duty foil. It's not much more, but you wont waste as much.

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Curtis! If you are looking for a product that would better suit your application, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This foil isn't heavy weight, but it's much sturdier than the standard weight foils you can get at a regular grocery store. I use it primarily to cover pie crusts, and I haven't had any problems with it tearing.

    from Pixie Pies Posted on

    great single use foil! This is not something you can use over and over but for the large amount and reasonable price that is fine. It is very easy to rip off the roll which is so helpful for us! It is also shiny on one side and more dim on the other. If you are baking, you want to put the shiny side down so that the heat is not reflected but absorbed. We used it to roast broccoli and it turned out wonderfully

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    Good aluminum foil. A much better value than buying those 50 and 75 ft rolls from the store. Not very thick but not too thin either. Standard is about accurate here. Don't expect this foil to hold up to heavy use because it simply will not. The serrated cutter is quite sharp making it very easy to get a right size that you need. Be careful not to cut yourself.

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    Choice 12" x 1000' Food Service Standard Aluminum Foil Roll is perfect for wrapping things before going into the oven it's. It super strong actally years rather easy... Then again I'm a bit of a gorilla in the kitchen

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    We have been using these for our wraps and they work good. it is easy to pull the foil out the box and easy to cut. The cutting edge fell off the box once, but it was still easy to cut the foil to size. We will continue to buy this product.

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    You can't beat this quality or price!! I very satisfied with this product. Webstaurantstore you did it again!! Hoooorrrrrraaaayyyyy!!! I love it!! THANK YOU. i will order again in the future.

    from Tina's recipes Posted on

    Love the quality and the amount you get.It is easy to tare and it holds very well on anything you use it on as long as you wrap it properly.

    from Extreme Appetite,LLC Posted on

    I really like buying foil from Webstaurant in these large rolls...They last forever and are economical, while being very easy to dispense from the package. I will definitely repurchase.

    Posted on

    Choice aluminum is a nice strong product. Used on a daily basis in our restaurant to line our pans to help making cleaning an ease..

    from Russ H. Posted on

    We use this foil in this size to wrap baked potatoes. It is cheap and easy to use and suits our needs for this job well.

    Posted on

    The serrated cutter works well. I would definitely recommend this product. Others have noted that the foil is not heavy duty enough, however I have not found that to be the case. However I only cook breakfast and therefore do not use it with large cuts of meat or exceptionally greasy items.

    from The Inn at Shasta Lake Posted on

    I am very pleased with the Choice 12" x 1000' Aluminum Foil. I received so many compliments after a Thanksgiving Dinner. My guests were extremely impressed. All wanted to know where I purchased the foil; so now I am ordering at least 5 foils in different sizes to present as Christmas gifts to those guests! Now, won't they be SURPRISED to see what Santa left under their trees. (lol) :)

    from V&E Handyman Service Posted on

    This foil is a great value. Less expensive than the stuff I buy at the grocery store. It seems a bit thinner than then heavy duty that I usually buy and I thought I had made the wrong chose buying it. However, it's worked just fine for our purposes. If you are running a business, you might consider the heavy duty foil. For home use, this is fine.

    Posted on

    The aluminum foil in this roll is thinner than some of the other options available, but still holds up better than other cheaper foil products. The foil tears easily off the roll via the serrated side of the box. The physical box holding the foil roll holds up well after frequent use, even in a kitchen environment.

    Posted on

    This is a good quality aluminum foil that is thin enough to wrap foods, but strong enough that it does not tear easily so that you are able to do jobs right. This is a great cost as well.

    Posted on

    gets the job done right. rolls out very smoothly. use it for everything from scrubbing rust out of our pots and silverware to covering food. very nice product

    from Snowbite Posted on

    Without a doubt, this is the best bulk roll of aluminum foil we've used. We use it both in the kitchen for lightweight purposes like pan lining, but also for barbecuing when wrapping meats that will be turned multiple times. It holds up great, and the easy dispense box is the absolute must convenient we've found.

    from Jefferson Country Store Posted on

    We received this foil yesterday and put it to work right away. I was very pleased with the durability of this foil. Has a great thickness and doesn't rip easily when covering dishes or wrapping the ends over pans.

    from Hopetopia Posted on

    Choice Aluminum do I love thee... I could kick myself for all the wasted years of buying 12"x75' foil for $3 at the local monster store or for buying anything else there. Thank you, Webstaurant.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    This film is great for preserving foods we use it on all our pan type dishes when we store in fridge. This size box is a real bargain too.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    Excellent price on a product that every restaurant needs. Same exact size we were using previously but at a lower price. Thanks again, as always, Webstaurant!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    I wondered about the thickness of this product, but it is almost as thick as the name brand I've been using, and it works great! Super find!

    Posted on

    This foil is strong, in wrapping the breads with other brand foil was frustrating as it would tear not with this Choice brand, holds up to the task at hand.

    from R.D's Posted on

    acultey i was very serprise for the qualty of the foil it was much better than i thought for the price i paid,it itwas best buy

    from pizza vino inc Posted on

    This is a nice quality foil. We use it for lining pans, covering dishes, and baking. It is a nice usable weight for a decent price.

    from Feed Your Vitality Posted on

    Great for everyday use. 1000 ft of foil in a compact box last almost indefinitely even with lots of use. Perfect for almost use and a great value.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    Great and inexpensive standard aluminum foil that is 12" by 1000'. It's not a signature brand but works just as well as the branded stuff that it's more of a benefit to save.

    Posted on

    Aluminum is like your best friend in the kitchen, you use it to line up the pan to make your baking experience easier, wrap it around your meat when grilling to prevent burned food. it's disposable. great purchase

    Posted on

    I use foil everyday in my business and this foil last for over 6 months, the thickness is perfect for cooking on and wrapping food in. would definately buy again

    Posted on

    Cheap quality food service foil that retains heat very well. I use this at home and it is a great value. Definitely a good buy.

    Posted on

    Pretty cheap foil. Deffinetely good for covering the days prep. Very thin so I wouldn't reccomend it for something where the thickness would be important. But overall a good buy.

    Posted on

    This is a great price for a great roll of aluminum foil. I've used this brand ever since the day we've opened over a year ago. Works great each and every time.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I've ordered this a couple of times and am extremely satisfied. It is comparable to brand products at a fraction of the cost, doesn't tear or burn easily at all.

    Posted on

    I use this in my home and I have been very pleased. The strength of the foil is excellent. It always tears off neatly every time.

    Posted on

    Fabulous food service foil! Great size and quantity! Easy to store away! This roll has a great cutter built in that makes for easy use!

    Posted on

    Great product and economical as compared to other places that sell foil. It makes it esier for me in my business to use and buy it here.

    from Cold Stone Creamery Posted on

    This provides a convenience we have not had before. Tears straight and is easily accessible when timing in the kitchen is critical. Will purchase again.

    from Brick House Bed & Breakfast Posted on

    This foil is a good quality for the price. It is mcuh more economical to buy this big roll than numerous small rolls.

    Posted on

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