Shank's 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste

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Shank's vanilla bean paste is thicker than vanilla extract or imitation vanilla, though it can be used for the same purpose. It's made by infusing vanilla beans into a syrup consisting of sugar and water. The beans are grated into the syrup, leaving black flecks and specks that add visual appeal to whatever dish you're making. Vanilla bean paste can be used to add vanilla flavoring to a variety of recipes, from ice cream, to frosting, to sauces, to cakes and other baked goods. Use this Shank's 4 oz. vanilla bean paste as a substitute for your vanilla extract and make delectable and tantalizing culinary creations for your customers!

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Shank's 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste

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vanilla paste bean flavor great love more taste extract price
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    Delicious, very good quality vanilla bean paste. Use it on roll cakes and other recipe that calls for vanilla. Wished they come in bigger size.
    I read the reviews and expected to love this product but sadly I don't. I don't think the vanilla taste is a rich as I was expecting. It doesn't have an unpleasant flavor so I will definitely use it up.
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    I love the look of this, but I find the strength of alcohol-based vanilla extract to be greater than what's in this jar. I want to love it, but it's just not quite as intense as everyone is saying.
    This vanilla bean paste is perfect for a our vanilla cakes. I would be more if they offered a larger size. Still a great paste to work with in baking and in frosting.
    A great quality vanilla bean paste that is awesome for making our cheesecake filling for our bagels. The tastes is so much better than imitation.
    This paste is fantastic. I wish they still sold the item individually, but its still a great value by the case as well. There is a noticeable difference from using the paste especially when baking. We also used for our non dairy ice cream, worked fantastic!
    Love this vanilla works and taste great, easy to use, plan to order more when I run out! I feel you don’t have to use as much!
    Anyone in the baking industry knows how expensive vanilla is these days and this is moderately priced. We love the flecks of the paste, so our customers know it's real vanilla.
    The vanilla bean paste is excellent and very rich and concentrated. It is perfect for making our flan and has a nice vanilla taste and smell. Very pleased.
    This works perfect for our vanilla bean fraps. We add a small amount to each drink, adds just enough vanilla taste and the vanilla bean appearance.
    Shank's is a great brand of flavorings and always delivers high quality products. I love the great taste and flavor of the vanilla bean paste. It is great for making great tasting egg nog.
    The flavor Of the vanilla bean paste was so good, especially in a buttercream frosting. A great addition to my pantry, I will definitely purchase again.
    A great vanilla bean paste that is bursting with the rich, aromatic flavor of vanilla. The paste is great for making crème brulee or cream cheese spread.
    Vanilla bean paste is so much more convenient to have in your pantry than vanilla beans. Same great flavor but you don't have to cut and scrape the pods. Love it for frosting for my macarons.
    Wow! I used this paste in some vanilla bean cream cheese scones I made and just wow!! This paste gets the cred for all of the scones greatness! Yummy!
    Shank's Vanilla Bean Paste has a great vanilla flavor, with a great look of vanilla flecks. I use it in puddings, Creme Brûlée, whipped Cream. It has a great flavor.
    compared to other brands of vanilla paste, this brand is a little... goopy, due to the xanthan gum, but the flavor is spot on. it's a great deal and works in all sorts of different baking applications
    product that most bakers will use in quantity. A baker needs their extract to be consistent, flavorful, and (unless you are made of money) inexpensive. This is all three.
    This product has an overpowering alcohol smell. I expected it to smell like vanilla but it doesn't. The other extracts from this same brand smell wonderful. It's more of a syrup than a paste. It also discolors the food, not a tint but a caramel color. I had to add more milk and even white gel food coloring to use it as a glaze. The glaze then still tasted like alcohol. I won't use this again in anything that won't be cooked. This did work well as a one for one for vanilla extract in baked goods. Thanks goodness the alcohol burns off. I will only use it for things as such.
    Shank's 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste was milder than I thought it would be I would have gotten more of a kick from an extract but if I was looking fir that soft flavor this would be it best in icing and whip cream topping
    Tastes great on baked goods and homemade ice cream. I love to see the little specks of vanilla on vanilla flavored foods. Makes it real and not artifical tasting.
    This stuff is great, you can use it to give vanilla flavor to about anything. Seems to be very high quality, definitely worth the price.
    Shank's Vanilla Bean paste was very good for the price. It comes nice and thick. I love the speckled appearance the ground vanilla beans give to my frosting. It has a decent flavor, but I do wish it was a bit more bold like a pure extract. Nonetheless, I can always use a combination of extract and paste in my desserts.
    This was not as concentrated as the others that I have used. But it did the job! I would recommend it! I just had to use more than the other that I use.
    We use this paste for many of our cookies. Excellent flavor and consistency. The black flecks give the shortbread and other blonde cookies a look of real vanilla bean. Perfect!
    This vanilla bean taste provides such a rich and delicious vanilla flavor to baked goods more than any extract can. I love that you can see the flecks of vanilla seeds in your baked goods.
    This product is amazing! I added it to all of my vanilla recipes, and it makes everything taste so much better!! The little black specks also add to the appeal.
    Smells wonderful...Better than my expensive vanilla extract. It is a syrupy consistency, not really a paste...It works wherever regular vanilla extract works. I will definitely buy again.
