Regal Foods 5 lb. Raw Walnut Halves and Pieces

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Save time preparing baked goods and other dishes with these Regal Foods raw walnuts that are already chopped into halves and pieces! Perfect for your restaurant or bakery's pantry, Regal Foods offers a quality product at a great value. Packaged in a handy 5 lb. bag, Regal Foods walnut halves and pieces are easy to store and take up less space than bulk bags. Make your own snack mix with other nuts and fruits, or sprinkle them atop salads. Some patrons may enjoy the rich taste of walnuts served on their own as a healthy snack. Though these premium English walnut halves and pieces have a similar appearance to pecan pieces, there are a few differences in taste and texture. These walnuts have a slightly bitter taste and are not quite as sweet as pecans. However, walnuts can be used in sweet dessert recipes, including irresistible fudgy brownies! Since they are slightly crunchier than pecans, they add a nice crunch to your dishes when used as a garnish.

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Regal Foods 5 lb. Raw Walnut Halves and Pieces

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Great walnuts pieces halves walnut Fresh quality price nuts buy
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    Price can't be beat for these walnuts. The pieces are big and perfect for our salads and oatmeal. Flavor is good and comes packaged well.
    I found WR has the best price, cheaper than another company and the walnuts are huge, not a bunch of broken pieces that I thought I might be getting.
    We used to purchase nuts from another Supplier that cost about 20% more than these. These taste great and are a good deal for the price!
    Yep. Walnuts like pecans are crazy expensive. We will check with our local suppliers, but this is the cheapest a lot of the time. Great quality.
    Ever since I discovered I could buy nuts on this site, I haven't gone anywhere else. The quality is always really high and in the case of these walnuts, they're in great shape and come at a really fair price, so I can use them in all sorts of things and not worry about breaking the bank.
    Great Walnuts. I was worried that this would taste rancid because of the color, but this was not the case. They tasted great. And you have to consider that I was travelling so I could only taste them after 2 weeks I came back home. So, great nuts. I have bought them twice since.
    The Regal Foods raw walnut pieces and halves are a great buy and make the perfect nuts for baking. The walnuts are fresh and are excellent in our fudge.
    Very tasty once we roast and spice appropriately and ultra convenient since they are already shelled. Saves our prep cooks time and saves the company money.
    These walnut halves and pieces are a great quality walnut. They taste good, and work perfectly in my cupcakes and cakes. I also have used them on my cupcake tops.
    This brand of walnuts is as good as the national brands available from our grocery supplier, and come in at a fraction of the cost! They arrived fresh, and are mostly halves. Great buy!
    The regal walnut halves are a excellent wholesale price for a great quality product. We love using these for our ice cream toppings in our store!
    What a easier way to purchase Walnuts then in bulk. We are on a tight budget, buying these in bulk saves us a lot of money. We use these in all my baking goods, and in salads and my husband uses them in his cooking of cooking. They store fantastic in a container with a sealable lid. We thought must try them as if we didn't have no idea how great they are. To us Fantastically Delicious !!!!
    ok... Thought it was odd that the bag wasn't vacuum sealed (The almonds I also got were vacuum sealed) but I guess thats how they are shipped as all the other review pics don't have them vacuum sealed. The walnuts are pretty good, I don't like super strong/bitter walnuts, but some people do. (My friends thought they were good, though I would prefer a softer flavor). All in all, they look nice and seem quite fresh so 4 stars.
    The raw walnut halves and pieces are terrific and make a great ingredient for our walnut cookies. The pieces were fresh and the perfect size.
    This is good quality nuts, I used it for carrot cake,it toast wells and tastes really amazing, I try not to eat all at once!
    These walnuts came perfectly packaged. Since it did come in such a large amount I packaged them into smaller freezer bags and froze them to keep fresh.
    We use the walnuts for our toppings bar! We love th dry nuts and we also have our employees make wet walnuts which sells out immediately!
    The regal raw walnut halves and pieces are the perfect salad topping. They are oily and crunchy and very flavorful. Love pairing them with fresh strawberries over a bed of spinach.
    Easily some of the best walnuts that I have ever had in my life. I saved a ton by buying these in a full case. I definitely recommend these to anyone who really loves walnuts. These are so good.
    Patterson Nut Company Walnuts Halves and Pieces came with out any shells. Nuts tasted great and worked well in my recipe. I would buy this product again.
    The Patterson nut company walnut halves and pieces are wonderful quality. They are great for making our chocolate walnut fudge and are super oily an delicious.
    I am NUTS for walnuts but, they are expensive and costly. I have already bought bags of nuts and found them to be old and almost spoiled. Other times I have bought walnuts and it looked as if they were ground up and nothing but little pieces and they were full of shells. Thankfully these walnuts from Patterson Nut Company are of the highest quality. The nuts are perfect size and I am pleased with the quality. Thanks for the great product.
    A really nice quality walnut halves and pieces from Patterson Nut company. Exceptional quality and perfect for salads and great for adding to your oatmeal.
