Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 Half Size 18 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pan - Wire in Rim, 18" x 13"

Item #: 109188A13

Add durability to your menu with this Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 half size sheet pan! Die formed from one-piece of solid, 18 gauge aluminum, and featuring a wire-reinforced edge for added strength, this pan makes the ideal addition to busy bakeries, cafeterias, cupcake shops, and coffee shops. A convenient nesting design allows you to stack the Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 half size bun pan, effectively maximizing available storage space, while the heavy gauge aluminum construction ensures longevity.

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Advance Tabco 18-8A-13 Half Size 18 Gauge Aluminum Sheet Pan - Wire in Rim, 18" x 13"

4.9 stars from 142 reviews


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sheet pans pan Great price cookies sturdy baking clean quality
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    Great pans. I always buy the Advance Tabco sheet pans. I find that they outlast anything else, and are quick to clean up. Highly recommended.
    Great product! The sheet pans met our expectations of a durable, high performance product. It was reasonably priced too! We would definitely order this item again.
    Great price on sheet pans. These work very well and fit well in our convection oven. We would highly recommend these to anyone looking to get some.
    Needed a couple more sheet pans and after shopping around decided on these. What a good choice. Strong with a perfectly-sized rim. So far I've baked sheet cakes (very thin) and cookies and the even heating of this pan is wonderful. They clean up easily and I think they are one of the best pans I've ever had. The price was astounding considering the quality of this pan. I would recommend all day long whether you are a casual or professional baker.
    These are a great quality pan. Perfect for bakers making cookies. And they store very easily. I am going to definitely be purchasing more soon.
    Works great and gets the job done. Much cheaper than other suppliers. We use these frequently in our restaurant. Bake potatos and rolls come out perfect!
    Very sturdy sheet tray and even after several months of use, it's held up very well. Very easy to clean surface and distributes heat evenly.
    Excellent quality product and great prices. I have been using in my restaurant for years for baking all kind of stuff. local supply stores are too expensive.
    Seriously can't beat this for the price. A sturdy, classic half sheet pan. We use them for storing things on speed racks, baking pastries, making sheet pan desserts. A kitchen staple. High quality and a great value!
    This sheet pan has worked out well. The corners are rounded inside the pan which makes them easy to clean. Also, the have been able to take a punch from the dish washing process.
    I really liked these pans. The price was amazing for the quality you get. I've used them a few times now with bread and cookies and the heat distribution is great and there has been no buckling. Better than my old Nordic ware pans.
    My business uses these for baking bulk desserts. They stand up to everything we do including when they have been dropped. Highly recommend this product!
    We've been using these sheet pans for over 2 years now. None are warped. We haven't thrown any of them out. The local supply store carries them for a "sale" price that is the same as Webstaurant's regular price.
    Generally, I like this pan. it is sturdy, inexpensive, and true to size. If I have one complaint it is actually about the inventory label, which is on the inside of the sheet and is extremely difficult to remove.
    I love this baking sheet. It's your standard half size that fits perfectly in conventional home ovens. The perfect size for a batch of cookies.
    These pans get a lot of use and abuse and have held up very well. They started out at my home & have moved to our bakery for smaller batches and they're great!
    Wonderful, sturdy pans... great price, just right for small batches of items. I use mine on the grill also for items I want to grill in liquid.
    This half sheet pan is solid and high quality. My cookies baked evenly and the pan cleaned up nicely. I would recommend this pan without hesitation.
    These sheet pans are a great economical choice for everyday use. They do tend to wear out after repeated washing in the dish machine, but would probably last longer if hand washed and sanitized.
    Nice pans and cost effective. Don't warp and wash up well. Order more to get the quantity discount. I will be ordering another dozen or 2 of these again.
    This is a high quality aluminum sheet pan. We use these for cooking multiple items. There is really no need to go with a thicker gauge.
    After two years of abuse, this pan is the only one left in my cabinet that hasn't warped. This is an excellent entry-level sheet pan.
    These half sheet pans come in handy for lots of things. We use them to bake on, keep prepped items on them and they clean easy.
    I've had these pans for over a year now and they work great. I love that they are easy to clean and hold up well to a lot of use.
    By far the most versatile pan that I own. I have about 4 in rotation at any given time, and they're perfect for roasting veggies, baking cake and cookies, or simply to use to hold wire racks while frosting cookies.
