Regal Dill Weed - 2.5 oz.

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Featuring a parsley-like flavor and a unique appearance, dried Regal dill weed adds a distinct taste to a wide variety of dishes! Green in color, these feather-like leaf flakes from the dill plant also resemble a mild version of caraway seed. The word dill is Norwegian in origin, meaning "to soothe." This herb's delicate leaves are used to add a light, refreshing flavor to salads, sauces, stews, and braises. Popular in parts of Russia and the Mediterranean, it suits many different types of cuisine.

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Regal Dill Weed - 2.5 oz.

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Dill great weed price fresh spice flavor spices love salad
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    I love using this dill for buttermilk ranch dressing. This seasoning arrived sealed and packaged well, no issues or damage. It is very fragrant and stores well.
    Not something we use often, but great product when we do. Perfect addition to potato salad, and on grilled fish. Priced reasonably, and well packaged.
    This dull weed is great! I use it on my potatoe salad and even use it to make vegetables dip. It is such a great price!
    This is an awesome price! I tend to have a hard time finding this in the grocery store, and when I do, it's way overpriced. I am happy I won't have to search the stores any more.
    Love, super fresh and concentrated. I feel like dried dill is one spice that is never strong enough but this product definitely requires less for the same great taste. the containers are nice, though the lids tend to pop open if not fully sealed. If you are looking for a nice product for a great price this is for you!
    i love curing salmon with dill weed. I normally cure salmon fillet for 3 days flipping them every 12 hours or so and putting weight on top of them. It's a great spice when you want to make gravlax
    Very nice basic dry deal. The one thing to note with the spices they do come in smaller containers then you might be used to. Still if you just want a little bill for every now and then it's a perfect size for us.
    Yum. Better than so many natiinal brans. Dark. Fresh. Works so well with my borscht, perogi, mashed potatoes, chicken dishes and more. So aromatic and delicious. Try halibut with a raspberry lemon sauce. Pasta and cream sauces.
    Dill is a must-have seasoning for many things but, I live for it in fried chicken seasoning. YOU HEARD ME!!! Fried chicken seasoning. Since I started using this as part of my fried chicken spice, I can't do without it.
    This stuff is fantastic!! I ordered the small container and i liked it so much i ended up ordering the larger container and the price is excellent!
    Dill weed is a spice that we do not use all that often however this spice is perfect for potato salad, sprinkling on french fries, or roasted with potatoes slices. The herb is part of the parsley family.
    This is a great dillwred for our pasta dishes, garbanzo bean salad, roasted potatoes. and more. We would definitely recommend to others and we will buy again!
    Good quality spices at a great price. I keep the large bottle in my freezer and just refill my smaller container as I need it.
    Dill is a very fresh tasting herb that is great in dips and dressing. The dill weed is dried to perfection and is really good in our house made salad dressing.
    Great value and flavor! This Regal dill weed is very fresh. I have loved buying all of my spices from Webstaurant. Will be purchasing this item again.
    The Product was as described. Has a great shelf life and was extremely flavorful. Shipping was fast and the item was packed great. I will purchase again for my catering business
    I have gotten many herbs and spices from webstaurant, and I am very pleased with the quality of them all. Would highly recommend for all your recipes.
    Great taste. Used some of this to make a German cucumber salad (Gurkensalat) and it came out delicious. Will likely buy this again if I ever run out
    The Regal brand of spices is outstanding in quality and price. I don't use Dill often in my recipes but I do have spice blends I make that call for this spice. It is excellent quality and I was surprised when I compared it to the brand I had been using. It is so much more fragrant. The quality and price make it possible for me to now keep my spice blends handy for use in my recipes.
    Fantastic price for high quality dill. This dill is very fragrant and the flavor is outstanding. I use it all the time so I am glad to find a price much lower than the grocery store.
    Dill weed is one of my favorite spices, has a great distinct smell and tastes great. I use it in my chickpea salad sandwiches and it tastes amazing!
    Love the Regal Brand of herbs and spices. You can't beat their quality and exceptional value. The Dill weed has a wonderful bright green color, indicating it's freshness! Wonderful in cream sauces, dressings, salads etc. A must have for under $2!
    another great regal seasoning.i use this a lot in summer potato and macaroni sleds and marinates.also good with sliced cukes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and garlic powder
    Dill weed does not do well when dried and bottled, in my opinion. We do use it when we are out of season and really needing a little hit of dill :)
    Love the taste and smell of dill weed and the regal brand is no exception. The dill was very fresh and perfect for adding to our brine for pickles.
    This dill weed has a good flavor and a great value although I have purchased dill weed before that was much brighter green in color.
