Using a Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped cream siphons are versatile pieces of equipment that are most commonly used for creating fresh whipped cream. But, these siphons have a variety of uses in foodservice that many chefs may not know about. Keep reading to learn about what whipped cream dispensers are, how they work, and three unique ways that you can use them in your bar or restaurant.

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What Is a Whipped Cream Dispenser?

How to Use a Whipped Cream Charger

A whipped cream dispenser is a handheld kitchen tool that uses nitrous oxide gas to whip ingredients, which gives them a soft and pillowy texture. Whipped cream siphons work by incorporating nitrous oxide gas into the product, which then creates lots of tiny bubbles and gives it a light and whipped texture.

What Are Whipped Cream Chargers?

Whipped cream chargers are small metal canisters that are filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) and placed into a whipped cream dispenser's charger holder. When activated, the N2O is released into the canister and stabilizes the cream, making it thick and airy.

How to Use a Whipped Cream Dispenser

Making your own whipped cream is super easy, requires minimal ingredients, and is ready to use in no time. Plus, it can help save on costs and it does not contain any gums, additives, or emulsifiers, unlike most store-bought whipped creams.

Barista dispensing whipped cream from a whipped cream canister onto a latte
  1. Insert head gasket into dispenser head.
  2. Insert dispensing piston into dispenser head.
  3. Screw decorator tip onto dispensing piston.
  4. Fill bottle with pre-chilled mixture. Be sure not to overfill past fill line.
  5. Screw dispenser head onto bottle, making sure it is secured tightly and evenly.
  6. Insert compatible whipped cream charger into the charger holder.
  7. Screw the charger holder with the inserted charger onto dispenser head until hearing hissing sound of gas being released.
  8. Vigorously shake bottle six to ten times.
  9. Unscrew charger holder and throw out empty charger, recycling it if possible.
  10. Turn the whipper upside down and gently press lever to dispense.

Three Unique Ways to Use Your Whipper

While many foodservice professionals refer to the tool as a whipped cream dispenser or siphon, it can be used for many tasks other than making whipped cream. Many dispensers also come with several different tips and accessories, which you can use to decorate baked goods or to create a beautiful presentation for your customers. Here are three foods that you can make using a whipper:

1. Espumas

You may have never heard the word ‘espuma,’ but if you’ve eaten at a gastropub or fine-dining establishment, chances are you’ve eaten espuma before. Espuma is a Spanish word that means foam or froth, and, in cooking, it refers to warm edible foam. Espumas are made by combining vegetable purees, soup, or stock with a thickening agent and nitrous oxide, creating an airy, edible foam. When plating your dishes and espumas, you can use different attachments to create an attractive presentation.

2. Batters

Another unique use for your whipper is creating bubbly and airy batters for pancakes, waffles, or deep frying. Occasionally, pancake and waffle batter can end up thick, resulting in a product that is too dense. One way to ensure that your batter turns out light is to use a whipper. Adding nitrous oxide to your batter creates light and pillowy pancakes and waffles. Additionally, you can use whipped cream chargers to lighten your fry batter, resulting in crisp fried food that isn't too heavy or oily.

What are whipped cream chargers

3. Cocktails

Although cream whippers are mainly used in kitchens for food preparation, you can use them to make a variety of cocktails and beverages. Additionally, you can make multiple kinds of cocktails in whippers, ranging from drinks that are fizzy and bubbly to others that are thick and creamy. Even if you're looking to make non-alcoholic drinks, injecting your cocktails with nitrous oxide can give them an effervescent texture and refreshing taste.

Cream dispensers and whippers have a variety of uses outside of just making fresh whipped cream. You can use them to create airy foams, delicate batters, and even bubbly cocktails. Plus, there are several types of attachments and accessories that you can outfit your whipped cream dispenser with, increasing their capabilities. As a result, whippers and dispensers are the perfect multi-purpose tool for any style of foodservice establishment.

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