Regal Coarse Sea Salt - 16 oz.

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Regal coarse sea salt is perfect for a variety of cooking and garnishing applications! While regular table salt is mined from underground salt beds and refined, sea salt comes from the evaporation of ocean water. Similar in flavor to table salt, Regal coarse sea salt is a healthy substitute that contains trace amounts of valuable minerals that are otherwise stripped from table salt in the refining process! Plus, coarse sea salt is less moisture sensitive so it resists caking, making storage easy and hassle-free.

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Regal Coarse Sea Salt - 16 oz.

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salt great sea coarse Regal flavor perfect love price taste
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    This salt is easy to use in various dishes with the coarse nature. The container is easy to store and to handle. A quality product
    Another quality Regal product! Great to have on hand for the occasional recipe calling for sea salt. At this price, it doesn't cost much even if we don't use it often.
    Love All my products from WebstaurantStore! The quality and price of the Regal Coarse Sea Salt in Bulk can not be beat! Spices are always fresh! Love the size of the Salt crystals. Great flavor.
    I bought this little guy for my house and I love it. Nice flavor and nice crunch. Great for salting all sorts of foods. Very pleased.
    I use this in my honey, curry chicken. I love that I don’t have to use much to get the same taste of table salt. Very affordable.
    we now use regal seasonings exclusively.they are a lot cheaper and for the most part just as good as the named brands we used to buy.
    great product, it is great for finishing and baking. it does not have the same chemical taste as some other brands and it is a great price.
    Love this coarse sea salt! Lots of flavor and less processed than regular table salt. Can be used as is, or put in a grinder for a finer grain. Great for cooking and garnishing. Will purchase again!
    Regal coarse sea salt is great. Perfect for salting water for pasta or other dishes. It also works in salt grinders to give that fresh-ground effect at the table.
    just the right salt to use in a grinder - this is an excellent value and a superb quality salt - 5 stars from !
    Regal Spice easily has some of the best herbs and spices on the market. The case is no different when it comes to their coarse sea salt. I was a little reluctant to give this sea salt a try in my coleslaw due to the coarseness but in the end it all worked out really good and with great flavor. There is just something about sea salt that is head and shoulders above table salt.
    I use this coarse sea salt as finishing salt after I carve a steak, the coarseness i think is great for presentation purposes. and the crystals are not uniform which i think is great this way
    I use this salt at the store and it's perfect for shaking on to our hand dipped caramel apples and our salted caramels as well.
    What a great value! Love this coarse sea salt and like that it is so cost effective. I go through a good amount of it on top of my specialty coffee drinks.
    The quality and taste of the salt is so far so good and just use the right shakers for serving to get the best result.
    Salt was as expected. The lid was easy to open and use. The salt poured out of the lid easily, did not clump at all.
    Regal coarse sea salt is great for subtle meats like fish where it can be paired with lemon to make the best cod fish fillet recipe
    Really enjoy this coarse salt for cooking. The packaging is great as it offers a sifting side as well as a pour/spoon side. Great value.
    This is perfect for adding to dishes throughout cooking. I like that is is coarse - it allows for more control. The packaging is great too.
    regal coarse sea salt is perfect size for salt grinders. and is also great to use to season our cast iron frying pans.price is very fair even with shipping
    Excellent. Whatever it is being used in it gives a savory flavor better than regular and Kosher salt. I use it to garnish the bagels I make also so I do have to be careful and sprinkle it lightly.
    I love cooking with this coarse sea salt! The consistence is just perfect. It is really well priced product too! I would recommend to everyone!
    Most people put salt on or in their food but we use it in our ice cream! The coarseness of the salt adds a perfect texture and taste to any desert!
    Good salt for the price but would not recommend to use as finishing salt. The Regal brand has very low prices but the quality is not mediocre. We use this salt often for cooking but have other finishing salts for service.
    This coarse sea salt is amazing when sprinkled on any dish. it has an amazing taste and good texture. Regal brand never disappoints and this a pantry staple for me.
    I like using the course sea salt, I can use it as is or put it in my salt grinder and it tastes fantastic and it comes in a nice sized container.
    I bought this to refill my salt grinder. I like to use sea salt over table salt since it contains valuable minerals. Regal brand always has fresh herbs and spices, and their containers are resealable, reusable, and recyclable.
    I’m very satisfied with my purchase of this Regal Coarse Sea Salt. It comes packaged in a nice sealed little container. The salt is a nice size grain and is perfect on top of food. It definitely has a sea salt flavor.
    this is almost like a "pretzel salt" sized grind of salt, so it is fairly large, but its great for when you want noticeable pops of saltiness in your recipes.
    The regal coarse sea salt is a great product, I must order more of this because I didn't realize how little 16 ounces really was. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality salt.
    I am pretty impressed with this sixteen ounce container of the Regal coarse sea salt. Perfect addition to any dish. I really like using it as a steak tenderizer as it really brings out their flavor. I am happy to order again. I would like to see other varieties of this salt in particular. Great job!!
    This is a great standard rough salt. Good flavor and great price point. We use daily in all of our dishes whether savory or sweet.
    Course salt is great for dry rubs. I decided to try regal for the first time and my smoked brisket could not tell the difference. Next time I'll buy a large quantity.
    This coarse sea salt is great! You really get lots of value for your money with this size! I like using it on my caramel candies
