Other Available Colors:

  • Helps to create a color-coded system for your shelving
  • Snaps on to the front edge of your shelf
  • Blue color indicates seafood items
Metro CSM6-B Specs
Length 6 Inches
Height 1 1/4 Inches
Color Blue

Metro CSM6-B Details

Use the Metro CSM6-B blue color shelf marker with your Metro Super Erecta shelves to create an organized, color-coded shelving system! This color marker snaps easily onto the front edge of your shelf and the blue color universally represents seafood. This allows you to keep seafood items on the correct shelf, below cooked and ready-to-eat foods. With color markers in place, you can be sure that your staff will place items in accordance with food safety regulations.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 6"
Height: 1 1/4"

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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Metro CSM6-B

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Compatible Models

Metro P2436NS
Metro P2436NC
Metro P2436BR
Metro P2430NS
Metro P2430NC
Metro P2430BR
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Metro P2424BR
Metro P2136NS
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Metro P2130BR
Metro P2124NS
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Metro P2124BR
Metro P1836NS
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Metro P1836BR
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Metro P1830NC
Metro P1830BR
Metro P1824NS
Metro P1824NC
Metro P1824BR
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Metro N576C
Metro N576BR
Metro N566MC
Metro N566LC
Metro N566K3
Metro N566JC
Metro N566EC
Metro N566EBR
Metro N566C
Metro N566BR
Metro N566BC
Metro N566BBR
Metro N556MC
Metro N556LC
Metro N556K3
Metro N556JC
Metro N556EC
Metro N556EBR
Metro N556C
Metro N556BR
Metro N556BC
Metro N556BBR
Metro N546K3
Metro N546C
Metro N546BR
Metro N536MC
Metro N536LC
Metro N536K3
Metro N536JC
Metro N536EC
Metro N536EBR
Metro N536C
Metro N536BR
Metro N536BC
Metro N536BBR
Metro N526K3
Metro N526C
Metro N526BR
Metro N516K3
Metro N516C
Metro N516BR
Metro N476K3
Metro N476C
Metro N476BR
Metro N466K3
Metro N466EC
Metro N466EBR
Metro N466C
Metro N466BR
Metro N466BC
Metro N466BBR
Metro N456K3
Metro N456EC
Metro N456EBR
Metro N456C
Metro N456BR
Metro N456BC
Metro N456BBR
Metro N446K3
Metro N446C
Metro N446BR
Metro N436K3
Metro N436EC
Metro N436EBR
Metro N436C
Metro N436BR
Metro N436BC
Metro N436BBR
Metro N426K3
Metro N426C
Metro N426BR
