Regal Rosemary Leaves - 3 oz.

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Infuse your dishes with the aromatic pine aroma of Regal rosemary leaves! Pale green in color, these petite leaves have a strong pine aroma and flavor. They should be crushed before adding to food. Derived from the mint family, rosemary is used to flavor chicken, lamb, pork, salmon, tuna, soups, and sauces.

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Regal Rosemary Leaves - 3 oz.

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    This rosemary is a delicious addition to soups and chicken dishes. It smells and tastes great, and comes in a super convenient, reusable spice bottle.

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    Delicious addition to chicken broth

    Regal Rosemary Leaves - 3 oz. #10207131 For some reason where I live, rosemary is pretty expensive, so for the low price on this WebstaurantStore I was very excited. I make Garlic & Rosemary chicken quite often and when I used to buy the rosemary in store, I would normally put some in my hand and crush it over the chicken however I noticed the rosemary I bought from WebstaurantStore is crushed a little bit more compared to the rosemary I used to buy in store. I will still be crushing the rosemary with my hand though because it says you should to release more flavor. Of course you can grind it into powder or maybe pulse it in a blender but that’s all preference. One thing I have noticed is that either it tends to stay hard after cooked even in a soup or that there may be stems in the rosemary as I occasionally but not that often find hard pieces with my teeth. Over all I will be purchasing this item again when I run out because I really can’t find a better price anywhere else.

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    Straight from the Regal container. I did not crush this myself.

    This is absolutely great on chicken with a little lemon for rosemary lemon chicken. It isn’t a strong flavor but it is just the right amount!

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    I love love love the smell of rosemary! Use it anytime i can in my dishes, adds amazing fragrant flavor. Would highly recommend to use!

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    I love this 3-ounce bottle of rosemary leaves from Regal spice has a wonderful aroma taste great goes very well in any recipe I like it in my stuffing

    from Kathy J Posted on

    I love to add these Regal rosemary leaves to my stuffing before mixing

    I love being able to buy spices in buik from Webstaurant. Spices are affordable and come in great containers to make refill easy when needed.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    My best side dish is my roasted rosemary potatoes. It calls for a lot of rosemary and i make big batches. I am glad I can find it in bulk at a great price.

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    Rosemary is a great herb to use in my cooking. These smell wonderful and are a great size compared to some brands whose leaves are more like a powder. So fresh and great tasting.

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    regal always has a good product, the rosemary leaves are very fresh. you can't beat the price for the product. i would highly recommend this product!

    from GOOD TIMES SMOKIN Posted on

    These Regal Rosemary Leaves are amazing on chicken and any veggie dish. They are always so fresh and I love this size for cooking with.

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    I had never used this three ounce Regal Rosemary Leaves seasoning in the past and I would order again. The freshness is remarkable for it not being fresh leaves and the taste is spot on. I like how easy this spice is to order and will continue to do so. I would like to see additional sizes available in the future. Would highly recommend to any kitchen manager.

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    Great price and would order again.

    Rosemary is one of the few herbs that holds up well when dehydrated. Punchy rosemary flavor in broths, soups, and other dishes. Used a lot in marinades.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Rosemary is a strong flavor a little goes a long way Regal always has quality spices like this 3 oz I rub chicken pork roast and beef roast with it and like the economical pricing from WEBstaurantStore.

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    A top notch product in a great container that makes storing it super easy. The rosemary leaves are whole and not so dry and dusty like other brands. The flavor is there and when the sauce is done you think you have used fresh rosemary. Thanks for a great product.

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    Very flavorful, perfect size for our spice rack. Was expecting them to be a little larger, but the size met our needs in the end. Rosemary leaves were 'whole' and perfect for our roast beef recipes.

    from Farm To You LLC Posted on

    I love the quality and the quantity of this herb. I used it in everything I cook. It makes my food taste good. And for the price who can beat it.

    Posted on

    Its actually like it says, and looks exactly like the picture. 3oz of rosemary leaves perfect for cooking. Leaves come in a sealed fresh container.

    from bjames llc Posted on

    Rosemary is a great addition to many dishes, and this is on par with the quality of anything you would pick up in the store.

    Posted on

    Webstaurant has exceptional prices on spices. I buy every spice that I possibly can from them. The quality of this rosemary was as good as any other I could find

    from Breton bay golf course Posted on

    This rosemary is a great dried rosemary. When you open the container you smell like you are next to a rosemary plant. So fresh smelling. Good flavor too. Good value.

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    This is another great purchase from Webstaurant. This rosemary tastes great, is of good quality, and is a good amount for the price. Highly recommended.