    I think this has more dill weed than we will use before it goes bad. You can not beat the price. This jar is more than twice as big as another vendor at less than half the price. PLUS it smells so fresh.
    The Regal Dill Weed works great for cold salads or dips. The taste is very good as well as the price. I highly recommend this spice and will definitely purchase again.
    I have used the two and a half ounce size Regal dill weed in the past and it continues to meet my expectations. The freshness is remarkable for it not being fresh dill and the consistency is the perfect addition to any cold dip, like Cajun crab. I like how easy this spice is to order and will continue to do so. The fast shipping and quantity discounts are a huge plus. I was a little surprised at the size of the container compared to the fill level.
    Great product! Arrived exactly as described, nicely taped on top to avoid opening during shipping. Will continue to order spices through Webstaurant - much cheaper than most competition!
    Dill weed is great for adding perfect Flavors to your dishes. Use for combining with other ingredients such as dry mustard and black peppers seasonings
    We love dill weed for potato salad and to sprinkle on top of fresh cut cucumber with some lemon juice. The product tastes very fresh and has great aroma.
    great dill weed, taste nice in salads, and used in pickle making. nice large amount, that rivals that of the small containers in the stores.
    This product is awesome! This dill weed seasoning is so fresh and delicious! It comes in plastic container and is 2.5 oz. The dill taste is fabulous in your ingredients!
    This is a very nice, high quality dill weed. It adds a nice dill flavor to many dishes where you'd like to add fresh dill but you just can't.
    I love this spice for cooking fish or more. Great fresh flavor and satisfying aroma. I like great packaging with two option of serving.. Great product for great price.
    What a great value! We have been very pleased with the flavor of this dill. It is a larger container than we have previously purchased, I have noticed that we have been using it more often than we used to which is fun.
    when i opened the package i was greeted witthe wodnerfully strong smell of dill, strong and pungent and makes my polish cucumber salad wonderful to eat.
    Dill weed is not used that often,but when it's needed it never seems to be around. That's why we grabbed up this big container. Purcell is great and now it's on hand when needed.
    So this Weigle spice dillweed come to the 2.5 and tried it out my restaurant in my ranch dressing it works good and I get the larger one next time
    Great weed, amazing flavor and very fresh. We highly recommend this to all chefs! Great price, simple packaging and very easy to travel and store
    The Dill was delivered sooner than expected. It was surprisingly very fresh. Thought I'd try using it in my Dip Mixes because the price was very reasonable compared to what I usually pay. It was very flavorful. Will definitely buy again.
    Love this spice the most. Great size, great flavor, wonderful price. Have used this spice many times, especially in our homemade chicken salad!! Will continue to purchase this itiem.
    I love dill in salads and i also put this in meat and soups. The price of this bottle of herb is unbelievable and it just lasts. My food tastes so good that i just couldn't wait for meal time again so that i can cook again. I also make a lot of snack food with this herb. Thank you so much. You made me love my kitchen and the time i am in my kitchen.
    The value of this buy is that it's 2.5 oz so it goes a long, long way. Use it on soups, sometimes on pickling stuff, sometimes on sauces. Great stuff!
    Dill Weed I use thus yo make pickles it also is it in many other picking savory foods like pork and eggs I do gave a rubber I make that also calls for dill
    Quite pleased to find this dill weed has a fresh, good dill flavor and is not dried out (some dill weed is chewy like sticks, not this!).
    The Regal Spices Dill Weed is a very special spice I use in all of my Indian dishes. The aroma and flavor are strong, and provide a great combination of tastes. I would recommend it to anyone looking to add some more flavor to their Indian dishes specifically.
    There is a tomato based soup from Texas that calls for Dill Weed. As we make it quiet often, we go through a lot of Dill. Finding it at such a great price and huge ounce size on WS we had to get it. The taste is right on and we are able to save some money. Kudos!
    Another great product from Regal Spice! Fresh and fragrant and a wonderful flavor. I use dill weed most often when I prepare fish, but it's also great in pasta salads, etc. Perfect size for my busy kitchen and at a great price!
    This is really good quality for the price! I sometimes have a hard time finding dill weed in grocery stores, so this is great. I use mine a lot with potato recipes.
    The Regal dill weed spice is well packaged, fresh and is better than store generic brands. The color is vibrant for the value and size.
    This dill has great flavor and add a great toast to salads and seafood dishes. Its the perfect size and you can't beat the price.
    This dill weed worked great when using it to make refrigerator dill pickles. It smells very fresh out of the container. 2.5oz goes a long way.
