Keep Up with Incoming Orders of Fries with an Industrial Fry Cutter

Choose a French fry cutter from a vast selection, including both standard duty and heavy duty units. Manufactured for outstanding performance in businesses facing high demand, an industrial fry cutter is a great option. You can also find a manual or automatic French fry slicer that will help you produce high quantities of fry orders without downtime in between. Supply your hungry customers with one of the most popular side dishes and carnival snacks by purchasing an industrial fry cutter! Read more

You can also pick from various types of cutters that all produce different cuts of fries. From a French fry cutter that creates ribbon fries to a French fry slicer for curly fries, we have the perfect option for you. Not only will your new industrial fry cutter produce even cuts consistently, they are easy to use and help reduce strain on the user’s arm. You can also pick a French fry cutter that creates fries of various thicknesses, so you can make any size fry ranging from shoestring to wedge!

Our commercial industrial fry cutters are also available in a wide selection of options. Whether you’re looking for a countertop model or a mounted French fry slicer, you’ll find the cutter with the right installation type to accommodate your kitchen. They also range in power type, too. Choose from air, electric, manual, and more.

Standard Duty Fry Cutters

It's easy to make fresh cut fries with a commercial French fry cutter! Quickly cut potatoes into a variety of fun, exciting shapes like spiral fries, curly fries, Saratoga swirls (or twisted chips), and "spider web" potato pancakes with our impressive selection of restaurant French fry cutters.

All Standard Duty Fry Cutters

Commercial Fry Cutters

Cut through dozens of potatoes and vegetables with a heavy duty French fry cutter! These heavy duty potato cutters provide your business with the means to whip up dozens of different vegetable sides and snacks, including traditional French fries, potato wedges, chopped vegetables, and more! They're compact enough to fit in virtually any business's kitchen, and with so many options from which to choose, the perfect solution for your business is just a few clicks away.

All Commercial Fry Cutters

Regardless of the industry you’re operating, whether it’s a burger joint, a fast food restaurant, a diner, or a concession stand, a French fry cutter is a smart investment. Choose from manual cutters for less busy establishments or motorized models for high-volume output. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel and cast iron materials, many of our French fry slicers meet NSF requirements for sanitation and easy cleaning. Various models allow you to cut fries to multiple exact thicknesses for ultimate customization of your fries. To optimize service and keep up pace with incoming orders, you may also like to check out our French fry scoops for easy scooping. Our selection of French fry cups and French fry bags are also great for serving your orders.