Dutch Cocoa Powder - 5 lb.

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This dutch cocoa powder adds a rich chocolate flavor to cakes, brownies, and other pastries, making it an excellent addition to any bakery! Cocoa powder comes from the cacao bean, a fully fermented bean of the tropical Theobroma cacao plant. Once cocoa butter has been extracted from the cacao beans, the remaining dry substance called cocoa powder, or simply cocoa, has a distinct taste. Used in many confections, it can help create an endless variety of chocolate-flavored treats. Dutch cocoa powder has a light brown color and a soft, floury texture.

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Dutch Cocoa Powder - 5 lb.

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    Incredible flavor profile! Will never switch from this Gel cocoa powder. It adds a level of outright deliciousness to everything we make with it. Too amazing to express in a review.

    from Spiritually Savvy, LLC Posted on

    I am so pleased to find great cocoa power in bulk with great price! We make hot cocoa mix with this product and it is very popular. We cannot do without hot cocoa to complete the morning coffee/tea table at our church. This cocoa powder smells great and tastes great. Definitely great value.

    Posted on

    This is the real deal. The price ain't bad either! The flavor of this cocoa powder is unadulterated deliciousness. This tastes like what chocolate used to taste like, around 30 years ago. I'm from the Caribbean, and when i was younger we had tours to the Milo factory, where they gave us free cold chocolate milk, right off the conveyor belt. This tastes like what Milo used to taste like!

    from central city motors Posted on

    It was so great to finally find Cocoa Powder in bulk! This is the perfect size for a high-volume bakery, and makes delicious dark chocolate cookies!

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    This cocoa powder makes beautiful, rich dark chocolate cookies!

    This is my "go to" Dutch cocoa powder. I love it! I use it for cakes and brownies and am happy with the rich cocoa flavor every time.

    Posted on

    Dutch cocoa powder is the best quality cocoa powder you can buy. This also means that it comes with a higher price tag, but not here! wow the price is just amazing and unbeatable!

    from La Vie En Roshy Posted on

    So much cocoa powder!

    Great Product! We use the Dutch Cocoa Powder in one of my sweet dip mixes that is one of my bigest sellers. Very fresh and love the consistency.

    Posted on

    We like using this cocoa in our cookie recipes. It's a bit darker and better quality than we've gotten from other sources and therefore makes great product.

    from Mockingbird cafe & bakery Posted on

    This cocoa powder is amazing! It is so smooth and much richer than anything I have purchased in a big box store - and to top it off, the price point is better! I use this in my protein shakes every morning to give them a more authentic chocolate taste.

    Posted on

    Excellent cocoa powder, we use It in our bakery to make cakes, frosty and more, its taste is really good, it does not has sugar just a good chocolate flavor.

    from panaderia emanuel Posted on

    Great and rich tasting cocoa powder. I love to use this one for baking. Great texture make sure that it easy to work with. Price is great too!

    Posted on

    This cocoa powder has really great flavor and texture not to mention that it won't break the bank! I would definitely recommend it to any fellow bakers out there.

    Posted on

    What a great and necessary addition to cakes, cookies and other desserts! The dutch cocoa from Webstaurantstore is as good or better then the cocoa bought from the local grocery store. We have used it in all our chocolate baking goods with great results.

    Posted on

    We are very picky about our cocoa powder, this product reached our standards and more. Mixes well with our Signature Chocolate Surprise Cake. Highly recommend.

    from HT Bakery Posted on

    This cocoa has a really great flavor, and it compares well to any of the more expensive brands. We will definitely continue ordering this product

    Posted on

    This cocoa powder is very high quality for the price. We did notice a difference between the two times we order, but still high quality. The most recent order was a very dark and flavorful cocoa powder that is a great addition to our baked goods.

    Posted on

    Surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting to like this product, but it worked well. Good price. Good product. I will be reordering this cocoa powder soon.

    from The Sweetest Things, LLC Posted on

    This is a great deal for cocoa powder. I like a lighter cocoa and this one is light but still has a great cocoa taste- definitely recommend!

    Posted on

    This is our chocolate flourless cake that is made with the dutch cocoa powder. It is so rich and has a great chocolate taste! Great product at a great price

    We use the Dutch cocoa powder from Webstaraunt in many of our desserts for our catering commissary and daily lunch time cafe desserts. Great quality product at a competitive price.

    from Bradford Catered Events Posted on

    This coco powder is great. It's a big bag so it's easy to keep on hand whenever you need it. We use it in our chocolate cake, and this brand is just as good as any, including the most popular name brand.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I use this cocoa when making my buttercream, and it works great for chocolate icing. I've used it as mud on carved truck cakes and love it.

