Regal Bay Leaves - 1.5 oz.

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Regal bay leaves come from the dried leaves of the evergreen tree, Laurus nobilis. The elliptically shaped leaves are light green in color and brittle when dried. They have a distinctively strong, aromatic, spicy flavor. Bay leaves is the approved term for this spice, but the name "laurel" is still sometimes used.

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Regal Bay Leaves - 1.5 oz.

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leaves great price flavor quality Regal container fresh soups fragrant
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    Fresh good quality spices will definitely order again. Came in a timely manner and was exactly as advertised I have had no complaints with any product I have ordered
    This is a great product and it comes at a great price. For home cooks, check out the price here, and then check your local supermarket. You cannot beat this price!
    These bay leaves are fresh and aromatic and give a good flavor. There are a great many leaves in the jar that are broken into pieces, but still usable. I would have given this item 5 stars if not for all the broken leaves.
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    I have been butchering my own game for 30 years. So over the years I have used a lot of different brands of bay leaves. I have never been so pleased with the quality of spices until I started using regal. They are fresh, fragrant, wonderful spices. The containers are exactly the weight they advertise, i have purchase other brands that are are 5 grams off. The container has a flip top lid with a shaker on one side and larger opening on the other. They are easy to use and seal tight. They are also sized to fit the hand comfortably. Just a little detail but I think important in the long term.
    I do a lot of canning and needed items in bulk, found them here at a great price. Shipping was a bit much though. The items were good quality.
    I used bay leaves all the time to add that additional level of aroma to dishes and soups! Very happy with Regal's offering and love the price!
    Adds great flavor to homemade chili. The chili is great on our nachos and hotdogs for the business. Lots of great comments people love it.
    These bay leaves are a great deal. Very fragrant and the jar is packed, unlike other brands that put just a few leaves in a big jar.
    We don't use a lot so this smaller than normal size container is great for us....One small container of bay leaves lasts us a while and the price can't be beat.
    Docked one star for one reason only; when these bay leaves were packed into the container they were really crammed in to hit the 1.5oz. This resulted in a lot of the leaves being broken into small pieces. Other than the hassle of tiny bay leaf pieces, these bay leaves are a great value, flavor is exactly as it should be. Overall great, just wish they didn't smash them into the container so much.
    This bay leaves is smells great during the cooking time to add in. As a health wise this is help to treat rheumatism and soothe sore joints and muscles.
    I use Bay Leaves very often in my Gumbo and Chili. Adds extra flavor and so good. Will be ordering again very soon. Thank you!
    I have never tried regal brand, but I must say I was very impressed with the flavor that the bay leaves gave my dish. They’re great in gumbo too!
    The Regal Bay Leaves are great . The Aroma they give off is amazing . Great for all kinds of soups and stews. The price is great too. We will be purchasing more of these in the near future.
    I just can not believe the price for the amount of bay leaves in this bottle. Product is wonderful, if I have any issue it is that many of the leaves are broken into smaller pieces.
    These bay leaves are are a perfect addition to my homemade stews and soups. The leaves have a nice fragrant aroma and are a great value for such a quality product.
    Regal Spice Bay Leaves are a must have!!! Im not a fan of fresh Bay leaves because of a bad experience I previously had. I have been using dried bay leaves for a few years now. Some brands dont really give me a strong enough Bay flavor but the regal spice brand is one of the best!!! Definitely a favorite! The price can’t be beat, and the flavor is amazing.
    Bay leaves are excellent for soups and socks. We also like using these leaves in curry. Very versatile product. Regal spices makes great quality products with a very reasonable price. Great for restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and even bars.
    Great quality, flavor, freshness, and price! I love this 1.5 ounce size of the bay leaves. Perfect size to keep in your pantry! Always happy with Regal!
    Nice, fragrant bay leaves. Great price, too. You can buy bay leaves at many different stores, however it was convenient to add these to my order.
    These bay leaves smell amazing and they're great for adding depth to dishes. The leaves are too big to fit through the cap on the bottle, but if you unscrew the cap, they're easy enough to get to.
