10X Confectioners Sugar - 25 lb.

Item #: 104SUG10X25

Granulated sugar ground to a smooth, soft powder and then sifted to give you the finest product possible, this 10X confectioners sugar is a perfect ingredient for enhancing a variety of confections! Have you been searching where to buy icing sugar? We have it here! When water is added, this sugar quickly dissolves and easily forms a glaze that can be drizzled on cakes and pastries. Light and sweet, 10x powdered sugar can also be dusted on pancakes, waffles, funnel cakes, and donuts for decoration. This item is made from cane sugar and contains a small amount of cornstarch to help prevent clumping and caking.

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10X Confectioners Sugar - 25 lb.

4.8 stars from 76 reviews

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sugar great bag Confectioners perfect price powdered Bulk icing buttercream
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I was skeptical about not buying domino sugar like I typically do. I am glad I tried this because it is equally as good, maybe even better. Great for buttercream icing or fudge. Mixes wo any lumps or bumps!

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What a huge bag of powdered sugar at a steal. I will be ordering again because I make tons of butter cream frosting for my company.

from Ineffable Delights on
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The best confectioners sugar to use when making fudge. The sugar is so fluffy and smooth that it incorporates perfectly and the fudge is rich and creamy.

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A very nice brand of confectioners sugar that is perfect for making cake frosting. The sugar is light and incorporates really well without being grainy.


This was a pretty good use for making our buttercream icing in the bakery we use a lot of powdered sugar. Very nice sized bag for the price. Well worth it.

from sweet - a - licious on

With running a full kitchen for a candy store this is the only way to buy. Some folks are skeptical about off brands but this one is a keeper in our kitchen.

from Pecans.com on

I love this 10x powdered sugar. Requires minimal sifting for my macarons and I don’t sift for any fillings I make with this product. I appreciate the product size and it’s easy to store.

from Sweet Velvet Macarons on

What a great deal on this sugar! We are using it for our funnel cakes! A lot better price than if we got it here in VA!


I've been very impressed with this icing sugar, we use it for cream cheese frosting, royal icing and drizzle icings. It sifts easily and incorporates easily into our icings and all at a great price.

from Fika, LLC on

This 10x confectioners sugar is a great great price for the quantity and comes plus as well. Has a Great taste and long shelf life

from Cakes by Stefania on

We ordered several bags of this sugar and it stands to be of really good quality. The texture and taste are really good. We use it as the topping for our funnel cakes.

from Poppin’ Party Concessions & rentals on

This confectioners sugar is such a great buy. I have had issues in the past with powdered sugar being grainy even after sifting, but not with this one. My buttercream and sugar cookies comes out perfect every time!

from SSB Bakery on

I love that this sugar is super soft and not clumpy at all! I always sift my powdered sugar but with this one YOU DO NOT EVEN NEED TO!


This is a really fantastic purchase for our shop! It is the best powdered/ confectioners sugar that we have purchased for both cookies and our frosting.

from Cookie Munchers Tampa on

I thought these were great to buy in bulk but never looked and checked to see if they were included in the free shipping. Was very upset and wish i would have looked closer when i bought everything and never looked at shipping cost. Fault on my end. Other than that it is a good product. I dont think its better than domino brand.

from Cake Me Away on

Bags were heavy duty and arrived in perfect shape. Sugar tastes great in recipes. Bulk size is nice for making large amounts of baked goods.

from Photo Bake Shop on

I use confectioners sugar to make pastries, to make frosting, to cover cookies with it, since I use too much I really prefer a big bag as webstaurant website sells, I am very happy with my product and love the fast shipping.

from Peru's most delicious treats on

Best confectioner sugar for buttercream and frosting, very stable and tastes amazing. Price is unbeatable and ships perfectly. I've been using it for 3 month so far and my frosting are better than ever!

from Mermelada Caracas on

Confectioners sugar is a great buy! This price is incredible and the powdered sugar itself is tasty to add to your sweet treats on or inside of.


This confectioners sugar is great! It is way cheaper than having to buy smaller bags. I store my confectioners sugar in 8QT food storage containers to make it easier to scoop out when needed!


The large bag of powdered sugar is so easy to throw into a 22qt container. Keeps the mess down. Makes making big batches of buttercream a breeze.


I have ordered this numerous times and have always been happy with its quality and packaging. Great deal price wise too! Perfect for all bakeries.


This powder sugar is absolutely the best it performs just as good as the name brand products..you can't tell any difference its just perfect and what I neef

from Eason's KraZy Cakes & More on

Wonderful style confectioners sugar that is great for making our fudge. The sugar is light and really mixes up well for great tasting fudge with a smooth texture.

from Ruby's Retro on

Good price and quantity for heavy bakers. Powdered sugar is always needed if you band often. I did however find this product to be rather clumpy, you’ll definitely have to sift it well. The 2lb bags sold on this website were a lot finer and did not have to be sifted. Good taste.. good bulk option.. just pretty thick.