    I have multiple of them. Clean easy, sturdy and wonderful. After washing, dry asap ( I do it in the warm oven) and no rusting problem :-)
    Have had these pans for quite a few years and use them at least once a week. These are top quality as far as I am concerned for the price. Very pleased with these pans!!
    Really like this pan. Great size. I use it manly for making cookies with my kids. The cookies seem to come out like I want them to.
    THE BEST PANS EVER! I have had these for years and I use them everyday for my family of 8! They are just the right size, easy to clean and everything cooks well on them.
    These workhorse pans come at a great price and the quality is solid. The lip is about half an inch high, and the pans work perfectly with the 12x18 parchment sheets available here as well.
    Sturdier than expected. Well crafted half sheet pan. Works well in our bakery day in and day out. Would buy this product again next time.
    I have used these for well over a year now almost daily and they are still holding up well. I do usually cover them with parchment. Even bought a set for my mom to use at her house. They are quite heavy duty, great for the price. Definitely get the same size cooling racks, great for baking bacon.
    What great pans. Bought to replace my half sheets, which were amazing, but fell victim to a malt incident during a homebrew session. These pans have gone directly from fridge to 450 oven with no buckling. They are sturdy enough to sling one-handed, clean up brilliantly, heat evenly, and generally are indispensable in my busy home kitchen. Most things I cook, I cook in these pans lined with parchment: high heat roast veg or split chickens, rolls, tarts (in
    These are great sheet pans, we use them for everything from cookies to bacon. They are very sturdy and will easily accommodate the weight of four pork butts and are easy to keep looking good,
    I bought several of these for a small volume bakery. I mostly use them for cookies with great, even results. I get six large cookies (approx 2.2 oz finished weight, 4" diameter finished size) on each sheet.
    This is your standard half sheet pan. Pricing cannot be beat. Has a million uses in the kitchen. It is definitely worth buying in bulk as you can never have too many!
    This is a nice, cheap, heavy-duty sheet pan. I use them for everything from cooling candy, to baking pizzas, to baking cookies, plus all other types of baking. These pans are just the right size for the silicone baking mats also.
    I recently used these sheet pans at a 50th birthday party to prepare the desserts. The pans are very sturdy and hold plenty of food. A+++++
    Solidly built sheet pan and the perfect size for my food truck. The price was right and I now have several and use them regularly.
    Great pan for the price! Agree with others that it doesn't warp (even years later). Only downside is that it scores really easily with a knife. Still, won't hesitate to keep using and ordering.
    Perfect sheet pans! i have been testing the ones i purchased for about 3 months now and have not had a problem. I had them in a 500 degree oven and added a cup of cold water to them and they did not pop or warp. I have not had any discoloration problems yet either. You can't have enough half sheet pans on hand, especially in a home kitchen.
    Fantastic sheet pan. Very sturdy and durable. I've cooking everything on this from cookies to roast vegetables and everything cooks evenly. Haven't experienced any warping so far, and I doubt it will be an issue. Glad I purchased.
    I am very satisfied with the quality of this sheet pan, especially at this price. . I used it on a daily basis at my bakery.
    These are great sheet trays for home or restaurant use. They are the same as standard sheet trays from local supply stores but at a better price!
    Heavy duty cookie sheet that does not warp. It is almost a steal for the price! I have been using this for over 6 months, and it still is sturdy.
    A great pan for a great price. Will be ordering more soon as our older pans get cycled out of use. No complaints from anyone in the kitchen,
    These sheet trays are a perfect fit within our Cambro warmers and also help food retain heat, since the metal gets so hot. They are easy to clean and hold up very well with multiple years of use.
    The pan is heavy duty for sure. The 18 gauge is ideal thickness for everyday use. It will burn on oils and such but doesn't take much to get it back to shiny metal
    A solid sheet tray pan. 18 gauge is more than enough for anything I do at home. If it gets dirty I just use a little degreaser and it's fine
    Much better and cheaper than the nonstick pans I"ve been using in the past. They don't rust, they're sturdy, and they heat up evenly. What more can you ask for?
    We are ordering more this week! Great pan for cookies as it bakes evenly and has a light finish for crispy but light-colored bottoms. Also light weight and easy to clean. We use baking paper with it.
