Regal Taco Seasoning - 10 oz.

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Perfect for your busy Mexican restaurant or your next party, Regal taco seasoning features a zesty blend of Mexican-style seasonings! Developed to suit the hearty, flavorful taste of tacos, this mix includes a unique combination of paprika, salt, onion, corn meal, flour, garlic, cocoa, citric acid, and spices. You can even use it to add extra heat and zesty taste to tortilla soup and sauces. The bright, bold flavors in this savory seasoning blend are sure to spice up any dish!

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Regal Taco Seasoning - 10 oz.

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seasoning taco Great flavor price ground beef tacos taste easy
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    I'm clearly in the minority here, but I didn't find this comparable to the packaged seasoning mixes. Being a restaurant-sized bottle, it didn't include directions. I prepared some ground beef as I normally would, and found it to be lacking in flavor. I added some more, and it ended up still not flavorful enough, but too salty. Thankfully it was very inexpensive, so I'm just going to cut my losses and buy the name brand stuff.
    We appreciate you review, Melissa! If you ever have any questions about the product you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
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    I love being able to buy this in bulk instead of needing to purchase a ton of little packets at the grocery store. Tastes just like what you are familiar with, but much more economically packaged and priced.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    It's a decent blend for homemade tacos. Be careful with it, it is very easy to get too much if you are used to using the packaged version. I have found using a little tomato chicken bullion helps to get what home users are more used to when preparing meats.
    This is an excellent blend of flavors than make both our beef and chicken tacos a real hit. The large container provides for many portions.
    This taco seasoning was great. Used it with turkey and ground beef on separate occasions. Better than the other name brands. Very flavorful and bright. Would recommend the taco seasoning to all, especially for the price
    I can say, this product is a good quality product. The value is great, the taste is on point. It’s defin something I would prefer to order again n again!
    I really enjoyed this taco seasoning. It is great and really adds a nice flavor to the ground beef. The best value and tasting seasoning we have found.
    The taco seasoning is delicious and makes for a really great tasting taco seasoning. The seasoning is delicious and is perfect for quick and easy tacos.
    This regal brand taco seasoning is smells good and great taste. It's good quality and flavorful. It's 10oz container and shipping was really fast and affordable price.
    I love the freshness of Regal's seasoning blends. They are well packaged and great quality. The taco seasoning is excellent and very flavorful. A great and easy way to season our ground beef.
    This taco seasoning has a great flavor. I used it on some steak and while the steak was chewy and subpar the flavor was magnificent. Cant wait to use it again on some chicken or ground beef.
    I love this regal taco seasoning. It adds the perfect flavor to my ground beef or chicken for all of my Mexican dishes! Perfect size also!
    This taco seasoning is just as good, if not better than the pricier, name brand taco seasonings. Trust Regal for your seasoning needs and save!
    We love to use this taco seasoning over chicken with tomatoes for a great "Taco chicken" meal that you can use with so many things. It also works great with ground beef for traditional style tacos.
    i tried this mainly due to cheaper price.its very good for a lot of mexician cuisine.we add to ground meat for tacos just like the ortego brand mix.just as good for less cost.
    I really enjoyed this taco seasoning found it very similar to the little packets of seasoning, so being able to but it in bulk in a sealed container made life simpler
    I really enjoy this great Taco seasoning. It makes preparing taco so easy! I also love nice undertone of cocoa powder! Such a great touch!
    it really doesn't taste like the packets you buy in the grocery store, but that doesn't mean it's bad. it's a decent product, but isn't incredible strong. you need to add a pretty hefty amount to have any discernible flavor. for the price, it's a good deal though.
    We use this seasoning for all of our Tex Mex dishes great making burritos or tacos we add this to our ground beef and tomatoes to make a super flavor
    very nice taco seasoning at a good price!! can be used in all sorts of recipes, including in making tacos. although i bought the 10 ounce sized bottle this time, i'll be buying the 5 pound sized bottle the next time i order this taco seasoning.
    This Regal taco seasoning is very tasty. There are no directions on how mush to use per pound. I looks at a package of seasoning from the grocery store which is 1oz (28g) and use that much of this seasoning per pound of meat and it was good.
    This taco seasoning goes perfect in our homemade beer queso dip. It adds a little jazz to our already amazing queso. Will definitely order again.
    It’s fun to make your own blend of spices, but it’s not always convenient. I love that Webstaurant has pre-mixes that taste great and are affordable too.
    very tasty smells good easy to use and easy to cook with, gives food and good flavor. you get a lot of product and happy with price.
