Carnival King 31 oz. Kettle Kleen Popcorn Kettle CleanerCarnival King 31 oz. Kettle Kleen Popcorn Kettle Cleaner


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By using this kettle cleaner to sanitize your machine, you can rest assured that old residue won’t be mixed into your fresh batches of popcorn. Plus, the inside of your popper will look fresh and clean, which can help increase impulse sales. You can also rest assured that your popcorn won’t be contaminated, since these cleaners don’t contain any harsh chemicals. For other great products to have on hand in your concession stand, be sure to check out our popcorn kernels, popcorn scoops, and popcorn boxes. If you're wondering where to buy popcorn kettle cleaners, we have a large selection of popcorn kettle cleaners for sale at the lowest prices.