    These half size aluminum pans are great! Thy bake really well and I would suggest them with the Silpat baking sheet also from webstaurant store- this combo makes the perfect cookie!
    These sheet pans are sturdy and cook all of my goods evenly. This is a great price for each pan. They store and clean easily as well. Awesome pans!
    this alumium sheet pan is the just the right size for my oven. it is made of thick material and perfect for cookies, and roasting potatoes and vegetables.
    Nice pans. They get the job done. You can definitely already see the scratching. Looks like it might burn if left in too long. Good price.
    This pan is very strudy, heats evenly and has not warped even after dropping on the floor. It cleans easily and has maintained a new look with handwashing. I plan to purchase more.
    I am an avid home cook, and I was utterly sick of the high cost and poor quality of cookie sheets (and bakeware in general) sold in home kitchen supply stores. My cookie sheets from a chain store were slightly smaller than these, cost more per sheet, were less sturdy (warped when heated!) and turned black and lost their non-stick quality in less than 3 months of moderate home use. I've had these sheets for about 3 months now and they have performed perfectly. They are wonderfully sturdy, have no wasted space around the edges, show no sign of color discoloration or scratching, are easy to wash, and are more non-stick than my old ones ever were. Wonderful pans!! And they look like they will last a good long time. The quality and price of these convinced me to check restaurant supply stores first for all my future baking needs.
    Very sturdy-fits two half size foil steam table pans ( purchased on this site) for excellent support while baking casseroles-no sudden warping like with other pans to cause uneveness. Also the half-pan parchment sheets (from this site) fit perfectly for easy cleanup. Even when there is seepage with the parchment the pans clean up beautifully!
    These pans are heavy enough to handle any task yet economically priced. The aluminum has not worn or buckled at all. Additionally, they clean up beautifully. I will be buying many more of these pans! Great buy!
    Works great in our pastry kitchen. We had about 24 on hand and ordered 4 more of these. Perfect for baking macarons and sheet cakes.
    I have four of these pans. They are magnificent. Best quality and best price. Outstanding. And they keep their color, just wash them by hand.
    I love this half-sheet pan. It's very sturdy, and is made from thick 18ga aluminum so it should last longer than anything else in my kitchen. It bakes well and fits perfectly in my pan rack. The low price makes it easy to justify buying extras or replacing ones that are older. Sheet pans of all sizes are an essential part of any kitchen and this particular pan gets my vote!
    Pans are heavy and last forever. They hold up to anything and clean up very well with a scrubbie oad to keep looking new forever.
    This is a great aluminum pan, sturdy and the size is big enough for my needs thus far. It does its job, but the two things that had me deduct a point are that it can't (or shouldn't) be used for broiling temperatures and that aluminum has high heat capacity (compared to a lot of other metals), so that the pan needs more careful handling than other, thinner pans made out of different material.
    Much sturdier and heavier-weight than retail store options - this doesn't bend and twist in the oven at all. For the price, this is an excellent value.
    These sheet trays are amazing. I ditched my set of non-stick, cheapo branded trays in favor of these ones. You can't beat the quality on these trays--every professional kitchen uses these and they stand up to the daily abuse--I expect these to last a decade in my home. They fit perfectly in my oven and, when not in use, stack so they take up less room when put away. I also picked up a half-sized cooling rack to go with the purchase. I'm very excited to have added these to my home kitchen!
    While it's not a great idea to put these in the dishwasher as they very quickly develop a foggy patina, you're still left with a tough, sturdy pan with a thousand different uses. Hard to fault at this price.
    great pan, sturdy and durable and washes easily in the dishwasher, while being afordable. Will be buying more of these ASAP! Also love the draining grate that fits inside perfectly.
    Use these pans for just about everything. They are a nice weight and perfect for baked goods or hot dishes like chicken and veggies. I have them in various sizes.
    These pans are almost bullet proof and are very reliable. In my 25 years of working in professional kitchens I have never found anything better than these at the price. This is a must have for every kitchen !
    I love these pans. I use them for everything baking...cookies and decorating cookies, nut clusters even baking cakes for cake pops. I'm glad I chose this size because they fit perfectly in my oven as well as the bun rack I purchased here as well.
    I love these sheets I bought 5 for making cookies and I must say they are the best trays I ever used they bake evenly clean up great. no warping great price. now my mom wants to get some.
