Regal Fennel Seed - 8 oz.

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A staple in popular Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese and Scandinavian cuisines, Regal fennel seed makes a great addition to baked goods, marinades, liqueur, and more! Greenish-brown in color, these small, oval seeds have a sweet licorice flavor and aroma. Fennel seed is derived from the dried, ripe fruit of the Foeniculum vulgare, a member of the parsley family.

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Regal Fennel Seed - 8 oz.

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great fennel seeds seed flavor spice quality fresh dishes taste
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    This is super high quality fennel seed at a fraction of the price that my national purveyor quoted me. Another great benefit is the small pack size to keep fresh with our light usage of this particular spice.
    The small container makes the spice stay fresher when not using as much at a time. Keeps well on the shelf. Will definitely be purchasing again
    This Regal Fennel Seed is delicious. It goes great in salads, soups, on toast or in sandwiches to add some extra spice and flavor. Highly recommended.
    I love this fennel!! Super fresh and concentrated! So often when I buy spices anymore I feel like they give you half the amount for the container they are in, not this spice though! When I received my delivery I was happy to see that it was filled to the brim. Great quality spice and stand up to other name brand spices.
    We haven't gone wrong with any Spice purchases from here, to date, and couldn't be happier. Bulk quantity but quality is still right on. We use a lot of these and our cooks and customers are very pleased!
    We originally purchased this product because it was a good price. We, however, were happy to find that it is a great quality product. We use this in blended rubs.
    This fennel seed is just what we needed for our menu. Their product is consistent and is always in stock. We have been very happy with this product
    works great if you want to grind your own sausage. good aroma and quite cheap in comparison to what i have been paying previously. Thanks
    Love to toast Fennel Seed and then crush it down with a rolling pin or mortar and pestle. Use it in a bunch of dishes; pizza, spaghetti, almost anything Italian. Use it in breads and breaded pork. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
    A truly wonderful quality fennel seeds and great for adding to our vegetable salad. The seeds are perfect and the packaging keeps them super fresh.
    I received my Regal fennel seed and I was exited just looking at it .. Those beautiful, pale green colored , plump fennel seeds are a spice work of art . I had to open the cap and take a taste ....the level of flavor contained in this spice is wonderful as well as it being beautifully aromatic ... Another great purchase from Webstaurant ... Deb
    The fennel seeds are yummy and great for adding to our vegetable stew. The seeds are aromatic and really add a nice pop of flavor.
    Great quality seeds from Regal that are great for many culinary dishes. The packaging is great and very sturdy. The fennel seeds are great and perfect for adding a zingy taste to salads.
    A great buy with these fennel seeds. They arrived super quick and were fresh. The seeds are great for adding to our specialty dishes and have a great shelf life.
    Fennel seed is an excellent addition to a fish soup or fish stock. We have also used the seeds to sprinkle on a cucumber salad. Some bakers have also told us you can use this seed when baking bread.
    These are great quality fennel seeds. Fennel seeds have many health benefits and add amazing flavors to fish recipes. Though there are health benefits, too much is not a good thing. Please read about them on the internet if you have any concerns.
    The eight ounce Regal Fennel Seed seasoning is great. The shelf life is impressive and I would order it again for sure because it is the perfect addition to any dish. I like how easy it is to order and will continue to do so. The fast shipping and quantity discounts are a huge plus. Would highly recommend to any kitchen manager.
    Fennel seed is a great herb and is great in variety of dishes. The fennel seeds are great when crushed to release their flavor and go great in soups. A nice buy.
    I have been so impressed by the Regal brand of spices. This Fennel is very fresh and fragrant. I have used it crushed in a favorite recipe and I was amazed at the difference it made in the flavor.
    This spice was so fresh I couldn't believe the wonderful aroma as soon as I opened the container. This fennel seed was fresh and made my soup tastes exquisite.
    I don't like fennel seed in excess but it's addition in moderation can make all the difference. I love it in my Italian dishes because it has a great flavor.
    i mainly tried this due to being around 5 times cheaper than my previous brand to make our hot and mild italiain sausage links.sausages were great
    Nice Quality seeds good flavor, toast up well really plump and savory. Work well with sauces, sausages, and some veggies. Would definitely recommend this product
    Love the regal brand spices! They are always great quality at a great price. Even after you factor in shipping the prices are pretty much unbeatable.
