Finest Call Premium Mango Puree Drink Mixer 1 Liter

Item #: 115MANGO1L

Looking to make the most delicious mango mixed drinks? Put an exotic twist on your daiquiri, margarita, and colada recipes with Finest Call Premium mango puree drink mix. Featuring sweet and refreshing mango flavor, this mango puree drink mixer enhances the taste and vivid orange color of any cocktail or mixed drink. Thanks to its rich, smooth texture, it's also a great accent to your favorite desserts! Pour Finest Call mango puree drink mixer into smoothies and other blended drinks for extra fruity flavor.

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Finest Call Premium Mango Puree Drink Mixer 1 Liter

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Finest Call Premium Mango Puree Drink Mix makes professional bar quality frozen cocktails consistently every time. Being in the profession more than 30 years, I highly recommend all Finest Call Premium drink purees.

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    We've been very happy with all the Finest Call products. The Mango purée drink mixer has absolutely no artificial taste and is frankly just delicious. Highly recommend.

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    this mango flavored puree drink mixer has a great mango flavor. and can be used to make mixed drinks and smoothies among other fruit based drinks.

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    The mango puree is fresh and flavorful. It is perfect for making a mango tango cocktail. It is perfect for the summertime and tastes great mixed with strawberry.

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    We love this product, and you won't can't find a better price anywhere. We use this all the time! I would def recommend this product!

    from FTS Posted on

    I can't get enough of flavored margaritas. This has a very authentic flavor. Add some Cayenne pepper to your rimming salt for an extra spice to this drink.

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    This is good for the money, it was more expensive at other retailers. It's a little thinner than we were looking for but as we were using it in desserts, but its probably perfect for mixed drinks.

    from Frank-Lee Delish Posted on

    Popular drink mix. We use this for our martinis and smoothies. Taste very good. Easy to store and when ready to use its easy to pour and measure.

    from Yamato Posted on

    This is a great drink mixer. I use it in shaved ice and snow cones. My customers love mango, and they love this product. I'm ordering more as I type this. You can't beat the price. Far cheaper than any competitor, with a great quality taste.

    from Terry Posted on

    Good product good vendor had this item on back order so I decided to try this mango purée from webstaurantstore store, ended up paying 5.00 more for 12 including shipping but needed it so it was worth it

    from Sepsakos hospitality llc Posted on

    I was out to dinner last night and saw this exact bottle behind the bar. I love knowing that I am using what bars are using. Amazing flavor!!

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    The Mango Puree is a great product to make cool smoothies on a hot summer day. The product has a fresh peach flavor with thickness.

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    Really nice tasting mango drink mixer. Pick one up and give it a try the flavor is outstanding. Nice price for the 1 L bottle can't go wrong there

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Really nice flavor, made great sauce for our Pavlova cakes, we make for a local resturant! Will be purchasing this product again! Great price too??

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    Finest Call's Mango Puree is perfect to add that extra flavor to your favorite Margarita. I use it in combination with a strawberry margarita, using the Mango puree layered on the bottom. Looks like the sunrise and tastes great

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    Absolutely fabulous taste like drinking the fruit itself.I mix a little with leftover plain yogurt to help with the taste of the yogurt. So good

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    Our customers love this flavor at our tavern! Highly recommend this brand. We blend the mango and layer with the strawberry and it was a big hit this summer!

    Posted on

    Finest Call Premium Mango Puree Drink Mixer 1 Liter FC PREMIUM mango is rather nice and in my non alch is fine in lemon fizz carbonated

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    I love these mixers. They Work great for my lemonades and teas I would definitely purchase this item again! And they are for a great price!

    from Coco's Spiked Treats Posted on

    This is the same product that you'll find in all of the stores and bars. Only difference is that it's much cheaper with Webstaurantstore. I use it in many different ways other than just drinks. I'll only get it from here as long as I compound the shipping with other items.

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    I used to purchase this in the big brand stores and am SO SO glad I found them on here for way cheaper! I use this for both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. The mango flavor isn't overpowering like some others, which is perfect. Mix flavors together for an even better drink!