    These are great cookie sheets. Heavy duty and great, not even just for the price. they are good for any amount you would pay. Will buy more for sure.
    These pans were ordered to help me for Thanksgiving, and came through with flying colors. Well made, good construction, and really sturdy! Would highly recommend for the home cook.
    Being a former baker/ pastry chef after I retire I try to obtain some of the products I was used to work with . This is true when it came to sheet pans. This is when I found Webstaruantstore came to my rescue. The Advance Tabco 1/2 sheet pan is the best sheet pan for all the Home baking that I now do. When living in Philadelphia,Pa. I had approx. 25 advance Tabco Alum. pans .They were put to work to bake hundreds of dozens of cookies ,cakes and pies to be donated to the Homeless. Before I moved to Saint Augustine ,Fl, I gave my pans to my Goddaugter ,herself a home baker to continue to feed the homeless. She called me last week to say that my gift to her of the Advance tabco pans has been the best gift she received. The pans maintain even heat .There easy to handle in the home kitchen and they are easy to clean. Thank you
    These sheet pans are pretty much identical to the slightly more expensive Vollrath ones. I ordered both and I can't tell the difference. I use them at home, I am not a professional, and they come out of the dishwasher just fine. I'll be buying more.
    These sheet pans are absolutely fantastic!! I have used them for anything from fish to cookies. Cookies bake so evenly. And the pans are so easy to keep clean.
    I use these at home and am very pleased with them. Like anything aluminum, they will not look as nice as stainless steel as they wear, but they have not warped and continue to function great!
    Nicely priced half sheet pan. Baked and roasted all sorts of meats at different temperatures and times. Would purchase again if I needed another one
    I will pay more for the Made in America certification. I can be assured it is aluminum and no some mixture of Chinese scrap metal. Works well and keeps jobs in the USA. At the core, it is a sheet pan, and does that job well.
    Perfect for cakes, cookies, baking food. I got two and they come in sooo handy . Easy to clean and they haven't warped even a little bit since ive gotten them
    This is the best sheet pan I've used. It is super heavy duty and feels near indestructible. The half size is perfect for my home kitchen.
    I really like this half sheet pan; it's very well built. It never buckles, regardless of how heavy the load is. It feels very solid in my hands, it never twists or bends. I would highly recommend this pan to anyone.
    We've been really happy with these. We use them daily with a range of temperatures and products. No signs of warping and really even heat distribution.
    It's a simple pan. Does what you need. Like most aluminum pans, it marks easily especially when you need to scrub clean it. Over all good pan.
    Great sheet pans. They are thick and durable and even after daily restaurant use they have not bent, rusted, or had any issues what so ever. I would highly recommend.
    these are excellent sheet pans, we use both these and the full size in our bakery. These also work great in our home oven since the full size is too large for household ovens.
    This is my go-to pan. I use these for everything from baking cookies to roasting vegetables. They're fabulous for carrying a lot of meat to and from the grill too! I'll be back for more of these.
    Great pan used in our restaurant for baking. This pan is a good size. Easy to hold and place goods on. Slides right into the oven.
    You can't beat the price. These are durable half sheet pan. Very versatile in the kitchen. A must have. The perfect replacement for my old pans.
    Wonderful pans! Very sturdy and holds up to some beatings. It however takes longer for some of my cookies to bake with these pans then my old ones but I just bake a little longer and they turn out just fine!
    Good quality sheet pan. It is easy to clean, versatile and the size makes it convenient to use it also to store stuff in the refrigerator.
    Nice heavyweight pans that don't bend or warp when putting it in and out of the oven. It cleans up nice and fits a good dozen large size cookies on it.
    These aren't the best sheet pans in the world, but for the price they are certainly great! We use them to bake mostly cookies, and they bake very well.
    This sheet is just great, excellent quality it really overpass my expectations! !! Great price, I would really recommend it ,believe me I didn't find a better price anywhere awesome! !! !!!!!
    I have had these pans for about 1.5 years. They are still holding up great. They are very durable. I rarely wash them in the dish washer because I use sheets of parchment (which are awesome!) to line the pans when I cook so clean-up is easy. They are great for cookies. There are mini cosmetic scratches on the surface but nothing that causes any cooking issues. No visible rust on them as of yet.