Metro N416K3
Metro N416C
Metro N416BR
Metro N376K3
Metro N376C
Metro N376BR
Metro N366K3
Metro N366EC
Metro N366EBR
Metro N366C
Metro N366BR
Metro N366BC
Metro N366BBR
Metro N356K3
Metro N356EC
Metro N356EBR
Metro N356C
Metro N356BR
Metro N356BC
Metro N356BBR
Metro N346K3
Metro N346C
Metro N346BR
Metro N336K3
Metro N336EC
Metro N336EBR
Metro N336C
Metro N336BR
Metro N336BC
Metro N336BBR
Metro N326K3
Metro N326C
Metro N326BR
Metro N316K3
Metro N316C
Metro N316BR
Metro LTTM24C
Metro LTTM21C
Metro LTTM18C
Metro LTTE24C
Metro LTTE21C
Metro LTTE18C
Metro LTTA24C
Metro LTTA21C
Metro LTTA18C
Metro HDM2448W
Metro HDM2448-DSH
Metro HDM2448-DSG
Metro HDM2448QBR
Metro HDM2448NC
Metro HDM2448-DHG
Metro HDM2448-DCH
Metro HDM2448BR
Metro HDM2448-DBM
Metro HDM2448BL
Metro HDM2436W
Metro HDM2436-DSH
Metro HDM2436-DSG
Metro HDM2436QBR
Metro HDM2436NC
Metro HDM2436-DHG
Metro HDM2436-DF
Metro HDM2436-DCH
Metro HDM2436BR
Metro HDM2436-DBM
Metro HDM2436BL
Metro HDM2424-DSH
Metro HDM2424-DSG
Metro HDM2424NC
Metro HDM2424-DHG
Metro HDM2424-DF
Metro HDM2424-DCH
Metro HDM2424BR
Metro HDM2424-DBM
Metro HDM2424BL
Metro HDM2148W
Metro HDM2148-DSH
Metro HDM2148-DSG
Metro HDM2148QBR
Metro HDM2148NC
Metro HDM2148-DHG
Metro HDM2148-DF
Metro HDM2148-DCH
Metro HDM2148BR
Metro HDM2148-DBM
Metro HDM2148BL
Metro HDM2136W
Metro HDM2136-DSH
Metro HDM2136-DSG
Metro HDM2136QBR
Metro HDM2136NC
Metro HDM2136-DHG
Metro HDM2136-DF
Metro HDM2136-DCH
Metro HDM2136BR
Metro HDM2136-DBM
Metro HDM2136BL
Metro HDM1848W
Metro HDM1848-DSH
Metro HDM1848-DSG
Metro HDM1848QBR
Metro HDM1848NC
Metro HDM1848-DHG
Metro HDM1848-DF
Metro HDM1848-DCH
Metro HDM1848BR
Metro HDM1848-DBM
Metro HDM1848BL
Metro HDM1836W
Metro HDM1836-DSH
Metro HDM1836-DSG
Metro HDM1836QBR
Metro HDM1836NC
Metro HDM1836-DHG
Metro HDM1836-DCH
Metro HDM1836BR
Metro HDM1836-DBM
Metro HDM1836BL
Metro HDM1448W
Metro HDM1448-DSH
Metro HDM1448-DSG
Metro HDM1448QBR
Metro HDM1448NC
Metro HDM1448-DHG
Metro HDM1448-DF
Metro HDM1448-DCH
Metro HDM1448BR
Metro HDM1448-DBM
Metro HDM1448BL
Metro HDM1436W
Metro HDM1436-DSH
Metro HDM1436-DSG
Metro HDM1436QBR
Metro HDM1436NC
Metro HDM1436-DHG
Metro HDM1436-DF
Metro HDM1436-DCH
Metro HDM1436BR
Metro HDM1436-DBM
Metro HDM1436BL
Metro EZ2460NK3-4
Metro EZ2460NC-4
Metro EZ2460BR-4
Metro EZ2448NK3-4
Metro EZ2448NC-4
Metro EZ2448BR-4
Metro EZ2436NK3-4
Metro EZ2436NC-4
Metro EZ2436BR-4
Metro EZ1860NK3-4
Metro EZ1860NC-4
Metro EZ1860BR-4
Metro EZ1848NK3-4
Metro EZ1848NC-4
Metro EZ1848BR-4
Metro EZ1836NK3-4
