Fast Food Trays and Cafeteria Trays

Fast food trays and cafeteria trays allow guests to transport their entrees, drinks, and desserts to their table in one trip.

Non-Skid Trays

Preserve plating presentations and minimize tableware replacement costs with non-skid trays that prevent sliding.

Compartment Trays

Compartment trays allow you to serve entrees, sides, and desserts on one tray while making sure they stay separate.

Room Service Trays

Cultivate an atmosphere of luxury with our broad selection of durable and aesthetically pleasing room service trays.

Hospital Food Trays

Ensure that your patients are comfortable and have easy access to meals by serving them on sturdy hospital food trays.

Market Trays and Bakery Display Trays

Stock up on our market trays and bakery display trays to showcase your signature products at a farmers' market or in a cafe.

Our food service trays make it easy to serve and display items in your bakery, restaurant, or buffet. From decorative trays designed for attractive presentations to tip trays that hold your customers' receipts, we have all the options you require for your business. These restaurant trays are made of many different materials that make them appropriate for casual to formal applications. For additional products to go with your trays, check out our tray carts, mobile tray dispensers, and custom food trays.

Use Food Service Trays to Serve Foods in Cafeterias or to Display Appetizers at Catered Events

Restaurant trays are essential in a variety of food service applications, including cafeterias, buffets, fast food businesses, and healthcare facilities. Our compartmented food service trays allow guests to hold many items at once in designated places, while our cafeteria trays, restaurant trays, dietary trays, and non-skid trays feature one large surface. These serving platters are great for businesses with foods of varying sizes that won't fit in compartmented styles. Food service trays can also look professional in display cases at bakeries, delis, and butcher shops. Our market and bakery trays come in many materials, from metal to wood, to compliment your decor. We also have many serving platters and display trays made for table spreads and formal presentations. Use our decorative restaurant trays to offer desserts at a wedding, and be sure to stock your kitchen with room service trays at your hotel.