How to Make Shrunken Apple Heads

Get ready to add a spooky twist to your fall decorations with shrunken apple heads! These whimsical creations are a fun and unique way to bring a touch of Halloween to your commercial space. By using just a few simple ingredients and following a few easy steps, you can transform ordinary apples into eerie and eye-catching decor. Whether you're looking to spice up your restaurant's seasonal display or create a memorable centerpiece for your store, shrunken apple heads are sure to impress your customers and get them in the spirit of the season.

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Watch our dried apple head video for a step-by-step tutorial!

Shrunken Apple Heads Instructions

DIY apple heads are a natural Halloween decoration you can make yourself. Check out the instructions below to get started. Make sure to choose apples with firm flesh because they are easier to carve.

Shrunken Apple Head Ingredients

  • Granny Smith apples, firm and unbruised
  • Paring knife
  • Apple peeler
  • Medium mixing bowl
  • 2 Tbsp. salt
  • 2 cups lemon juice

Shrunken Apple Head Directions

  1. Mix the salt and lemon juice together in a bowl.
  2. Peel the apple except for the top and bottom stem. An apple peeler can save you a lot of time if you are peeling apples in bulk.
  3. Soak the apples in the salt and lemon juice mixture for 20 minutes.
  4. Use a paring knife to carve faces into the apples.
  5. Re-submerge the carved apples in the salt and lemon juice mixture.
  6. Hang the apples to dry in a warm, dry spot using an open paper clip or a string. The apple will dry and shrink after a few days.
  7. If you need to dry your shrunken apple heads more quickly, place them in a vegetable dehydrator, or heat the apples in an oven at the lowest setting (200 degrees Fahrenheit or less) for 3-6 hours.

How to Use Dried Apple Heads

Now that you've perfected your dried apple heads, it's time to put them on display! Try these decorating ideas:

  • Insert a bamboo skewer into the bottom of each apple. Make sure the skewer is pushed far enough so the apple will stay upright in a flower vase or mason jar. Now add fall foliage and gnarled twigs to make a spooky floral arrangement.
  • Instead of a floral arrangement, use carved apples heads on skewers to decorate cakes and Halloween treats
  • Place the carved apple faces in a basket with dried fall berries and mini pumpkins to make table centerpieces.
  • Tie kitchen twine to the apple stems and string up the shrunken apple heads from the ceiling. Hang apple heads from trees in your beer garden or restaurant patio to amp up the Halloween atmosphere.

Do Dried Apple Heads Go Bad?

No, the lemon juice and salt mixture preserves the apples and prevents them from going bad. A well-made shrunken apple head can last several months… or even years! It will continue to shrink and develop wrinkles, becoming more wizened and unique-looking over time.

Pumpkins aren't the only star of the fall season. Step outside the box this year by highlighting other great fall flavors on your menu and trying out our tutorial for DIY shrunken apple heads.

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