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    This cocoa powder is sooooo very rich! Makes great chocolate desserts. I use it to make my exciting chocolate creations. I would recommend this cocoa.

    Posted on

    Awesome Product and an awesome price in bulk! Very flavorful! The only thing I wasn't excited about was that it was in a bag with a twistie tie and in a cardboard box. Wish it could have been in the plastic container for storage purposes.

    from Momma's Secret Inc. Posted on

    It used to be that every supermarket carried Droeste Dutch cocoa, but it's become almost impossible to find - even Amazon doesn't have it. There is a difference between Dutch cocoa and regular (one is more acidic), and they're not interchangeable in baked goods. I finally got the bright idea to check on my favorite baking supplies site, and was happy to not only find Dutch cocoa, but at an amazing price. Webstaurant Store has done it again! Excellent product.

    Posted on

    This one have a lighter color than the one i used to use. dispite of the color difference, which i thought that this one would give me a not-so-nice result of baked goods, i discovered that this one is the cocoa powder that i would love! this one is great and i'm lovin' it! the powder give my baked goodies a rich chocolate flavor and dark in color. best of all, i could get it in a reasonable price, how cool is that?!

    Posted on

    After getting Cocoa powder from GFS for 5 years or so we found it listed in webstaurant. We got a batch and tried it and were incredibly surprised. This cocoa powder is among the best I've found for this price range. It makes pretty great mocha syrup and the customers love it!

    Posted on

    Light in color but with good flavor, this is the cocoa powder we like to use for our beet red velvet. It allows for the flavor we are looking for but without the deep color, leaving more room for the red from the roasted beets to show through. Also great for hot cocoa

    from Buttercream Bakeshop Posted on

    I am a baker and I love Chocolate. I use this cocoa powder in my brownies and cupcake and it is delicious. I would highly recommend.

    from Shredded Sweetz, LLC Posted on

    I am a baker and This Dutch Cocoa Powder is very good! Its not super dark, but it has the flavor that you need! I love to use this when I make my chocolate fudge frosting.

    from Sweet Cake Creations Posted on

    Excellent cocoa powder. I use these in my brownies, and they work really well for those. Only thing to note is that it is significantly lighter than some cocoa powders I've used in the past, but it doesn't seem to affect the taste.

    Posted on

    This cocoa powder allows me to make some great tasting chocolate from scratch. The price is good compared to other places selling the same quantity.

    Posted on

    We have been very happy with this cocoa.. It is a large amount and it was shipped in a box. With a plastic bag inside. It is great.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    great proct and great price. excellant flavor profile and ease of use. have made chocolate cakes and icings with great success and rave reviews from customers

    from quinipet camp and retreat Posted on

    This cocoa has a good flavor. The value is superb. No complaints whatsoever. Just remember that it is dutch cocoa (lower acidity) so if you have a recipe that relies on the acidity of the cocoa to react with baking soda you should adjust the recipe to use another acid or baking powder.

    Posted on

    This cocoa powder is a great value. It is a bit light in color for our cakes so we whisk in several ounces of black cocoa to achieve a better color.

    from Confectionary Designs Posted on

    This is a good value, however it comes in a plastic bag inside the shipping box...You will definitely need to make sure you have a LARGE storage container on hand from the start.

    Posted on

    I am a cocoa fanatic and this product is just fine. For reference I would place this somewhere between an off label store brand and a hersheys in terms of quality. Great price, okay quality, overall not bad.

    Posted on

    Not a fan of this cocoa, has a weird taste- doesnt really taste like chocolate. I would recommend hershey cocoa, you can purchase it on this website as well!

    Posted on

    We appreciate your review, Amy! If you are looking for another recommend product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This Dutch cocoa is a staple ingredient in my bakery! The taste of this Dutch cocoa is amazing and the price is unbeatable. Would definitely recommend!

    from Sugar Rush by Theresa Posted on

    this product is no different from Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa powder. you get a lot more for your money. We distribute into several containers for different locations around our kitchen. Great buy.

    from Hernandez Mendoza LLC Posted on

    I really like this cocoa it comes in a box and inside the box is the bag of cocoa and it's really convenient and you can just put it into another container very easily if you want to. It's a great price for the amount of cocoa that you get in the cocoa taste great and any recipe. I highly recommend this Cocoa

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    This cocoa powder is the best I have ever found. It gives a great chocolate flavor but not overpowering. Mixes very well when using in baked goods and frosting. The only cocoa I use.

    from Sweet Changes Posted on

    It comes in a plastic bag, and some of powder is coated outside. However the taste is great, and I cannot find better product that this.

