Silicone Baking Mats Explained

Silicone baking mats are very beneficial when baking in the kitchen and can be used to prepare a variety of delicious baked goods. Their nonstick design makes cleanup a breeze and they are reusable to reduce waste in your kitchen. Learn what silicone mats are, what they are used for, how to clean silicone mats, if silicone baking mats are safe to bake with, and more.

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What Is a Silicone Baking Mat?

A silicone baking mat is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone and fiberglass, and it is most often used to cover cookie sheets when baking. They are also perfect for baking messy or sticky concoctions because of their non-stick qualities. Silicone baking mats come in various shapes and sizes to fit different sizes of baking pans.

What Is a Silicone Baking Mat Used For?

Silicone Baking Mat

You can use a silicone baking mat in many different ways. Here’s a list of what you can use a silicone baking mat for.

  • Replace parchment paper or aluminum foil on baking sheets
  • Keep baking pans clean
  • Lay a silicone mat flat on a countertop to knead bread or roll out cookie dough
  • Put on a tray to heat food in the oven
  • Cover baked goods in the oven to make sure they rise evenly
  • Place under a cake ring to keep the cake batter from sticking to the sheet pan

Many brands of silicone bakeware live up to their non-stick name. However, greasing or spraying your silicone mats before placing dough or food on them will help when it is time to remove your freshly baked treat. Regardless of the mess your chocolate chip cookies make on a cookie sheet, a silicone mat will help keep the mess at bay, and your cookie sheets in better condition to last longer.

How to Use a Silicone Baking Mat

Whether you are baking cookies, kneading dough, or baking a cake, you can use a silicone baking mat. To use as a pan liner, simply lay the mat flat on a cookie sheet if you want to make cookies. If you are worried about your cookies sticking, spray your mat with non-stick spray before you place the cookies down.

When it comes to a work surface, you can also place the silicone mat on a countertop if you plan on kneading bread or rolling out cookie dough. This will save flour and also prevent your countertop from becoming a mess in the process.

How to Clean Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone Baking Mat

With a little soap and water, wipe your silicone mat clean, and let it air dry. To dry them, it is best to lay them flat.

Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe?

Yes, silicone baking mats are safe for baking. The temperature limit of a silicone baking mat is 428 degrees Fahrenheit. These baking mats can also be placed in the freezer.

However, silicone baking mat safety should be kept in mind when purchasing. Now that silicone is becoming more popular, some companies are adding fillers to their silicone molds and mats. Silicone fillers can be harmful to our health because of the toxins they emit when heated or cooled. If you aren't positive about fillers in the silicone you purchased, once you bake with it, you may smell a potent burning smell. Your best bet for finding safe silicone baking mats is to purchase from a respected manufacturer. If you want to be sure about the components of the mat before buying, you can always reach out to the customer service team.

Baking Mat vs Parchment Paper

You can use a baking mat and parchment paper interchangeably in a variety of ways. Although both are great for baking or cooking, a baking mat is reusable and long-lasting, while parchment paper can only be used once or twice at a time. Baking mats are perfect for flat surfaces, whereas parchment paper can mold to fit in deeper pans like loaf pans. We break down the uses of baking mats versus parchment paper in the list below.

Baking Mat

  • Eco-friendly and cost saving
  • Reusable
  • Variety of uses for baking
  • Minimizes cleanup

Parchment Paper

  • Not reusable
  • Used mostly to protect baking sheets
  • Additional flexibility
  • Minimizes cleanup

Can I Use a Baking Mat Instead of Parchment Paper?

Yes, you can. Using a baking mat to cover baking sheets will help protect the baking sheet from stuck-on messes or scratches.

Baking with silicone baking sheets makes baking and cleanup much easier and allows you to make more baked goods at one time. Experience the benefits for yourself and try baking with a silicone baking mat!

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