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Elevate Hospitality by Automating the Hustle Behind it

Food running and bussing robot created by restaurant industry veterans and supported by a world-class customer success team. Get yours for as low as $33/day!

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Introducing Servi

Elevate the customer experience and combat staffing shortages with Servi, our low-cost food running and bussing solution!

Drink Serving

Stack up soft drinks and never spill a drop with Servi delivering drinks.

Food Running

Servi does the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters - exceptional customer service.


Clear tables in record time with Servi bussing dirty dishes back to the kitchen.

Intelligent Solutions,
At Your Service

Simplify hospitality with state-of-the-art technology.

Equipped with LiDar sensors for 100% safe and self-driving navigation.

At 17” wide, Servi navigates nimbly around the tightest spaces.

Multi-Robot mode allows you to sync your own Servi fleet efficiently.

Multiple operations for food running, bussing, hosting, patrol and party modes.

Auto Return automatically sends Servi back to its post when a job is done.

NSF-certified for the required safety and reliability standards you can count on.

Your Staff

Expand stations and take on more tables at once without running back and forth from the kitchen to the table.

Improve Operational

Reduce employee turnover, improve staff workflow, reduce labor hours.

Create Satisfied

Spend more time with guests and focus on customer experience for better tips and stellar reviews.

Leave the Running to the Robots

Get started for as low as $33 per day!

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