    Posted on

    We ordered this puree in hopes that it would be flavorful for things like mango lemonade, and some frozen slush drinks. It has been just that!

    from The CO-OP Bar & Grill Posted on

    We have been looking for a quality mango flavor for a while. We have tried several other brands and none quite met our standards. Finest Call Mango Puree is the one for our business

    from Lemon Smashers LLC Posted on

    Finest Call's mango puree drink mixer is delicious and good quality. It stands out in a crowd of flavor options and makes a mean smoothie.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    we use this to make smoothies and they taste fantastic. it is very mango tasting and not that artificial flavor. we would definitely this product.

    Posted on

    This premium mango puree is thick and rich an absolute must have. Makes amazing smoothies we add a little yogurt or ice cream and ice.

    from Coffee TIme Posted on

    This purée was awesome! We made mango coconut mango- tinis over the weekend and they were delicious! I know this will definitely be on the reorder list. Tastes just like the fresh fruit and can't beat the price.

    from Home use Posted on

    This has to be one of the best tasting brands on the market today this makes any margarita or daiquiri super delicious . With its easy pourspout bottle and amazingly quick shipping !! A+

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    This fine strawberry puree is used to infuse my fresh squeezed lemonades and teas. These flavors bring life to the party with out a doubt!

    from Dez's Kitchen Posted on

    All my customers either ask for a lemonade bar or mimosa bar and these flavors are always a hit! I order them for every event I am apart of!

    I'm obsessed with this mango puree. It is sweet but not too sweet. The quality is excellent for the price. I use it to make daiquiris, margaritas, and smoothies.

    Posted on

    Great taste and just right amount of sweetness. I have used it to make mago coladas and they come out great. The product tastes and appears very fresh.

    from Marvin Mesa Posted on

    Better than anything available in the grocery store. I'm just a dude that likes the fruity drink. So I ordered a 12 pack of assorted flavors. opened the mango first and bam!!!!!, it's good. Highly recommend if you are into the fruity drink and don't want to stock fresh fruit. Very tasty makes a thick extremely smooth mangorita, mango colada, or mango daiguiri. Cant wait to get thru my other 11 bottles and order more. (bought a gallon of rum to help with this project)

    Posted on

    Not what we were looking for. Would be good for blended drinks like a frozen margarita but seperates if not blended. Would not buy again

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    We are a deck bar overlooking the Clark Fork River in Montana. These Finest Call drink mixers are perfect for blended cocktails best served on a deck during a sunny hot day. Finest Call has great quality and the price is right. Will order again this spring as we gear up for the season.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Used this to make mango mojitos and they turned out awesome. Add a dash of lime juice, mint and soda water and you have a great summer treat.

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    Out of the Finest Call mixes, this is our favorite. We love this for non-alcoholic smoothies and slushies as well as margaritas and other alcoholic drinks. The taste is the best.

    Posted on

    Thick, rich and perfect for blended drinks or creamy tropical drinks. Mango Puree can easily be a thick base to a drink or a sweet front note. Either way, it's a great bar must have!

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    We Love this brand of purée. They are quite flavorful and work well in smoothie and juice drinks. We have used several flavors in this brand and appreciate the savings.

    from Easley library Coffee shop Posted on

    Great flavor thos finest call for making mango mamboo cocktail. And sometime i use this too for adding flavor for smoothie yummy mango flavor !!!

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    I can't believe this is not real mango. Hahaha. No seriously though you feel like it's real mango. This taste makes my customers come for more.

    from Smash It Up Posted on

    We make frozen drinks from time to time and I must say this mango flavor is most popular! The natural fruit makes it a hit and gives it that authentic original taste.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Mine is all gone and I'm so sad. I will be buying this again really soon. The mango flavor is phenomenal! My customers loved this and it's my favorite kind now. I make really nice frozen drinks. Yum! It's nice and sweet, pure mango flavor! You will def be happy with this one!

    Posted on

    I brought this to make mangoritas and they were so good I just had to make more. This syrup is the best and is a great option when you are unable to get fresh fruit. I will definitely be buying more of this!!

    Posted on

    Mango purée great taste put it on some salmon or mahi mahi and it is good also make spinach mango smoothies mix with banana and turmeric which is great for inflammation use this all the time no pain must buy

    Posted on

    This is some of the best mango purée I have ever used. Love the fresh taste and how it blends smoothly in my daiquiris and margaritas.

    Posted on

    Awesome Mango mix

    Finest Call Premium Mango Puree is a good mixer for the price. We have had good results with it, however, I would like it better if it had less sugar added. Still good though.