    Posted on

    Well priced and a convenient sized package. This stuff goes a pretty long way if you are just needing things a wee-bit more chocolaty without the extra sweet.

    from RMCS Posted on

    Great dutch cocoa powder for the price. A little lighter in color than the other cocoa we used, but we can't tell a difference between them.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    NICE PRICE, we use this to make house made mocha syrup but the uses are endless. Fast secure shipping. Nice find overall that we will buy again

    Posted on

    Great quality and great taste! You might want to add a dash of dark chocolate because this cocoa powder is pretty sweet on its own. We made our brownies and they were great!

    Posted on

    Was a Little hesitant to change from the branded Cocoa, but the price comparison definitely intrigued me to give it a try. I use them in my fudge brownie recipe and I live the chocolaty taste it now produces! Great buy

    Posted on

    The 5 lbs of cocoa powder came in a very secure package and twist tied closed to ensure the lowest amount of moisture was absorbed in transit.. Haven't used the cocoa powder itself as of yet, but it seems promising.

    from Janie Mae's Cakes Posted on

    Makes my chocolate cupcakes Very Chocolaty, and tastes great. i love the texture, even tho its a darker chocolate, its still amazing,, and the box it comes in makes it easy for cleaning, its not that messy,

    from Elaine's Bakery Posted on

    Great quality for the money and I am always happy when i can find a good product in larger size when I am going to be doing a lot with it.

    from youth with a mission Posted on

    Cocoa comes in a large blue bag. I would suggest having a place to store the cocoa before receiving. I put the cocoa in gelato containers and it works out well. Used in chocolate cake and cake turned out in delicious. It is nice to get all of this cocoa at one time.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    Awesome cocoa powder! My cupcakes come out rich chocolaty every time. Love the price too. I would recommend this product to anyone. Will buy again!

    from SB Posted on

    very good product, slightly sweeter than some comparisons, works well with chocolate buttercream icing and as an addition to breads and batters, great all around

    from Peedoodlum's Pastries Posted on

    I use this for my baking business and it is wonderful. This cocoa powder mixes well and has a great flavor. I will be sure to continue to order this!

    from The Cupcakery Posted on

    The price is great and the shipping isn't that much. I prefer a cocoa powder with a more red tint- this is comparable to other popular brands. Still a good product to use!

    Posted on

    We have used this cocoa in a pinch at the bakery when we are not getting an order- through our supplier, and when we first started out it is way better then anything you will get at a local grocery store, and for the price it is well worth it- if you don't bake much then this is something that is worth the price tag.

    we operate a coffee/sandwich shop...this very nice flavored powder is great for our coffee, we use a stencil and sprinkle it on the top to make tasty designs

    from the bean bar Posted on

    So happy I found the bulk cocoa powder and especially for this price!! Comes packaged in a bag inside of a box. Will be buying more very soon.

    Posted on

    We use this for our coffee shop to top off our blended drinks. It's perfect in that it's not too sweet - it adds a pretty garnish without changing the flavor. Love it!

    from UTNG MWR Posted on

    This is by far the best price for a good amount of cocoa powder! It is sweeter than the cocoa powder I would usually use but I just adjusted the amount of sugar in my chocolate cake recipes and it turned out perfect. I have no complaints and I would definitely recommend this product.

    from Sweet Arte Bakery & Cafe LLC Posted on

    Great value! This cocoa is just a lttle sweet so as others have suggested you may want to adjust the sugar quantity in your recipe.

    Posted on

    Dark, rich cake

    I personally enjoy this cocoa. I think it is great for making traditional hot chocolate becuase it is already pretty sweet on its own you don't have to add much sugar. So if you are baking with it, just make sure you know to adjust your sugar content.

    Posted on

    Great cocoa powder for making brownies, cakes and cookies. It makes a deliciously rich chocolate fudge icing that is to die for. Can't beat the price either.

    from Countryside Cakes Posted on

    good quality cocoa powder. It makes a difference when baking normal brownies to awesome brownies. The price is very nice and so you can make more brownies for a long time. in a cheap price.

    Posted on

    This particular Cocoa Powder is a great product. I find no difference between this bargain and the other more expensive brands you find in the stores.

    from Sweet Treat Kitchen Posted on

    Just as good as name brand Cocoa Powder. It's a great price for the large amount you get. It comes in a blue bag in a box.

    Posted on

    This cocoa powder is wonderful. It has a very rich and chocolaty taste and doesn't taste too sugary like some other Cocoa Powders. Our customers love all of the desserts we put this in.

    Posted on

    Comes in great amount. So inexpensive for 5lbs of cocoa powder? Dang that's good. Good for baking and can be used for many purpose. I made cakes, cookies, mochi, pudding and many desserts out of this.

    Posted on

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