    You put a little bit of this on our burger meat when we did eat a taco night. Really brought out the flavor and have that little touch of taste that we were looking for. Love all the spices that are offered on here. Am I continue to buy
    Regal Taco Seasoning is as good as my normal brand and cost is way better. I will be making this my go to seasoning from now on.
    Me and my family love making tacos so I purchased this seasoning to try it and it is really good me personally I added a little more salt with it but it was good.
    This is a good seasoning. There is nothing wrong with it and with the price it is an amazing value. It just tasted a little flat to me. Everyone else loved it so it must just be me.
    Easy to add taco taste to dishes or meats! Great in ground turkey for taco salads- it does have a bite to it too so use sparingly if you have sensative eaters. We add cayenne pepper ground to it to make it more spicy!
    I have used this Regal taco seasoning in the past and it continues to meet my expectations. The freshness is remarkable for it not being a fresh combo of paprika and cilantro and the fine consistency is the perfect addition to any Taco or burrito dish. I like how easy this spice is to order and will continue to do so. The fast shipping and quantity discounts are a huge plus. Would highly recommend to any kitchen manager.
    The Regal Taco Seasoning is perfect for making Taco's. The taste is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this seasoning. Great value!
    The taste is okay but when I make tacos for my truck I do have to add another taco seasoning. However it is cheaper to add the two together than buy my other seasoning outright!
    I like this taco seasoning but it doesn't have that strong of a flavor. I find that you have to use more than you might expect when making taco meat from ground beef for example. Nonetheless the flavor is good and the price is pretty good.
    There are no instructions with this taco seasoning, but I add 1/4 cup seasoning and 2/3 cups water to each pound of ground beef after excess fat has been drained. Good flavor, and very reasonably priced.
    This mix got me out of a jam when I had forgot to pick up taco seasoning from the store. That being said, it lacked a distinguishable "taco" flavor for us.
    This is a tasty taco seasoning mix that works great as is or even better as a base. We like to use this inside our chili as well. Its a solid product at a great price.
    Nice blend of seasonings. Compared to the price of a small packet on the store, this price cannot be beat. With a pinch used at a time this will last a good long while.
    We replaced the old name brand taco seasoning with this after the taste test. We mostly use this to season nacho meat, but it is great with many southwest dishes.
    This is easy to use with ground beef adding one cup of water and about 1/3 to 1/4 cup of seasoning to the ground beef after cooking, depending on how much ground beef your cooking. Let simmer for 10 min and you now have great taco meat!
    Great taco seasoning, i cook with ground turkey and onions, taste is great compared to supermarket brands. color and freshness are great, fragrant and vibrant spice blend.
    I have to admit I was a little hesitant about trying this taco seasoning because it was so much less expensive than other brands I have used, but was very happy with the flavor. We will definitely be purchasing more.
    This is perfect for tacos and other Mexican style foods. It's so much easier to use this all in one rather than trying to get just the right combination from the individual spices.
    This was a great taco seasoning, wonderful flavor and a great price per serving ratio. I would highly recommend this for all your taco needs.
    This seasoning is a great staple for any kitchen. It lasts for so long but can be used for so many different Mexican dishes. It's a favorite in my household.
    The regal taco seasoning is just as good as the name brand stuff, just at a fraction of the price. I like the convenient smaller bottles as we don't go through a lot at a time
    The Regal Taco Seasoning is a great value for the price. It has a great flavor, and being premixed you don't need worry about making your own.
    Love this taco seasoning! We use a lot of this in a house full of teenagers who always want tacos or something with taco flavor! Great price!
    Good product and if you order at same time as buying equipment the shipping is next to nothing. Literally a 1/4 of the price my local purveyors would charge
    previously we were using one of the national brand taco seasoning, until we found this one. in my opinion the final product comes out almost the same, and the price is a fraction of the cost i highly recommend.
    Very tasty taco seasoning, better than the most popular store brands. I am very pleased with the flavor and the mildness of the heat, not very salty either.
    This taco seasoning has a very nice authentic taste to it. Been using this product for years now and my customers love it! Added it bonus, it's reasonably priced!
    Used in tacos the other day. Very good rich flavor. So much better than what comes in the box with Tacos.Do not have to use a lot. Would recommend this product. I am a home cook and love trying new spices.
