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Types of Charcoal & Wood

Use charcoal and wood to perfectly sear meats and produce juicy, mouthwatering foods for your barbeque. How do you know which type of charcoal or wood product is best to use for your specific grilling needs? This guide will walk you through features of charcoal briquettes, wood chips and chunks, wood logs, and wood planks. Perfect for your barbeque restaurant or outdoor catered events, these charcoal and wood products will help fire up the grill and impart the perfect smoky flavor to your meats, chicken, vegetables, and more!

Types of Charcoal

Charcoal is a wonderful way to heat, cook, and add an unmistakable smoky taste to your most popular foods. Whether you prefer cooking with charcoal briquettes or natural wood charcoal, we have a selection of products to suit the needs of your business.

Charcoal Briquettes

One popular method for cooking with charcoal is using charcoal briquettes. These bulbous pieces of charcoal are made up of several components: hardwood char, coal, nitrates, lime, and starch.

Royal Oak Chef's Best Restaurant Style Charcoal Briquettes - 20 lb.
  • Hardwood Char: When grilling, you’ll want wood char exclusively from hardwoods. Hardwoods do not contain the resins present in soft woods.
  • Anthracite Coal: High BTU anthracite coal yields a smokeless, odorless, consistent burn.
  • Lime: Lime facilitates the evenness of the burn. It also yields a clean, white ash as the charcoal burns.
  • Starch: Charcoal manufacturers use food starch as a binder in the process of making charcoal briquettes.
  • Sodium Nitrate: A very small amount of nitrate is necessary to facilitate lighting the briquette.

Cooking with charcoal briquettes has some positive and negative attributes. Keep the following features in mind while selecting the charcoal product for your cooking applications.

Features of charcoal briquettes:

  • Can be used for heating, cooking, and also adding flavor to foods
  • Burns much longer and more evenly than natural charcoal
  • Takes up less storage space
  • Takes 20-25 minutes to get to cooking temperature, about twice the time as natural lump charcoal
  • Doesn't burn as hot as natural lump charcoal

Natural Lump / Natural Wood Charcoal

There are many benefits to cooking with natural wood charcoal. Natural wood charcoal burns very hot with temperatures reaching between 800-1,000 degrees. One pound of natural wood charcoal produces the equivalent heat of two pounds of charcoal briquettes, so it will save you money.

Features of natural wood charcoal:

  • 100% natural with no additives
  • Made from renewable hardwoods
  • Lights very easily, burns clean, and produces little ash
  • The fire from natural wood charcoal will quickly get to cooking temperature in as little as 7-10 minutes.
  • Burns for a shorter time than charcoal briquettes

Types of Wood

We sell three different varieties of wood products: wood chips and chunks, wood logs, and wood planks. Wood chips and chunks are small, irregular pieces of wood. Wood logs are long and rounded whereas wood planks are flat and rectangular.

Wood Chips and Chunks:

Our selection of wood chips and chunks have been hand selected, graded, and fully seasoned to ensure you are getting the maximum flavor and the most consistent burning wood.

Cooking with wood chips and chunks:

Gas and electric grills - soak wood chips in water, drain, and place in a wood chip smoker box. If you do not have a smoker box, you can wrap the chips in aluminum foil, poke holes in the foil, and place directly on the heat source underneath the cooking grid.

Charcoal grills - soak wood chips, remove cooking grid, stack charcoal in pyramid, and light. Drain chips and scatter over hot coals when the charcoal is ashed over. Once the chips begin to smoke, replace the cooking grid and start grilling.

Our Products:

  • Hickory chunks: made from hickory trees, this clean burning wood is favored for barbeque and hot, smoke fire cooking, wood burning ovens, smoking, and grilling.
  • Mesquite chunks and Mesquite chips: seasoned thoroughly, this wood will perform in the same manner as hickory, but produce a southwestern flavor of mesquite.
  • Apple wood chips: imparts a smoky, apple flavor that is best suited for use with chicken, ribs, pork, fish, game, lamb, turkey, and vegetables.
  • Cherry wood chips: imparts a smoky, cherry flavor that is best suited for use with chicken, ribs, pork, fish, game, lamb, and turkey.
  • Pecan wood chips: imparts a smoky, pecan flavor that is best suited for use with chicken, ribs, pork, fish, lamb, and turkey.
Mesquite Wood Logs - 39.6 lb.

Wood Logs

Offered in hickory and mesquite varieties, wood logs feature a natural log shape and add unmistakable wood smoke flavor to your grilled foods. Ideal for use in wood burning ovens or smokehouses, these logs are packed in boxes to make them easy to transport to outdoor events, and take up less storage space than loose logs. They contain only the best seasoned wood that has been aged to give delicious wood flavor to the foods you prepare.

11 3/4 inch x 5 1/2 inch Cedar Wood Grilling Plank - 2/Pack

Wood Planks

Our fragrant cedar wood planks are cut from high quality, clear grade western red cedar. Use a wood plank as the perfect display or serving piece for your signature grilled meats! To use, soak the plank in water, season your protein, get grilling, and add your finished product to the center of the plank for enhanced food presentation. Our wood planks range in size from 6 1/2” x 3 1/2” to 11 3/4” x 5 1/2” to meet your needs.

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