Regal Ground Yellow Mustard - 8 oz.

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Add a distinct, sharp flavor to traditional dishes with Regal ground yellow mustard! Derived from mustard plants, these seeds have been ground to a fine powder to produce a pungent and zesty spice. Great for making your own mustard condiments, this powder is capable of producing a spicier variety of mustard than standard store-bought yellow mustard. Yellow mustard also serves as a vital component to pickling and shrimp and crab boil blends. The pungent flavor enzymes are activated by water, releasing an aromatic and appealing flavor.

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Regal Ground Yellow Mustard - 8 oz.

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Mustard great Yellow Ground flavor Regal Price fresh nice spices
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    Regal Ground Yellow Mustard has a nice sour flavor and and blends well with our other spices. Rounds out the heat of other spices and brings it all together. It has a nice strong flavor that does not come off as artificial. Price is the best that I've found, like all Regal Spices! Would recommend.

    from Carefree Foods Posted on

    This stuff is very pungent - you open the lid and instantly smell it. The flavor is great for dry rubs or even adding a pinch to mac and cheese. Much better value than the tiny jars from the supermarket.

    Posted on

    Regal ground mustard. This mustard will definitely add some zest to your recipes.

    This stuff is the real deal. when I received Regal mustard powder, and as luck would have it, I was about 15 minutes away from sitting down to a lunch of pot roast. I mixed a tablespoon of the mustard powder with an equal amount of cold water, and all I can say is WOW! It really dressed up the pot roast.

    Posted on

    Combine with your favorite BBQ dry rub seasonings to add that earthy flavor of ground yellow mustard. You can combine with other seasonings to create the perfect dish

    Posted on

    Such a great ground yellow mustard powder for spicing up some recipes. Really bold flavor and fresh. Nice size too for all of your cooking needs.

    Posted on

    When using dry mustard, look no farther then Regal's ground yellow. We have found this mustard quality to be as good or better then any bought in the local grocery store and a whole lot less expensive! Worth the price.

    Posted on

    This is a bit milder than the Coleman's tins that I was used to. I use it in several sausages. It's a product that I will reorder.

    from Hinckley's Fancy Meats Posted on

    Mustard is a great seasoning for anything from meat to soups. I enjoy using it inside cheese as well when doing fondu. Product arrived fresh and as described, the price point make this an excellent buy.

    Posted on

    I received this 8 oz container of ground mustard today and man it is fresh! Be careful smelling too close it will clear those sinuses!

    Posted on

    I go through a lot of ground yellow mustard and have always used the expensive name brand. When I saw this I figured I would give it a try and I am glad that I did. This has save me a lot of money.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    I love this ground yellow mustard. It is a nice helper in the kitchen. Great flavor, aroma and texture make this spice a great choice!

    Posted on

    I love that I found a place to buy yellow mustard in a larger size than the tiny little containers from the grocery store that only last for a few recipes at best. We make a lot of fresh mac and cheese in my house and this adds great flavor to that recipe with an added bonus of not needing to keep repurchasing those tiny, useless containers!

    Posted on

    One of my favorite chicken recipes involves a marinade using ground yellow mustard, so I'm really glad webstaurant has this for such a great price. Worth buying.

    Posted on

    Mustard is a terrific emulsifier. Whenever I make Italian dressing, stir-fry sauce, even macaroni & cheese, I always add at least one teaspoon. It's fairly innocuous in this state, but once rehydrated it packs a punch. This bottle is half the price of the little metal tin I used to buy.

    Posted on

    I use in mac and cheese and chicken rubs, taste is great, and very fresh product, will attempt a fresh homemade mustard now, as this is so cheap!

    Posted on

    This is great when the recipe calls for the mustard flavor but not the added moisture of the mustard from a bottle nor the additives.

    Posted on

    We produce all of our our dressings and sauces in house and this ground mustard comes ion handy. It gives flavor to the BBQ sauce, and stabilizes the balsamic dressing.

    Posted on

    I'm very pleased with their mustard powder. Great quality and a great price! We're just starting this business venture ture and grateful to God we found This store makes a huge difference for us moving forward. Knowing now that the ingredients we need won't break the bank has added to our excitement in this venture!

    from Holt Enterprise Llc Posted on

    The Regal Ground Yellow Mustard is an excellent product, at great buy. Great in crab cakes, BBQ sauces, marinades, rubs, baked beans, and adds a nice kick to cheese sauces as well.

