ARY VacMaster 947152 11 1/2" x 50' Roll of Full Mesh External Vacuum Packaging Bags 3 Mil

Item #: 120VBM947152

Using Vacmaster's full mesh technology, this 947152 11 1/2" wide roll of vacuum packaging bag material helps keep food fresh up to five times longer than traditional food storage bags! Because each roll is 50' long, you can cut each bag you're using to the exact size you need, eliminating waste! Made of 80% polyethylene and 20% nylon, these bags have a third layer of textured mesh material. This provides complete air removal and a strong, positive seal, perfect for any external strip, suction-type vacuum food sealer. It also ensures maximum bag suction and air removal with minimal stress on your machine, while also improving the packaging of liquid-rich foods like fresh meat and fish. The bags can withstand high temperatures, are boilable, and are a great choice for sous vide cooking. This roll may need to be trimmed to fit inside a built-in roll holder.

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ARY VacMaster 947152 11 1/2" x 50' Roll of Full Mesh External Vacuum Packaging Bags 3 Mil

5.0 stars from 44 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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bags great Vacuum roll cut need rolls bag seal price

These mesh vacuum bags are great! They are very sturdy and durable. I have vacuum packed Tomahawk steaks without the bags tearing! I highly recommend!


This vacuum packaging works very well! It always seals perfectly and we have had no issues with wrinkles or bubbles. Definitely recommend and will purchase again in the future.


Not only do these bags seal better than Ziploc brand bags, but they come in various sizes 8 inch, 11 inch. More beneficial to cut off the role versus having pre-cut vacuum seal bags that you see at Walmart.

from K&M Express Shrimp on

We love using these clear vacuum packaging bags. Food is kept fresh after being sealed tight using the ARY VacMaster product which never disappoints us!

from Wayne's Smoke Shack on

Excellent quality bags roll, but I'd only recommend them if you need to get different or adjusted sizes, if not the individual bags are cheaper than the roll.


The ARY VacMaster roll is great. We use them from everything from freezing proteins, to marinating them. They seal well, and work with all of the vac packers that we have bought over the years.


This roll fits perfectly into the ART VacMaster Pro 350. The material is very thick and sturdy. We’ve never had an issue with leaks or tears.

from Nourished Meal Prep on

These bags work great for vacuum packaging my cakes. Easy and the material is just the right thickness. I will be purchasing these again as the price is excellent.

from Eatmor Bundt on

When my wife got me my first Foodsaver, I thought it was the most amazing thing ever built. The problem being that, as a consumer item, the whole thing including the extras were overpriced and lacking in substance. Getting a 50' roll of bags for this system for less than the price of a 30' combined package of rolls for the consumer brand is a huge deal! Bravo!

from Tim P. Former Chef on

These work well. We use them to Package pork loin and beef roasts before we slow cook them in our souv vide water bath. The bags seal well and hold up to the long Cook time.


This bag roll makes my life so much easier. I can decide what size bag i need to create and it is so easy to use.


Good quality, thick plastic for vacuum machines. Much cheaper to buy the rolls and cut to size than to buy the individual bags. Works well with the VacMaster PRO 110.


I got these bags to use them with our vacuum sealer. I spent much more on the name brand when I got them from other companies. Buying through Webstaurant, I get what the pros use for less than what the big box stores charge. These are freezer and microwave safe, but can also be used in boiling water, so they can be used with the sous vide cooking method.


Excellent value and alot cheaper than the food saver brand. Fits my V2865 perfectly. I like the texture inside. Easy to cut. Overall great product.


Great bags. I use them with a foodsaver vac 2440. No issues with the bags opening or anything with a single seal. No freezerburn or ice crystals inside bags. Solid purchase and I will be buying more

from Pot of Gold Catering and Events on

This rolls of packaging bags is smooth enough to label with permanent marker and works well with my home vacuum sealer. It is wide and perfect to custom cut to keep in larger or smaller quantities. Great product!


This vac master 50 foot roll of vacuum sealed bag is fantastic what a great deal make your own sizes for when you need a big bag or small bag works great with my external vacuum sealer


When we need to store any large pieces of meat or seafood these are the bags we reach for. They are so easy to cut to the perfect size, especially for freezing whole sides of salmon.

from Pescadería mar de cortes on

I bought these for my meat business for the special items that don't fit in the pre cut bags and big items i don't bag up often. They seal well with my food saver and if i need to i will buy them again.

from Primitive Choice on

When we need to store any large pieces of meat or seafood these are the bags we reach for. They are so easy to cut to the perfect size, especially for freezing whole sides of salmon.


Much less expensive than buying at other stores but the same quality. The roll is nice because you can cut any size you need.

from Cod & Capers Seafood on

These are great for doing huge batches of food at a time. It is for family size portions. I like to buy chicken nuggets in bulk and freeze half of them while using the other half.


The Art VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Bags exceeded my expections. Great price and Quality! I would highly recommend. 5 Stars! Would definitely purchase again. What a deal?!