    This fennel seed is perfect for tomato sauces, meat sauces, or sausages. It toasts well and the large quantity of seeds allow to really influence a dish.
    Good fennel seed. Nice plump seeds and a poppy, rich flavor. We use it for everything from marinades to teas. Good volume for most regular applications.
    Fennel seeds are a unique flavor but great in many types of cooking I grind it with multiple herb's to dry rub pork and lamb I would recommend this to anyone who likes high quality spices.
    I like adding the fennel seed seasoning to Italian dishes. It makes my sausage taste heavenly. This is a large container and much more value than in grocery chains.
    Fennel seeds add a great flavor to our stew. The seeds are fresh and very aromatic. The container is very sturdy and it is shipped nicely packaged.
    i really like all of these products made by regal spice. these fennel seeds are really flavorful and fragrant and work great in lots of different things from sausages to braises to spice mixes. they provide a really unique flavor to any dish.
    Great aroma, great taste and great value. I would recommend getting the bigger one because this size just wont be enough. We use it for Italian sausage and they work very well.
    This is a hard spice to come by in this size and what a great value and guaranteed freshness every time. So glad you have this!
    This is a good whole fennel seed. This product is perfect for roasting before use. Great value for an extremely fragrant whole spice. We will buy more.
    I am not a huge lover of fennel but the recipes that I use this in this one is fantastic! Great flavor and great looking seeds as well!
    The Regal Fennel Seeds were a great find. I use them in many of my Italian recipes. The flavor is very good as well as the price. I definitely recommend and will purchase again when needed.
    These are the best fennel seeds I have ever bought!! Most dried seeds taste old are are too dry. These make your food taste like you are using something fresh and not dried.
    Fennel seeds are great for tons of things, you can make anything from italian food to teas to burgers with it. Product is very fresh
    Great price for great quality seasoning. The flavor is bold and the price is right. Stock up on seasonings while ordering other stuff to save on shipping.
    Decent price for fresh spices. These are fragrant right out of the jar. I use it in all sorts of applications in my butcher shop.
    I love these fennel seed specially for my pickling. it is pair well with the beats! But i love to use them for cooking too!
    These seeds are new to me. I ordered them specifically to use on meats for my catering business as it was recommended by a friend. I love the taste and smell it very pungent
    Fennel is great for dishes both sweet and savory. Whole seeds can be added to masala chai mix. If you want more sausage flavor (or to simulate sausage flavor in a meatless dish!) toast whole seeds in a dry pan. The seeds can be lightly crushed with a meat mallet or skillet, or powdered in any electric grinder (Mortar & pestle was very unsuccessful for me.) before being added to ground meat, sautéed peppers & onions, or vegetable soup.
    the fennel tastes great in many different foods, my favorite is Italian meat sauce, as whole foods always adds fennel to the spicy Italian sausage.
    A lesser know pizza topping, with a nice taste is fennel seeds. We like to top some of ours off with just that. It's hard to find in our area so we were happy to see webstaurant carried it.
    So I order these whole fennel seed to use in my red onion Danny smith Apple slaw an the work great I use the carats you seeds for it to from these company
    What a great way to add some crunch to some bread! Originally purchased for an English pork belly and the left overs were put to good use.
    Wonderful taste and smell especially after grinding it. Great in yogurt and pumpkin and also helps aid digestion. The seeds would be hard to use without grinding them and have a strong anise licorice flavor which is really good but some people don't like licorice so be aware it's similar to that.
    I love Regals fennel seeds ,I grind them in a coffee grinder and add to many different dishes I also add to pork roast whole as flavoring another great product from WEBstaurantStore
    Fennel mostly used in savory dishes I'm told but I use it in my teas because of its taste similar to licorice and in mauby it's key
    This 5lb Regal Poppy seed is a great deal. Price really can't be beat and you are getting a good quality product. We will buy this item again.
    I purchased the Regal Fennel Seed in the 8 oz. container. The smaller 8 oz. container is useful because you can use it up quickly before it goes stale.
    I like to use fennel seed on my homemade pizza sauce for an enhanced flavor. Fennel seed also tastes great in salad dressing. The prize is great!
