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  • Good on all U.S. currency 1959 and after
  • UV light detects security thread

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Keep your profits protected with this Dri Mark 351UVB dual test UV light and counterfeit money detector pen combo.

Take the guesswork out of counterfeit money detection, as well as determining the authenticity of IDs and special documents with the Dri Mark 351UVB UV counterfeit pen! This all-in-one detector includes a UV light to reveal security threads and a pen that will instantly detect bad bills.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Detects Bad Bills

You can use the pen on all U.S. bills dated 1959 or later. A light amber mark on the bill means it passes; a black or dark brown mark means the bill is suspect.

UV Light

Flip the pen over and use the UV light on ID cards and documents to reveal holograms and seals printed on hidden ink.

Battery Operated

The UV light is operated by 3 easy-to-replace button cell batteries.

Easy to Use

A detector pen is an easy and effective way to provide security to your business.

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Dri Mark UV Light and Detector Pen

Learn how the Dri Mark UV light counterfeit detector pen can help save your business from fake US currency.

Most Americans may not realize it, but they may have a fake twenty dollar bill in their wallet. In fact, from October 2007 through August 2008, the secret service helped remove more than $103,000,000 in U.S. counterfeit money from circulation, arresting nearly 2500 individuals worldwide.

For retailers, catching the funny money at the point of sale is critical. Larry Goddard, former Secret Service agent, the agency that's responsible for fighting counterfeiting: "If counterfeit currency is not detected at the register, then it's normally detected at the bank and the retailer loses."

And that's where Dri Mark comes in - it's new counterfeit pen and UV detector system exposes fake notes at the point of sale. Cathy Williams-Owen from Dri Mark explains how it works: "You take the pen, simply make a mark on the bill, and you as the retailer have made sure that you are not putting counterfeit currency into your cash drawer."

And for $5 bills through $100 dollar bills printed after 1996, activate the UV light in the pen cap and shine it through the back of the bill to reveal the security thread.

Prevention and detection is everyone's responsibility. The US Treasury regularly issues new notes, like a brand new $100 bill, with more sophisticated security features built in to fight increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters.

"The Treasury Department has an ongoing need to increase the technology of genuine notes because of the problem with increased technology by counterfeiters."

The vulnerability lies in the hidden security features. Since currency paper stock is not available to the general public, Dri Mark's special ink authenticates the paper's stock. The UV cap light reveals the security trip, a dual test to let cashiers know the bill is real.

"Our pen has been the industry standard. It's the only proven loss prevention tool that can stop counterfeiters dead in their tracks."

The Dri Mark counterfeit detector pen can be purchased at major office supply retailers everywhere.

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Dri Mark Dual Detector Pen

Ensure efficiency in detecting counterfeit bills with the Dri Mark Dual Detector. Learn how this handy tool can save your business from lost revenue, in this quick video.

It’s quick and easy to detect counterfeit U.S. money with the Dri Mark Dual Detector. It uses two tests. Here’s an authentic fifty dollar bill.

Activate the UV light and shine it on the front of the bill. Notice how the security stripe glows yellow just to the right of the portrait. See that the stripe does not appear on this counterfeit.

Each denomination has a different colored stripe which is located in a different spot. Here’s the location and color for each bill. On some bills, especially the one-hundred, the stripe can be faint. In that case, shine the UV light through the back of the bill.

For the second test, remove the light cap and use the counterfeit detector pen to make a small mark on the money. If it stays yellow or clear, the paper is genuine. But if the mark turns dark, the money is probably counterfeit.

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Dri Mark Counterfeit Money Detectors

Counterfeit bills are a big deal to today’s foodservice operators. Learn how you can prevent these bills from ever entering your registers, in this informative video from Dri Mark.

The U.S. Secret Service estimates that, at any given time, there may be two-hundred million dollars or more of counterfeit money in circulation. Everyday, retailers across the country lose money by accepting counterfeit currency, and the problem is getting worse.

Until about twenty years ago, counterfeiters needed to use expensive, engraved plates and commercial printing equipment to make credible fake money. Now, anyone can make counterfeit bills with a computer, a scanner, and a printer.

