Regal Pumpkin Pie Spice - 16 oz.

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Bring out the taste of autumn in your baked goods with the rich flavor of this Regal Spice pumpkin pie spice. A premium blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices, this mixture is designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of your traditional pumpkin pie recipe. Not just for pumpkin pie though, this familiar spice blend can be used in a variety of other desserts as well, including muffins, coffee cake, spice cake, cheesecake, pumpkin bread and more! Use this decadent blend to spice up apple-based dishes, or create a unique ice cream flavor that will entice your patrons' taste buds.

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Regal Pumpkin Pie Spice - 16 oz.

4.8 stars from 65 reviews


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    Every fall season we use this pumpkin pie spice in our muffins and bread loaves. It compliments the fresh pumpkin we use without being to overpowering.

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    Absolutely love the spices from here. This stuff is usually very expensive!!! Got it on sale. Could not ask for a better product or price

    from The purple monkey Posted on

    We used this in our cafe during our pumpkin latte season mainly as a topper. While it did work good for that purpose, the spice seemed a little weak for baking purposes.

    Posted on

    This product is great! I used this a ton during the holidays, It makes my pumpkin pie and cookies have that awesome spice flavor to it. Great price if you want an all in one spice instead of using individual spices.

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Pumpkin pie spice

    Good! Good ! Good price and good quality !! I would buy again and again... if you're looking for a real product, you just found !

    from Style Cafe Posted on

    Purchased for pies and making Spiced Lattes. Its a large amount for the price which is great. Flavor profile seems to be heavy on cinnamon compared to other brands which is easy enough to fix. In regards to other reviews mentioning grittiness, I find the spice to be finely ground. Most of the spice is almost powdery with very fine grit otherwise. Typical quality spice powder. Price; Great for the amount Flavor: A bit too much cinnamon for me, but each brand is different. Easy enough to fix though. Freshness: Far better than stores closer to me and other online retailers. Purchased in Feb/March of 2017, expires in 10/2019. That's 2 and a half years! I'm lucky to get spices that last longer than 1 year. Grind: Very Very fine.

    Posted on

    This is a ton of spice, it will last a very long time. It arrived fresh and sealed with a very far out expire date. Great aroma and flavor.

    Posted on

    What a fantastic deal I got on this year regal spice pumpkin pie mix pumpkin pie spice not mix it taste pretty good it worked just fine for making my pumpkin pie but also works good for anything else you want to taste like fall

    from N/A Posted on

    Great flavor enhancer for my coffee and cakes and the size and price is a steal compared to what you would get in your local supermarket.

    Posted on

    Pumpkin pie spice isn't just for pumpkin pies or even pumpkin treats of any kind. It's great to use for any spice treat, especially when recipes call for cinnamon, ginger, and the like. It's also good in smoothies.

    Posted on

    We use this pumpkin pie spice in our famous pumpkin muffins and guests order them over and over again. Consistent quality product. I would recommend this product for pumpkin flavor related items.

    from Bradford Catered Events Posted on

    I normally buy my spices from a local specialty spice shop, but I go through so much of this stuff, I decided to try the one they have here. I'm very pleased with this product. It's not as spicy as my other pumpkin pie spice, but has a good flavor and is sufficient for my needs. Such a bargain compared to the spice store!

    Posted on

    Great flavor works great in pumpkin cheesecakes as well as my pumkin bread recipies, never had any issues with grittiness i will absolutely reorder this item

    from RaynneStarr Posted on

    It's fall and we are offering lots of Items with Pumpkin Pie spices in them, from drinks to energy bites. Regal Pumpkin Spice is the taste of Fall in a bottle.

    from PROJECT: feed me Posted on

    This has a good, strong pumpkin flavor and works well in my pumpkin fudge. But when I used it in my pumpkin bread it seemed to have a slight grittiness to it.

    from Doing Life Better Posted on

    This is the best bang for your buck! I always stock up around the holidays with all of the baking I do! This is a great brand.

    Posted on

    Best pumpkin pie spice for pumpkin spice lattes. economical and a good sized container. We use this every fall and winter for specialty drinks and coffee.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    If you are looking for a great tasting pumpkin pie spice at a reasonable price then look no farther! I use this product in my restaurant to make different pumpkin pastries and my guests rave about the flavor. The price cannot be beat either when you compare it to buying a tiny bottle in retail stores too!