    Posted on

    Great tasting Mango Drink Mixer. We use this mix to make Mango Daiquiri drinks. Has a great flavor & you can really taste the mango, not watered down like some other mixes. Great price also!!!

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    Certainly one of our favorites in the Finest Call Premium lines of syrup. We use natural fresh fruit whenever possible, but the added benefit of these products in amazing! Be sure to buy in bulk to reduce cost. You'll be wanting the entire collection in your bar or restaurant.

    Posted on

    I bought this specifically for a drink recipe I found online. I was not sure what to expect but so glad I purchased this product. It was not just an essence of mango taste to it, it really taste like real mango. I am so impressed that I will be ordering this again.

    Posted on

    Only 20% juice, but mixes very well in frozen drinks. The directions on the bottle say to blend it alone with rum and ice, but it's very sweet, so I recommend balancing it with some lime juice and some finest call margarita or sour mix.

    Posted on

    This is a great mango puree. I actually use it for Bubble Tea, and I couldn't be happier. It tastes fresh, and has a great mango flavor.

    Posted on

    This is one of the best mango puree that you can get on the market as a mixer. It tastes great and doesn't have any funny lingering aftertaste!

    Posted on

    Great fruit flavor, especially good for iced tea and fountain drinks. Terrific flavor for mising in drinks or fillings for cakes. The best way to get a true mango taste in food.

    Posted on

    Finest call is great product. This product always arrives in good condition and my customers love the mango and strawberry. Dont hesitate to order this product and trust Webstaurant Store.

    from Southern Shakers Posted on

    I love mango puree, they make the drinks be a little bit thicker. The flavor that comes out of this mango drinks makes a big difference.

    Posted on

    This is a great product that I personally love to use. It has a great authentic flavor and a great price. Love it for fresh mango summer drinks.

    from Sweet Treat Kitchen Posted on

    Where else can you get that for such a low price. Not even Walmart! Thank you Webstaurant for selling me your top quality product for such a low price

    Posted on

    This mix has a great fruit flavor. The mix is nice and thick to give your margaritas great flavor and look. You cant go wrong with any of the finest call drink mixes.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    Makes mixing mango drinks, like Margaritas, smoothies and more, easy as can be. Just add ice along with some spirit, juice or soda water, and you're ready to go.

    Posted on

    A recent addition to my frozen drink flavor rotation. Simply add this to my Margaritaville Frozen Drink maker with some ice and you get the perfect cool down on a 90+ degree day. Great for 'Ritas and Dacquiries as well.

    Posted on

    This Mango Drink Mixer is delicious. I bought it because it sounded good but it taste even better. It is definitely a mixer everyone needs to try.

    Posted on

    Great puree, adds the perfect amount of flavor and texture to our drinks and gives us the right fresh fruit taste without the spoiling. Good shelf life.

    Posted on

    Great value, as always from Webstaurant. Finest call is hands down the best bar drink mix. Always fresh, clean flavors and great consistency. Awesome pouring container too!

    Posted on

    Will be ordering by the case load! The Mango puree has been a huge hit. Truly set off my last two parties off in the right direction.

    from Kelly Kay Events Posted on

    This bar mixer is great to add to any cocktail that needs a mango addition. serving this with a little bit of your favorite rum can be a simple and great drink.

    Posted on

    I have dried the bottles of Mango Mix from Williams Sonoma to Create and Barrel. The Finest Premium Mango Puree is a fraction of the price and triple the flavor!

    Posted on

    Perfect for Mango Mai Tai's like the big chain restaurants make. The price is perfect and we definitely will be reordering more soon. Thank you WEBstaurant!

    Posted on

    The mango puree is a knockout in flavor. We use it with a shaved ice and mixer and it makes the worlds best smoothie, we have lots of return business using this product.

    from Wild Al's Famous Foods Posted on

    Makes the best mango margarita’s, and virgin daiquiri’s. I used it for a mango tropical smoothie too! No spills to clean up with the easy pour spout. Makes preparation quick and easy. Great price and fast delivery

    Posted on

    WOW, thought I'd give this a try in my mixed drinks and boy was it YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY. Can't wait to try teh other flavors! Thanks again for anotehr tasty treat Webrestaurant!

    from Hand in Hand Family Childcare Posted on

    Made a really awsome Mango Bango. I am not a alcohol drinker, but this mixed with banana puree, passion fruit puree and ice cubes. YUMMY

    Posted on

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