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How to Make Caramel Apples

Last updated on 6/08/2018

Caramel apples are a classic carnival snack that are also perfect for fall festivals, sporting event concession stands, or even holiday markets. While some treats (like cotton candy) provide little to no nutritional value, caramel apples can satisfy a sweet tooth at the same time encouraging kids to eat a piece of natural fruit that’s filled with vitamins. Best of all, these items are easy and inexpensive to make, giving you the potential for a high profit margin.

Here's an easy way to make caramel apples:

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Caramel Apples

Making caramel apples requires just a handful of supplies, some of which are multi-purpose items you can use for other tasks. So, even if you only prepare these items on a seasonal basis, you don’t need to worry about storing specialty equipment that you only use once or twice a year.

  • Eco-Friendly Wood Skewers
  • Caramel Dip
  • Soup Warmer
  • Sheet pan
  • Non-stick sheet pan liner

How to Make Caramel Apples

The actual process of making caramel apples is pretty simple! Just make sure you leave yourself enough time for the caramel to heat and cool, and you’ll also want to set up a large enough space to ensure your apples aren’t crowded too close together. As long as you keep those two factors in mind, you should be able to prepare your caramel apples really easily.

  • making caramel apples1.

    Remove inset from soup warmer.

  • preparing to make caramel apples2.

    Add 32 oz. of water.

  • preheat warmer for caramel3.

    Preheat the soup warmer to medium-high heat.

  • prepare can of caramel4.

    Remove the label from the can of caramel dip.

  • open can of caramel dip5.

    Open the can and gently place it in the water bath.

  • cover caramel6.


  • heat the caramel7.

    Heat for 1-2 hours, until the caramel temperature reaches 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • skewer apples8.

    While the caramel heats, skewer your room-temperature apples.

  • dip apples into the caramel9.

    Dip one apple at a time into the caramel.

  • caramel drips off the apples10.

    Wait a few seconds for any excess caramel to drip off.

  • caramel apples on a sheet pan11.

    Place your caramel apples on a sheet pan covered with non-stick liner.

  • caramel apples cooling12.

    Cool for 20 minutes.

  • finished caramel apples13.


When it comes to offering seasonally appropriate treats at your town’s fall festival or football game, remember that caramel apples are an easy and cost-effective choice. In fact, caramel apples are an old classic that entices customers’ sense of nostalgia, so you can be certain that they’ll appeal to a wide range of people. You can even decorate your caramel apples with nuts, candy bits, or colorful sprinkles to make an even more aesthetically pleasing presentation. No matter how you choose to present your caramel apples, the basic recipe remains a simple staple that customers have enjoyed for generations.

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