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    Super high quality rosemary here. This is very comparable to what I buy fresh at the italian deli up the road. Saves me a trip abd never goes bad!!

    Posted on

    Rosemary in use.

    We use a ton of rosemary - and the quality and quantity of the Regal Rosemary cannot be beat. Will keep ordering this item as needed

    from Big Eddy's Deck Bar Posted on

    This rosemary is great. Its quite a good amount for the price and has a nice shaker that doesn't dump too much out. Much cheaper than the supermarket

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    High quality spices by regal

    The Regal Rosemary Leaves are really good on chicken. The quality is good, they taste great. The price is very reasonable which definitely makes this product a great value.

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    Rosemary is another common spice found in marinara based sauces, mostly on pizzas. It arrived with an expiration of 03/2020 and is small enough to store with our other regal spices within our pantry. It has a very easy dispensable flip top that you can spoon out the spice or sprinkle as needed. Another 5* for Regal.

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    Rosemary Leaves on pork chops

    Really good quality herbs. I use this on chicken quite a lot, and it adds a wonderful savory taste. It is only 3 oz., but that is still a huge volume, especially for the price.

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    Regal rosemary leaves are very good quality. This is a great herb to season chicken or use in some homemade bread.

    Very good quality rosemary at a great price! I really enjoy using this in my rubs, it adds just the right amount of flavor without over powering the other herbs. I enjoy this brand of seasoning a lot.

    from ROLYAT REALTY GROUP Posted on

    Dried Rosemary

    Very fresh and fragrant herb, much fresher than grocery store herbs. I suggest placing in crockpot or soup early on in cooking process, or use little as it goes a long way.

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    Rosemary adds a unique boldness to dishes that will have customers impressed with your recipes. Use to make spaghetti sauces or even add to your BBQ sauces

    Posted on

    I am back to purchase another container. The prices here at WebstaurantStore are excellent. I enjoy using this on my chicken. I just opened the bottle to smell the herb and it's wonderful.

    Posted on

    What a great deal I got on this year 3 ounce rosemary leaves from the Webster on it came sealed so it was nice I knew that it was good and fresh taste a licious

    from N/A Posted on

    Really good rosemary, of course fresh is always better but for the price and convenience this rosemary does a pretty great job on my chicken

    Posted on

    Rosemary is so awesome for chicken dishes. If you want savory this is the spice for you. Regal has a great product that arrives sealed and fresh, full flavor and aroma. Will be buying more of this when I run out for sure.

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    Love it! Who doesn't love rosemary leaf?! I opened this 3 oz container and the aromas were fresh! Nothing like store bought! The taste of rosemary on my roasted chicken was amazing!

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    This is a must have herb in any kitchen! Great fresh tasting and smelling product will help you to create great meals! You will love this one!

    Posted on

    Perfect product! Don't use rosemary often, so the 3oz container is perfect. The lid is nice as well because it has the two different pour options. Would recommend

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    Delicious addition to meals with chicken. Makes your kitchen smell amazing! A much better value than the tiny little containers you buy at the grocery store.

    Posted on

    Whenever I’m preparing any type of poultry dish rosemary is my immediate go to herb of choice. Regal gives by far the most bang for your buck with their three ounce offering of dried rosemary. Typically rosemary is one of the more costly herbs if you’re purchasing from a supermarket.

    from Posted on

    Rosemary has such a nice flavor and aroma. It is great all on its own or can be used to make an Italian seasoning blend.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect seasoning.I have used it on all kind of meats and vegetables. No matter fried, steamed, or what have you; This brings out the flavor.

    from Trace Posted on

    The spice we ordered was of great quality. Both flavor and aroma were exactly as expected. The price is also a great value. We highly recommend these for others.

    from NERS Posted on

    Another spice we like to keep in hand for when needed. Great price and as always, great quality. We will order this rosemary spice again.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    The Rosemary was delivered sooner than expected. It was surprisingly very fresh. Liked that it was cracked Rosemary and not whole leaf. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. It was very flavorful. Will definitely buy again.

    Posted on

    This rosemary is very nice- exactly what I would expect from a pricier name brand but at a fraction of the cost. Regal is a great brand.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    Wonderful crisp rosemary spice. Not as fresh and flavorful as other rosemary i have had before, perhaps because the seal was undone when i opened the jar, like many of the other small jars from webstaurant unfortunately, but also it might just be the batch. I just use more of it and it works fine. Rosemary is delicious in curry, veggies, on chicken, fish and other dishes, soup and is so good for you.

    Posted on

    I bought these Rosemary Leaves to marinate my lamb kabobs in and they were sensational. The Rosemary has just the right amount of Rosemary leaving my meat Rosemary fresh and fragrant. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Posted on

    This is great to have when you don't have time to grow herbs. Easy to use in many dishes when you are ready and smells fresh.