In recent years, the government has incorporated security features in U.S. currency to make counterfeiting more difficult; but, this has not stopped counterfeiters who always seem to find a way. What can you do to protect your business?

Dri Mark makes three inexpensive and effective products that can help you to identify counterfeit money before it gets into your cash register. U.S. currency is printed on special paper stock, which is only available to the government. Most counterfeit money is printed on readily-available, non-currency paper. The pen detects authentic currency paper with a quick test. As you can see, a yellow mark appears on this genuine bill. But the mark turns dark on this counterfeit bill, which is printed on common paper stock. Another common method of counterfeiting is called bleaching or washing, where the ink on a genuine small denomination bill is removed with a heavy solvent. The blank currency paper is then reprinted as a larger denomination bill like a fifty or a one-hundred. To detect this type of counterfeit, Dri Mark introduced the Dual Detector. A powerful UV light is combined with a pen for two quick and easy tests. The UV light tests for a UV-sensitive stripe, which is present on all genuine bills, five dollars and up. The security thread in each denomination is in a different color and position on each bill so a beached bill security thread will be in the wrong color and position on the bill. This is a genuine fifty dollar bill. See how the stripe is illuminated by the UV light. The stripe is not present in the counterfeit bill.

For even more security, Dri Mark has introduced the Tri Test Detector. This compact, but powerful, countertop unit combines a more powerful array of UV lights with a pen and another test for verifying the watermark portrait on higher denomination bills. Notice the illumination of the security stripe. And now, with a quick toggle, the watermark portrait on this genuine fifty. Notice the absence of the stripe on this counterfeit. Notice the absence of a watermark on this counterfeit bill. On the front of the unit, this graphic chart shows the location and color of the security stripe for all denominations. The counterfeit detector pen is included in this side slot for an extra level of protection. The Tri Test operates for many months on three “C” batteries, or it can be powered by an optional A/C adaptor. The powerful LED lights last for thousands of hours.

For more information on counterfeit money, and security features of U.S. currency, look on the bureau of engraving and printing website, www.moneyfactory.com.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Dri Mark 351UVB Dual Test UV Light and Detector Pen Combo

    5.0 stars from 10 reviews


    People Talk About:

    bills counterfeit great money pen bill light test cash combo

    Dri Mark dual test I’ve light and detector pen combo. This is a great convenient way to test bills and Identification for your business. Very effective.

    Posted on

    Counterfeit pen/light

    This has been great for us at our bar! We have had a series of counterfeit $20 bills that people have tried to use, but this product has helped to protect us from this! It's a must have for all businesses dealing with any sort of cash transaction!

    Posted on

    This has caught countless counterfeit bills for us! Thank you!!

    Love the UV pen, had some counterfeit bills that I wouldn't have detected otherwise. And since it is a combo with the detector pen, it is one pen convenient to test any bill with both methods

    Posted on

    We had problems with counterfeit money. the UV light assures us that the bill is not counterfeit. the webstaurantstore price is better than other competitors.

    from DORADO TACOS II LLC Posted on

    Best counterfeit bill detection set out there! And a great value too! This is a must have for anyone doing any kind of volume of cash transactions.

    from Quality Foods LLC Posted on

    I'm totally getting this because my dad owned a gas station and he got a fake 20 dollar bill and the found out at the end of the day when he was counting all the cash. So this will be helpful

    from Foxland market Posted on

    This is a great product to have in the restaurant business it's a really easy way to tell if the bills are fake or not well worth the money definitely

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Works really good in the dark less like you have the better you can see it

    Are you sick and tired of getting fake money well then look no further than this UV lights and counterfeit pen in one great product I didn't even know that if you take the light can you put it under the strip it makes the strip glow in the dollar bills or $20 bills at the one dollar bills but the fives the tens the 20s 50s the hundreds it works great you can check your money no more fake money for you

    from N/A Posted on

    Works great

    We love Dri Mark brand. The name you can trust! This review is for counterfeit marker with UV light detector ! Never get taken by a fake money! A MUST ! 4 stars!

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    It does exactly as expected! With so much counterfeiting occurring, one cant ever be to comfortable when taking high bills. This dual test combo makes it easy and quick to identify legitimate bills.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

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