    These regal bay leaves are good quality leaves, great for your soup recipes and anytime you need the fresh whole quality of a fragrant bay leaf
    The Product was as described. Has a great shelf life and was extremely flavorful. Shipping was fast and the item was packed great. I will purchase again for my catering business
    Great stuff, really good quality spice, especially for the price! I would buy these over McCormick, these are easily as good, and cost a fraction of the name brand
    I order all of my spices from Webstaurant becuase of the value. The amount of good quality bay leaves you get for this price cannot be beat by any grocery store.
    Love these bay leaves! These are a container of 1.5 oz. the bay leaves are very fresh and didn't snap right away when bent! Great quality.
    I love the price of the Regal Bay leaves! And they are good quality leaves not old product that is being sold on the cheap! I am a Regal Spice convert I think!
    Not real happy with these. While the flavor is there they all come shredded and broken and then break up more in what they are being used in. Then you get little pieces as you are trying to enjoy the dish.
    We appreciate your review, Eddie! We are sorry these bay leaves did not meet your expectations. If you ever have a concern with the product that you purchased, please contact a Customer Solutions Representative.
    Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. Great freshness, I was actually surprised at that since in the past I have been disappointed when purchased from other places but the freshness will keep me coming back for more
    Nice bay leaves. I personally love whole herbs for whatever I can get. We use bay in lots of soups, rubs, and marinating blends for meat.
    Bay leaves are an absolute must have in my kitchen. Almost every soup I make has these in it. I love to put them in potato soup for extra flavor.
    We use these regal bay leaves in many of our dishes as well a garnish to add a nicer presentation to your meal! Great bang for your buck and the container is perfect for keeping your kitchen organized.
    These bay leaves are used in most of the soups we prepare they have great flavor for the base stock some leaves are broken but overall very good.Well priced for home use or the restaurant
    I have used the one and a half ounce size Regal Bay leaves in the past and it continues to meet my expectations. The freshness is remarkable for it not being fresh leaves and the consistency is the perfect addition to any cold dip, like Cajun crab. I like how easy this spice is to order and will continue to do so. The fast shipping and quantity discounts are a huge plus. I was a little surprised at the size of the container compared to the fill level.
    These are very fresh and flavorful. I use these in my gumbo and it is excellent. I also use this in red beans & rice as well as when stewing tomatoes.
    I use lots of dried herbs and spices in all sorts of brines and pickles and things so its pretty important that they're of a high quality. these bay leaves by regal are a solid product. they're very fragrant and a great deal. i get a lot of products by regal from webstaurantstore and so far they've all been great.
    I always try to keep ,y stock of bay leaves for the many crockpot soups and stews that I make it my home for the family.
    Great value, and the same quality as any other bay leaves you might buy elsewhere. The shipping is economical, too, if you toss them in with an existing order.
    The Regal Bay Leaves are great to have around, the earthiness they add to dishes can't be beat. I would recommend this product to anyone.
    Nice flavor fresh and whole leaves. Works well in soups or in stews but also ground in a veggie stir fry and has great health benefits and deep earthy taste!
    Great quality and excellent value for the amount that was included Most of the bay leaves came fully intact but a few were partial. Will not hesitate to reorder
    The Regal Bay Leaves are great. I use them with some of my soup recipes. The price definitely makes these Bay Leaves a great value. Highly recommend!
    I love the smell every time i open the container ,They really give great flavor and easy to pull out of soups stock and sauces.
    Perfect for fall soups! Here in Washington we have a perpetual fall/winter and i can easily go through one of these containers in one season. Good flavor and easy enough to remove prior to serving.
    These bay leaves are fragrant and add a great taste to any soup stew or sauce. Plus the price is great. Would absolutely purchase again!
    great price, good sealed container. good quality bay leaves, will be defiantly buying them again in a large size container. good for professional and home use
    You can almost guarantee with full certainty that if the recipe calls for a bay leave of two that it will be quite tasty. This small container comes packed to the brim with freshly dried whole bay leaves. All you need to do is add one of two to a hot stew or a pot roast and you will be immediately confronted with an array of flavor layers within the dish.
    Of course some of the leaves get smashed, but if you using it for a recipe you can always just put the smashed pieces in a little bag.
    These bay leaves are great. They are affordable for a convenient sized container (we're a small setup so we don't need a giant tub of them). They add awesome flavor to whatever we're cooking, and they last a good while!
    the bay leaves came nicely packaged in a spice jar. The leaves are mostly whole and very fragrant, and can be added to a variety of dishes.
