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Avantco PMX30FAN Fan - 110V

Item #: 177PMX30FAN


Avantco PMX30FAX Fork Axle

Item #: 177PMX30FAX


Avantco PMX30FORK Fork

Item #: 177PMX30FORK






Avantco PMX30MSW Microswitch

Item #: 177PMX30MSW


Avantco PMX30MTR Motor - 110V

Item #: 177PMX30MTR


Avantco PMX30PULL Pull Rod

Item #: 177PMX30PULL


Avantco PMX30TPL Turning Plate

Item #: 177PMX30TPL





Avantco PMX40FAN Fan - 240V

Item #: 177PMX40FAN


Avantco PMX40FAX Fork Axle

Item #: 177PMX40FAX


Avantco PMX40FORK Fork

Item #: 177PMX40FORK







Avantco PMX40MSW Microswitch

Item #: 177PMX40MSW


Avantco PMX40MTR Motor - 240V

Item #: 177PMX40MTR


Avantco PMX40PULL Pull Rod

Item #: 177PMX40PULL


Avantco PMX40TPL Turning Plate

Item #: 177PMX40TPL



Avantco PMX60ACCP AC Contact

Item #: 177PMX60ACCP



Avantco PMX60BLWL Belt Wheel

Item #: 177PMX60BLWL



Avantco PMX60FAX Fork Axle

Item #: 177PMX60FAX



Avantco PMX60HNOW Hand Wheel

Item #: 177PMX60HNOW



Avantco PMX60MSW Microswitch

Item #: 177PMX60MSW


Avantco PMX60OFF Off Switch

Item #: 177PMX60OFF


Avantco PMX60ON On Switch

Item #: 177PMX60ON


If you operate a restaurant, bakery, catering business, or cafe, then these Avantco mixer parts and accessories are great items to stock up on. We carry products that are compatible with machines of different capacities, so you’re sure to find items for your existing unit. As an added bonus, most of these parts are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup after use. For other great items for your commercial kitchen, check out our mixer tables, scrapers, and ingredient bowls.

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