Regal Granulated Garlic - 5 lb.

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Add extra zesty flavor to your entrees with Regal granulated garlic! Use this dehydrated seasoning as a quick and effective substitute for fresh garlic. Dehydrated garlic retains many of the same nutritional benefits as fresh garlic, while offering added versatility, a longer shelf life, and shortened preparation time. This ready-to-use granulated garlic has a pungent and spicy flavor profile that is sure to add something special to many of your signature dishes. These granules are larger in size than garlic powder, but smaller in size than minced garlic, offering a balanced texture that works well for a variety of menu items. No matter what you prepare, your customers will love the robust flavor of Regal granulated garlic.

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Regal Granulated Garlic - 5 lb.

4.9 stars from 94 reviews


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    This granulated garlic in the 5 lb container is a great value! Good color and aroma. This will be a staple in my commercial kitchen.

    from Silverton Sporting Ranch Posted on

    this is a great price on garlic power. it has the quality the same as we were getting from our supplier. we are very pleased.

    from blackberry river baking co Posted on

    once i tried this garlic i threw out the other company that i was using - we mad texas garlic toast with cheese and it just flew off the tray - it's that good

    from jack c Posted on

    A great spice for our everything bagels that is wonderful and very pungent. A great tasting garlic and makes a wonderful savory spread as well.

    from Round Bagel Posted on

    The regal granulated Garlic is a wonderful product. there are endless possibilities as to what you can add this spice to. And the 5 lb container is perfect. you can get so many uses with the large container and it is used very often.

    from Beans in the Belfry Posted on

    Great granulated garlic. Now the container comes in an easy to open protective bag. This is a much better value than buying smaller amounts at the grocery store.

    from Watsons BBQ Posted on

    A great brand and buy for the granulated garlic that is oh so fresh and delicious. The garlic is a great add in to our breadstick butter glaze.

    Posted on

    Super fresh tasting granulated garlic that really pops in your cooking. I can really taste the freshness in my dishes and everyone brags on the great garlic taste.

    Posted on

    Love the flavor! We use this in many dishes, but it's excellent in our garlic bread. Very convenient, flavor is excellent, and price wise it makes much more sense than using fresh garlic. Especially when you can't tell the difference in taste!

    Posted on

    To-Go order of Garlic bread with Regal Granulated Garlic

    Love the great flavor and texture of the granulated garlic from regal. Love buying in bulk. The large jug is great for refilling our shaker jars.

    from Country Fresh Snacks Posted on

    A great bulk container buy from Regal that is a great quality and perfect for our kitchen. The garlic is flavorful and great for multi purpose seasoning.

    Posted on

    Great product for a great price. This product is as good as any major name brand garlic. I signed up for plus so it shipped for free. Yess!!!!

    from Something Fishy Posted on

    A wonderful quality and well packaged container of granulated garlic. The garlic is bold and flavorful and great for making garlic butter and Italian style toast.

    from Pittman's Country Market Posted on

    Received my order yesterday and this time I orderered the Regal 5lb granulated garlic powder. I prefer it to my previous order which was ground too thin for my liking. Thus is an excellent value and in a wonderful airtight container to prevent clumping. Thank you.

    from Special Forces Automotive Posted on

    Granulated garlic is a staple in my house. I use 4 pounds a week of fresh garlic cloves that I carmelize in olive oil to infuse my oil and then use the cloves in my homemade sauces. I use the Regal granulated garlic in the 5 lb container for my homemade rubs for my steaks, pork roasts, chicken cracked black pepper rub is one of my favorite rubs for prime rib and steaks that I use the granulated garlic to prepare the dry rub. It is a super value and I recommend you order it. It doesn’t last long in my kitchen.

    We use 25-30lbs. of this granulated garlic every few months and it's excellent quality. We use half of what we normally use if using garlic powder, so it's also economical.

    Posted on

    The Regal Granulated Garlic is fantastic! Believe me, I am Italian! Not only is it a terrific value, but the flavor is by far the best from brands that we have used in the past. It will definitely be a regular purchase!