    Posted on

    Good fresh spices with fast and reliable shipping. Much cheaper then our food distributor. I find myself more often then not buying all my seasoning from here

    Posted on

    I bought this to make some Indian dishes. And I realize that I had made a very good purchase. It costs me little money and i get this so much to use. I love it on meat and some vegetables. I think this big bottle will last for a long time. The price is just unbelief. Thank you.

    Posted on

    Good all purpose mustard powder to have on hand, we love the convenient 8oz size, we use it in our house made barbeque sauce, fresh product.

    Posted on

    Ground Yellow Mustard was never a product we really needed much of, so we would simply grab it at the grocery store. Well, no more as you can not beat the value and flavor of Regal brand.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    I like the small 8 oz handheld containers. Mustard powder tastes fresh, not clumpy, definitely a nice buy. I but this frequently and will but again

    from FITfoodNJ Posted on

    Regal Ground Yellow Mustard I have no history with mustard in my mixes but was told it would add some interesting notes to my flavor profile, so I gave it a try last night and was not disappointed Always thought it would be like adding "mustard" boy was I wrong not sure if I'll keep it in my primary blend, but will make a mix that will introduce the flavor or mustard powder from here on

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Finally found a good price for such a quality product. I always find ground mustard seed in the store to be so expensive and I am glad I looked here. very happy I bought it.

    Posted on

    I love yellow mustard! This Regal Ground Yellow Mustard spice is a great addition to chicken dishes I plan on throwing on the grill. The yellow mustard spice works far better than actual yellow mustard as a seasoning and dry mix when I'm preparing chicken. I would recommend it to anyone looking to add the strong flavor of yellow mustard seeds to their grilling routine or any other dish!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    We have been using this mustard now for about a year and LOVE it! !! The other mustards don't hold a candle to this one! I especially love the color! We use this in an Ale Mustard that we make and it's BOMB !

    from Alicia Posted on

    I have used this regal mustard to marinate chicken, salad dressing and ranch dip. It tastes so good on everything. The prize and quantity is great.

    Posted on

    Very good Ground Mustand from regal. We primarily use this to make BBQ sauces and have never been disappointed with the quality of Regal spices..

    Posted on

    I use this when making homemade ketchup. Since it is hard to find at my local grocery store, I was happy to find it here.

    Posted on

    Great spice addition to my rubs that I use on all my bbq meats. Very nice size for ease of use and storage. Excellent product!

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    I use ground mustard in roux for macaroni and cheese. It has a mild flavor but enhances the depth of the bechamel a great deal.

    Posted on

    I never used Ground Yellow mustard much until I bought and tried the Regal Brand. It really adds a lot of awesome flavor to any dish!

    from OliveTerranean Posted on

    It's yellow mustard powder, what more can you say. It was packaged well and arrived quickly. The container size was perfect for taking along on catering jobs.

    from Taste of Texas BBQ Posted on

    I am very pleased with this ground yellow mustard, fresh and a good price. Thank you Webstaurant for offering such good products at a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    This mustard has great flavor. The size container is perfect for those spices that you like to have on had but don't use all the time. Small footprint in the kitchen

    from Culinary Creations Posted on

    Cant beat the price, try buying just a little can and see the value. Very good packaging and will last along time, nice heavy plastic . Would give more than 5 stars if I could.

    from Sparrow Properties Posted on

    This ground yellow mustard is as good as it gets. Great product at a great price and I wouldn't want to get it anywhere else now that I've had it. It's highly recommended my BurgoBBQ!

    from Burgo BBQ Posted on

    We make a decent amount of dry rubs, and yellow mustard comes into play. This was as fresh and flavorful as the locally available brands but at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended.

    from Brian Posted on

    I had searched for this product in my local stores and was never able to find it. I was excited to find it here and start using it. Great value as well!

    from Rustic Catering Posted on

    This is a great deal if you make beans or homemade mustard. It is a far better value than the store brand we were using.

