Hobart MXGD-CART Meat Grinder Lug Cart

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Store and transport your prepped food items, cleaning supplies, or bags of laundry with a bulk mover. Whether you run a hospital or a restaurant, lug racks can also be used to hold non-food products, like trash and towels, until you’re ready to move them to a new location in your establishment. Some of these items already come with bins or lugs, so you can save time and money on ordering. Best of all, most of these racks are NSF Listed, ensuring you receive a product that’s easy to keep clean and sanitary. For more storage products, check out our trash can dollies, utility dollies , and mobile dunnage racks. If you're wondering where to buy hobart lug racks and bulk movers, we have a large selection of hobart lug racks and bulk movers for sale at the lowest prices.