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  • Specially designed to allow your knuckles to bend
  • Woven, latex free material for added durability
  • Apply bandage as flat as possible
  • Tamper-evident sealed packets
  • Perfect for stocking medical kits and cabinets at your office, restaurant, or construction site
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Medi-First 61678 Specs
Bandage Type Knuckle
Features Latex-Free
Material Cloth
Package Size40 Pieces
Style Woven
Type Bandages

Medi-First 61678 Details

Treat minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions with these Medique 61678 Medi-First woven knuckle bandages. From busy chefs trying to keep up with a busy dinner rush to students racing around on the playground, injuries are bound to happen. These bandages will help protect wounds from infection, prevent cross-contamination, and keep those minor injuries from becoming big problems. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any mishap in your business.

Each woven bandage is specially designed to allow your knuckles to bend, giving you near full use of your hand. It creates a barrier against bacteria and other germs. Simply clean and dry the wound and apply the bandage so it is as flat as possible. For best results, always thoroughly read the directions and warnings on the box. Use these bandages to stock your medical cabinet or kit at your construction site, commercial kitchen, office, or school.

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Medi-First 61678

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Customer Reviews

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If you need knuckle bandages for your first aid kit ( and unless you have large stock of them, you probably do), these are a good option. They are very heavy duty, with thick cloth and strong adhesive, come individually wrapped, and are very affordable. if I had one complaint, it is that they should include instructions. Unlike most adhesive bandages, knuckle bandages aren't as intuitive as some, so a diagram on the back of the box would help make them easier to use for first-timers.

James Y. from Shavetools LLC on 11/21/2017

These Medique medi-first woven knuckle bandages are perfect for the uneven surfaces on your hands that may need a bandage. I can highly recommend this product.

Wayne S. from Wayne's Smoke Shack on 02/05/2020

These are a great bandage. They are slightly different than what is pictured but that is good, because the strip part to wrap around the knuckle is longer than pictured thus making it more functional than what is pictured would be. Nice strong material and great adhesive. I also appreciate the way to box is used for dispensing and allowing storage to remain organized.

Amanda S. on 12/29/2019

Great large knuckle bandages they are woven and very flexible for elbows and knees crapes and or cuts they work well and are very affordable

Isabel C. on 07/25/2019

Thoroughly surprised at how well these hold up. I simply despise seeing a bandaid fall off within hours, these hold up extremely well. Great design.

Jorge A. from Las Brasas Charcoal Chicken on 01/15/2019

These are pretty basic and work just fine. They don't tend to stick for very long; that said hands are often in/out of water so that's not a total surprise.

Brenda M. from Little Beast Brewing, LLC on 09/04/2018

Medique always makes great products. They have become a brand that we all know and trust. These bandages have worked very well. They are very thick and strong and they stay on too!

Chris M. on 12/10/2017

these are very strong, thick woven bandages that hold up to a lot of movement and don't slip off easily, even when wet. they work much better on fingers than regular straight style bandages and are an irreplaceable part of any kitchen first aid kit

Mark N. on 11/17/2017

These medi-first flexible knuckle band aids are latex free and are heavy weight. They are very strong and durable. Great even when they get wet

Anna K. on 10/27/2017

These knuckle bandages are great for when you have a cut or scrape. The design if the bandage as well as the flexible woven style of the bandage allows you to still move your finger freely

Jason H. on 10/23/2017

i bought these for my butchering business, and eventhouh bending your knuckles is supposed to save your finger tips it doesn't save your knuckles. these work much better on knuckles rather than regular rectangle bandage and i love that they are woven because they bend great

Sheala G. from Primitive Choice on 10/09/2017

Thick and heavy duty. It stays on well through hand washing and work. Flexible enough to still have full bendablitly in you finger while wearing one.

Hevenly D. on 09/08/2017

Highly recommend. These woven fingertip bandages work great and stay on very well when doing food prep or other kitchen tasks! Great price for the amount they give you as well

Andy S. from Vault Catering And Events on 08/09/2017

These knuckle bandages are so much more efficient for treating knuckle wounds than regular bandages. The woven fabric makes these incredibly flexible as well as incredibly comfortable.

Craig C. on 07/12/2017

getting cuts here is one of the most painful places because you always need to open and close your fist, grab things, etc and these help aid in the healing process.

Sheila H. from Mocha Choca Latte on 06/02/2017

Medique medi-first woven knuckle bandages 40 in a box! These are for your knuckles and we all know about scraping knuckles. It seems to happen out of nowhere but know that your covered with these in your emergency pack!

Person O. on 04/27/2017

These are honestly the same as the big brand's products. The woven bandages are definitely more comfortable than rubber ones, but maybe not as water resistant.

Micah G. on 03/23/2017

This product is great! Knuckle bandages are better then regular bandages when using on knuckle area. The hand bends and knuckles move which move bandages! This is a great bandage to secure the knuckles!

Elijah on 02/06/2017

these bandages are fabric and are super comfortable. the elastic motion moves with you so the bandage stays securely fastened to your finger or even toe.

Travis F. from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on 01/13/2017

Another great price for something great for a first aid kit. These bandages are pretty comfortable and they're super cheap. Definitely worth buying if you have a first aid kit.

Vivian B. on 12/18/2016

The Medique 61678 Medi-First Woven Knuckle Bandage - 40 / Box is a great addition to my home school first aid kit box. There is always something that can go wrong while homeschooling and it is just nice to have these knuckle bandages around. great purchase.

Julia W. from Jwhitten31 On Youtube on 03/04/2016

The medique knuckle bandages are great for the price and amount received, however, they do not stick well when being submerged in water for a short time. Its understandable there are products just for that, however, it could be a tad more adhesive on the bandage for that extra wear and tear. Overall, a very nice addition.

Jamen M. from Miller Enterprise LLC on 02/15/2016

Knuckle bandaids are great. Unlike regular bandaids, they are shaped so that it's easy to wrap them around areas that flex, like your fingers or toes. Definitely keep these around, because kitchen tasks like grating or chopping often end up injuring the knuckle area.

Michael P. from Mike's Mindful Plate on 06/18/2015

I am ordering other boxes of these with my next order. I've used different kinds in culinary school and I've never had one that stayed put like this one does, after taking gloves on and off.

Tiffany W. on 04/10/2015

If you're anything like me, your knuckles take a beating in the kitchen. I'm constantly grating, skinning or knicking them. That's why these bandages are so great. They're big, they're tough and they do the job great. Buy a bunch!

David M. from Professor Cocktail on 08/19/2013

Medi-First Woven Knuckle Bandage 40/BX - Good price and a good product. Ordered several boxes and people are using them up like crazy. Really good item.

Patricia H. from Miss Pole on 07/21/2013

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