If you make your own fondant or bake alot then this is what you need!!! I am so happy to have found this and even happier that it got to me so fast


We use this as an ingredient for many products in our small batch bakery! It tastes great and consistently provides us with a quality end product every time.

from Alanna's Gourmet Treats on

This was a good product, but I mostly use powdered sugar for icing so it's easier for me to select the number of bags I need and just dump them in vs. measuring out by the cup.

from Blue Door Bakery on

The 10x confectioners sugar is a great quality baking sugar that makes the best glazes. The sugar is very fine and incorporates so well with no grainy texture.

from Round Bagel on

I use this powered sugar for my in home cake business. The price is good and the quality is great. It lasts me a few weeks.

from Katies Cakes on

when you use lots of powder sugar for confections or icing reparation or garnishing plates - buying a big bag makes sense. We were pleased with the product.

from Sprinkle Idea LLC on

A really nice quality confectioners sugar that is great for making our icing for our cookies. Really mixes up well and no grainy texture like some brands.


Our bakers love those powdered sugar it is very fine and works great in all of our baked and cold deserts. It is not clumpy and we have not had to sift it at all


I love this powder sugar. The only reason I gave this four stars instead of five is because I wished I could order a fifty pound bag of this powder sugar without having to buy a huge amount. This powder sugar works really good for making icing, buttercream and cream cheese icing. I've also used it for making marshmallow fondant.


Great quality of powdered sugar. I have used it for cake icing, hard candy and various other confections with no problems. I will definitely order again in the future.

from Granny Bean's Confections on

Loved having a bunch of preserved sugar ready for my cakes and icing. I will be ordering this more often. But storage is an issue sometime for bulk!

from Courtney's Cakes and Sweet Treats on

This is a great buy for any Baker or home Baker and will make your buttercream icing taste amazing . I recommend it 100% to all family and friends.


Just knowing your getting good quality powder sugar is great!! It's great for making all sorts of frostings!! We like to use it in our coffee shop!!


This is seriously the BEST price for how MUCH you get!!! I used to have to go to the store EVERY TIME I had to make a cake, because I always ran out of confectioners sugar!! Now I haven't had to go to the store in a long time because I have this huge bag!!!! What a deal!!! I will DEFINITELY keep purchasing my Confectioners Sugar through webstaurantstore.com


Great price for the amount. I was buying small bags from the local store and i was waasting money. I use it for funnel cakes and to make my buttercream frosting.

from Candy on Main on

I would highly recommend this product to any bakery or company that use a a large supply of confectioners sugar on a daily base. It's works perfectly for my buttercream.

from K&K Custom Creations, LLC on

So glad to be able to get this much sugar for such a great price. Love using webstaurant! They keep me supplied with everything I need!

from Southern Grounds Coffee Shoppe on

I use this sugar when making my hand made fondant as well as buttercream, and it is perfect. I love the bulk size, and that it isn't clumpy.

from Jennie's Cake Creations on

Look around and you most likely will not find this product cheaper gram for gram. Shipping is high if you buy just one bag alone but added with other items and you will save.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

This powdered sugar is half the price of the grocery store sugars and it's also substantially cheaper than my local restaurant supply store. I use it for royal icing so grit or lumps makes piping impossible and I find this sugar has no lumps.


These large Carlisle containers are perfect for bulk baking product like this large bag of powdered sugar. The sugar arrived sealed and fresh and once transferred to the container, the lids seal in the freshness and the amount they hold is more than it appears.

from Bella Cuginas on

I ordered the 2lb bag and tested that first before I opened this bag. I'm happy to report this will be my new place to purchase sugar. The same brand is available in bulk and some local warehourse stores for almost double the money.


Excellent price for great confectioners sugar! You'll save a bit more by buying in this bulk size, and getting the same quality sugar. I would recommend having a food container that can hold the entire contents of the bag, since this is not the type of bag that can be sealed or stored well enough to keep the product fresh and out of pest's way.


This brand of powdered sugar has been great for making my buttercream. Its thickens the consistency for a perfect hold when frosting my cupcakes. it also doesnt leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

from Rose Market Goods on

Being a home baker, it's hard to find supplies in bulk. A 25lb bag is perfect! The quality of the sugar is superb. It helps make a smoother buttercream icing.


Arrived on time, great product, the bag was in okay shape. The packaging was great also. Perfect size and the price is just right also.

from I Baked It MySelf on

Great for baking, good value. Came packaged well, was worried that I may find it all over the box but it arrived intact and was in excellent condition.