    Posted on

    When it comes to making my BBQ I love he extra flavor ground mustard adds to my sauce. This is a great product and adds the extra something I was looking for. Will buy again.

    Posted on

    Works great for making all of our homemade salad dressings. Which include balsamic vinegarette, honey mustard, and ceasar dressing all of which we add mustard power. Adds a nice flavor and kick

    Posted on

    Will add a special kick to any dish you add this to. I have used it in many salads pasta, tuna, mac and potato. Also nice when added to homemade bbq sauces.

    Posted on

    i used is to make my home made mustard. So i can add my own flavors. Regal is a best company to buy your yellow mustard

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    A great value for this 8oz ground yellow mustard from Regal. Great for making marinades and seasoning meats. All around good spice to have on hand.

    from TRW Posted on

    Regal Ground Yellow Mustard 8 oz adds flavor to baked beans, meatloaf, or BBQ sauce. It's so good and inexpensive I'm sure people will find many other uses as well!

    Posted on

    These are top quality spices that can compare to any top brand. They are not second rate spices. The price is a steal. Plastic containers are not thin and lid fits securely.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    Perfectly acceptable replacement for the big name brand mustard, has a definite kick and blends very well with sauces & marinades. This is a pantry standard for us.

    from October Catering Posted on

    The air-tight seal was not properly applied so there was about 10% of the sealing surface not air-tight. Otherwise, the flavor is good and I would buy this ground mustard again.

    Posted on

    Regal Ground Yellow Mustard 8 oz. is a great addition to eggs and egg casserole dishes. Fabulous in many cheese dishes as well. My friends and family couldn't stop eating my last batch of mac and cheese. They never would have guessed it was the wee bit of ground yellow mustard giving it the most incredible flavor!

    Posted on

    I never cooked with ground mustard before but used this in a dry rub for corned beef and a little goes a long way. It added such a great taste.

    Posted on

    Regal Ground Yellow Mustard 8 oz. Whats not to like about a quality spice that is good in so many recipes. My favorite uses are BBQ sauce, baked Mac & Cheese, and home made baked beans.

    Posted on

    Finally, spices at a reasonable price. This ground mustard is good stuff. I made a dry rub for a ham with this and some other spices along with brown sugar over the holiday, grilled it up and it was a hit. Can't wait to do another one.

    Posted on

    Dill and Mustard Pickles

    This is the best price on ground mustard i have found. i use this in a lot of my recipes so it is nice to find a dependable place to get it.

    from Coop De Grill Posted on

    Ground mustard can provide a little extra zing to your recipes. Throw some in your spice rub, beans, soups, stews and so much more. The Regal brand has a lot of flavor and works nicely.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    There are so many uses for ground mustard. Mac & cheese, potato salad, dips, curries, dressings, etc. I used a spoonful in a large tray of delicious potato salad. Made honey mustard dressing today and the mustard flavor came through, so this is good stuff.

    from Home cook Posted on

    This regal ground yellow mustard powder is great for making sauces and salad dressings. The mustard is a good emulsifier in the salad dressings. definitely a good buy.

    Posted on

    The Regal Ground Yellow Mustard 8 oz. is a great quality spice and at a great value for the price. I will definitely order this again.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    Great spice for making crab cakes! Excellent for dry rubs for a variety of meats!!! Great price! Nice large size will last for months! Good brand!

    Posted on

    I absolutely love regals ground yellow mustard. Great flavor and texture. I use it as one of my ingredients in our hot sauce, among other things. If youve never tried ground mustard, give this one a try. Once you do you'll wonder why you weren't using it before. The flavor is awesome, and the price is as well.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Have never tried the yellow mustard in a powder form. It was surprisingly easy to use. Just sprinkle some over certain dishes, a great bottle to have around.

    Posted on

    I'm a big fan of these spices. The mustard has great flavor and a fine texture just like it should. It doesn't leave residue like some.

    from Scratch Posted on

    I keep finding products on this website. I use a lot of spices in my catering and competition BBQ and helps on your profit when you can save quanity. Great spice product.

    Posted on

    Having the larger sizes of spices is a must in the kitchen.I find that they are easy to store and find that having the bigger sizes is more cost efficient.

    Posted on

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