Metro EZ1836NC-4
Metro EZ1836BR-4
Metro DD3448A
Metro AST65MC
Metro AST55MC
Metro AST35MC
Metro AN576K3
Metro AN576C
Metro AN576BR
Metro AN566K3
Metro AN566C
Metro AN566BR
Metro AN556K3
Metro AN556C
Metro AN556BR
Metro AN546K3
Metro AN546C
Metro AN546BR
Metro AN536K3
Metro AN536C
Metro AN536BR
Metro AN526K3
Metro AN526C
Metro AN526BR
Metro AN516K3
Metro AN516C
Metro AN516BR
Metro AN476K3
Metro AN476C
Metro AN476BR
Metro AN466K3
Metro AN466C
Metro AN466BR
Metro AN456K3
Metro AN456C
Metro AN456BR
Metro AN446K3
Metro AN446C
Metro AN446BR
Metro AN436K3
Metro AN436C
Metro AN436BR
Metro AN426K3
Metro AN426C
Metro AN426BR
Metro AN416K3
Metro AN416C
Metro AN416BR
Metro AN376K3
Metro AN376C
Metro AN376BR
Metro AN366K3
Metro AN366C
Metro AN366BR
Metro AN356K3
Metro AN356C
Metro AN356BR
Metro AN346K3
Metro AN346C
Metro AN346BR
Metro AN336K3
Metro AN336C
Metro AN336BR
Metro AN326K3
Metro AN326C
Metro AN326BR
Metro AN316K3
Metro AN316C
Metro AN316BR
Metro 5N577K3
Metro 5N577C
Metro 5N577BR
Metro 5N567K3
Metro 5N567C
Metro 5N567BR
Metro 5N557K3
Metro 5N557C
Metro 5N557BR
Metro 5N547K3
Metro 5N547C
Metro 5N547BR
Metro 5N537K3
Metro 5N537C
Metro 5N537BR
Metro 5N527K3
Metro 5N527C
Metro 5N527BR
Metro 5N517K3
Metro 5N517C
Metro 5N517BR
Metro 5N477K3
Metro 5N477C
Metro 5N477BR
Metro 5N467K3
Metro 5N467C
Metro 5N467BR
Metro 5N457K3
Metro 5N457C
Metro 5N457BR
Metro 5N447K3
Metro 5N447C
Metro 5N447BR
Metro 5N437K3
Metro 5N437C
Metro 5N437BR
Metro 5N427K3
Metro 5N427C
Metro 5N427BR
Metro 5N417K3
Metro 5N417C
Metro 5N417BR
Metro 5N377K3
Metro 5N377C
Metro 5N377BR
Metro 5N367K3
Metro 5N367C
Metro 5N367BR
Metro 5N357K3
Metro 5N357C
Metro 5N357BR
Metro 5N347K3
Metro 5N347C
Metro 5N347BR
Metro 5N337K3
Metro 5N337C
Metro 5N337BR
Metro 5N327K3
Metro 5N327C
Metro 5N327BR
Metro 5N317K3
Metro 5N317C
Metro 5N317BR
Metro 5AN577K3
Metro 5AN577C
Metro 5AN577BR
Metro 5AN567K3
Metro 5AN567C
Metro 5AN567BR
Metro 5AN557K3
Metro 5AN557C
Metro 5AN557BR
Metro 5AN547K3
Metro 5AN547C
Metro 5AN547BR
Metro 5AN537K3
Metro 5AN537C
Metro 5AN537BR
Metro 5AN527K3
Metro 5AN527C
Metro 5AN527BR
Metro 5AN517K3
Metro 5AN517C
Metro 5AN517BR
Metro 5AN477K3
Metro 5AN477C
Metro 5AN477BR
Metro 5AN467K3
Metro 5AN467C
Metro 5AN467BR
Metro 5AN457K3
Metro 5AN457C
Metro 5AN457BR
Metro 5AN447K3
Metro 5AN447C
Metro 5AN447BR
Metro 5AN437K3
Metro 5AN437C
Metro 5AN437BR
Metro 5AN427K3
Metro 5AN427C
Metro 5AN427BR
Metro 5AN417K3
Metro 5AN417C
Metro 5AN417BR
Metro 5AN377K3
Metro 5AN377C
Metro 5AN377BR
Metro 5AN367K3
Metro 5AN367C