    I like to toast these fennel seeds and rough chop them. I will either make a citrus salad and top them with the seeds, or put them in an italian dressing.
    This fennel seed is amazing! It smells and tastes absolutely wonderful. I always have a hard time finding some at my local grocery stores, so the fact it's on here and for a good price is great.
    Have used it in Italian sausages to give a different flavor and it worked. Took awhile for the flavor to come through but it's worth it. Tastes similar to anise and is excellent in flavor.
    i use fennel in a special bread I make and this works well and has a great flavor also great in red sauce just a touch to bring that specal taste.
    This fennel seed is very flavorful and gives a nice anise flavor to baked goods. I also like to add it to sausage dishes for a savoury kick.
    This is an excellent product. I use it to make fresh italian sausage and nice size container for convenient storage and handling. Great price and product.
    I use this in my homemade sausage in spaghetti sauce. Its very very high quality. Very very low price. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. And it definitely compliments my spice cabinet. Thank you for the very low price.
    I purchased this to replace another brand. I got a lot more and at a better price than expected. I keep it in my pantry where it stays dark and temperature controlled.
    The price and quality of the Regal Fennel Seeds is a great buy. They add so much flavor to your lasagna meat sauces. You will love them.
    We use this in all of our seasonings and sauces. It is fresh and we can find a better value. We will be re-ordering soon!
    These seeds are excellent when making bread or sausage. The taste from these seeds adds that extra flavor you need for your sausage. Works fine with any sausage grinder.
    I had just ran out of fennel seed and kept forgetting to 'pick it up at the store'. I'm really happy to see that Webstaurant carries it.
    This fennel worked great. I used it to make homemade bitters for cocktails and the flavor and aroma from the fennel really added to the bitters. It was a great buy and I would definitely buy it again to make more.
    Excellent quality for all Regal spices. Prices are very good too. I stopped buying locally. Try this and you will be very pleased with this product.
    I highly recommend this Fennel Seed because it is great for making Finocchiona. Whether toasted or used raw, the aromatic fennel flavor really shines through in the sausage!
    We use this fennel seed to impart a faux "sausage" flavor to our vegetarian pizzas. The quality is excellent, and the price is great. Nothing bad to say about this product at all.
    I bought this on a whim when combining shipping for items, having never used it before. Turns out, it's a fantastic herb and now one of my favorites. The smell is very unique, similar to anise or liquorice, and the flavor is perfect for just about any stew I make. Also works very well for frying. Great herb to keep stocked in your kitchen!
    Good fennel seed at a great price. I used this spice to give my venison sausage great flavor and a wonderful aroma. Thanks WEBstaurant Store!
    These fennel seeds are similar to appearance and taste as dill. We mostly used fennel for stews and braised dishes. They are also good for tomato sauces especially pizza sauce.
    The aromatic flavor of fennel seed adds versatility onto any dish you make it in. I simply throw a spoonful of these on by broth stock and it smells great
    This fennel seed is large and has a deep flavor to it. I plan to use it in stews and soups and in a spice mix with cumin, fenugreek, black mustard, and nigella seeds. Good quality and low price.
    These fennel seeds are great. When you toast them off lightly they become extremely aromatic. They are great for italian sausages with onions and peppers
    This is such a great fennel. Lightly crushed, it adds a powerful flavor to pasta sauces, that makes it taste as if there is Italian sausage in it, even without the meat. Makes the dish feel much more hearty.
    The price point is outstanding, and there is no substitute for fennel seed if you make your own italian sausage. Ground fennel might give the flavor, but you don't have the bright punctuation of whole seeds in your italian sausage.
    Fennel seed is mostly known to be used in Italian sauces and on pizza. Who would have thought fennel seed would unite with the flavors of orange. I buy the whole fennel seed to crush and add to my Orange Sensation cupcakes. The unexpected accept of fennel seed flavor adds that something little special to my amazing cupcake.
    Excellent product! The seeds are always fresh and full of flavor. We have been usually put these on our bagels but have recently started incorporating them into some of our specialty breads.
    This 8 oz container of fennel seed is sure to please any cook!! Good for making savory breads or other baked goods! Great price and quality!!!
    this 8oz regal fennel seed was a great add on to my spice rack, big enough to last a good amount of time and packs a big flavor

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