Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Packet - 2000/Case

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Sweeten your hot beverages, drink mixes, cereal, fresh fruit, and more with Splenda! Splenda, the familiar yellow sweetener, is available in individual sweetener packets for greater portion control. Each Splenda packet offers the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar. With these convenient packets, there's no need to worry about filling and refilling your sugar pourers with fresh sugar. Offer them on your tabletop in a caddy, and they're also great for your patrons to grab on-the-go at your hotel breakfast bar, self-service restaurant, party, or catered event!

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Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Packet - 2000/Case

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Splenda great coffee packets price sugar Customers sweetener calories Always
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    Great, inexpensive product. We have some customers that need Splenda specifically, and cannot use other artificial sweeteners due to allergies. It's nice to be able to get the brands that we need shipped right to us!

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    These Splenda packets really sweeten up our coffee and are a great option for customers who are looking for a sugar substitute. We will continue to purchase.

    from Downtown Donuts Posted on

    I’ve never had Splenda before tasting the contents of these packets. Now I know why everyone is going crazy for it. We have a coffee station in my café, and the Splenda is a really popular item.

    from Weho sausage and catering co Posted on

    I love these packets!!!! They contain no calories which is nice. I also like that there are 2000 packets per case which last us so long

    Posted on

    A good and tasty no calorie sweetener sugar alternative, popular with customers, better than alternatives, I almost always use it in my own coffee drinks!

    from Magic City Books Posted on

    What can i Said. Excellent BRAND, all the people know. You pay more but you got what you pay. QUALITY and more customer approval. Don't waste money in similar brands

    from Julio G Azpurua Posted on

    Splenda is a brand name product that everyone knows and love. Its a commonly used sugar substitute with low calories. Mostly used for coffees and teas, people love ti!

    from Beans in the Belfry Posted on

    This Splenda No Calorie Sweetener is a great alternative to our real sugar on our serving table. Guests with sugar restrictions enjoyed our beverages with this alternative sweetener being available.

    from Foodies Posted on

    Great tasting sweetener!!!

    The Splenda no calorie sweetener packet is our favorite no calorie sweetener. The packets are great for our condiment bowls on each table and the price is wonderful.

    from Price Proudce Posted on

    We have bought this for our cafe many times. It was a lot cheaper than we expected it to be. Splenda is always a customer favorite!

    Posted on

    Splenda is a well known name in the no calorie sweetener industry and the packets are so easy to open. Great for our condiment caddies on the tables.

    Posted on

    I don't really care for Splenda but I know a lot of people like it in their sweet tea to get the sweet flavor but not the added calories.

    Posted on

    Why pay more from your national supplier? These are exactly the same quality and size, for just a fraction of the price! A great product!

    from Catch Bar and Grill Posted on

    We order it for our coffee and tea service within our restaurant and for banquets we have around the hotel. Great quality and price! We haven't had any complaints from guests.

    from Hotel Posted on

    I love these Splenda packets! It will definitely last you a long time so you wont have to worry about constantly having to go buy more. Great for coffee, or tea.

    Posted on

    One of the most popular no calories sweetener on the market. The customers love the low calories sweetener and these come at a great price.

    Posted on

    I'm not crazy over the aftertaste that you get when you eat Splenda, however, I understand that due to some dietary restrictions it is necessary so it's a must have.

    Posted on

    Splenda is okay. If you're on a low sugar diet then I suppose it would do the trick but it's got an odd lingering aftertaste that I'm not fond of.

    Posted on

    Great case price. The 2000 count will last a little while. But we know where to get more at a great value Very fast shipping

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on


    We go through a lot of this at our coffee shop, definitely the most popular sugar substitute. Box arrived in good condition and just as described. Conveniently sized packets.

    Posted on

    Best choice for this amount and price and also new pack is very good. Customers are always asking for sweeteners and this is a great solution!

    from WOM Coffee LLC Posted on

    Our customers are always in search of a good alternative sweetener and Splenda is reputable and people rely on the product. We've purchases serveral cases of Splenda from webrestaurantstore.com. Always gets delivered in a timely manner!!

    from Sweet Buttons Posted on

    Great Sweetener for coffee, Last you a long time and. you don't have to use at much as Sweet N Low. Way Cheaper overtime compared to Grocery Store Prices

    Posted on

    Splenda is an obvious choice when searching for an alternative sweetener. Many are familiar with the brand, so it's a popular choice among coffee drinkers. The case of 2000 makes it convenient in that we don't need to order it as often as if we purchased it elsewhere.

    from C & C Coffee Company Posted on

    This is my own and customer preferred No Calorie sweetener. It tastes great in coffee and tea. The case size and cost are a great deal here!

    from Sugar Buff Posted on

    A splendid sugar alternative

    Came packaged well..and for our small coffee shop this should last a LONG time. Great deal on prices compared to others on the web though.