    I am a big fan of this taco blend. Other blends I have used in the past were way too salty. This has just enough salt with more of a focus on the actual flavor instead. Would definitely buy again
    Meh, it's just ok. It has some heat to it which I wasn't too happy with. I have had better taco seasoning but it gets the job done. However, just be careful if there are people sensitive to spice.
    Perfect! the flavor is there and the price cannot be beat. definitely a better deal than the name brands available locally. Perfect for adding a Mexican flare to a dish.
    I used to make my own taco seasoning until I came across this brand. The price is amazing and the taste is exceptional- every dish has come out great.
    Best taco seasoning ever. I use this taco seasoning on beef, chicken, and turkey. It has a very special blend and each component used compliments each other.
    As with many of the Regal spices, the taco seasoning is fresh and full of flavor. It easily tastes as good as the brand name taco seasoning I purchased before at a warehouse store. This was, of course, a better price however.
    We have been very happy with the seasonings we have gotten from webstraunt. Every one has been good and we like the prices as well as the packaging
    The Regal Taco Seasoning is superior to all but the most expensive brands we've tried, and we have tried a lot of them. The flavor is excellent, and the price incredible for the quality.
    Great Taco Seasoning. We use it both on our food truck and for catering events. We use it for tacos and any other item that requires mexican seasoning.
    Great time saver! I've tried many blends, then tend to make my own. This tastes like I want it to with all the hassle. Always great spices prices!!
    Regal Taco Seasoning is just as good as the little packets bought at the store, but for the price of 1 ounce I can get 10 ounces of this seasoning. I have added it to ground beef and chicken and I am pleased with the results. I am going to add some of this taco seasoning to chilli next because I know it will add to the flavor profile.
    Great blend of flavors in this Taco Seasoning. You can't beat the price compared to the small store packets. Would highly recommend this for all meats.
    Used to make homemade enchiladas. The taste that the seasoning added to the meat as good, but not amazing. I like it because i can buy it in bulk and save lots of money.
    I recently purchased several spices including this one. The Regal brand seems to be a pretty high quality product. Smelled heavenly upon opening. Nice blend, great flavor. I'd definitely order this one again.
    This a must for Mexican cooking and making tacos. This seasons the ground meat perfectly and is a lot more cost efficient than the little packs.
    The taco seasoning is such a great deal. One could make tacos for years using this dry mix. Much better price than buying those little packets at the grocery store.
    We were pleased with the quality of this taco seasoning given the price. Have used it to season tacos, fajitas, nachos, and soups and all turned out well.
    I was surprised at how good this taco seasoning is. We used it like we would the packets from the grocery store. The taste is so much better and cheaper too
    We were tired of buying individual packets of taco seasoning for taco night, so the bulk 10 oz. portion size for the price makes it much more convenient for our own personal use. Well worth the price!
    This stuff will bring the fire! Was a little worried using this for the first time because we had some smaller kids joining us but to my surprise, they enjoyed that bit of heat.
    This it the best spice ever. You can used it in anything like chicken, hamburgers , stake, or fish, or anything, Restaurants can buy this and also you can buy it for home too.
    We make tacos at least once a week with different types of meat and this seasoning works awesome on not only beef but also chicken, turkey and buffalo meat.
    This taco seasoning is the perfect blend for all of your Mexican dishes. A perfect balance of flavor and spice. Great in ground beef, steak and chicken. 10oz fills an entire small container.
    This Regal seasoning is good for adding flavor to chicken or even ground beef!! I like it for marinading chicken for the grill too, just add some oil or chicken stock!!
    Great tasting taco seasoning. It dissolves quickly when added to the dish. And the price is way lower than the top branded seasoning. Highly recommended!
    Regal's seasonings and spices are tasty and very affordable, great for use on the line or at home. With paprika, garlic, onion, salt, and more, this has what you need to give your food that Mexican zing.
    The Mccornick brand can't beat this price. It's the best price in the market, and i am extremely happy with this purchase. The taste is also spectacular.
    This is great Taco Seasoning. We use it in the restaurant for...well...our tacos obviously. We use it for both beef and chicken tacos and some of our customers have said we have the best tacos they're ever tasted.
    We recently used this seasoning for a wedding where they requested tacos. Everyone loved the flavor and kept going back for seconds. They said it tasted a lot better than a lot of taco seasonings that you can get in stores.
    This is a great blend of seasonings to use in ground beef. I use it for tacos, nachos, enchiladas and I even use it to give a nice flavor to chili.
    Great seasoning for making homemade fresh taco filling, it's awesome for ground beef and chicken, just a little will go a long way and this little seasoning adds the right amount of flavor.

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