Love the big size of these rolls of bags. There isn't much that I can't vacuum seal. With 50 ft rolls and the low price you don't have to worry about making bigger bags.

from Fragrances on the run on

This product is great because the cooking is multiple either microwave or boil...and the storage is great for leftovers and dry goods and bulk items...would recommend


we use these rolls to make bags for our vac master pro110. The bags work well, cut easily to whatever size you need, and seal without issue. The food in them keeps well and we use them to marinate also, so it does anything we need it to.


ARY VacMaster 946152 11 1/2" x 50' Roll of Full Mesh External Vacuum Packaging Bags 3 Mil currently using them to bag my pasta from bulk be mindful that things like pasta can punter the 3 Mil bags

from PowerQuee Media on

I love this mesh bag, it is very sturdy and strong bag. Also it is good to have on hand just in case you ran out of bags you can always used this as a back up bag.

from Zetta Marie's Patisserie on

I have had trouble with different bags working in my vacuum sealer. Some are to thin some to thick. These work great, very pleased with these

from Daniel C Tolner on

This is a great product compared to some others! When I first received my Vacmaster and rolls, my husband proceeded to claim it. He weighed and sealed a boat load of his ammo to keep it clean and dry. Great bags, sturdy enough to handle anything!

from Laura C on

LOVE these bags! We have a meal prep service so we send a lot of our proteins in these sealed bags. Customers have used them to boil and microwave their products and they held up great.

from Dinner's Almost Ready on

The VAcMaster 11 1/2" x 50' roll is great for vacuum sealing large or odd shaped items. You can cut it to whatever size you need. When sealing something with juice in it (like raw meat), it helps to freeze the food first. You can also put a paper towel between the food and where you will be sealing so the juice doesn't get sucked into your machine.


Great product! Great price for these vacuum packaging bags to keep all my food fresh for a long time. I use it to portion my mixed vegetables that I prep and keep in my refrigerator.

from AJ'S Smoke Shack on

Perfect for home vacuum sealers. It's way more economical than getting bags from your local department store. As always, webstaurant was quick, and packed well.

from Aeonic Exotics on

These bags are about a 1/4 of the cost of the name brand bags I used to buy. And work better, I sealed 50#s of Italian sausage in 1# packs and still had 4 or 5 foot to spare. Great value!


I thought the 50ft long roll would last me a while but with all the garden stuff I've sealed and froze already I'm not gonna have enough to do the hogs that we are about to butcher, looks like I'll be ordering more soon! They work well for the price I paid. I would like it if they were a little bit stiffer which would help prevent wrinkles in the seal, I have a hard time pulling the ends tight(to prevent wrinkles in the seal) and pressing the seal button on my vac at the same time. It's not a problem if you have someone else around to help but when its just me I struggle a bit. Even with that issue I'll still be purchasing them again cause you just can't beat that price.


These are great bags for any Vacmaster Packaging system. Comes in a 50ft roll. I like the rolls much better then the pre-cut bags cause I can cut them to whatever size I need. So far they have held up in the fridge & freezer. The 11.5 inch bags are the same width as the Gallon ziplock bags.

from Jump Start Cafe on

The Ary VacMaster Mesh Vacuum Bags are jus as Good - if not better than any of the Competition - The price is pretty good as well compared to other sites.. I gave it a 4 because I give nothing a 5.

from N/A on

This is a great product, at a great price and with great service from the WEBstaurant store. The material is durable and seals well. The rolls allow you to create bags that are exactly the size appropriate to the object you are sealing (i.e., the length of the object plus 2-3 inches to ensure proper sealing). This can save you money over using premade bags (pints, quarts, gallons) that are larger than they need to be. However, if what you are sealing fits perfectly in the premade bags offered on the WEBstaurant Store site, they are actually cheaper (do the math) and quicker to use. These 50' rolls may be larger than what will fit inside vacuum sealers that have a dispenser style feed for bag rolls. Simply cut off 10-15 feet from the roll, re-roll it and it will work great inside your sealer.


We have been working on making Totes of fresh foods for families that do not have much in these tough times. These bags are great for breaking down bulk containers to distribute evenly to each family in need.


Very nice thick vacuum bags. Great for buying in bulk and freezing extras. Saves so much money doing it this way. Easy to use and at a great price.

from TRW on

Quality rolls at a great price. I usually buy these in bulk as I butcher my own harvet in Hunting season and go through alot of bags. They seal perfectly, and do not puntcure on bones during the process.


these bags are great for commercial and personal 3mil you will be satisfied with the durability as well as the long term results... buy now!

from Affordable Flooring on

The Vacmaster 946152 11 1/2' x 50" Roll of Full Mesh Vacuum Packing Bags 3 Mil. They are great for preventing food,and bag waste with the 50' roll you can cut what you need. It keeps food 5 times longer than any other freezer bags.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

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