    Posted on

    Excellent price and excellent product. I bought one box with 2000 packets and i am so happy with them. I recommend Splenda boxes and the Webstaurant services.

    from Manuel Arevalo Posted on

    Who doesn't know what Splenda is? Customers know exactly what it is and how it tastes, therefore, it's very popular. People love the no calorie options.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Splenda is always something that people are wanting and using. To be able to have it in a small packet is really nice and we are not wasting as much as we would otherwise.

    from The Coachman Hotel Posted on

    I ordered this with a bunch of other items in a similar category (sugar, sweet and low, etc.) All items came at the same time, and was very happy about that.

    from Mikal Enterprises Posted on

    Customer's demand Splenda, These Splenda packets are a great price and work well in my coffee shop. I will not switch to generic Splenda, customer's seem to like the name brand packets.

    from Alderaan Coffee Posted on

    Great price on bulk Splenda packets.

    This lowers sugar intake, but should be taken in moderation. This is a popular sugar substitute for customers. It is a great price here at Webstaurant.

    Posted on

    We offer these packets in our coffee shop for a higher end healthy sugar option. Customers love the option. Great price and quantity. always ships quickly and damage free.

    from Miss Lucille's Cafe Posted on

    These are great for our coffee table, and for tea and lemonade in the summer. Our customers like to be able to grab sweeteners on the go!

    from Wheelhouse Kitchen Posted on

    This sis a great way to never run out of a staple for your business' events. The box artrived with very little mess. These are good for unsweetened tea and coffee service.

    from st joseph church Posted on

    I had been purchasing a small box of Splenda at the local store for our bar. Then realized it's the most popular of our sugar substitutes used by our patrons. From the grocery store, it was very expensive. This case of 2000 packets was a fraction of the cost. So I ordered it and will order it again.

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    Splendid Splenda! A must have for all coffee shops we were happy to find this at a great p[rice and reasonable shipping. Will contain to buy along with the bulk stuff!

    Posted on

    Always pleased with purchases from Webstaurant store. Great quality products at prices far below our traditional vendors. Who doesn't use Splenda? Can't beat the price.

    from Inne of the Abingtons Posted on

    I've done an extensive research on sweetener, and I could not find any better price for these anywhere else. It comes in a large box, so it's easy to store.

    Posted on

    you can not beat the price that webstaurant offers. Our customers use these packets all the time and we go through them pretty fast. we only buy from webstaurant

    Posted on

    Convenient, cost-effective sugar substitute for our coffee-drinking customers. These days you have to offer alternatives for folks with different dietary restrictions, and Splenda is a well-known brand.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    Our splenda Package came in great condition and was very timely. The splenda quantity on this order was ideal for our coffee shop. Thanks for the great job Webstauraunt Team!

    from the blue mason Posted on

    I love the convenience of the packets for single serving cups. Much easier to use, no measuring required. Having the packets allows me to carry a few with me just in case the restaurant does not have this sugar substitute. All the test of sugar and none of the calories.

    Posted on

    we operate a coffee/tea/sandwich shop...we have several sweetening.options...the splenda is a option that a lot of customers want..and this size serving is the perfect one

    from the bean bar Posted on

    Great price on splenda! We went to three different stores and checked with food distributors and this was the lowest price by far for the exact same product!

    Posted on

    I've been using Splenda for years as a way to cut calories when sweeting coffee and iced tea. Imparts little to no flavor to your drink and dissolved easily in cold drinks. Also works great for baking.

    Posted on

    These packets were as expected and we are very satisfied with this product. Our customers really like having the variety of sweeteners to choose from and the price point of this product makes us able to offer yet another option.

    from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill Posted on

    price is unbeatable! this is great for coffee, baking and i use it when i make dried fruit. the delivery was timely and the packaging was perfect

    Posted on

    This is a must have product for me and what a value too. This is the only way for me to sweeten my coffee instead of using sugar.

    Posted on

    Face it. Cost matters. I have searched, but have found no less expensive way to provide this relatively expensive product. In addition, kudos to the company for expediting my last order beyond all reasonable expectations enabling me to take advantage of an opportunity to place a full box with a local organization shipping provisions to troops serving overseas. Thank you, WebstaurantStore.com!!

    from Locker Construction, Inc. Posted on

    These are great. I can not find these cheaper anywhere. Ive looked. they last so long and we go through these fast. I will be purchasing again for sure.

    from Beans and Strings LLC Posted on

    Customers ask for sugar alternatives and Splenda is a favorite. We always keep some on hand and this box is a nice stockpile for a good price.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    It's so convenient to buy Splenda in this quantity. Not to mention it is much less expensive than some of the clubs or big box stores!

