Regal Chives - 0.5 oz.

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Bring a unique, zesty flavor to your most popular offerings with Regal chives! A member of the lily family, chives are derived from the reed-like stems of a bulbous plant, which are then dried and chopped. Verdant green in color, these herbs have a mild onion-like flavor with the faintest hint of garlic. Compared to other allium herbs, chives have a milder, less pungent flavor.

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Regal Chives - 0.5 oz.

4.8 stars from 66 reviews


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    Great product for the quantity and the price. For as much as they charge in stores, even if you could find them, I don't think you could get a better deal! A+++++ 5 S*T*A*R*Z*

    from Paul S. Posted on

    These real chives come in a 0.5 oz jar. It’s the perfect size. It is great for baked potatoes or when I make sour cream and chive fries

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    I love mixing dried chives with any kind of dairy to make a dip. Cream cheese, sour cream, Parmesan, onion and dried chives are a match made in heaven.

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    A very nice brand and quality container of chives. The chives are very strong and pungent and make a great dip mixed with sour cream.

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    another good herb from regal.we use to make sour cream and chive dip and baked potato option for our customers.also great for soups and stews

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    Chives are never really great when they are freeze dried and bottles. However, this is a nice addition to our kitchen in a pinch, and does the job.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I love the oniony flavor chives adds to dishes. We love this brand and mix it with cream cheese to make a delicious spread for our everything bagels.

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    love this product. the taste was great and the price was great to. I will be re ordering this product again very soon. thank you very much for having great product's and great price's for your customers.

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    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    And Rico chives is another great project for your reply. Offers a nice taste and flavor. We are very satisfied with all herbs and spices that we buy from here

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on

    Great quality chives. We use on our baked potatoes. Great value for a nice fragrant spice. Good quality and excellent price for a large size.

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    The Regal Chives are a high quality product, love to use these in many different dishes. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good dried chive.

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    Regal Chives

    The Regal Chives are great. I use them with sour cream on my baked potatoes. I will definitely purchase again and highly recommend. Excellent product!

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    The freshness of these chives continues to impress. The order was delivered quickly and the contents were packed well. I would recommend to anyone that uses dried chives.

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    Excellent for adding these chives to all types of dishes. Many Asian recipes call for chive as a special ingredient. Research proper amounts to use

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    I have always purchased chives in bulk from a membership store. Now that I found Regal brand, I have the best flavor for my breads!

    from Michelle's Scrumptious Bakery Posted on

    Chives are a great way to add flavor and color to a dish, they also work as a finishing garnish on many starch food. Product arrived fresh and tasty.

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    One of the best condiments to have in the pantry. The dehydrated chives came in a neat package, looked and smelled fresh. A generous amount for the price.

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    egg white omelet made easy with dried chives

    I would put chives and garlic in everything savory if I could. These chives are a bargain! Sauteed with a little butter will really enhance the flavor. Shelf staple.

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    These are some great chives, I use them in dips, and i would use them in other. seasoning mixes, Very fresh and green color means it will last awhile.

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    I love the item that I've ordered. I've very well worth the monies spent. Cost less that regular store cost. I will order again in the near future.

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    Chives are a staple of a well stocked spice cabinet. These chives are great to have on hand for a great addition to potato dishes and savory soups. The regal brand has good aromatics and color - you can use them dry or re hydrate them for a fresher feel.

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    I've never been a big fan of chives in the first place, so I'm not too surprised that I didn't like these. Thought they tasted funny. At least they were cheap.

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    Good supply of chives, in a nice brand li,e Regal. Best price for spices around, so we are sure to have these to stock up.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Chives are great to dress up many dishes but especially potato ones. Baked potatoes are very popular with added sour cream and chives on them.

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    Regal chives have a bold flavor and aroma. Great for soups and other hearty dishes. This is the perfect size to buy in bulk for a home kitchen at a great price!

    from CMV Posted on

    Absolutely love the Regal Chives. They give our potato soup mixes an extra hint of flavor and color. The price is perfect and less expensive than what I have found elsewhere.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    Aromatic and full of flavor almost like they are fresh. I love these chives. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the low price of this. I will definitely buy it again.

    from Todd's Kitchen of Comfort Food Posted on

    These chives are nice, but are a little bit irregular in cuts and color. I guess this bottle is parts of different batches. Still a decent buy.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    Just like the larger can these are exactly the same in quality just in a smaller package. We decided to get the smaller package just because it's easier to handle and dispense. Once we get low we just refill and we're good to go. Incredibly tasty on a baked potato and most recently mashed potatoes with butter. Delicious.

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    These chives arrived fully dried and in rather small pieces. They were nice to be able to use as a backup for when we run out of fresh ones. They have a mild flavor and don't look bad at all as a garnish. Fresh is just too hard to compete with.

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    Regal Chives I used this in my soups and sauces I tent to like a savory taste so this goes well in almost everything I cook

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    These give great flavor - IF you take the time to rehydrate them. You cannot sprinkle them on top as garnish and expect to extract any flavor. These work well mixed into the water for ramen, stirred into sour cream (but you must let it sit for a few hours before eating!), mixed into mashed potatoes, and added to homemade ranch.

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    These Regal Spices Chives are much better than trying to keep fresh chives in my kitchen to cook with. I found real chives going bad before I could use them. These dried alternatives are just as good though! I use them in most things I cook, and make sure I have plenty on hand. My favorite is in soups and roasted vegetables, like potatoes. I would recommend them to anyone!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Regal Chives are absolutely delicious and have a very fresh taste. I find that they are perfect for adding to cream cheese or to season scrambled eggs.