    Posted on

    Much much better than garlic power for my recipes.... Give more versatile applications and also keep humility away from the dispensers. I reccomend this product

    from Julio G Azpurua Posted on

    We go through alot of herbs and spices being a pizzeria and I have been very happy with Regal products. They are inexpensive and taste great.

    from TR Club Northern Posted on

    It is most certainly GRANULATED garlic. I have both powder and this, and I actually mistakenly bought this granulated having in mind at the time of wanting minced, but I use this in all things when I don't have fresh garlic handy. It's rare I don't have fresh garlic, but when I use this I'm always satisfied with the results

    Posted on


    this is by far the best granulated garlic i have ever bought in bulk.. the aroma when opened is fantastic.i have been using this for the past 3 years and will continue to do so..

    from TGV Wild Game Processing Posted on

    I use garlic in practically everything savory that I cook. It doesn't hurt anything and I don't know anyone that doesn't enjoy it's flavor. Great value here.

    Posted on

    A wonderful quality garlic that is so yummy on chicken and veges. I keep this spice in stock and love the big bulk container of garlic.

    from Price Proudce Posted on

    The regal granulated garlic is great for seasoning pasta dishes and making garlic bread. The flavor is strong and bold and really nice. I love the large container and its very sturdy.

    Posted on

    Granulated garlic is something that everyone needs in their pantry. Garlic lover or not, it inhances every dish you can think of. You'll go through a lot of it.

    Posted on

    I use garlic almost daily in my cooking. I purchased this for at home use, and this 5lb container has lasted me a couple years and still adds great flavor to my cooking. I will be ordering again soon.

    Posted on

    This is a great product. Superior quality competitive with the national brands, for a fraction of the price. I highly recommend this line of spices.

    from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro Posted on

    The product is very coarse which for our blends is exactly what we were looking for. The container is pretty easy to scoop from as long as you are using 1/2 cup or less size.

    from PaPa's Rub and Seasoning Posted on

    Love this granulated garlic and the amazing freshness and flavor that it has. I love buying it in the 5 pound size because we use it so much!

    Posted on

    Love the big 5lb tub of granulated garlic. The taste is great l and the large screw on lid makes scooping out the spice so easy. Great for refilling our shaker bottles. Stores very well.

    Posted on

    Aside from salt and pepper, granulated garlic is the one spice I would suggest everyone keep in their kitchen. It adds so much flavor to everything and I use it in almost every dish.

    Posted on

    What can I say 5ilbs of garlic, granulated. Cheaper than buying small container and this product has a easy lid and keeps it fresh. Will order again.

    from bjames llc Posted on

    This is some of the best granulated garlic I have used for the price the taste and everything hands down the best I ever bought.

    Posted on

    Granulated Garlic from is a top of the line product. I am very satisfied with the quality and flavor that it adds to my recipes!

    from Vagabond Burger, Fries and shakes Posted on

    Will be switching all my spices and herbs to this line from webstaurantstore. The price is great including the shipping cost. Thanks a lot webstaurantstore

    from Sepsakos hospitality llc Posted on

    This product was great The spice maintained good flavor strength during the months it took me to use it all. I plan to order this spice again.

    Posted on

    Great products, fast delivery. We've been ordering all I spices from you can't beat the with any of your vendors. We but continue to order this

    from Atrium Cafe and Grill Posted on

    Holds good flavor, holds up well and is packaged in an easily to handle container. Product may have to be moved to a smaller shaker depending on usage as the shaker holes in this container are large.

    from The Mic Stand Bar and Grill Posted on

    I was a little skeptical at first but buying spices online, but im glad i value out there by far. Definitely will re order

    from TnT Burgers Posted on

    Works and tastes as good as my former garlic. Price is better and all the Regal spices I've tried have been just as high quality as I could have hoped for. Recommended by someone who uses a lot of it!

    from Blueberries Posted on

    This is my most-used spice at home. I enjoy the more coarse texture (compared to garlic powder) and the strong garlic flavor. While not a substitute for the real thing, Regal granulated garlic comes in very useful in many cooking situations.

    Posted on

    It would be 5 stars if it was more refined, as compared to other granulated garlic in the market. It will lump up as well, which doesn't happen with similar products in the market. But the price is unbeatable and it is good quality garlic. I often buy it 25# at a time and could not operate my restaurant without this product!

    from Jimmy G's BBQ Posted on

    The Regal granulated garlic is by far a great value for any small business. The quality and taste exceeds the other garlics we have used. The price is much better than the food vendors or warehouse clubs.

    from Genovese's Posted on

    We love this granulated garlic. It comes in many sizes and tastes great in any recipe. The price is great, too. We will buy again for sure!

    from Fernando's Posted on

    You can never have too much garlic in the pantry. This is good for all types of dishes. It is great within the pizza and pasta sauces and also when sprinkled atop.

