Outfit Your Kitchen with the Proper Food Preparation Equipment to Make Daily Tasks More Efficient

Slicing, dicing, tenderizing, mixing, and other prep tasks can be some of the most time-consuming duties in the kitchen. That’s why it’s important to have the proper food preparation equipment available to your staff so sides, appetizers, entrees, and desserts can be delivered to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our selection of restaurant food preparation supplies includes everything from small cheese knives to larger meat processing equipment. Read more

If you operate a restaurant, catering business, or cafeteria that uses fresh produce for sides and salads, then you’ll want to check out our selections of vegetable choppers, salad spinners, and food mills. We also carry spice grinders, so you can use the freshest ingredients in your recipes. You can even find fry cutters to make and serve sides of freshly cut french fries.

We offer food preparation equipment for making entrees and sides like jerky, sausage links, burger patties, pasta noodles, and pizza crust, as well. These dehydrators, meat processors, pasta machines, and dough presses are designed to make food prep faster than if cooks were doing these tasks by hand. Commercial can openers are also important for opening up bulk cans of sauce, gravy, or vegetables to serve with your main entrees.

If you operate a bakery or cafe, we also have the restaurant food preparation supplies you need! Check out our mixers, mixing tables, garnishing tools, and candy cutters, so you can make cookies, cupcakes, pastries, and other confections for catering or in-house sales. Don’t forget to use bread slicers, as well, if you offer toasted bagels or breakfast sandwiches on your menu.


Easily portion and prepare lunch meats and deli cheeses for sale in your supermarket, sandwich shop, or restaurant with these slicers. Our selection ranges from entry-level options for minimal use throughout the day to premium models for constant, heavy-duty applications. We also carry replacement parts and accessories to keep your slicer operating in top condition.

Mixers and Accessories

Outfit your bakery, cafe, supermarket, or catering business with these mixers and accessories! These machines make it easier to mix batter and dough for your customers’ favorite confections. Our selection of mixers includes options of different capacities and speeds, so you’re sure to find one suited for your low- or high-volume needs. You can also check out our various mixer attachments that allow you to whip, mix, beat, or stir ingredients. Don’t forget to invest in a mixing table, too, so you can set up a sturdy and durable station for your mixer.

Meat and Seafood Preparation

We have all the meat and seafood preparation tools you need to prep anything from chicken and beef to salmon and tuna. Portion meat into thin strips for salads with our slicers, and prepare tough proteins for grilling with our commercial meat tenderizers. You’ll even find dehydrators that allow you to make beef jerky in-house. Don’t forget to also check out our seafood appliances that will make it easier to shuck oysters, devein shrimp, and crack open shellfish.

Fruit, Vegetable, and Salad Preparation

If you offer fresh produce in your cafeteria, restaurant, cafe, or dining hall, then we have the best fruit, vegetable, and salad preparation tools for you! Prep lettuce for house, Caesar, or mixed salads with our dryers and spinners, and check out our cutters to slice or dice fruits and vegetables. We offer a selection of food mills, as well, that allow you to use tomatoes, carrots, and other vegetables to make sauces, purees, and condiments.

French Fry Cutters

Offer customers in your restaurant or bar fresh cut fries by using one of these french fry cutters. We carry manual cutters that require the user to operate them by hand, as well as electronic heavy-duty cutters for high-volume use. You can also pick from fry cutters that will cut straight fries, curly fires, ribbons, or chips.

Commercial Food Processors and Accessories

Outfit your kitchen with our selection of commercial food processors and accessories so you can dice tomatoes, chop lettuce, grate cheese, and perform other food preparation tasks. These food processors are available in various speeds, capacities, and styles, so you’re sure to find an option for your low- or high-volume needs. Don’t forget to check out our accessory items like blades, discs, pushers, and citrus presses!

Food Packaging Appliances

Stock up on these food packaging appliances so you can properly store and preserve your fresh ingredients. Our selection includes bag sealers, tape, vacuum packaging machines, and vacuum bags that seal in freshness and keep out contaminants. Store anything from leftover soup and raw poultry to freshly chopped herbs and sliced fruit for longer periods of time.

Commercial Blenders

Whether you’re looking for commercial blenders for drink prep in your cafe or bar, or you need a model for food prep in your restaurant, we have you covered. Our selection of blenders includes traditional styles of varying speeds and powers that can mix anything from smoothies and margaritas to soups and salsas. We even carry immersion blenders that can be used directly in your stock pot to make whipped cream, mashed potatoes, and hearty broths.