    Posted on

    This was quite good but could be just a bit more flavorful and a bit less dry. But works very well with many meat dishes.

    Posted on

    Regal spices are excellent. Packaging keeps flavor sealed nicely. The mix and match deal is a great way to stock the spice rack. This is a great deal on rosemary leaves. I use in lamb prep and these impart a nice herbal flavor.

    Posted on

    The rosemary leaves aren't as flavorful as I would like, but they get the job done in the absence of fresh rosemary. It's really nice that the spices come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to balance cost and reasonable quantity.

    Posted on

    I usually try to use fresh rosemary whenever possible, but if it's not available to me this is my "go-to". I've purchased many of the Regal Spice brand spices and have been very pleased with all of them, including this one. This is wonderful on roasted potatoes, chicken, roast beef, salads and so much more. Very generous sized container at an affordable price. Will definitely order this again!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    Great with potatoes (and lemon) or beef (and wine). The flavor is very strong, but the pieces are a bit unwieldy. I tend to chop or grind into smaller pieces, but at very least, rub the leaves between your fingers before adding to recipes.

    Posted on

    The Regal Spices Rosemary Leaves are wonderful when used with my barbecued dishes. When it is roasted, the rosemary leaves a mustard-like aroma with an additional fragrance of charred wood, which really accentuates the barbecue dishes. I use it in several other dry rubs as well for chicken, and it is a great addition. I would recommend it to anyone!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    I always keep rosemary around for my roast potatoes. This is a really great product from Regal. It tastes great, and I will definitely buy more in the future.

    Posted on

    Usually the Regal line is very fresh and flavorful, but with the rosemary sometimes it is a nice bright color but other times they are grey and dusty.

    from Heritage Fields Farm Posted on

    This is a very good rosemary leaf. It's a great value for the money and we will be buying it again when we need more. We highly recommend.

    Posted on

    Where do I begin?! This dried rosemary is almost the same as when we picked and dried our own from the garden!!!! The pieces are HUGE and the price is RIGHT! We use this for fish dishes, rubs, pork dishes, and also to make a rosemary lemon butter sauce! It's delish!

    from Alicia Posted on

    Love making rosemary chicken and rosemary potatoes. This regal rosemary is fresh out of the bottle and tastes delicious. The prize is great and so is the amount.

    Posted on

    Rarely use this spice and hate to pay grocery store price.... So I added this to an order on here.... Very glad I did. Smell and flavor are better than grocery store and price is MUCH better!

    Posted on

    I like to use these rosemary leaves on top of my foccacia dough. As an alternative, you can steep it into an ice cream base to make rosemary ice cream.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on


    I make a Baked Lemon pepper and Rosemary Chicken this Rosemary is a finer mesh than most and works well with this recipe excellent spice.

    from jobabyllc Posted on

    Fresh and flavorful. A great deal for the quantity. We have been restocking our spices now using Regal and have yet to be disappointed with the quality or the price.

    from Brian Posted on

    Have not used this yet, but we would be using it to infuse oils for our body products, smells fresh, would be a great addition to our products!

    Posted on

    It's a no brainer to buy our spices from webstaurant to save tons of money. Add spices you use to another order you are already placing & it's like paying no shipping for the spices.

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    Nothing to complain about here. The price and quantity beats anything you can find in your local store. The taste and smell of these are also great.

    Posted on

    I am really happy with how fresh the Regal Rosemary Leaves taste. I use it in my marinara and it makes it almost as good as grandma's.

    from Highland Table Posted on

    I use spices and herbs on a daily basis. This line of spices and herbs have saved me tons over a few years. They cost less than the name brands. And the quality is excellent and better than the name brands.

    Posted on

    we use Rosemary a lot on our fries! they taste great , you can also use rosemary with meats and roasts. Excellent product from Regal

    Posted on

    I purchased this ROSEMARY SPICE to use in a STEW that belonged to my grand mother. it called for fresh stalk of rosemary, not having that around here, I called my great aunt Anna and she said to me no one ever knew she used container spice. The smell is like walking into a garden of fresh rosemary leaves. The price is unbelievable also

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    Great product, I knew as soon as I opened the package, and the smell came through the kitchen, this was a great spice for the price.

    from Bake My Day Posted on

    great item, nice and fresh i use these product for all kinds of sauces and preserves. the convenient size its perfect not too much nor too little the right amount for any occasion

    Posted on

    very good quality and a very nice price. I love rosemary and can be picky about it. I'm very happy with this purchase, I will buy again when I run low.

