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The Benefits of Latex Gloves

From the foodservice and hospitality industry to healthcare facilities and automobile shops, disposable latex gloves are a vital supply for just about any type of business. That’s because these products form a barrier that protects user’s hands from infections and chemical interactions, as well as preventing the spread of germs in your establishment. But besides creating a cover for your staff member’s hands, there are other benefits to using latex gloves over other disposable glove options.

Powdered vs. Powder Free Gloves

While some people will insist the difference between powdered and powder free latex gloves is just user preference, there are real benefits to one over the other. Because powdered options provide a coating on bare hands, they can prevent the user from becoming irritated by harsh cleaning chemicals. Besides making the glove easier to pull on, the powder also helps to keep your staff’s hands dry. However, it’s important that you also offer powder free gloves as some of your employees may be allergic to this powder. Powder free gloves also won’t leave any messy residue behind on user’s hands or equipment, which makes them a better choice for foodservice.

Tighter Fit

Whether it’s you choose a powdered or powder free option, latex gloves provide a more snug fit compared to other gloves. Not only does this make them more comfortable to wear, but it also helps to prevent any chemicals from reaching the users’ hands. Since this tighter fit can feel like a “second skin” to users, your employees will be able to handle any task in your kitchen or hospital without feeling restrained.

Durable Materials

Due to their high rip and tear resistance, latex gloves are especially useful for emergency services like EMT’s, police officers, fire fighters, and health care facilities. Since these products are made from such strong rubber materials, they provide protection against infection and contamination where contact with blood and bodily fluids is unavoidable.

Thick Design

Some latex gloves are designed for high risk situations, so they have a thicker design than other disposable glove options. Although they provide less tactile sensitivity, high risk latex gloves are often textured to provide a good grip in wet or dry environments. The added thickness of these products gives users superior protection against chemicals and other hazardous materials, which makes them perfect for use in laboratory / testing agencies, automotive shops, chemical and drug manufacturing plants, and other industrial locations.

For tips on proper glove use, check out this video below:

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