Metro 5AN367BR
Metro 5AN357K3
Metro 5AN357C
Metro 5AN357BR
Metro 5AN347K3
Metro 5AN347C
Metro 5AN347BR
Metro 5AN337K3
Metro 5AN337C
Metro 5AN337BR
Metro 5AN327K3
Metro 5AN327C
Metro 5AN327BR
Metro 5AN317K3
Metro 5AN317C
Metro 5AN317BR
Metro 5AA577K3
Metro 5AA577C
Metro 5AA567K3
Metro 5AA567C
Metro 5AA557K3
Metro 5AA557C
Metro 5AA547K3
Metro 5AA547C
Metro 5AA537K3
Metro 5AA537C
Metro 5AA527K3
Metro 5AA527C
Metro 5AA517K3
Metro 5AA517C
Metro 5AA477K3
Metro 5AA477C
Metro 5AA467K3
Metro 5AA467C
Metro 5AA457K3
Metro 5AA457C
Metro 5AA447K3
Metro 5AA447C
Metro 5AA437K3
Metro 5AA437C
Metro 5AA427K3
Metro 5AA427C
Metro 5AA417K3
Metro 5AA417C
Metro 5AA377K3
Metro 5AA377C
Metro 5AA367K3
Metro 5AA367C
Metro 5AA357K3
Metro 5AA357C
Metro 5AA347K3
Metro 5AA347C
Metro 5AA337K3
Metro 5AA337C
Metro 5AA327K3
Metro 5AA327C
Metro 5AA317K3
Metro 5AA317C
Metro 5A577K3
Metro 5A577C
Metro 5A567K3
Metro 5A567C
Metro 5A557K3
Metro 5A557C
Metro 5A547K3
Metro 5A547C
Metro 5A537K3
Metro 5A537C
Metro 5A527K3
Metro 5A527C
Metro 5A517K3
Metro 5A517C
Metro 5A477K3
Metro 5A477C
Metro 5A467K3
Metro 5A467C
Metro 5A457K3
Metro 5A457C
Metro 5A447K3
Metro 5A447C
Metro 5A437K3
Metro 5A437C
Metro 5A427K3
Metro 5A427C
Metro 5A417K3
Metro 5A417C
Metro 5A377K3
Metro 5A377C
Metro 5A367K3
Metro 5A367C
Metro 5A357K3
Metro 5A357C
Metro 5A347K3
Metro 5A347C
Metro 5A337K3
Metro 5A337C
Metro 5A327K3
Metro 5A327C
Metro 5A317K3
Metro 5A317C
Metro 3672NS
Metro 3672NK3
Metro 3672NC
Metro 3660NS
Metro 3660NK3
Metro 3660NC
Metro 3648NS
Metro 3648NK3
Metro 3648NC
Metro 3636NS
Metro 3636NK3
Metro 3636NC
Metro 3072NS
Metro 3072NK3
Metro 3072NC
Metro 3060NS
Metro 3060NK3
Metro 3060NC
Metro 3048NS
Metro 3048NK3
Metro 3048NC
Metro 3036NS
Metro 3036NK3
Metro 3036NC
Metro 2472NW
Metro 2472NS
Metro 2472NK3
Metro 2472NF
Metro 2472N-DSH
Metro 2472N-DSG
Metro 2472N-DHG
Metro 2472N-DCH
Metro 2472N-DBM
Metro 2472NC
Metro 2472NBL
Metro 2472BR
Metro 2460QBR
Metro 2460NW
Metro 2460NS
Metro 2460NK3
Metro 2460NF
Metro 2460N-DSH
Metro 2460N-DSG
Metro 2460N-DHG
Metro 2460N-DCH
Metro 2460N-DBM
Metro 2460NC
Metro 2460NBL
Metro 2460BR
Metro 2454NW
Metro 2454NS
Metro 2454NK3
Metro 2454NF
Metro 2454N-DSH
Metro 2454N-DSG
Metro 2454N-DHG
Metro 2454N-DCH
Metro 2454N-DBM
Metro 2454NC
Metro 2454NBL
Metro 2454BR
Metro 2448QBR
Metro 2448NW
Metro 2448NS
Metro 2448NK3
Metro 2448NF
Metro 2448N-DSH
Metro 2448N-DSG
Metro 2448N-DHG
Metro 2448N-DCH
Metro 2448N-DBM
Metro 2448NC
Metro 2448NBL
Metro 2448BR
Metro 2442NW
Metro 2442NS