    Love these sheet pans I do absolutely everything on them and haven't had one problem. The price is exceptional so you can replace them if they get to worn or if you just want to have a bunch on hand
    We've been using these pans for concessions and catering at our local school and they have held up great. When I realized it was time for some news pans at home, this was a no brainer.
    I wonder why I waited this long to get this sheet, it's heavy duty, good quality, it's beyond my expectation, it work really nice in baking thin layer sheet cakethe cake bake evenly
    We are happy with our purchase of this half size aluminum sheet pan. It is good quality. It is easy to clean. We would recommend.
    I use these for baking cookies, they are the perfect size to line with a half sheet size silicone mat or parchment paper. I never use them by themselves. Pretty sturdy and durable, would purchase again.
    These are very heavy duty sheet pans. They fit in a normal size oven perfectly and they don't wobble at all when you take them out of the oven.
    Originally I bought this pan to replace a cheap grocery store cookie sheet I had. However it has so many more uses. And it's cheaper than the one I bought from Kroger. Quite big and beyond sturdy. I can't see having a issue with warping like lower quality pans. Can't wait to use it for my next batch of chocolate chip cookies.
    This half sheet pan was much heavier than I was expecting. Very thick and study, and will take a ton of abuse. Great buy for the money.
    These sheets are fabulous for roasting and baking. I am not sure how I managed for so long without them. The parchment liners fit perfectly for super easy cleanup.
    A definite keeper. We use these day in day out in our Bistro and it can stand everyday abuse! Baking, mise en place, etc, this one will last a long time!
    The best cookie sheet I have found, small yet holds plenty. Very easy to clean and wonderfully strong. Does not warp like other cookie sheets I have bought.
    I am not sure what Ii have done my whole adult cooking life w/o a half sheet. This one has proven sturdy, no warping, minimal staining. Great kitchen utensil/bakeware. Prep has gone to a whole new level
    Home cook or restaurant, this is the cheapest, sturdiest sheet pan you'll ever find. Use parchment paper with it and don't abuse it and it'll last a lifetime.
    This is the perfect size baking pan to hold everything from cookies, to fried chicken, to sheet cake and more. It is a nice sturdy weight and will not warp like some thinner weight pans do. This pan easily fits in a standard size oven, no problem.
    Several Food Network sites recommend using sheet pans for EVERYTHING and I love these. Easy to clean, the perfect size and reasonably prices. What more can you ask for.
    This is a wonderful sheet pan for those delicate butter/peanut butter cookies and other products that burn easily. With this pan, the recommended baking time for the recipe provides beautiful, just slightly golden (NOT Burnt) bottom crusts. I do not increase the temp in the oven when baking with these, although I probably could without these burning - I just like the extra assurance that my baked goods will turn out JUST right.
    These are nice and thick, just what i needed. Now they came packed in the most beat up shipping box that had broke, and there was only the slightest dent, but I decided to keep it and they work great. It helped me with my macarons and cookies
    One of my favorite items. I will be buying more because my brother stole mine. He liked them so much he "borrowed" them. I know I won't be getting those back. These are of good quality. I have other more expensive and heavier ones but I always use these. I used them along with the parchment sheets sold here. Makes clean up a breeze. I highly recommend these. Great item at a great price.
    These sheet pans are great. I'm sorry i only got 2 but i will be ordering more. I also plan to purchase the quarter sheet pans. These are sturdy and the parchment liners fit perfectly
    The quality of this bun pan is no different from what i have come to expect from the WEBstaurant store excellent quality great pan .I use these pans recently to bake cookies and to make oven roasted vegetable.Nice size pan it is great for sheet cakes when used with the accompanying pan extender.
    Purchased for home use and work much better than baking sheets you'd find at a department store or the like. These do not warp and heat evenly. Great for roasting vegetables. Would recommend purchasing the cooling rack and silicon mat of matching size as both work well.
    Got these for home use. They are wonderfull. They heat evenly. They do not warp like cheap pans from the discount stores and yet cost less.
    Wow, for the price of a disposable pans I got these 1/2 size pans. Nice and thick and great quality too. I paid a lot (twice as much) more for pans just like these elswhere
    I ordered several of these sheet pans for home use. Very good quality for the price. I will order these again for some friends soon.