    Posted on

    Absolutely the BEST No Calorie Sweetener on the planet. NO unpleasant AFTERTASTE. Splenda can be used on any and all fruits. And best yet.... it is completely safe to use. Finally a healthy alternative to sugar. Hands down the best.

    Posted on

    A mandatory for any coffee serving restaurant. Customers are always changing what they use. Restaurants need to change with them. This just what my customers are asking for.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Easy to pour.

    The Splenda No Calorie sweetner Packets sold 2000 per case. We keep it in on our tables for the customers that use it. The price is right, and can't be beat.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    The Splenda No Calorie Sweetner Packet sold 2000 per case. It is great and dosen't leave an after taste. Great for diabetic's, or people on a diet.

    Posted on

    We use splenda alote. splenda is a no calorie sweetener.thay are perfect for the table.you can buy them in large quality low price , thank you.

    from nitas place Posted on

    These Splenda packets are great to have in any restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, bistro, hotel, or cafe. They are a perfect sugar substitute for diabetics.

    Posted on

    This spenda no calorie sweetener get used alot at our place. When Breakfast is over our despencers all need more. Great value for the price.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    The Splenda No Calorie sweetener Packet sold 2000 per case is great.The packets fit perfect in our salt & pepper caddy . Great for portion control. Measures like real sugar. Dosen't leave that sweetner after taste.

    Posted on

    These are very convenient to have around. They are perfect little single serving pouches. Also, you simply cannot beat these prices on this website for sure.

    Posted on

    When running a shop that sells coffee, keeping these around and available is a must. This is a great, well-recognized product at a great price, highly recommend!

    from The Pie Kitchen Posted on

    Works well for any church or organization that uses a lot of Splenda. Customers love the count and enjoy the individual wrapped sweeteners. Less work refilling sugar pourers.

    Posted on

    Being temporary wheel chaired bound I always buy my Splenda bulk a lot cheaper this way. I was lucky to come across this Restaurant Store.At the price after including the shipping it cost me pretty much the same as other places I have ordered from in the past but knowing it was coming Fed-X in just two days I decided to try it.Am I glad I did.It is so nice to be able to track the item & receive it right on time. Good job! If you don't raise the price I will be purchasing again in the near future.Thank You & too Employer & Employee's "HAPPY EASTER" to you & your loved ones ;-)

    Posted on

    If you're going to get artificial sweeteners, I reccomend Splenda. There's no aspertame in it. That stuff is deadly. But over all, a cheap price, and good service.

    Posted on

    Everyone loves splenda these days and at this price you can't go wrong. We don't put that many in the sugar caddy has people have been known to steal packets in the past.

    from Barfly Inc. Posted on

    Splenda can go for a lot when it comes from saving you intake for calories. This comes in 2000 per box and that'll last a pretty long time.

    Posted on

    I am an insulin dependent diabetic so must use artificial sweetener. I love Splenda and I find The WEBstaurant Store has the best price. Ordering is easy and delivery is fast!

    Posted on

    These splenda packets are the best ones ive found yet. Great price, and the real deal. Not a cheap imitation. Excellent sugar substitute. Ships and arrives very quickly.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    These are the best, I was searching all around for these and found them here at a very good price. Fast shipping and a good price, what a deal.

    Posted on

    it is very good price for the real splenda, not generic one. but you just have to purchase the case with whole a lot of other items.

    Posted on

    Splenda by far is amongst the best in sweetening food without an after taste. My customers with dietary restrictions, weight concerns and diabetes consider Splenda a must!

    from CelJoy USA Posted on

    Splenda is one of the few artificial sweeteners that I trust to be relatively harmless to my health. buying these packets in bulk is both convenient and economical. Buying them from the WEBstaurant Store is just plain smart.

    Posted on

    Obviously buying Splenda by the case is going is beat the grocery store prices for smaller boxes, but NOBODY can beat the WEBstaurant Store for their prices on the case!

    Posted on

    Great value for the money. Much cheaper than buying the smaller packages in the supermarket and discount chains. We will certainly buy this item again

    Posted on

    great for cooking or serving i just love these and u can use them for gifts 2 diabetic sweet lovers. I would buy more of this item.Easy to carry with you too.

    from RJCM Posted on

    Same packets that you get at the grocery store but at a great price. Compare to the grocery store prices, this product a a better bargain.

    Posted on

    Splenda is a favorite for coffee and tea drinkers. the price was not to bad and the quantity available was good. I will order again.

    Posted on

    Our customer is so pleased with this case size and the price is unbeatable. A lot more people are going with the sweetner substitutes, and I'm so glad you guys have them!

    Posted on

    Speaking as a customer I'm so happy to see this stuff more widely distributed. It doesn't have that nasty chemical taste like the pink and blue stuff...

    Posted on

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