    Posted on

    A perfect blend of spices! Rich cinnamon and nutmeg flavors that are perfect for any pumpkin recipe! 16 oz container at a major discount from grocery store prices!

    Posted on

    Okay this is amazing. The flavor, the freshness, the smell, the taste--it is so lovely and wonderful. It smells like a fall candle and tastes like pumpkin pie. It is great in yogurt and oatmeal as well. What a wonderful blend!

    Posted on

    Use a lot during these months for pies, pound cakes, pumpkin bars, cookies, any desserts needing a pumpkin kick! Great price, will continue to purchase.

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    We've used Regal pumpkin spice for years in our household. Its as good as any other leading brand at a much cheaper cost. It provides excellent taste to pies, rolls and holiday favorites.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    We use this oil for cooking and soap making, it does justice to our soaps and we run out quickly, going to order a few more jars..

    Posted on

    I use pumpkin pie spice when we'll guess when..? When I'm making oatmeal we I do, but I do use it when making pumpkin pie... it makes it simple add canned pumpkin and egg and a bit of flower (if you so choose) and bake boom pumpkin pie baby

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Fresh, convenient and amazing price. We encourage keeping in a cool dry cabinet for storage and if needed separate into smaller containers for easier use around the kitchen(s).

    Posted on

    I used the pumpkin pie spice in my persimmon bread recipe and the outcome was soooooo delicious. The bottle comes at a great prize and the amount goes a long way!

    Posted on

    Great price and great product. It is very difficult to find this spice in an 16oz in local stores. We use it to make pumpkin spice cookies.

    from TWO HEARTS TREATS & SWEETS, LLC Posted on

    It's a nice blend of spices. It would say it's more on the cinnamon and spicy side. I am very satisfied with the purchase. The container is great too. The lead has two openings, which makes it easier to dispense.

    Posted on

    This made a great pumpkin pie spice. We used it for pizzas, cappuccines and frappes and it is wonderful! This product is great for the price!

    from The Factory Posted on

    Great great quality for a reasonable price! Makes our baked good taste delish and fits easily on the counter with all our other baking ingredients!

    from CUPCAKERS Posted on

    This is an affordable high quality spice. Just as good as the big name brand. Our kitchen staff have found multiple uses for the spice especially in the fall.

    Posted on

    Great product at a great price. We were buying it in the smaller containers and paying what we now pay for this large container. We love it.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    Love this product. Gives a great smooth pumpkin spice flavor but not too strong. The value for this large container is unbelievable! I have used this in cake and muffins to add a little Fall flavor. I will be using it in my pies also. Customers love it.

    from Sweet Changes Posted on

    This is not just for pies you can used this spice of coffee and lots of other drinks And also snack foods and even dips

    from Zackey joe's Posted on

    This pumpkin spice brand is great quality at a great price. We use it in our spiced pumpkin pie smoothies and our customers love that we use actual spices and not flavorings.

    from blended llc Posted on

    This was the ebst pumpkin spice that we have came across. It really flavored our frappes. I would recommend this over any other pumpkin spice.

    from The Factory Posted on

    Another great value offered by and Regal Spices! Cant wait to start using this in the upcoming months- Tis the season for Pumpkin Everything!

    from OliveTerranean Posted on

    What a great price for this great spice. Perfect for pumpkin bread and pies! Can't wait to make cream cheese pumpkin rolls with it! Great price too!

    from Sh-Booms Ice Cream Posted on

    Our shipment came today. As expected the spice is every bit as good as the other brands that sell the small amounts. This is a heck of a deal for a spice we use a great deal.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Another great seasoning from Regal and Webstaurant Store! Another perfectly priced addition to our pantry! I can already see we will be needing lots more of this seasoning in the kitchen!

    from Brian Posted on

    Excellent, clear fresh flavors. I use it often in many of my recipes. A real flavor enhancer. Fabulous aroma and taste. Great Size that enables me to utilize this spice without having to be frugal (not that I would need to be) I like to be creative with it in sugars etc...

    Posted on

    All of webstaurante's spices are great. They are fractions of the cost of named brand spices like mccormick or watkins and are just as good. I can't tell a difference in taste but definitely can tell a difference in my wallet.