    I bought these pans over a year ago I had no idea what to expect, but reviews were good and the price was unbeatable, even with shipping fees. I bake regularly and use these for beautifully browned loaves of baguettes and rustic breads, and for every kind of cookie. I keep the sheets stored in the plastic sleeves they were shipped in and there are almost no scratches, and no dents at all. They wash easily in hot soapy water. I recommend using half sheet parchment paper (available in packages of 100 on this site) which makes the baking process and the cleaning process that much easier. Regardless, you'll be very happy with these.
    These sheet pans are basic but can do a lot! They are great for cooking small batches of cookies, bacon and much more!! Great for storing par cooked food on as well!!
    You cannot beat the quality of these pans for the price. I was concerned about warping in the oven like some cheaper pans tend to do, but no issues with these pans. The 18 gauge is heavy and the pans heat and cook evenly. I use them for everything from cookies to bacon.
    The advance tabco half sheet pans are well made and on this site the price is just right. Other places charge four times the money for these.
    I use these for everything. They're a good size for my small oven and they clean up beautifully. Now I just have to get lids!
    Very good quality for price paid. Would recommend lining sheet with foil or reusable teflon mats. Some staining occurred, but that will happen with any aluminum pan.
    These 18 gauge half sheet pans are extremely sturdy and stand-up to a wide variety of uses. I have used the ones I have for baking, storing, and stacking items that I use in my catering business. I bought my first one and have purchased several more since these are made of quality material and stand-up to my frequent use of the pans.
    This was actually a replacement piece for one of the sheet pans that I had purchased earlier, that had a ding in it. I was very impressed at how quickly the replacement was sent! I have continued to order from these folks because of the great pricing, quick shipping and excellent customer service!
    These half sheet pans work perfectly for everything. I use them more than a full size as they fit in a standard home oven. Great pans.
    These pans are amazing! I bought these mostly for baking, but have been using them for roasting vegetables, BBQ prep and serving. Very sturdy pans. The price is awesome!
    These are nice half sheet pans. They are the perfect thickness. They arent too thin and they arent too thick. And they come at a very decent price.
    Nice sized pan for baking cookies. I can usually fit 18-24 on there, depending on how big I scooped the dough or how much they spread. Very sturdy and good for making French macarons without *too* many burst shells and the like (they are finicky little buggers)
    These are very sturdy and well-made. I left one on the bottom of my screaming hot gas oven for 30 minutes while I was trying to find where I'd stored my Duck fat this Christmas and it survived beautifully. It's also big enough to hold two massive 6-braid challah for rising. On the occasions that I don't line these with parchment, they still are easy to clean even with burnt-on Maple syrup or cheese - actually, they're easier to clean than any of my "non-stick" baking gear.
    I bought one in the past and yet bought another one, because they are just too convenient. Never will I use those flimsy cookie baking trays! This half sheet pan generates heat much more evenly! Great for cookies, meringues, macaroons, brownies, roasting veggies and the list goes on.
    This is an excellent half size sheet pan. Made from quality aluminum, and able to take the every day wear and tear my restaurant puts on it. I love it more and more each day, great price, great sheet pan.
    Nice size pan - I bought this to supplement my other half pans for holiday baking however the pan warped slightly in the oven - not a huge deal and the pans will definitely still be used on a regular basis.
    Great for many things! I use this pan to bake cookies, bread, pizza and more. They also help get "Mise en place" ready for baking or cooking. I line them with parchment and let burgers rest on them before grilling. I also line them with the parchment sheets when baking.
    All-round great half sheet pan. Easy to wipe clean or wash, heavy duty without weighing a ton. Fits 6 large or 12 small to medium-size cookies perfectly.
    This is a great half sheet pan. It is made out of high quality aluminum. It is a great thickness for insulating. It is machine washable for quick cleaning.
    I absolutely love these sheet pans, they offer professional quality in a smaller size, easy to handle, great for baking. I also usually dedicate a few to use for roasting veggies in olive oil, that one gets a little bit more use and a bit less cleaning... keep the ones for cookies and baked goods more pristine.
    Excellent and versatile pan can be used for baking sheet cakes or as a cookie sheet. High quality, provides even baking for either cakes or cookies.
    It has so far performed flawlessly. It seems sturdy, and has not deformed as some other brands we've used have. So far cleans easily in the dishwasher.

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