    Posted on

    this regal brand is a very trusty and quality product. very strong and potent. a little goes a long way. fast shipping as always also

    Posted on

    The best! Garlic prices are VERY high right now.... however, by ordering from Webstaurant I can save a great deal of money vs. food disrtributors or Shopping Clubs on this product. Quality is good. Flavor is consistent.

    from Johnny's Pizza Posted on

    The Regal granulated garlic is high in quality. We use this for soups and it is priced lower than our distributor. Great add on to be included in orders from Webstraunt.

    from Bradford Catered Events Posted on

    The flavor and aroma of this garlic is bold. It's great to be able to buy it in bulk at such a great price. A must have in most kitchens.

    from CMV Posted on

    The spice we ordered was of great quality. Both flavor and aroma were exactly as expected. The price is also a great value. We highly recommend these for others.

    from NERS Posted on

    I would put any herb or spice by Regal up against name brands- they are just as good at a fraction of the price. I will be buying all of our herbs and spices from here from now on.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    The Regal Granulated Garlic 5 pound container is great. You'll have plenty for multiple uses, from seasoning by itself or adding it to a mixture to use for rubs.

    Posted on

    I love the granulated garlic compared to the powder. That and this is such a good deal for the amount you receive in each container.

    from Zack's Shack Posted on

    I love this product! When making our mixes, we will always know the flavor will be right with the consistent sized product. Makes a big difference for us.

    from Grandma's Pantry Incorporated Posted on

    Granulated Garlic This dry garlic is essentially good for when I fry chicken I also use it in my rubs and BBQ sauce recipe, my spice blends tend to get a bit heavy with the granulated spices but they are amazing for adding texture to a meal

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    We have ordered this granulated garlic multiple times. Love it! It is very cost-friendly and is a good quality garlic. We use in multiple dishes.

    from Fernando's Italian & American Cuisine Posted on

    We love the spices and seasonings . They are a good product and the price can't be beat. We will continue to get these when we run out.

    from Red River Inn Posted on

    Love that this item comes this way. Love the regal brand and its freshness definitely makes the dish and you can't beat the price on it.

    from Rebecca's Treats Posted on

    I use this spic in my base for just about everything! Gone are the days where single 14oz containers are bought just to hit vendor minimums. You cannot beat the product for the price!

    from Flag Hill Catering and Events Posted on

    closer to a powder than a granulation but works well in same applications,although it tends to clump. but for basic needs a bargin price and value

    from quinipet camp and retreat Posted on

    We use a fair amount of garlic in our pasta sauces. Regal is a great product and is always fresh. The 5lb is the perfect for us. Great product at a great price.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on


    from little pigs bbq Posted on

    We buy all of our onion and garlic from Webstaurant. This granulated garlic is a great example of a great product at a really affordable price. If you use a lot of granulated garlic (like we do), Regal is the way to go. I believe the quality is just as good as any other granulated garlic I've used.

    from The Ruffed Grouse Bar & Grill Posted on

    Got this because I love garlic and spicing up veggies and Salmon. This garlic is fresh smelling and tastes good too! I like that it comes in a resealable carton too, though it's strange to have such a large carton to store when there's not much garlic in it. The granules are a good size and an easy way to add flavor and nutrients to any dish, though I still use raw garlic too because of the medicinal properties

    Posted on

    The regal spice line is a great addition to my kitchen. The ship fast and are rarely out of stock. I would recommend these as a cost saving to any commercial kitchen.

    from Sippis Posted on

    We use Regal Granulated Garlic in many of our house made seasoning blends and dressings. This product has a great flavor and consistency. Definitely recommend.

    from Highland Table Posted on

    We make a spice mixture for our chips and we use a lot of spices. Before webstaurant, we were buying the spices from a common food supplier and the price was exorbitant. The spices here are of good quality and the price is great. You should definitely start here for any bulk needs.