Metro 2442NK3
Metro 2442NF
Metro 2442N-DSH
Metro 2442N-DSG
Metro 2442N-DHG
Metro 2442N-DCH
Metro 2442N-DBM
Metro 2442NC
Metro 2442NBL
Metro 2442BR
Metro 2436QBR
Metro 2436NW
Metro 2436NS
Metro 2436NK3
Metro 2436NF
Metro 2436N-DSH
Metro 2436N-DSG
Metro 2436N-DHG
Metro 2436N-DCH
Metro 2436N-DBM
Metro 2436NC
Metro 2436NBL
Metro 2436BR
Metro 2430NW
Metro 2430NS
Metro 2430NK3
Metro 2430NF
Metro 2430N-DSH
Metro 2430N-DSG
Metro 2430N-DHG
Metro 2430N-DCH
Metro 2430N-DBM
Metro 2430NC
Metro 2430NBL
Metro 2430BR
Metro 2424NW
Metro 2424NS
Metro 2424NK3
Metro 2424NF
Metro 2424N-DSH
Metro 2424N-DSG
Metro 2424N-DHG
Metro 2424N-DCH
Metro 2424N-DBM
Metro 2424NC
Metro 2424NBL
Metro 2424BR
Metro 2172NW
Metro 2172NS
Metro 2172NK3
Metro 2172NF
Metro 2172N-DSH
Metro 2172N-DSG
Metro 2172N-DHG
Metro 2172N-DCH
Metro 2172N-DBM
Metro 2172NC
Metro 2172NBL
Metro 2172BR
Metro 2160QBR
Metro 2160NW
Metro 2160NS
Metro 2160NK3
Metro 2160NF
Metro 2160N-DSH
Metro 2160N-DSG
Metro 2160N-DHG
Metro 2160N-DCH
Metro 2160N-DBM
Metro 2160NC
Metro 2160NBL
Metro 2160BR
Metro 2154NW
Metro 2154NS
Metro 2154NK3
Metro 2154NF
Metro 2154N-DSH
Metro 2154N-DSG
Metro 2154N-DHG
Metro 2154N-DCH
Metro 2154N-DBM
Metro 2154NC
Metro 2154NBL
Metro 2154BR
Metro 2148QBR
Metro 2148NW
Metro 2148NS
Metro 2148NK3
Metro 2148NF
Metro 2148N-DSH
Metro 2148N-DSG
Metro 2148N-DHG
Metro 2148N-DCH
Metro 2148N-DBM
Metro 2148NC
Metro 2148NBL
Metro 2148BR
Metro 2142NW
Metro 2142NS
Metro 2142NK3
Metro 2142NF
Metro 2142N-DSH
Metro 2142N-DSG
Metro 2142N-DHG
Metro 2142N-DCH
Metro 2142N-DBM
Metro 2142NC
Metro 2142NBL
Metro 2142BR
Metro 2136QBR
Metro 2136NW
Metro 2136NS
Metro 2136NK3
Metro 2136NF
Metro 2136N-DSH
Metro 2136N-DSG
Metro 2136N-DHG
Metro 2136N-DCH
Metro 2136N-DBM
Metro 2136NC
Metro 2136NBL
Metro 2136BR
Metro 2130NW
Metro 2130NS
Metro 2130NK3
Metro 2130NF
Metro 2130N-DSH
Metro 2130N-DSG
Metro 2130N-DHG
Metro 2130N-DCH
Metro 2130N-DBM
Metro 2130NC
Metro 2130NBL
Metro 2130BR
Metro 2124NW
Metro 2124NS
Metro 2124NK3
Metro 2124NF
Metro 2124N-DSH
Metro 2124N-DSG
Metro 2124N-DHG
Metro 2124N-DCH
Metro 2124N-DBM
Metro 2124NC
Metro 2124NBL
Metro 2124BR
Metro 1872NW
Metro 1872NS
Metro 1872NK3
Metro 1872NF
Metro 1872N-DSH
Metro 1872N-DSG
Metro 1872N-DHG
Metro 1872N-DCH
Metro 1872N-DBM
Metro 1872NC
Metro 1872NBL
Metro 1872BR
Metro 1860QBR
Metro 1860NW
Metro 1860NS
Metro 1860NK3
Metro 1860NF
Metro 1860N-DSH
Metro 1860N-DSG
Metro 1860N-DHG
Metro 1860N-DCH
Metro 1860N-DBM
Metro 1860NC
Metro 1860NBL
Metro 1860BR
Metro 1854NW
Metro 1854NS
