Fight the Filthy Fly Month

Enemy to restauranteurs and customers alike, the fly lurks by back doors and enters uninvited, bringing dirt, disease, and general discomfort to the humans inside of your establishment. Flies lie in wait for unsuspecting diners to have a meal on your patio so they can circle the food like miniature vultures. They may only live for up to a month, but if too many are around they can cause serious damage to the reputation of your business in their short lives. Luckily, June is Fight the Filthy Fly Month and we have the tips and tools to help you combat these troublesome pests.

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Fly Trap

If you aren’t taking special care to deter flies, your restaurant could be the perfect breeding ground for them, which is why the first step in fighting the filthy fly is prevention. Flies love meat and other odor-emitting foods, so be sure to wipe up prep surfaces whenever possible. Keep garbage and organic waste securely covered, and have it removed as often as possible. Talk to your waste management provider about scheduling extra pick-ups during the summer months when flies are most troublesome. Flies hate the aroma of fragrant plants like lavender, basil, mint, bay, and wormwood. Try planting some of these around your outdoor seating area to repel flies while giving you fresh herbs to use in your kitchen. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap, sundews, and butterworts as fly-trapping decorations!

Even when careful preventative steps are taken, flies can be stubborn, especially in establishments where food is always present. Fortunately, there are multiple options for your restaurant to fight the filthy fly this summer!

Chemical Spray

Chemical Spray

Flying insect spray is great for quickly eliminating flies from an infested area. When the chemicals are sprayed into a room, flies are asphyxiated and die immediately. When sprayed by doors and windows, flies smell the chemicals and are deterred from your establishment. These types of sprays can also work on other unwelcome flying insects like mosquitoes, beetles, moths, bees, and hornets.

Insect Glue Traps

Glue traps make a great alternative to chemical sprays in your service area or kitchen. Some work by emitting a UV light that draws flies in and then traps them when they land on the sticky inner surface. Others are coated with an adhesive solution that smells sweet to the flies and attracts them to their doom. Pick up a freestanding glue trap for your outdoor patio or a subtle wall-mounted trap to blend with your indoor dining area.

Bug Zappers

Bug Zappers

A bug zapper attracts insects to its internal light, and then kills them with a jolt of electricity when they fly into the machine. Flies and other bugs are then dropped into the easy-to-clean tray, making zappers a sanitary way to take care of pests. Because they may make a quiet noise when flies are zapped, these are best to use away from customers enjoying their meals. Mount one in your kitchen or prep area, or leave it by a busy doorway to keep bugs at bay.

Air Curtains and Screen Strip Doors

Opening and closing doors is unavoidable, especially in a busy restaurant, but it lets flies enter with ease. Air curtains keep bugs out and air conditioning in by forming a barrier of air in your doorway. Screen strip doors are great for back doors and staff entrances because they let employees move through with their hands full, while the heavy screens keep flies from entering your establishment.

As the weather heats up and you start to notice more winged beasts flying around your establishment, you’ll be armed and ready to join restaurant owners across the country in the fight against the filthy fly. If fly-mageddon hasn’t started in your area yet, try our preventative measures to keep them at bay. If you’re already at DEFCON 1, enlist some of our fly-zapping products to keep your customers safe from foodborne illness and your establishment clear of a buggy reputation.

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