    Posted on

    We use this Regal Granulated Garlic in most recipes and people LOVE it! We make NUMEROUS rubs, sauces and dip combinations for our business as well. I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing this product!

    from Frisco H. Posted on

    I used Regal seasonings in my catering business as well as at home. I find them to be reasonably priced and fresh. I buy all of my large quantity seasonings here.

    Posted on

    I ordered these items for use in my catering business. Aside from the items being very reasonably priced they were also of the highest quality. As with all my dealings with Webstauratnt I have been very pleased with the prompt service and delivery of my items.

    from Redleafcateringandevents Posted on

    Like most Regal spices, the granulated garlic is a great choice at a great price. This garlic is not particularly flavorful or overpowering, but does the job when it comes to using it as a component to recipes or seasonings.

    Posted on

    i have to get it every time. its fresh and the test very good . i use it with almost ever thing when we cook food

    from Tina's Basket Posted on

    I bought This granulated Garlic after buying the powdered one, the granulated is much better for dry rubs or if you want to coat fish or meat with garilc, the powder one is great for liquid type of flavouring

    Posted on

    We don't use a lot of this garlic but the taste is good. The price is great. It's almost the same price we would pay for a much smaller bottle of granulated garlic locally.

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on

    Very good flavor. Huge price savings versus my national food vendor. Big food cost helper for a staple ingredient. I highly recommend this garlic powder.

    Posted on

    Ordering in bulk at these great prices has not only saved us money but the convenience of ordering online and getting it delivered to our door is a blessing.

    from S TS LLC Posted on

    This granulated garlic is excellent. We use it in our pizza and pasta sauces, and it has not disappointed. We were able to get a huge amount here compared to what we were paying elsewhere.

    Posted on

    Granulated garlic is pretty much the same no matter where you get it. It adds great flavor to any dish, sauce, etc. We use it in our garlic-butter and it's got great flavor. Good price point as well!

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    Very good quality garlic. The best price I can find anywhere. Shipping was fast and shipping fee is reasonable. Would recommend this to anyone else.

    Posted on

    Regal Granulated Garlic in the 5# size is a very good value. The quality is very good and very easy to transfer to a smaller container for everyday use.

    from Mary B's Southern Kitchen Posted on

    I was originally looking for minced garlic, but it wasn't an option, so I decided to give this 5lbs of granulated garlic a try since the price was good and I go through garlic quickly. It has nice flavor and I'm finding many uses for it, such as in pasta dishes, soups, sauces, or even sprinkled in sandwiches. Great value.

    from David C. Posted on

    Good price for granulated garlic, and ships very quickly to you. Quality product also. We use a lot of this so the price is a great deal!

    Posted on

    This granulated garlic is delicious and it adds that extra flavor you need in soups and chili! Better than some of the other name brands that I have tried! Great price!

    Posted on

    Great product at a reasonable price! We use Regal granulated garlic in everything from sauces and marinades to using on toasted bread and cheese appetizers.

    Posted on

    this is good garlic. it has great flavor. love the price on it so worth ordering. good product for a very good price. last a while.

    Posted on

    This is very high quality at a very good price. Granulated garlic is what we prefer to use in our cooking and this is the only place we will ever buy it.

    from C&S Catering Service Posted on

    one of the most important ingredient / seasoning to have is garlic. This regal granulated garlic comes in lbs a whole lot cheaper and any stores.

    Posted on

    The Regal Granulated garlic Is The Best.We use alot of spices with diffrent dishes,But the granulated garlic just add 1 tsp to water equals 2 cloves of garlic. Gives your food a realy freat taste. Price is great in bulk.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    regal spices has great products. The garlic is the same quality of all of their spices. The garlic is not too grainy or too powdery.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic product. We always buy it in bulk, because we use it in so many recipes. The texture of regals garlic is awesome. Sprinkle a little bit on bread and the flavor is amazing. Best price around is found only here.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Very nice granulated garlic. We like it for not being powdery. Good taste, good smell, just as we have always expected. Will buy it again.

    Posted on

    regal really does a nice job all spices ive used over the years peform great, value and quility are key best price around for sure

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    it was a nice consistant product. A little goes a long way. In the kitchen it's used in all american and indian authentic dishes. also great for italian dishes.

    from The Boardroom Restaurant Posted on

    This is an item I must have, Regal has wonderful granulated garlic. This website has the best price compares to all local sellers and web-stores.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

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