    Posted on

    This pumpkin pie spice is a fantastic - this is the least expensive I have found on the market and it has a great fragrance. A little goes a long way!

    Posted on

    Absolute best price around! Just look at any supermarket and check the price per oz. of pumpkin pie spice. You get way more spice for the price at WebstaurantStore.

    from Aroma Cafe Posted on

    Great mixture of spices for the perfect pumpkin pie. Can also be used for other pumpkin pastries and works well on pumpkin cupcakes! Really brings out the pumpkin.

    Posted on

    What an amazing find!! Move over grocery store brand! This is the perfect blend of spices for so many of my fall recipes. The price cannot be beat! Another great buy from Webstaurant!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    I LOVE this spice, I use it throughout the year, but especially during fall for baking. I love using it for my pumpkin truffles, and of course pumpkin pie. The size, price, and quality makes this another must-have for my kitchen pantry.

    from Honey B Posted on

    This is a great product!!! shipped out fast and quality is great as well as the price. your not gonna find 16 oz of this spice anywhere for that price.

    from joe's flaming kabob inc. Posted on

    Great product!!! Affordable and great flavor for all of your holiday baking!! We use it in cakes, cupcakes, pies, hot drinks, cookies and much more!!'

    from Hen House Cafe Posted on

    Great blend of spices. Works good with pumpkin but also with apples. A good blend of spices for baked goods, added a wonderful flavor to my muffin recipe.

    Posted on

    I make pumpkin bread pudding...and this really brought out the flavor. I sold SO many pieces and half pans of bread puddings during the holiday season. People are still asking for it! Please don't discontinue this product!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    This is the first time I bought Regal pumpkin pie spice. I found my self baking pumpkin bread for a lot of people for Thanksgiving. I also used this in my sweet.potato pies. I had some filling left over and made 2 cakes. Sometimes I make my own when I do not have Pumpkin spice and find I my have put a little too much of one thing that made it taste off. I felt very good when this came out just right. The mixture of spices brought out the flavors I was looking for.Not only that now I have over 20 orders from friends to make some for them for Christmas.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Regal Pumpkin Pie Spice has fabulous flavor. I love it for pies, breads and other desserts that call for this incredible spice. Cannot believe the value here!

    Posted on

    I use A LOT of pumpkin pie spice when I bake and the price cannot be beat! This is the same as the pricier blends. I will definetly be ordering again.

    from Katy M Posted on

    This is the best pumpkin pie spice we've used in awhile. Can you imagine a 16 oz. container for this price? I shared with friends and still had plenty left over. We will be ordering every spice that we need from your company. Quite pleased, even with shipping, the savings was substantial. Thank you for wonderfully affordable, good quality products.

    Posted on

    This Pumpkin Pie Spice is packed 16 oz. We use this as a spice in our pumpkin flavored smoothies. It taste great. Gives that taste of fall.

    from Be Fit Nutrition Posted on

    The Regal pumpkin Pie Spice 16oz. It is great it's that time of year, for pumpkin pie's and cakes.We sell alot of pumpkin desserts. The price is right.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Not only is this pumpkin pie spice a great price, it's delicious! I use it for my pumpkin pie cheesecake but my loves to sprinkle it over the whipped cream on her coffee.

    Posted on

    Regal Pumkin spice is really good.I use this for my pumkin pie, and pumkin rolls and alot of things good price. great spice, try it.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    I love this spice, especially in the fall! It is perfect for pumpkin pie of course! I love using to to make pumpkin cheesecake! Large container will last all year!

    Posted on

    This pumpkin pie spice is great for is great for the holidays when everything is supposed to smell like pumpkin pie. We add this a ton of things at the restaurant including ice cream.

    Posted on

    Well alleluia, its here, the smell is just out of this world, I can now use this in my Frozen Yogurt, Scones & Latte's this is the bomb and you get a huge amount for your money..

    from Britans Yogurt Mill Posted on

    This is great for the upcoming fall pumpkin everything craze. This is a great blend of spices, I put it on anything that is related to apples or pumpkin.

    Posted on

    well im a true fan of almost anything pumpkin so this is no suprize when i say its great, 16 oz package gives you a lot of bang for your buck you cant go wrong

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

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    I bought this to save me time and money. I didn't have to buy individual spices and works well in pumpkin pies when baking for thanksgiving.

    Posted on

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