Metro 1854NK3
Metro 1854NF
Metro 1854N-DSH
Metro 1854N-DSG
Metro 1854N-DHG
Metro 1854N-DCH
Metro 1854NC
Metro 1854NBL
Metro 1854BR
Metro 1848QBR
Metro 1848NW
Metro 1848NS
Metro 1848NK3
Metro 1848NF
Metro 1848N-DSH
Metro 1848N-DSG
Metro 1848N-DHG
Metro 1848N-DCH
Metro 1848N-DBM
Metro 1848NC
Metro 1848NBL
Metro 1848DNC
Metro 1848BR
Metro 1842NW
Metro 1842NS
Metro 1842NK3
Metro 1842NF
Metro 1842N-DSH
Metro 1842N-DSG
Metro 1842N-DHG
Metro 1842N-DCH
Metro 1842N-DBM
Metro 1842NC
Metro 1842NBL
Metro 1842BR
Metro 1836QBR
Metro 1836NW
Metro 1836NS
Metro 1836NK3
Metro 1836NF
Metro 1836N-DSH
Metro 1836N-DSG
Metro 1836N-DHG
Metro 1836N-DCH
Metro 1836N-DBM
Metro 1836NC
Metro 1836NBL
Metro 1836DNC
Metro 1836BR
Metro 1830NW
Metro 1830NS
Metro 1830NK3
Metro 1830NF
Metro 1830N-DSH
Metro 1830N-DSG
Metro 1830N-DHG
Metro 1830N-DCH
Metro 1830N-DBM
Metro 1830NC
Metro 1830NBL
Metro 1830BR
Metro 1824NW
Metro 1824NS
Metro 1824NK3
Metro 1824NF
Metro 1824N-DSH
Metro 1824N-DSG
Metro 1824N-DHG
Metro 1824N-DCH
Metro 1824N-DBM
Metro 1824NC
Metro 1824NBL
Metro 1824DNC
Metro 1824BR
Metro 1818NW
Metro 1818NF
Metro 1818N-DSH
Metro 1818N-DSG
Metro 1818N-DHG
Metro 1818N-DCH
Metro 1818N-DBM
Metro 1818NC
Metro 1818NBL
Metro 1472NW
Metro 1472NS
Metro 1472NK3
Metro 1472NF
Metro 1472N-DSH
Metro 1472N-DSG
Metro 1472N-DHG
Metro 1472N-DCH
Metro 1472N-DBM
Metro 1472NC
Metro 1472NBL
Metro 1472BR
Metro 1460NW
Metro 1460NS
Metro 1460NK3
Metro 1460NF
Metro 1460N-DSH
Metro 1460N-DSG
Metro 1460N-DHG
Metro 1460N-DCH
Metro 1460N-DBM
Metro 1460NC
Metro 1460NBL
Metro 1460BR
Metro 1448QBR
Metro 1448NW
Metro 1448NS
Metro 1448NK3
Metro 1448NF
Metro 1448N-DSH
Metro 1448N-DSG
Metro 1448N-DHG
Metro 1448N-DCH
Metro 1448N-DBM
Metro 1448NC
Metro 1448NBL
Metro 1448BR
Metro 1442NW
Metro 1442NS
Metro 1442NK3
Metro 1442NF
Metro 1442N-DSH
Metro 1442N-DSG
Metro 1442N-DHG
Metro 1442N-DCH
Metro 1442N-DBM
Metro 1442NC
Metro 1442NBL
Metro 1442BR
Metro 1436QBR
Metro 1436NW
Metro 1436NS
Metro 1436NK3
Metro 1436NF
Metro 1436N-DSH
Metro 1436N-DSG
Metro 1436N-DHG
Metro 1436N-DCH
Metro 1436N-DBM
Metro 1436NC
Metro 1436NBL
Metro 1436BR
Metro 1430NW
Metro 1430NS
Metro 1430NK3
Metro 1430NF
Metro 1430N-DSH
Metro 1430N-DSG
Metro 1430N-DHG
Metro 1430N-DCH
Metro 1430N-DBM
Metro 1430NC
Metro 1430NBL
Metro 1430BR
Metro 1424NW
Metro 1424NS
Metro 1424NK3
Metro 1424NF
Metro 1424N-DSH
Metro 1424N-DSG
Metro 1424N-DHG
Metro 1424N-DCH
Metro 1424N-DBM
Metro 1424NC
Metro 1424NBL
Metro 1424BR

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