    It's a good value because they're much cheaper than the ones that you would typically find at the grocery store, but most of the leaves are broken in small pieces.
    Great for soups or sauces. Great fresh flavor and great price too. Package is perfect for low volume or or home use. I would recommend this product
    For some reason, it's been hard for me to find bay leaves in the store. These were great to order and have on hand! Amazing for soups. The container kept them in good shape while shipping and it fits well in my spice cabinet.
    Nice price on this flavorful bay leaf. A nice size container for the price. There are p,entry of uses for bay leaf and Regal brand is always good.
    These bay leaves worked just fine. The price allowed us to use them for nightly specials without having to buy in bulk and it didn't add anything to our shipping costs.
    These bay leaves are especially great in soup and/or stewed recipes. They do slowly release their very pleasant aroma and their good flavor while simmering.
    Great deal on a small pack of bay leaves I use it and everything just a couple and when I saw him on the webstaurantstore I said well what a great deal
    These bay leaves I got are pretty nice. I bought the 1.5 oz to try out in my restaurant I am happy with them an the price
    Wonderful spice from WEBstaurantStore it has wonderful flavor for soups and sauces and great price I wish all the leaves were whole but they are mostly full pieces and still tasty
    Use bay leaves mainly is seafood boils and soups. I have no idea how they can sell a big container at this price but it is a great deal and the bay leaves have a great fresh flavor. I think any seafood dish is better with a little bay leaves.
    Regal spices are excellent. Packaging keeps flavor sealed nicely. The mix and match deal is a great way to stock the spice rack. These bay leaves were full of flavor.
    Great size, perfect amount to have on hand. Adds great flavor to our soups and sauces. Just what we were looking for, couldn't ask for anything more.
    Good value and a nice sized container. I don't know much about bay leafs but they seem just like the ones I buy at the grocery store for probably ten times the price. I will buy again.
    1.5 oz goes a long way. I use it for more than cooking. I enjoy it in my tea as bay leaves contain lots of good benefits.
    I use these bay leaves in a lot of applications. Soups, stews, stock, braises, and rice are just a few examples. They give a nice background flavor to the finished dish.
    These bay leaves have a fine color, aroma and flavor. I deducted two stars, however, because the jar I received was filled with leaves that were broken, torn and cracked--Very few in this large jar remained whole and intact. Obviously, the flavor isn't affected by this, but because bay leaves are generally removed from the soup or stew before serving, these partial leaves make that more difficult. I am not sure I would order again, even though they were a good price.
    1.5 oz of bay leaves will last a long time since you are usually only using a couple leaves per item. They are very fragrant and we only took one star off since some of the leaves broke into smaller pieces. Still very happy with the product.
    You really can't go wrong with these Regal Bay leaves. The container arrived quickly and was packed full. They appear to be fairly fresh, so they should definitely last awhile.
    Great amount of bay leaves for the price. I usually only use one whenever I make things like soup, so this will last me for a while. Fresh as always.
    I like these Bay leaves, pungent and flavorful. However they are sometimes broken so I am careful to strain them out of broths or use larger pieces in sauces where I will need to retrieve them individually.
    Great bay leaves arrives vary fast and is packed vary well I a really enjoy cooking with this product I really love these bay leaves
    Bay Leaves are a must in many of the soups we make. I was so impressed that most of the container was filled with whole large leaves. Store Bought ones are broken in so many tiny pieces that they become hard to find after cooking. Love this product!
    These were excellent in both soup and our pizza sauce. Prices locally have gotten too high, it's nice to find these here at a low cost.
    I bought these in grocery store and almost fell down due to their price. On WEB,Com I received more Bay Leaves that was fresh and came in a handy container. Makes it easier to keep in pantry especially when you need them,then running to a store and paying triple this price.
    One of my favorite activities is making soup and bread. I was never particularly fond of bay leaf but friends like it so I bought this brand to use in my cooking. I was surprised to find that I liked it as well. Great taste. Fresh.. Can't beat that.
    A perfect addition to soups and stews. The price cannot be beat. We ordered a 1.5 oz to try out and will be back for a larger quantity soon!
    I use bay leaves to keep away those weevils that tend to get everywhere when you use a lot of flour or rice products. I like these because you get 10 X the amount you would get at the grocery store. I also do a lot of Indian cooking which often use bay leaves, even though they aren't exactly the same as Indian bay leaves they serve well as a replacement. For the quality and price you get a lot of product well worth the money.