    very quality in this Product, Flavor its rich and aromatic, I use this in sweets bakes ,also its work's perfect in puddings, beverages and creamy recipes!
    This is a Amazing product! I love the smell, I love the look, I love the taste! If you're thinking about getting this, stop thinking and just add it to the cart.
    This stuff is awesome! It is such a good price compared to other pastes I have tried before and the quality is just as good!
    This is one of the best products that I have ever ordered!!! And I really would purchase more of this product. I have used this product now for many things. And it makes everything so much more tastier and flavorful. Thank you very much. Miss karen weiland.
    Shanks vanilla bean paste is by far the best I've used. We use in our buttercream and taste good and it's at a good price.
    I am so glad I found this website and have already shared the information with other Family members who will be ordering products as well. My first ordered arrived yesterday and was anxious to try the Vanilla Bean Paste. The aroma smells wonderful straight from the bottle then I added it a plain Greek yogurt and was pleasantly surprised at the flavor. Today I am back to order more of the Vanilla Bean plus other items.
    Vanilla bean paste is my go to for baking. It was my first time trying this brand and I did so because of the price. I've been paying at least double this price at my lical kitchen wares shop. I was very pleased and have used the bottle up already. I need to reorder and will be doing so here. Another item that i am pleased with the quality & price!
    A great product at a great price. Easy to use and oh so delicious.This is wonderful in home made Ice Cream. Adds true Vanilla taste with an easy to use product.
    Very easy to use and tastes great. Very affordable compared to what is sold at my local grocery store. The vanilla specks make everything look gourmet.
    I ordered this in a pinch when we could not find our usual paste in our local market. This isn't as thick as the fancier brands but it is certainly not thin. Think like honey mixed with a few drops of water. It blends in nicely with all of our baked goods and gives the slightest flavor of vanilla. I often find myself adding vanilla extract to make up for it though. Plenty of specks in the paste give whatever you are making a very wonderful appearance. Try using it in vanilla butter cream for a beautiful vanilla bean ice cream look and flavor. I'm looking to try it as an addition to a filling to molded chocolate pieces.
    This was not as good as I had hoped. You have to use a lot to really get the flavor. But it is much cheaper than the beans alone!
    This product was exactly what we were looking for. Good flavor, but hoping for a larger quantity at a better price to come available soon.
    So far this seems like a great product. I've used it in sweet cornbread and cookies. As others have commented, it does have addatives, but for the price it can't be beat.
    This paste is very good and can be used in place of vanilla beans which can be pricey. Love it! I already have enough ordered for the holiday!
    Shank's Vanilla Bean paste gives my Vanilla Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream that extra smooth heightened taste of vanilla that is just so perfect. It also adds the vanilla bean flecks so consumers know it's real vanilla bean in there!
    This adds a depth of flavor that extract just can't; shank's is a very high quality product that really accents the flavor profile of baked goods. I've used this in everything from cookies and cakes to balsamic sauce reductions and it comes out every time.
    Lovely flavor, easy to use. I'm kinda tickled at the idea of switching over completely to the paste. I love the little speckles, just gives everything a classy look. I use a lot of vanilla, can't wait to try it in a white cake. I used it for something as simple as french toast and it really jazzed it up. I know I will be ordering more. Really neat product at an excellent price!
    I got this but have not used it yet but hear a lot of good things about it from other bakers. I will have to get baking and try it out. Very excited about it.
    This is the best tasting vanilla bean paste. It make frosting taste wonderful. You actually do see the vanilla bean in the frosting. I love this stuff.
    Not exactly what I was expecting but not complaining either. Great to add to sauces, drinks, baking etc. Pretty decent vanilla flavor and good amount of vanillin. I just wish it was just a vanilla bean paste WITHOUT the added viscosity (xanthan gum etc.)
    Shank's 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste. If you want a real, decadent vanilla taste in your cookies, cakes, and even ice cream, look no further. A little goes a long way.
    We use this vanilla bean paste to make homemade vanilla bean ice cream. It tastes great and the specks or vanilla make it look gourmet.
    It has a good vanilla flavor and the specs of vanilla bean are good for presentation in goods that show but I have one issue with the product. I'm wondering why it has sugar in it, throws off some of the recipes I have. Also I'd like to know if it was GM or not (sugar). Other than that the price is hard to beat considering the actually bean is so much more expensive.
    Good enhancer for any dessert. Nice flavor I have used before different brand twice the money and I can say this vanilla can compare to it
    Love this stuff, and it's so much cheaper, cost wise, than other brands. You get all the flavor with tiny specks of vanilla bean without the cost. It also helps to keep cookies from geting too much moisture when wanting to add extra flavoring. Great product!!
    I have been spending a small fortune on vanilla bean paste for my cheesecakes. I decided to try the Shank's and I cannot tell the difference. I am going to reorder right now!
    Shank's Vanilla Bean Paste has incredible vanilla flavor. I use it in place of regular vanilla bean in recipes that I want the little flecks of vanilla bean to show; cookies, ice cream, whipping cream. Great value too.
    I purchased the shank's vanilla bean paste as a sort of compromise. Real vanilla beans are so expensive and I got this to substitute in making homemade ice cream. The price was good, and the quality is great!

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