    I like this course sea salt as a way to crust things like fish or chicken. It's perfect for all sorts of different food items!
    I use coarse salt in a large variety of my cooking. In addition, this product is great for cleaning cast iron cookware. Just sprinkle it on and brush it into the cookware to both clean and flavor!
    This is perfect for salt mills and for adding finishing texture to many dishes or coating breads like bagels for a nice crunch. This is a full pound of salt and a great deal.
    Coarse sea salt is great for seasoning broths, food, and pasta water, but it's also great for finishing touches on food, especially things like caramel and chocolate bark. The texture is large enough that it doesn't get absorbed by the food.
    Love these large crystals, makes it so much easier to add the right amount to dishes compared to fine grain which is easy to over salt with
    Sea salt is more popular than it has ever been. It is better for those watching their sodium intake because you use less with the larger crystals.
    Compared to its fine ground counterpart, this particular coarse sea salt it's perfect for seasoning cooked vegetable and meat, to give it extra flavor as needed.
    I love this coarse sea salt as it has a strong salty taste and it retain most of the freshness. It is cheap and it comes in an easy storage tub. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
    The Coarse Sea Salt was delivered sooner than expected. It was the perfect sized coarse crystals. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. Will definitely buy again.
    Nice coarse sea salt much more course than their kosher salt I did enjoy all of my spices from Regal that I've gotten off of the what a great deal
    Wanted to tr this salt so I got this 16oz tub. Not a bad sea salt an was a course salt to, good salt flavor an cheap price
    This salt is great for truffles or as a topper on a dish as a garnish. I like to top salted caramel cupcakes with this salt and caramel in general. I am a huge sweet and salty fan so I love this salt!
    Excellent coarse sea salt and also very competitively priced, as well. I now order it in the large 8 lb. containers to save even more.
    We use this product in catering for a bruschetta bite. The great texture and size of the salt give it a lot of flavor. Best price on the market.
    A little too coarse for espresso drinks. Tends to sink to bottom, leaving bad after taste. Works well on pastries. Otherwise great product. will order less coarse next time.
    Regal sea salt is a great product. I prefer sea salt over regular salt. We use it in our prep, soups, sprinkle on our fries. Great taste.
    I purchased these for personal use... I just could not resist for the price! I used a bit with my salad tonight and it seems great. I plan to use it for certain dessert recipes in the future.
    All of the regal salts are a good buy, but this might be my favorite. Perfect size and great flavor. Will definitely be buying more when I run out.
    The crystals fit great inside my small salt grinder. It tastes really good too. Can't wait to try it on salted caramels and to season meat for smoking.
    I like to use this coarse sea salt on our chocolate petit fours. It creates a great "salty and sweet" flavor combination. It is larger than normal kosher salt.
    Kosher or Sea real tough question in most kitchens. This regal sea salt is the answer the mesh is finer than most brands great Regal product.
    Great container of sea salt. The salt is very coarse and works great in a grinder. We like this coarse salt because it allows us to smoke it for added flavoring.
    Decent sea salt. Good for brining and other situations where a coarse grind is okay. If you're looking for accuracy, be sure to weigh it!
    Worked wonderfully, quick dissolving, and great sea salt flavor. I recommend this Regal Coarse Sea Salt for all your sea salt needs. This was used for a steaming application, and worked very well.
    Nice big crystals. We will be making pretzels at home in the next week or two and this will work out just fine for us.
    This works great for my salt grinder at home that is why i purchased it. And like to use it as garnish a top of breads, chocolate, and caramel.
    The taste and texture of the salt is what you would expect based upon the description, but the container was opened and nearly 1/3 of the product was missing when it arrived in our shipment. Not satisfied and ended up tossing the whole container due to uncertainty of the products quality. Please make this right! We would love to order again.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your salt was opened and spilled during transit. Your account has been credited for the sea salt.
    Great sea salt for the price. Good large crystals that make for a great seasoning. we use it in seasoning our smoked pork and have tried a number of different sea salts. this one is the best.
    The perfect topping for bagels and breads. My customers love the coarse texture and the flavor of this great salt! Highly recommend this product to anyone!
    This salt was a little bigger than we were used to but after using it once we love it. You do not have to use alot to add flavor for cooking and for meals. We keep it right by the stove and a pinch works great!
    Not a common staple in most kitchens but at this price I will add it to mine. Maybe I will make some soft pretzels or butter and salt the crust on my next pizza. 16oz fills an entire small container.
    Excellent product. Made some salted caramels and it came out great! You only need to use a little of this of course as the flavor is a bit intense.
    A great course sea salt for a great price. It's perfect for seasoning grilled steaks and even better on baked goods like salted caramel brownies.
    This is good quality salt at an affordable price unlike the fancy ones sold in tiny bottles. It is just as described - coarse. The texture makes it a wonderful thing to sprinkle on baked goods. This will be a great addition to your baking arsenal.
    This is some great quality sea salt. Our clients love the texture and flavor of this salt on their treats. We use this in fudge as well as sprinkled on top of assorted caramel and chocolate treats.
    Most sea salts are pricy just because it the in thing right now. This is a good product for the price, packaging easy to use.
    The Regal Coarse sea Salt 16 oz.Is great for seasoning baked potatoes.Our customers love it .We alos use the coarse sea salt for flavoring fish and other meats. Great flavor.
    The Regal Course Sea Salt has a good flavor, and it adds a great salt flavor when needed. It is very nice that it is sold in bulk.

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