    Walnuts are extremely expensive and can have an impact on your bottom line. Patterson Walnuts from Webstraunt are hands down the best value we have found.
    These walnut halves and pieces are wonderful in our smoothies, easy to store. and easy to use. 5 pound case easy to use in our slow season. Like the idea you can buy in 5 pounds or 25 pounds. . A+ item.
    A great brand of raw walnut halves and pieces that are great to use in baking. They are wonderful in salads and mixed in with steamed green beans.
    very nice Walnut Halves and Pieces, and buying in the 25 lb quantity is very cost-effective. i'm a homemaker and i store all nuts in the freezer, and have always been able to use them up while they're still fresh and tasty.
    Regal Foods walnuts are great. The content was well packaged, shipped to our business fast and taste fresh upon arrival. Would purchase these again !
    These walnut halves and pieces come in handy for topping desserts and entrees! Very good price as well, highly recommend we will be purchasing them again!!
    Bought these for eating since we are whole food plant based, and walnuts are a great source of omegas. Large, fresh and great in cereal or salads.
    The Regal Foods 5 lb. Raw Walnut Halves and Pieces are excellent. I purchased them for my Banana nut recipe. I don't use too many so I froze the rest of them. They are really good straight out of the freezer. These were a great deal and I will definitely purchase again if needed.
    Shipping was prompt, and these walnuts are fresh, crunchy, and tasty. There are more halves and bigger pieces than I had anticipated. So I am very pleased, and I will definitely reorder as soon as I ran out, which is not too distant in the future!
    Great walnuts specially for home made granola mix or baking! Such a nice large pieces and great flavor! Price is great too! Come in 5lb box!
    I like regal foods products. I already bought peanuts and cashews. Now I bought walnuts to try. It is really tasty. I already used in when i am making carrot cake with walnuts. I definitely recommend this. I will buy more
    Great fresh flavor and delicious in pudding or cereal. many half pieces but the bits are good too. crunchy and nice nutty taste wihtout the bitter flavor that sometimes is in walnuts!
    You really can't go wrong with the price for these 5 pound role will not have an pieces their big chunks very happy with my purchase using them on special salads
    Walnuts are my favorite nut, so it's great to be able to find them in large quanities like this. Perfect for topping or baking with.
    These walnut haves and pieces are delicious by themselves. They can also be used in many recipes--even those that call for other nuts, as a substitute.
    Sir Clean recommended Regal Foods 5 lb. Raw Walnut Halves and Pieces, the quality is really good, fresh and tasting, its perfect to use in different food.
    We use this for baking , smoothies and salads, great size but we run out quickly. Taste great even when eaten as is, we love and it's a great price.
    This is a great price for this amount of walnuts. I really like them they have a great taste. They come in a plastic bag with a twist tie. Highly recommend.
    Top quality delicious walnuts. I went through this box faster than anticipated, but my customers could tell the difference in this better quality nut. I was pleased with the delivery and packaging.
    I read a number of reviews before making my purchase. One review stated that the pieces were larger than expected and that most of the product was "halves" instead of pieces. When I received my order, I opened the box and was happy to find that the majority of the pieces were "halves" and the smallest "pieces' were still very large. They are so fresh and taste great. I will purchase these again in the future.
    These walnuts are delicious. I use them in yogurt, on ice cream, and have also baked with them a few times. We will definitely be purchasing more of these, great buy!
    Very good value walnuts but the quantity was too much to use to keep the freshness in the very large over sized bag it came in. Had to freeze unused portions.
    These walnuts are a great value. They were in nice and sturdy packaging and arrived fresh and tasting great. We use them on our chocolate covered caramel apples and our customers love them!
    Me and my mom love these. The taste was wonderful fresh, crunchy and tasty love the quality. I will be ordering these again ... My order arrived in three different groups in a different time that make it not so convenient.
    The walnut halves really is a time saver! Not only do we now not have to waste time cutting them ourselves, but they seem to be much fresher and flavorful than store bought walnuts! Extremely impressed.
    Love Fresh walnuts and these are fresh a great price much cheaper than the store you just have to order in bulk but they freeze very well thank you
    This is an amazing price for 5 lb of walnuts. I think they would typically go for about more elsewhere. I was a little cautious about ordering them from here despite having good experiences with webstaurant in the past, since ordering something like nuts online without being able to see the quality in person is kind of risky. But these are excellent. They came in a clear bag. I put most of mine in an air-tight container so I can store it in the fridge. Can't go wrong with these.
    These are great walnuts. Mostly halves with some larger pieces. There were mostly large pieces, not a lot of little ones. We were very happy with these walnuts.
    A great price for nice looking walnuts. More halves than pieces and you get 5 pounds if not a little over. Great quality nuts that taste great.
    Walnuts are expensive! This was one of the best prices around. You have my nut business now, and forever! I like to buy in 5 vs 25 because we don't use that many and freshness really makes a difference.

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