    Great quality bay leaves. Regal products never disappoint. I have purchased a lot of Regal spices and I am always happy. The price can not be beat.
    I cook a lot with soups and pork dishes and bay leaves just add a special taste to each dish. I was not disappointed with these leaves. The smell is quite rich and pungent. The quality of the leaves are excellent and lend a special help to each dish. Remember they are not to be consumed, they just add flavor to the soup or meat dish.
    Great quality bay leaves at affordable prices the bay leaves are dried perfectly and add that extra flavoring to soups and stews. Majority if the leaves are still whole which is a plus.
    I slip these in every stew, soup, and gravy I make. Adds a nice special and subtle taste to your home cooked meals. And container is jam packed.
    Webstraunt has the BEST prices on herbs and spices. You could easily spend 10X as much in the grocery store for the same amount you get from Webstraunt.
    I use these at home, I am not a professional. I ordered this large size of bay leaves because I was sick of buying tiny packages at the grocery store and always running out. If you cook a lot, and bay leaves are something you use frequently, this is the item for you. In fact, the price is so good here that even if you don't think you need so many bay leaves, you shouldn't pass it up!
    we have operated a farmers market for over 20 years and I have personally supplied all the stock searching picking items personally. This is our first order with Webresturant and basically was a trial. I am amazed at the service We will never look back. and asnticipate ordering many more times. As for these bay leaves the quality is excellent and flavor very nice. These will be used in our Corned beef brine along with some of our signature spice blends.
    The Regal line of spices and herbs have all been great values. You get a lot of a quality product for a good value. The herbs are always fresh and fragrant. For this price, I don't mind receiving a few broken ones.
    Love these Bay leaves. Some leaves are large but not too big and they are clean and dry. The aroma they emit is so much better then that of the usual store bought spices in the small jar.
    Not quite as pungent, uniformly-colored, and wholesome as a local grocer brand. A small percentage had holes and were broken. They are flavorful and aromatic, though; and, for less than the cost of a small jar (0.14 oz) at a local store, I get a large supply that will keep me well-stocked for over a year.
    These bay leaves are fresh and flavorful. The leaves are larger and more complete than the name brand variety, and the value is better, too.
    Regal Bay leaves is a great addition to our spice cabinets. It adds up delicate taste and smooth flavor to many dishes. The price is also very cheap.
    When Sam's Club stopped selling bay leaves I added these to my order and they're just as good and about a third of the price that my wholesale supplier charges me
    i got this item 3 month ago and i liked very much. The price is very good compare with other stores. i would recommend this to anybody good quality and price
    We got the Regal Bay Leaves in a 1.5 oz. container for our canning this spring. Was very happy to see how fresh it is and how much you get for the price. Will be buying much more.
    These are much better than buying granulated bay leaves, you get a much better flavor breaking them up right before use. Great price for the quantity and good to have on hand for soups and stews. I have many of the Regal spices and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks WEBstaurant Store!
    The Regal Bay Spices are really a great value. The bay leaves are so much better than most I have purchased in the past. Nice size containers available too.
    Used this to make flavor meats and stews and other dishes. Also added to marinades and flavor comes out great. The price value is also pretty good.
    Great all purpose bay leaves at a great price. We use them in practically everything. They hold up well in soups and broths and don't crumble apart.
    No surprises here, standard bay leaves you get at the store but at lower price and conveniently shipped right to our store with the rest of our items. Love shopping here.
    Bay leaves are essential part of some food recipes. that's cheaper than you buying it from the dollar store. lol. will be a returning customer
    Bay Leaves are an essential spice to add to soups, stews, pot roast -- any time you're braising meat they add wonderful flavor and aroma. The Regal brand are good quality and come at a great price.
    Bay leaves are always great for flavoring rice or simmering in homemade stock! This 1.5 ounce container is sure to last for several months! Perfect for braising or roasting meats too!!!
    I always have at least one of these on my spice rack, theres nothing like adding basil to any of your stocks, and soups. Ive also been getting high marks now that i add it to my meatloaf. I absolutely love bay leaves. And of course regal is top notch. Great price for this spice.
    High quality, excellent value, and just the right size for my home use. I do a lot of home cooking, and the grocery store sizes are too small, and much more expensive.

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