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Best Work Shoes for Your Workplace

Working in a commercial kitchen or an industrial setting can be difficult, and, over time, it can take a toll on your body. One of the parts of your body that is most affected by working in a commercial or industrial setting is your feet. Most restaurant staff, construction workers, or factory employees are on their feet most of the day, resulting in sore feet at the end of a shift.

One way that employees can prevent injury and foot strain is to wear comfortable and work-safe shoes, but not every type of work shoe is good for every work environment. We broke down the best shoes for restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and industrial settings, so you can find the option that has the best features for your situation.

Essential Features for Work Shoes

There are many different types of work shoes that you can choose from, and different types of shoes are designed with various useful features. So, which types of features do you need for your workplace? We break down the different features to help you narrow down your search:


  • Advantages: These shoes are light, which reduces fatigue in your feet and knees.
  • Application: Foodservice, construction, hospitals, fine dining settings, hotels

Non-Slip Soles

  • Advantages: Slip-resistant and non-slip shoes are designed with soles that have excellent grip, preventing accidents when walking on slippery surfaces.
  • Application: Foodservice, construction, hospitals, fine dining settings, hotels

Waterproof and Water Resistant

  • Advantages: Featuring a waterproof or water-resistant lining, these shoes prevent water from soaking through to your feet.
  • Application: Foodservice, construction, hospitals, fine dining settings, hotels

Reinforced Toe

  • Advantages: With steel, composite, or other durable materials in the toe, shoes with reinforced toes protect your feet from falling objects.
  • Application: Industrial settings, construction


  • Advantages: Shoes with spillguard have a lining that repels hot liquids, so your feet don't burn if you drop hot soup or sauce.
  • Application: Kitchens, hospitals

EH Protection

  • Advantages: These shoes protect against deadly shocks and electricity.
  • Application: Industrial settings, construction

Best Shoes for Restaurants

best restaurant shoes

When looking for shoes for chefs and restaurant employees, there are some key features that you want to look for, such as a water-resistant lining and non-slip soles. Additionally, most casual shoes for restaurants emphasize comfort over style, which is especially ideal for back-of-house employees that are on their feet and running around the kitchen throughout their shifts.

Best Casual Work Shoes

Here are the best shoes for men and women working in casual restaurants:

  • Men's Shoe: Genuine Grip shoes are perfect for both male kitchen and front-of-house staff due to their water-resistant and lightweight construction.
  • Women's Shoe: The best restaurant work shoes for women are these non-slip athletic shoes, which are water-resistant, lightweight, and shock absorbent.

Best Shoes for Hospitals

Many healthcare workers in hospitals or other healthcare facilities are on their feet and constantly moving throughout their shifts, causing foot stress and possibly leading to long-term injuries later. As a result, the best shoes for hospitals have cushioned soles to provide a comfortable walking experience. Additionally, accidents and spills are common in hospitals, so waterproof or water-resistant shoes are a must.

Best Healthcare Work Shoes

Here are the best shoes for men and women working in healthcare facilities and hospitals:

  • Men's Shoe: Designed for long-term performance, Genuine Grip Ultra Light shoes are the perfect option for male nurses, physician's assistants, and doctors. They are comfortable and easy to slip on as well as lightweight and cushioned to reduce foot strain.
  • Women's Shoe: If you're looking for comfortable shoes for your female hospital staff, these Ultra Light non-slip shoes are the best option. Additionally, these shoes are also waterproof, preventing any accidental spills from soaking through the lining.
best non-slip shoes

Best Shoes for Industrial Settings

While features like non-slip soles and waterproof linings are essential in industrial settings, there are several other features that you want to look for. For example, some shoes have EH protection, which offers shock resistance and is perfect for electricians working on a line. Additionally, industrial boots with reinforced or steel toes are ideal for protecting your feet and toes from falling objects.

Best Industrial Work Shoes

Here are the best shoes for men and women working on construction sites or in heavy-duty industrial settings:

  • Men's Shoe: With a durable but lightweight construction, ACE Mammoth boots are the best shoe for industrial and construction settings. Additionally, these boots have a composite toe, which is strong, but is much lighter than steel toe varieties.
  • Women's Shoe: Featuring a composite toe and a water-resistant lining, ACE Burren boots are the perfect choice for your female employees. These boots also have a padded interior for comfort and EH protection that makes them resistant to electric shocks.

Best Shoes for Hotels and Fine Dining

Unlike other work shoes, shoes for workers in hospitality and fine dining settings need to be stylish. Even though shoes for hospitality workers are stylish, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're uncomfortable, and many of these dress shoes feature padded soles for additional comfort.

Best Dress Work Shoes

Here are the best shoes for men and women working in upscale environments like fine dining restaurants and hotels:

  • Men's Shoe: The best men's dress shoes for hospitality workers are Genuine Grip slip-on dress shoes. Not only do these products have a sleek design, they're comfortable and water resistant.
  • Women's Shoe: For the female staff at your hotel or fine dining establishment, SR Max Bristol shoes are the best choice. These shoes have a slight heel, which gives them an upscale and professional look. Additionally, they have a spandex lining and cushioned sole to reduce foot stress.

Best Shoe Care Products

If you invest in shoes for your employees, you should also stock up on shoe care products, so you can maintain and protect your investment and keep your employees looking clean and presentable. Here are some essential shoe care products that you need:

  • Shoe Polish: Essential for maintaining dress shoes, shoe polish removes any scuffs from your shoes and gives them a bright and appealing shine. Additionally, shoe polish comes in many shades, so you can find the right match for your shoes.
  • Replacement Laces: After repeated use, the shoe laces on your shoes may snap, so make sure that you're stocked up on replacement laces.
  • Insoles: If you're looking to make your shoes even more comfortable, you can use insoles, which offer more padding and support.

Investing in a comfortable pair of work shoes is essential, because by reducing foot strain, you can prevent costly and painful injuries down the line. There are many different types of work shoes to choose from with useful features like non-slip soles, waterproof lining, and padded interiors, so you can easily find an option that is perfect for your work setting. Additionally, work shoes aren't the only way that you can improve your employees' health and well-being. While looking for shoes, you can also considering investing in some ergonomic furniture to help improve posture and relieve stress and soreness.

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