Dough Sheeters and Dough Presses / Dockers

Prepare dough for pizza, pie, bread loaves, and dinner rolls with our dough sheeters and dough presses. These sheeters and presses flatten dough into thin crust and eliminate the time-consuming task of doing it by hand with a rolling pin. Choose from models that can handle various portions of dough to find an option for your low- or high-volume needs. We also carry dough dockers that are used to prevent crust from forming air bubbles while baking.


Measure and portion out ingredients by outfitting your commercial kitchen with the appropriate scales. You’ll find everything from dough scales for use in your bakery to receiving scales for use in your warehouse or beer distribution center. We also carry hanging scales for supermarkets, as well as portion scales for back-of-house applications during meal preparation. Choose from digital or dial scales, depending on your preference.

Pasta Machines and Cookers

Make fresh noodles in-house with our pasta machines and cookers. We have everything you need, from noodle maker machines to cookers and rethermalizers. Simply mix your white, wheat, tri-color, or gluten-free dough and put it through one of these cutters to make spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, ravioli, or other types of noodles.

Bread Slicers and Bagel Cutters

These bread slicers and bagel cutters are perfect for food prep in your bakery, cafe, or restaurant. Slicers are perfect for portioning whole loaves of bread into individual slices, whereas cutters divide bagels into equal halves. These machines are available in a range of configurations and styles, and they’re designed to create precise, even, and smooth cuts.

Commercial Can Openers and Can Crushers

Open large cans of vegetables, fruit, sauce, and other ingredients with these commercial can openers. We also carry can crushers that will condense emptied cans into compact waste, allowing for proper disposal. Choose from either manual or electric openers, depending on how often you’re opening cans in a single day.

Water Dispensing Equipment

We have the water dispensing equipment you need to prepare hot tea and coffee quickly and efficiently. Outfit your kitchen with a digital water meter, so you can receive an exact temperature reading of the water being added to your dough, batters, and other recipes. You’ll also find hot water dispensers that are perfect for placement in your hotel, office building, or cafeteria because they allow employees or customers to make hot beverages and instant cereal.

Grinders and Graters

Grinders and graters allow you to prepare cheeses, herbs, and spices for the items on your menu. Our selection of electric cheese graters includes models of various horsepower levels to handle your soft or hard blocks of cheese. Our grinders are perfect for finely crushing anything from cinnamon sticks and nutmeg to peppercorns, mustard seeds, and sea salt. These machines allow you to use the freshest cheeses and spices on your sandwiches, pizzas, subs, or wraps!

Electric Knives

Electric knives will greatly reduce prep time in your commercial kitchen, and they’ll reduce the amount of labor required by cooks. These cordless, portable units can be used for a variety of prep tasks, and they come with rechargeable bases for your convenience. These units include multiple blade types so you can perform any cutting task from carving meat to slicing bread. We also carry a selection of replacement blades, chargers, and carrying cases.

Garnishing Equipment

Create entrees, desserts, and sides that are as visually-appealing as they are tasty with our selection of garnishing equipment. Use butane cooking torches to crisp the skin on meats, melt cheese on sandwiches, and caramelize sugar on top of meringues. You can also use our cream whippers, dispensers, and chargers to make fresh whipped cream in-house for topping off pie and ice cream.

Cheese Cutters and Candy Slicers

High-moisture products like cheese and chocolate can be difficult to portion and prepare, which is why it’s important to have cheese cutters and candy slicers on hand in your commercial kitchen. Our selection of cutters includes options that will cube, block, cut, or slice your whole blocks of cheese in one swift motion. You’ll also find candy slicers that will divide large portions of chocolate, bark, or fudge into bite-sized pieces.

No matter what type of foodservice establishment you operate, we have food preparation equipment that will make your day-to-day tasks much simpler. Whether you’re looking for meat slicers and scales for use in your deli, or you need food packaging supplies to safely store leftover ingredients in your five star restaurant, you’ve come to the right place. Best of all, by using the proper prep tools, your kitchen staff will be able to perform tasks safely, ultimately reducing injuries in the workplace. For other great equipment for your kitchen, be sure to check out our commercial restaurant ranges, commercial fryers, and ovens.