Be purchase yet, I bake often and found myself running out to the store all the time because I kept running out of powdered sugar. I don't have that issue anymore. This 25 lb bag is a lifesaver and the best is even bigger. If you bake often you need to order, The 25 lbs bag lasts me about 3 months so it is well worth the money.


Love this product. Cheaper with shipping than purchasing at my warehouse store. It is super fine and makes great frosting. Economical size. I was afraid it would be broke open when shipped but it was in perfect condition.

from Robin Huston on

Was looking for much more than the 2lb bag that could be found in the local stores. This 25 lb bag is just perfect for my business. Will be purchasing more in the future. Thank you webstaurantstore.

from Aby's cakes on

I think this sugar is perfect for baking. It is fine, has a good taste and it doesn't clump up. I have had issues with that with some before. Not a problem here.


While the price is right, I was really disappointed with just how clumpy the bulk bag ended up being. It's clumped to the point that it's really challenging to sift it prior to use.


Thank you for reviewing this confectioners sugar, Sarah. We are sorry that it did not arrive in perfect condition. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to work this through.

WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

This is a fantastic price compared to purchasing in the grocery store or even in wholesale stores. I was easily paying double before I found this website. Very satisfied!

from Delicious Cakes & Delights on

As a beginning cookie crafter, I was not sure how much confectioners sugar I was going to use....needless to say, I use a TON of it! Being able to purchase in bulk has made it easier for me to plan and better for my bottom line.

from Edible Bliss on

I was previously paying double this price before deciding to purchase in bulk. I break it down into 2lb bags for ease of use when needed!

from Sugar Rush by Theresa on

Used confectioners sugar.?? frosting decoration came out perfect. Also used less sugar per recipe, the sugar was sweeter than my normal store sugar. A plus for me


Great price! Powdered sugar was nice and fine, perfect for making buttercream and royal icing. Come in a poly coated bag which made it nice for storing.


I bought this, and its last me forever, meanwhile I bake a lot, I have mny different orders of cupcakes, and cakes which all have icing on it. I love this icing, best believe I will buy again!

from elaine's bakery on

10x Confectioners Sugar is WORTH IT and cheap to buy this to WebstaurantStore! The Shipped is arrival prefect in two days when I ordered in every weekend!! That is much great and easier than shopping at Grocery food store! I use this for royal icing and buttercream for the wedding cake, also cupcakes and the cookies!! This is 10x 25LB is prefect enough more than 16 sheets cakes 12x8 frosting buttercreams!!

from Home on

You won't find better quality 10X at a better price. Note that all Confectioner's sugars are not necessarily 10X! 10X assures the finest texture possible, and is a must for frostings and candy making. The reason I didn't give this 5 stars is that confectioner's sugar is, by it's very nature a hydrophyllic substance, and the paper bag that this product is packaged in is not moisture-resistant in the least. Regrettably, I received this on a damp day, and it got a little clumpy, which required me to sift all of it before use. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about it. Store it in a dry place, temperature is irrelevant, as it is sugar, which is naturally stable.

from myrojewelers on

I received the order of 25lb confectioners sugar on time, and without any issues. The item arrived with the package intact. I have no complaints.

from Delicacy on

Taste is good, but this needs serious sifting. Had clumps sizes a big as my hand. If you have A LOT of patience (I don't), buy it.


This is a great value for a 25lb bag- the 10x sugar is great and way better then anything that you will get a store!

from Hardcore Sweet on

I'm glad I was able to get this sugar in bulk. When making homemade frosting a for my cakes almost every other day, it's really keeps the cost down with going to the grocery store every other day for the small boxes of confectioners sugar.

from Chef TJ Dubs Culinary Arts on

This is definitely a better alternate than traveling to the grocery store and buying them out of 2lb bags of powdered sugar. The price you can't beet and a great product! Will purchase again!

from Cupcakes by Jenn on

We have yet to find a cheaper sugar anywhere! Quality is good and the price is right, plus it's delivered to our doorstep and on-time vs. some of the other vendors we work with!


Great product this worked out wonderfully for me. I am so pleased with this twenty five pound bag of confectioners sugar. I will order more!


This confectioners sugar is perfect for finishing up a plate of brownies, pancakes, waffles and even home made donuts for something less sugary and calorie filled.


I love this confectioners sugar. So many uses- royal icing and a decorative touch are my favorite. Covering a plain surface with powdered sugar always makes something look nice.


This is a very good powdered sugar! It is great for garnishing all sorts of desserts! It is perfect for whipping up light whipped cream in seconds!!!


A lot of sugar- great for waffles or funnel cakes Be sure to store this in a dry area though any humid places may cause clumping in the bag even unopened


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