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Regularly: $5.89/Pack
  • Good on all U.S. currency 1959 and after
  • Inexpensive alternative to other detection devices
  • Fits inside most cash register drawers
  • Holds enough ink to mark 25,000 bills
  • By catching one fake $20 bill, it pays for itself
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Dri Mark Counterfeit Money Detectors

Dri Mark Counterfeit Money Detectors

The U.S. Secret Service estimates that, at any given time, there may be two-hundred million dollars or more of counterfeit money in circulation. Everyday, retailers across the country lose money by accepting counterfeit currency, and the problem is getting worse.

Until about twenty years ago, counterfeiters needed to use expensive, engraved plates and commercial printing equipment to make credible fake money. Now, anyone can make counterfeit bills with a computer, a scanner, and a printer.

In recent years, the government has incorporated security features in U.S. currency to make counterfeiting more difficult; but, this has not stopped counterfeiters who always seem to find a way. What can you do to protect your business?

Dri Mark makes three inexpensive and effective products that can help you to identify counterfeit money before it gets into your cash register. U.S. currency is printed on special paper stock, which is only available to the government. Most counterfeit money is printed on readily-available, non-currency paper. The pen detects authentic currency paper with a quick test. As you can see, a yellow mark appears on this genuine bill. But the mark turns dark on this counterfeit bill, which is printed on common paper stock. Another common method of counterfeiting is called bleaching or washing, where the ink on a genuine small denomination bill is removed with a heavy solvent. The blank currency paper is then reprinted as a larger denomination bill like a fifty or a one-hundred. To detect this type of counterfeit, Dri Mark introduced the Dual Detector. A powerful UV light is combined with a pen for two quick and easy tests. The UV light tests for a UV-sensitive stripe, which is present on all genuine bills, five dollars and up. The security thread in each denomination is in a different color and position on each bill so a beached bill security thread will be in the wrong color and position on the bill. This is a genuine fifty dollar bill. See how the stripe is illuminated by the UV light. The stripe is not present in the counterfeit bill.

For even more security, Dri Mark has introduced the Tri Test Detector. This compact, but powerful, countertop unit combines a more powerful array of UV lights with a pen and another test for verifying the watermark portrait on higher denomination bills. Notice the illumination of the security stripe. And now, with a quick toggle, the watermark portrait on this genuine fifty. Notice the absence of the stripe on this counterfeit. Notice the absence of a watermark on this counterfeit bill. On the front of the unit, this graphic chart shows the location and color of the security stripe for all denominations. The counterfeit detector pen is included in this side slot for an extra level of protection. The Tri Test operates for many months on three “C” batteries, or it can be powered by an optional A/C adaptor. The powerful LED lights last for thousands of hours.

For more information on counterfeit money, and security features of U.S. currency, look on the bureau of engraving and printing website, www.moneyfactory.com.

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Counterfeit bills are a big deal to today’s foodservice operators. Learn how you can prevent these bills from ever entering your registers, in this informative video from Dri Mark.

Dri Mark 3513B1 Specs
Made in America Yes
Type Counterfeit Detectors

Dri Mark 3513B1 Details

Keep your profits protected with this Dri Mark 3513B1 counterfeit money detector pen! Featuring a special patented formula, this counterfeit pen instantly detects the majority of bad bills, taking the guesswork out of counterfeit money detection. It's easy to use, too!

A light amber mark on the bill means it passes; a black or dark brown mark means the bill is suspect. This counterfeit pen pack contains three markers so you can place them in several key locations or keep extras on hand. When properly capped and stored at room temperature, each pen has a maximum life to mark 25,000 bills. Whether you run a bakery, a restaurant, a market, or a coffee shop, this counterfeit detector pen can help you identify suspect currency to protect your profits.

In the event that fake currency is accepted, the store's deposit will not be accepted by the bank. This makes it vital to catch such an attempt before it is too late. A register with a visible counterfeit detection system is much more likely to deter individuals from attempting to use counterfeit bills. This pen is guaranteed for 1 year but will often last much longer.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Dri Mark Counterfeit Pen (3513B1) - 3/Pack

    4.9 stars from 35 reviews


    People Talk About:

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    very good product. works like it states good for catching fake money. There is a lot of bad people going around trying to pass fake money so this really works.
    These Dri Mark Counterfeit pens are great! If you've never had a fake bill come through, it sucks! Get rid of the doubt by having these pens and just marking all the bills that come through!
    We keep these counterfeit pens behind the bar in our busy downtown pizza bar. It is very convenient to grab and check larger currency bills.
    Dri mark counterfeit pens. 3 packaged pens used to quickly determine wether or not the currency you have received is valid. A great way to complicate any agenda made by counterfeiters.
    These Dri Mark Counterfeit pens are a must have in a business that you operate. They work very well, and we have them in every single one of our restaurants.
    These pens are a must have for any business that takes cash. A real bill will have a yellow looking line and counterfeits will have a dark brown line. Great product
    Dri Mark Counterfeit Pen, 3-Pack (3513B1) - 3/Pack I actually tried it on a 5 dolor bill to try it and it actually works like it says it does. I highly recommend for people who work with money all day long.
    Getting counterfeit bills is always a worry with small business owners. I got one and figured I better purchase something to avoid that happening again. These did just the job. Fortunately, I have not caught anyone trying to pass off a counterfeit bill, but they have last way beyond what I expected them to.
    This is a great tool to have in any business that deals with money. I use these all the time. They are very inexpensive and can safe you money
    If you own a restaurant or any kind of business that you deal with cash you should have these to make sure you don't get counterfeit bills it's worth the money
    Simple and discreet, works great! The pen themselves last months upon months, just make sure you keep the cap on. This is the only brand I've ever used, and I don't plan on ever using a different one. Great for personal use or business, and the 3 pack keeps you going for awhile. Always check your bills!!
    The markers work well, we keep them at each register. They seem to hold the ink even after sitting for some time. No business should be without these
    With so many counterfeit money out there, this pen is really a tool I cannot afford not to have. The price is great for not one, but three pens. How great is that!
    I absolutely love this product! These counterfeit markers work great! They really can tell whether your dollar bills are real or not! Great to have handy when dealing with cash!
    I started to use the counterfeit pens as soon as I got them this morning. They work really well and definitely show you if you have a counterfeit This is a great product for the price..
    Perfect for businesses . Great price and find these helpful since we get a lot of cash. Get these to save money in the future . Highly recommend
    This money counterfeit marker pen is a must have for any business establishments. Comes 3 in a pact. Can't beat the webstaurant price. 5 stars!
    good price on these but using 3 pens is not going to happen anytime soon. better to go and buy a single pen or ask your bank.. they give them for free
    Hopefully the ones I got work because so far I've ecountered no fake bills! I've ordered similar pens online from other places and they arrived dried out, but these were perfect. Great price, too.
    Dri Mark 3513B1 3-Pack Counterfeit Pen If your doing high volumes of money exchange it's a smart idea for you to keep these on hand I normally check everything higher than a ten dollar bill
    These are the perfect pens to have when you deal with money. They are perfect for any business. They are cheap and they might save you thousand
    These pens are a great value for the cost, and work great. They don't dry out easily and can be used many times before you need to purchase new ones.
    These work great to help ensure our employees aren't accepting any counterfeit money. They use the pens to mark every bill that goes into our cash register.
    Used the Dri Mark 3513B1 3-Pack Counterfeit Pen with a $10 bill and paper to show it working and it not working on the paper. A yellow line showed up on the $10 bill and black line on the paper.
    Great fake money detector. Working in a restaurant we handle cash all day. Many small bills and some large bills. We use these pens as another way to ensure the authenticity of or money.
    We got beat with a fake hundred dollar bill never again . The pens are next to every register and every employee will use. Happy to buy such a great price. inexpensive to save 500
    The Dri Mark Counterfeit Pens work well. They came 3 to package for a great price. I have not had any counterfeit bills so far!!
    What the heck... Buy a few of these! At this price it's always nice to have these on hand no matter what. They pay for them selves ??
    These do a great job of detecting counterfeit currency. Takes a lot of the subjective examination work out of checking bills. Be careful to educate your staff though that it isn't entirely accurate on bills from 1959 or older. It says it on the pen but few people that use these pens actually know that. So before you start yelling "Criminal!", check the date on the currency.
    These work as described and are a much needed investment for any business that deals with cash to have. One detection pays for the cost of the pens.
    Hard to tell how counterfeit bills show up (hopefully, we never find it out), but we have tried it on numerous of our current bills and they are all good. Id say the pen can potentially save us headache and money and we are glad to have them!
    This counterfeit pen works great. I used to have one but the pen dried off easily. But this one different. It is so cheap as well, considering I got 3 pens with this price.
    Every front house person can rest at ease with these pens. During busy time a fake bill can easily slip by but with the help of these pens we have been able to ensure that doesn't happen.
    It is important to make sure that we are smart in how we handle money and these pens make it much easier! They are a great deal and have worked well from the start!
    Great price for a three pack of these. Easy to use and they serve as a deterrent by having them sit out at registers. Make sure to keep caps on these as they do tend to dry out quickly.

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