    Posted on

    We love the fresh taste of these chives and the color that they hold when used in our various dishes. We lowered the rating by a star as the jar is only half full. The picture does show this, but I didn't look that close before ordering it. I think they could double the quantity of chives for a higher price and it would look better upon arrival. If I had looked at the picture closely I would have ordered the large container. Chives can be used in just about anything where you want a mild onion flavor. We particularly like it in our egg dishes. It hydrates rapidly when there is liquid in our dish. If not, hydrate for a minute in a small amount of hot water just before you use it.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    A great addition to any kitchen. These are great for the classic twice baked potato and in soups. They re-hydrate nicely. Fresh, fragrant, and the price can't be beat.

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    Chives work well with potatoes, soups, and salads. These delicious morsels are tasty; but at 0.5 oz., one wishes for more in the container. The price and quality are still a good match.

    Posted on

    These chives are made of a very high quality with great ingredients, we go through these on a regular basis. Best of all nobody beats WR prices!

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    Handy second choice of fresh chives for my hot baked potato or soups for this winter season. The expiration will outlast the .5 ounces that fills half the dispenser because of settling. I use it for convenience.

    Posted on

    Super fresh aroma, super fresh taste. Nice size jar at an unbeatable price. Color of chives are good. Well worth keeping on hand at all times.

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    These chives make a great addition to spreads and dips. They are very pungent though so I've learned to use less than I would other herbs.

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    We used these nearly daily, very pleased, dried well but not brittle - Regal seems to produce a very good line of spices, herbs and rubs, we use them for nearly everything we do.

    from Raid My Pantry Posted on

    Regal chives are a great value, used in soups, they are fragrant and rich in taste and colour. They are a great value from webstaurant

    Posted on

    I am so excited WEB.COM carries Chives. Our local grocery store does not, and I asked the produce manager and he stated it is a fall herb. But what do you do when you make twice baked potatoes and want chives on them. You purchased the ones here on WEB.COM and everyone in your family says AHHHH. And you made your family very happy that night. The price you will not believe. The taste is grand also.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    Regal Chives are a good value, with nice fragrant smell, and acceptable color. Like most of you, we prefer fresh chives right out of the garden, but these are nice to have on hand in the off season.

    Posted on

    the regal chives surprised me as they were a wonderful deep green color and frequent. not what you would expect from a dried herb. they work well in my soups and dips.

    from ryder Posted on

    Large amount of Chives, reasonal priced, had a fresh scent. Instead of many small bottles we can purchase larger hottles. More quality chive and much lesser charge.

    from Pamelas Palace Posted on

    The amount and quality that you get for the price that you offer is unbeatable. This is a very affordable product and the quality is great too!

    Posted on

    We grow a lot of chives in the growing season and then process them. When I opened this bottle the distinctive chive smell was very predominant and I took some and rehydrated them and whipped them in some butter baked up some potatoes and added the whipped chive butter quite a treat.

    from jobabyllc Posted on

    Another great item but again, container isn't filled well. I use with many potato dishes as well as soups, stews and also great tossed in homemade breads.

    Posted on

    i used chives in my dry rub recipe for my ribs and chicken. make long story short this is a great item for meats and dry rubs and sauces.

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    Regal Chives .5 oz- These add a dash of mild green onion flavor to any dish; and, for the price and quality they can't be beat.

    Posted on

    Recommended for use in wet marinades or rubs or incorporating into other foods where moisture can bring the flavor back to life a little more. Great for use in potato salads, slaws, etc... but stick with fresh for garnish & toppers.

    from October Catering Posted on

    Chives is usually used in cooking instead of onions when one want taste of onion without acrid one. Many people would prefer fresh chives or frozen one to dried one. But when you want to sprinkle chives on already cooked food, you definitely need dried chives. And that is why I bought Regal chives. If you grow your own chives at your home herb garden so that you are quite familiar with chives, you will realize that this Regal chives is in very good quality at a very low price.

    Posted on

    Large pieces, great price. Comes in convenient wide mouth bottle for easy dispensing and smaller opening for smaller portions. Fresh product and great quality. Would buy again.

    from rancher feed and seed Posted on

    Great product and great price. I was surprised at the sizing as it still fits in my spice cabinet, which is great. I highly recommend this product, especially for the value.

    Posted on

    These are good chives. I would prefer them to come in a little larger quantity but I guess I could just get multiple containers and combine them. These are great to have around for a quick garnish and some color to sour cream or cream cheese dishes.

    Posted on

    These Chives have a super flavor. I put them in mashed potato's and they were absolute incredible I will be buying these from now on.

    from TRW Posted on

    Great fresh tasting chives at a very affordable price. These chives are great over buttered potatoes or sprinkled over potato salad and you can't forget the classic baked potato with chives.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    I love buttermilk and chive combination especially ranch dressing and buttermilk chive biscuits. Chives are a strong herb so a little goes a long way. This is a large, flavorful and affordable jar of chives.

    from Home cook Posted on

    Your Regal Chives are great for adding that special something to top off sour cream. They are a little expensive if you use them very much.

    from Spirit of Hope/Butterfly Cafe Posted on

    It is a great idea to have chives in the kitchen, not only do they taste good with almost everything, but they also cost so much cheaper than elsewhere.

    Posted on

    What a great item to have in your restaurant and even at home! It's fresh and sold in bulk price. What else can go wrong?

    Posted on

    Needless to say regal is always number one in quality and freshness. I have never had a bad spice from them ever. These chives we use on the regular, from everything to soups, sometimes as a garnish for our mashed when requested, baked potatoes, and our cheezy potato boats. Really at this price we could use them on anything. Great spice at a great price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    The Regal Chives are a great spice, and it adds great flavor to whatever we need them for. There has never been a bad taste with these Regal Chives.

    from Scratch Posted on

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