    Great price for the value of the Dill Weed! We use this in one of our bread options and the freshness is delivers to the bread is not comparable.
    Dill and potatoes are a fabulous combination. I mix the lightly crushed dill with onion, garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper to make a great roasted potato seasoning. All the flavor of my home-dried dill, but with fewer hassles and stems.
    I use this in my non-kosher matzo ball soup. And it comes out perfect. I will recommend it. And I will definitely order it again.
    Very strong smell and it even smells already like pickles. Which is mostly what we use it in, but I hear it goes amazing with fish.
    Good product and a great price. These are much cheaper than buying in the store locally. I have bought lots of Regal spices and never had a complaint.
    I use a lot of this in my house ranch dressing it works well and You can't beat the price. I like the quick shipping as well as a good price.
    This dill is ground fairly small. I like using dill in tuna salads and dips and this product works well for what I need. It is also good in quiches.
    I love this dill weed. The taste is as fresh as it gets, and we are enjoying it in many of our dips and appetizers.
    This Regal Dill Weed is the best I have found out there. The quality of the Dill is superior to other dill brans on the market.
    This Regal dill weed is tasty and works well with many different dishes. And I love the fact that it comes in a large containerrant thus allowing me multiple refills.
    Dill is one of my favorite herbs to use especially in the warmer weather. This dill is so fresh I think they just picked it!
    We use a lot of Dill Weed. This stands toe to toe with any of the top rated brands. And the cost cannot be beat. LOVE. LOVE LOVE this product. Count me as a Loyal Customer of the Regal Brand Spices.
    Great on fish! the little amount goes a very long way as you don't need that much. As usual Webstaurant value proposition is unparalleled in this industry.
    I bought the dill along with a few other spices . Great for dips or on roasted potatoes , and for the cost you can't go wrong . you would be buying a .5 oz for double the money in other stores .
    Don't even need to mention how great this is in all cold salads, from egg to tuna and also great on roasted corn on the cob and potatoes.
    We use Regal Dill Weed for quality egg and fish dishes. We have no complaints on the appearance and it makes for a great garnish.
    Good deal for a large container of dill weed. It has a lighter color than a bottle of organic dill week I have, but the flavor is still on target. Great on tilapia.
    Fresh, flavorful and affordable, what more could you want? We use this in our tzatziki sauce for gyros and we always get compliments on it!
    At our church we make a dilly dip and this is hard to find in stores and when you do it is a lot more expensive.
    The perfect ingredient to our homemade potato salad, one of our signature salads, it adds flavor and some nice color and webstaurant has the best price!
    I highly recommend Regal Dill Weed 2.5 0z. It's a bargain over the Brand names and is great to add when canning pickled veggies or on baked fish.
    I bought this dill weed along with a few other spices. I did not have a pacific use for it but one arise i need dill for a salmon cheese cake and the recipe required fresh dill which i did not have. I substituted this dill weed and it was wonderful i am happy with my purchase.
    I LOVE DILL! I like to use it on everything. I have used this in mashed potatoes, chicken salad and also in my homemade pickles.
    I imagine this would work well if making your own pickles, something I don't often do myself. However, I've found it goes just as well with fresh cucumber slices, either alone or in a salad. Pretty much the only thing I use it for now, but too good of a combination to not keep dill seasoning on hand for.
    This dill has a great flavor and a very fresh taste. It worked great in my sour cream and onion potato soup, I am going to use it next time I make a red potato salad. A great spice at a good price, thanks WEBstaurant Store.
    We use a lot of dill in our household. Regal has excellent quality spices. The WEBstaurant Store makes them oh so affordable. Will never purchase my spices elsewhere again.
    Dill and cucumber are a match made in heaven. Sliced cucumber, sambal oelek, sugar, salt and dill is a light and easy side dish to serve with heavy entrees. This cool herb adds great flavor to cold summer salads. The large bottle is sold for very little. I know i\\\\\'m going to use it a lot.
    using dry dill weed over fresh definitely has its benefits. if youre roasting things or making a dry rub, most often youre gonna want to use a dried dill. very flavorful.
    I make a lot of appetizers and salad dressings that require Dill Weed and I was getting tired of spending lots of money for Dill Weed in the small containers, I'm so glad I found it here at a great price. Great product
    This unique spice is good for use when cooking fish! Perfect addition to a beurre blanc or fish broth!! Great price makes this spice a must have for any spice rack!
    The dill weed that we use at Butterfly Cafe is fresh and gives an excellent flavor to our tuna sandwiches. We at Butterfly Cafe are very happy with all of the products that are available at Webstaurant Store.

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