How to Make Buttercream Roses

If you run a bakery or another foodservice business that makes a variety of cakes, chances are you've created a few roses with buttercream icing. These decorations are an attractive addition to wedding and birthday cakes, but learning how to make buttercream roses with icing can be tricky. Regardless of what you decorate with your buttercream roses, the step-by-step instructions below will help you learn how to make buttercream roses perfectly with your piping bags and pastry tips. Plus, we share some helpful tips on how to make your icing the perfect consistency for piping.

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How to Make Buttercream Roses with Video

If you’re starting to make your own buttercream flowers, then follow along with our video below on how to make buttercream roses!

How to Make Buttercream Roses Step by Step

Below we will show you how to make buttercream roses to set amongst your other buttercream flowers on your cakes and cupcakes.

  • how to pipe a rose step 1Step 1.

    Put the coupler into the pastry bag and slide it towards the tip of the bag.

    how to pipe a rose step 2Step 2.

    Cut the bag where the coupler’s screw thread starts. Fit the coupler into the bag.

  • how to pipe a rose step 3Step 3.

    Attach the rose tip to the coupler and secure it with a coupler screw.

    how to pipe a rose step 4Step 4.

    Fold down the edges of your pastry bag.

  • how to pipe a rose step 5Step 5.

    Add buttercream icing to the bag with a pastry spatula.

    how to make buttercream rosesStep 6.

    Pipe a base for the center cone of the rose onto the pastry nail. The larger the rose, the larger the base will need to be.

  • how to pipe a rose step 7Step 7.

    Create petals around the base, working in a counter-clockwise direction.

    how to pipe a rose step 8Step 8.

    Continue creating small arches for each petal. Repeat this process until you have achieved the desired rose size.

  • how to pipe a rose step 9Step 9.

    Once your rose is finished, gently remove it from the nail with an offset baker's spatula.

    how to pipe a rose step 10Step 10.

    Carefully place the finished rose on your cake.

  • how to pipe a rose step 11Step 11.

    Using green buttercream and a leaf tip, pipe leaves around your roses.

What Tip Do You Use to Make Buttercream Roses?

The best tips to use to make buttercream roses are Ateco 104, 116, 117, and 118. For bigger roses, use the Ateco 180 piping tip. The best tips to use to make buttercream rose petals are Ateco 125, 126, and 127.

How Long Do Buttercream Flowers Last?

You can store your buttercream flowers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a week or a freezer for one to two months.

Tips for Making the Best Buttercream for Piping

Now that you’ve seen how to pipe buttercream roses, here are some tips that can help you make sure that your buttercream roses turn out neatly every time.

  • Use the right icing recipe: Make a buttercream with a smooth texture and a bit of firmness. A recipe with too much stiff butter could make the icing hard to pipe. If you add too much sugar, your buttercream could become crumbly. Your icing will be loose with too little sugar and won’t hold the shape you pipe it into.
  • Make sure your buttercream is the proper temperature: Warm buttercream will slip and slide and create wilted roses. Icing that is too cold can’t be piped easily, so you may have trouble creating smooth and delicate petals.
  • Don’t overwhip your buttercream: Buttercream that has been whipped for too long contains a lot of air pockets, which often burst as you’re piping the icing out of the bag.
  • Plan your design before placing your roses: Use a round cookie cutter that is the same size as your roses to create slight impressions in the icing on your cake. This way, you can plan where your roses will go and decide how much buttercream you need to make for your design.

Buttercream roses are an attractive addition to a variety of desserts, but learning how to pipe a buttercream rose with your type of frosting can be difficult. If you follow these simple step-by-step directions on how to pipe buttercream roses and our tips on how to make the best buttercream for piping flowers, you can create elegant and colorful frosting flowers for your bakery's signature confections.

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