Comparing Beer, Hot Dog, and Ticket Prices at Major League Baseball Parks

As Opening Day for baseball draws near, all eyes turn to hometown teams and the potential of watching them win a World Series championship. As you eagerly buy tickets to enjoy a game in the stadium, you can probably already taste savory hot dogs and ice-cold beer from your favorite concession stand. Unfortunately, ballparks were not immune to the rising prices of this past year, causing all-time highs for tickets and concessions. If you’re wondering how much it costs to go to a baseball game and enjoy a beer and a hot dog or two, look no further than our "Comparing Hot Dog and Beer Prices at Baseball Parks" infographic. We break down the cheapest and most expensive ballparks for the 2024 season.

MLB Ballparks: Concession & Ticket Cost

Ever wonder how much it costs to buy a beer at Fenway Park or a hot dog at Coors Field? We crunched the numbers for all thirty major league ballparks and compiled this illustrated guide for baseball lovers across the country.

Which Ballparks Charge the Least (And the Most) for a Beer?

beer in clear plastic cup

Beer is a staple of sports stadiums, but some ballparks sell it for far cheaper than others. Below, we compiled the highest- and lowest-priced beers you can buy at baseball stadiums across the country.

Cheapest Baseball Parks for Beer

Once again, Coors Field holds its beer prices steady at $3 for one beer. Though the league average is $6.98, several ballparks price their beer well below this number. Check out this list of stadiums that sell beer for less than $5.

  • Colorado Rockies (Coors Field): $3
  • Toronto Blue Jays (Rogers Centre): $4.44
  • Los Angeles Angels (Angel Stadium of Anaheim): $4.50
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field): $4.99
  • Los Angeles Angels (Angel Stadium of Anaheim): $5
  • Minnesota Twins (Target Field): $4.99
  • Atlanta Braves (Truist Park): $4.99

Most Expensive Baseball Parks for Beer

Nationals Park unseats Citi Field as the most expensive ballpark to buy a beer, raising their prices from last year by $5. Beer prices have skyrocketed this year, so you might want to wait and have a glass after the game to save some money. Check out the following ballparks that all charge more than $10 for beer.

  • Washington Nationals (Nationals Park): $14.99
  • Baltimore Orioles (Oriole Park at Camden Yards): $10.99
  • Chicago White Sox (Guaranteed Rate Field): $10.50
  • Boston Red Sox (Fenway Park): $10.50
  • Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field): $10.49

Fun Fact: An estimated 14.6 million beers (about 1.2 million gallons) are sold at major league stadiums every year. That’s enough to fill 1.7 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Which Ballparks Charge the Least (And the Most) for a Hot Dog?

hot dogs on hot dog roller

Hot dogs are as fundamental to baseball games as throwing and catching, but it might not be worth the high cost this season. The league average has risen to $5.32, but some places still keep their hot dogs affordable. We’ve done the research for you and determined which ballparks charge the least and most for hot dogs so you can budget for the big game.

Cheapest Baseball Parks for Hot Dogs

Despite rising concession prices across baseball, many ballparks still offer inexpensive hot dogs to allow you to enjoy this gameday ritual without breaking the bank. Chase Field retains the honor of offering the cheapest hot dog with Yankee Stadium not far behind. Check out the stadiums that offer hot dogs for less than $4.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field): $2.99
  • New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium): $3
  • Miami Marlins (LoanDepot Park): $3
  • Minnesota Twins (Target Field): $3.99
  • Atlanta Braves (Truist Park): $3.99

Most Expensive Baseball Parks for Hot Dogs

If you’re looking to save some money in the stadium, you’re better off skipping the hot dog and sticking with peanuts and cracker jacks at these ballparks. Once again, Petco Park and Oracle Park top the list as the most expensive stadiums selling hot dogs. Check out this list of stadiums that offer hot dogs for $7 or more, which is higher than the league average price for beer.

  • San Diego Padres (Petco Park): $7.75
  • San Francisco Giants (Oracle Park): $7.50
  • Washington Nationals (Nationals Park): $7
  • Colorado Rockies (Coors Field): $7
  • Texas Rangers (Globe Life Field): $7
  • New York Mets (Citi Field): $7

Fun Fact: An estimated 22 million hot dogs are sold yearly at major league ballparks. Lined up from end-to-end, that’s 3,100 miles, or about the distance from Boston to San Francisco.

What’s the Total Amount You Would Spend at a Game?

If you add up the cost of a ticket, a hot dog, and a beer, the total amount adds up very quickly. We calculated the total cost for three of the most affordable games compared to three of the most expensive stadiums to attend.

Kansas City Royals (Kauffman Stadium)

  • Ticket: $42
  • Beer: $5
  • Hot Dog: $4
  • Total = $51

The Kansas City Royals slide in as the team offering the cheapest gameday experience in 2024, allowing you to buy a ticket, beer, and hot dog for only $51. With prices well below the league average, Kauffman Stadium is well worth a visit.

Cleveland Guardians (Progressive Field)

  • Ticket: $50
  • Beer: $5
  • Hot Dog: $4.50
  • Total = $59.50

As the first Ohio team to make this list, the Cleveland Guardians provide a fun-filled day at an affordable price. This team has been hot in recent seasons with 8 winning seasons in the last 10 years and 5 playoff berths in the last 8 years.

Cincinnati Reds (Great American Ball Park)

  • Ticket: $52
  • Beer: $7.49
  • Hot Dog: $6.29
  • Total = $65.78

Not to be outdone by their cousins in east Ohio, the Cincinnati Reds manage to offer a relatively inexpensive trip to a ballgame despite their high concession prices. The on-field action with their dynamic roster should make skipping the concession stand easy.

San Francisco Giants (Oracle Park)

  • Ticket: $89
  • Beer: $9
  • Hot Dog: $7.50
  • Total = $105.50

Oracle Park is a gorgeous venue overlooking the San Francisco Bay, but their gameday prices are far less appealing. High concession prices are overshadowed by tickets nearing $90, making them a one-time stop on your ballpark tour.

New York Yankees (Yankee Stadium)

  • Ticket: $98
  • Beer: $6
  • Hot Dog: $3
  • Total = $107

Despite offering the third-cheapest baseball experience in 2023, watching a game and concessions at Yankee Stadium now costs over $100. Their streak of 31 winning seasons is little consolation for the high gameday cost, making them a team best enjoyed from your couch.

Los Angeles Dodgers (Dodger Stadium)

  • Ticket: $115
  • Beer: $7
  • Hot Dog: $6.50
  • Total = $128.50

After offering several record-breaking contracts in the off-season, the Los Angeles Dodgers raised their prices significantly to see these superstars live. With a total nearing $130, you should book tickets to watch the Dodgers play on the road.

What’s the Average Attendance for All Teams?

In-person attendance has grown steadily in the years after Covid-19, and the 2023 season hosted nearly 30,000 fans per game. We expect 2024 to be even more enjoyable, making ballparks crowded once again. Below, we've listed the average attendance for all baseball teams for the past three years.

  • 2023 Average Attendance: 29,293
  • 2022 Average Attendance: 26,808
  • 2021 Average Attendance: 18,900

Fun Fact: The most expensive ticket ever sold went for $1.7 million in a 2016 showdown between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians (now Guardians).


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