    Posted on

    Regal Rosemary Leaves are a great addition to any dish. For the quality and price, you won't find a better value anywhere else. When we run low, it will be on our next order.

    Posted on

    Fresh bread with rosemary and pepper, what could be better? We like to bake over the winter and this rosemary will make a lot of fragrant, artisan bread. Great find!

    Posted on

    great item - just what the doctor ordered for our chicken recipe - shipping into Canada was done quickly and totally hassle free - good job

    from mike rawluk Posted on

    This is a high quality product that is fragrant and fresh tasting. These are an excellent value and are a huge cost (and time) saver. You will not be disappointed!

    Posted on

    Regal Rosemary Leaves 3 oz. are wonderful. They are cheap, which is great, while still being high quality, very flavor-full and fresh. I highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    These are top quality spices that can compare to any top brand. They are not second rate spices. The price is a steal. Plastic containers are not thin and lid fits securely.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    These rosemary leaves are fresh and more flavorful than the name brand I normally purchased. This is a great value and I expect to buy more.

    Posted on

    An essential part of our herb rub for prime rib! This is well-cut (no stems or spikes) and can be easily rubbed to a smaller grain by hand. Very aromatic, another pantry essential.

    from October Catering Posted on

    The primary reason we purchased this was to prepare the various meals, but have since used it in preparing infusion drinks there is alot of product in this 3oz bottle and it gives drinks a very rich taste.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    The price and quality beats any other retailer. We ordered it and used it right away when it came in and couldn't be happier with the quality

    Posted on

    Rosemary is one of my favorite spices in cooking, but it is not easy to find good quality one with reasonable price in Korea. Because I did not know that this website sells herbs and spices of small volume, I was a little surprised when I found it. This rosemary is full of aromatic flavor and fresh taste which one can expect from the first class herbs. And another good point is that it is cheap, very very cheap. I and my wife really like it.

    Posted on

    I had a very hard time finding Rosemary locally. Am super happy with this site for offering Regal Rosemary Leaves 3 oz. The aroma from the spice is amazing. You can tell right away it is very fresh.

    Posted on

    If you want great spices at good prices The WEBstaurant Store is the place to get them. I plan on stocking my kitchen with all the different Regal spices they carry. This is very good rosemary and is great on chicken and also potatoes.

    Posted on

    Rosemary is probably one of my favorite herbs to use in cooking. I love it on roasted potatoes and other veggies. Additionally, I use it a lot in Italian type sauces and flavoring oils.

    Posted on

    Regal Rosemary spice is an excellent source of ingredient for seasoning your food. We use it all the time for cooking. Great price will continued to shop on your site.

    Posted on

    The flavor and aroma of this product is first class. I was amazed that I could get this kind of quality at such a low price. :)

    Posted on

    Rosemary is a versatile herb to use in pasta salads, breads, potato dishes and sugar syrups. It transforms a simple dish of roasted potatoes into a flavor packed experience. This jar of rosemary will last a long time and the price can't be beat.

    from Home cook Posted on

    roasted potatoes with rosemary - before baking

    Rosemary leaves are great for roasting chickens and even turkey,especially when thanksgiving is around the corner. it's great flavor enhancement makes food taste wonderful. the price is also affordable

    Posted on

    really like this rosemary. it has a lot of flavor and my custumers really like it. this is a very nice product for a very good price.

    Posted on

    Rosemary is our favorite spice. It goes with virtually everything. Great for flatbreads, or with oil to dip breads in. A must in Italian dishes. Absolutely wonderful sprinkled on roast, then seared, then roasted, it gives the roast such a deep flavor.

    Posted on

    Although I enjoy fresh herbs, when making herb mixes- it's much more practical to use dried vs fresh. Every single herb i've purchased from here has been absolutely divine! No complaints AT ALL. I do however wish they came in a package (bag) vs a bottle for a smaller footprint when storing.

    Posted on

    Though we don't go through a whole lot of this spice, every time we use it it never disappoints. It is excellent for use in the marinading process of different meats. This Rosemary in particular does an excellent job of adding that extra touch to meats. Highly recommend!

    from Great Harvest Bread Company Posted on

    Rosemary is an excellent spice that has many uses. We use it mostly for our chicken. Nothing tastes better than rosemary chicken. Especially when its regals rosemary.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Rosemary is great for any Italian or Meditteranian dish - this product tastes just like a national brand would, except it is much better priced.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    This rosemary is very aromatic and flavorful. I'm glad I decided to give it a try. Except for its appearance, it is just as good as the fresh, especially for baked foods when fresh would not even be noticed. Great value and price.

    Posted on

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