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Top 8 Wines To Serve at Thanksgiving Dinner

Unsure of what drinks to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Holiday cocktails are always a hit, but nothing beats a traditional glass of wine shared with family and friends. There's even mention of wine on New England food supply accounts from the 1600's - and it doesn't get more traditional than the pilgrims themselves! (On the other hand, it was probably a safer bet to drink alcohol than contaminated colony water.)

While the settlers of Plymouth Colony probably weren't raising glasses of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir, modern day America offers plenty of vino varieties to bring to the dinner table. Today there's a wine to pair with any Thanksgiving recipe, from turkey to pumpkin pie. Just stick to a few rules of thumb. A semi-dry, semi-sweet white wine best complements turkey. Keep in mind that the sweeter your white wine, the bolder your entree seasonings should be. Red wine, on the other hand, is best served lighter and brighter as to not overpower food flavors.

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